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i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud. 


bonus art:

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Can you explain 7 till the end? I'm kind of confused

Got7 “Fly tour” The memories of 115 days [youtube]

They are 7, nothing more, nothing less, if they are not 7 then there will be no GOT7, so they will be 7 till the end.

In my experience, what every true artist wants, really wants, is to be paid.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Soul Music”

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Could we get some Chara and Frisk hanging out? "Ghost" form Frisk or not is up to you, I just really like your style for them. :D

Frisk has the softest, puffiest, most squishable looking cheeks in the whole universe.

Or at least that’s what Chara says. Nobody else can see the ghost so you’ll have to make do with their word.

- Poisond

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Jinnie ! Would you like to do an improv with Jimin ? :000

Jin: Well.. uh.. we did film something when we were at the beach… 

Jimin: It was unplanned.. istg Jungkook wrote the script.. 

Joon: It’s a better love story than Twilight

Jungkook: Top 10 Anime Couples

Tae: *wheezes*

Answering asks #4

l-der asked:

What kind of bf do you think Tae/Jin is?

We have to consider the Taejin timeline to understand what kind of hypothetical boyfriends they are right now. Because it took so much time for them to finally become a couple I think they are different from most couples that start a love affair right away.

If you take a moment to compare Jinnie & V’s dynamics before and after, it’s like 2 different duos. Before, there was the tension of that platonic love and mutual admiration from a safe distance, using the group’s friendship to hang out and kinda gravitate around each other. Those long years of becoming friends and spending almost 24/7 together but not “together” probably made both of them so frustrated… perhaps this is why now they are totally a mellow couple and like superglued. I also think they feel really protective of what they have now, cause it was a struggle to get to this point.

So let’s analyze both individually at this new taejin “love conquered” phase.


My boy V has changed drastically over the past year right?! He has matured and became more sophisticated, calmer and kinda like more sensual…it connects with the taejin timeline. From my point of view, the boy became a man. To experience his first relationship gave him a self-assurance he did not have in the past. The fact he really had to conquer that love, to finally date the one he was into for so long gave him that permanent sense of pride he sports every time he’s with Jin. Jin was his grand prize and he won him.

His usual behaviour, that most of us have noticed of pulling Jin to himself on back hugs or hooks is a clear body language sign of dominance and possessiveness. Unconsciously V is saying “Jin is mine and he is not going anywhere”. And to the shoulder pulling thing, Jin usually responds accordingly, but I can explain that later…

Biting his shoulders and touching Jin’s lips in body language means an instinctive act of claiming the object of affection as your own. 

There is also a sense of protectiveness towards Jin. All the boys love to roast Jinnie, but V never does that. He is always defending him (from verbal or physical attacks) like Jin I his damsel in distress and he is a brave knight lol…

He is constantly praising Jin, from his looks to his ideas or silly things. He is always paying attention to what he is saying and some times recently, even completing his sentences in interviews.


My petal Jinnie also has changed a lot on the “love conquered” phase. He is much more comfortable in being louder, funnier and express his joie de vivre. I guess dating his longtime love + being worldwide hansome dork = happiness! 

When the pulling by the shoulders (or head or arms or whatever part of Jin’s bod V can reach) happens Jin’s default behavior is to stay still and obey. He never avoids the hugs or tries to overpower V with a “bro hug” or something.

To accompany the shoulder pull, Jin loves to caress V’s leg. As seen on the Mama vid, bowling, board game, sb mv and several bangtam bombs Jin has a thing for V’s thigh.

When he touches V he gives him the softest, most lovely butterfly wings touches…

Jin has the need to express his feelings with impromptu intimate compliments and love declarations like there is no one else but them in the world…


I mean these dorks walk around holding hands, shopping at Gucci and going on secret dates…They also did a freaking love song duet and an homoerotic live performance at MAMA… it’s safe to say they are the explicitly romantic kinda of couple ya know…those kinds that are super glued and so sappy you kinda get second hand embarrassment lol. Plus they legit constantly wear (that’s a trend in Japan and Korea) couples outfits like here, both in Burberry + Gucci:

Analysis (psychological):

Tae is dominant, possessive, protective and loves to praise Jin.

Jin is passive, pliant, soft and loves to spoil Tae.

Veredict (fangirlical):

Tae & Jin are those dream like couples that make you believe in love stories again but who are so disgustingly in love that you kinda know that they have raised the bar too high and you will never find a love like that so it’s ok to be forever alone as long as Taejin is thriving together. 

Thanks for the asks. So what kind of couple do you think taejin are?

Lots of love.

for @fullbusterstuck haPPY BIRTHDAYY aHHHH💖💖💞💞 i had to re-render this twice omffjdj oK ANYWAY you’re such a great friend and just a great person in general and im just so happy i won and picked to do your prize because i’m just so happy we met!! i seriously love talking with you and im just so happy we’ve grown closer even if we haven’t been friends for that long,, i hope you seriously have a great day because you deserve it!!💞

Winter Thoughts

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairing: usuk

Rating: T (just a few curse words)

Summary: Alfred has been neglecting himself, and it is his Queen’s duty to help him get some rest, both physically and mentally. 

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Draw an angry Kyoutani. Got to love Kyouken. Or or or a skipping or running Lev. Bless his heart he is just too tall any running or skipping looks funny.


I love the angry grumpy kitten puppy! It’s so hard drawing angry characters tho  haha! Thank you so much for the idea! And I will keep Lev in mind! 

Prompt by @softestisak: “write me a cake fight drabble u brat”

Ak, I don’t like you. But lucky enough, I like the prompt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVEN!!!! (also where is the fucking trailer?!?!?)


“So, you’re going to… bake a cake?”

Eskild’s voice is dubious, eyebrows raised to epic proportions and mouth set in an incredulous line.

Which, fuck him very much, because Isak is not completely helpless. And how fucking hard can baking a cake from scratch be? He has a printed set of directions in front of him, he has all of the ingredients spread out over the counter, and the oven is happily pre-heating.

What could go wrong?

“Yes,” Isak answers with a narrowed look, “I’m baking Even a birthday cake. It’s not rocket science.”

Eskild swallows and puts his hands up, like he was approaching a spooked horse or a small child, “Isak just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you automatically get Martha Stewart powers.

“Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?”

Eskild sighs, “Oh god, this is not going to end well. Are you sure we can’t call Noora in here to help you?”

“Nei,” Isak grabs the empty mixing bowl off the counter and away from Eskild, hugging it to his chest like a shield. “He’s my boyfriend and he made me promise not to by him anything, so this is what I’m doing. Jesus, you make it sound like baking is hard.”

Eskild whimpers but leaves the kitchen in peace.


Okay- so as it turns out, baking is a little harder than it looks. It really wouldn’t be, but there are phrases like sift the flour and fold in the eggs.

What the actual fuck does any of that mean? And Isak is too proud to google it on his phone because he is seventeen years old and baking will not conquer him.

Also, is there really a difference in between baking soda and baking powder? And like, between regular sugar and confectioners sugar? Isak hopes not because Even will be here in two hours and Isak doesn’t have time to run back out to the store.

So he just kind of puts all the ingredients together and hope it works


It doesn’t work. It very much does not work.

And Even is laughing his ass off, arms securely around Isak’s waist as he takes another bite of the shitty Moulin Rouge inspired decorations Isak had turned into stick figures and laughs some more. “I love it,”

“You suck,” Isak groans, batting the fork away from Even’s mouth, “Stop eating it, you might poison yourself.”

“But what a way to go,” Even leans down to kiss at Isak’s pulse point, ignoring the loud boos of their friends. Isak flips them off, but Even doesn’t look ruffled at all, “Baby… you baked me a cake. You, yourself. God knows it was yourself because Noora never would have let this happen.”

Isak groans and Even’s attention is pulled away for a hot second by Sana, who’s just arrived to the apartment.

Isak glares at the failure cake. He worked fucking hard on it and now what? They’re just going to throw it out? Over his dead body is the cake he spent hours slaving away for going to be dumped into the trash.

So he cocks his head to consider, eye slanting right to note that Even isn’t wearing anything to expensive, just his favorite button up (read Isak’s button up) and a pair of jeans. 

The arms tightens around Isak’s wait again and Isak has an idea, He steps out of the embrace. Even swivels his head to look at him.

“One more surprise.” Isak gestures down to the sugar monstrosity, “Look at the cake closer.”

Even raises his eyebrows, but glances down at it, “I don’t get it.”


Even gets a little closer to the cake, now intent on finding whatever mystery clue Isak had hidden in the frosting. When he shifts his head down, just a little bit, Isak pounces.

He hooks a hand around the back of Even’s neck and pulls his face into the cake, waiting several seconds before releasing and stepping back.

The cheers are almost instant and Even is pulling back, wiping frosting from his eyes and laughing again, bright and happy laughter and this might just be one of the greatest cakes ever baked in the world.

“Little shit,” Even grabs a handful of the corner piece and- oh fuck no, Isak didn’t anticipate that. Even hurls the cake at him. Isak dives out of the way and-

The fucking cake splatters against Vilde. Oh my fucking god the look on her face. She screams and everyone goes silent. 

Or at least, for about fifteen seconds and then Even is grabbing another chunk of cake and hauling Isak to him by the waist and smearing the frosting down the length of his face.

By that time, everyone had gotten the idea and Isak’s perfect fucking cake was flying across the room, smearing over every surface available and every person available and Isak and Even were still half-wrestling on the floor trying to escape each other’s frosting clad hands and-

Fucking best birthday party ever.