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11th of January: “Jercy Night”

Sooo…I had no idea what to draw today. Started 20 different things but none really seemed to be working until I started on this and actually stuck to it.

It started as a simple night-sky sort of thing (again, because I kind of like it and want to work on the style some more), but then I thought ‘hey, it would be nice if there was somebody actually looking up at the sky or something’.

Yeah…those two figures there are supposed to be Percy and Jason, by the way.

You know, just bros being dudes, hanging out together in the middle of the night with their arms around each other, gazing up at the sky ;)
Absolutely what bros do.

(They’re going to spend the night together in one of their cabins doing tons of things that might or might not be what bros do, though)

Anyways, enjoy :3

Jason+Percy © Rick Riordan, PJO/HOO
Art © me


mewskitty  asked:

omg I love the way you colour/shading these characters for your game!! Would you please please please do tutorial regarding to this matter? Doesnt matter video or just a step by step image :D PLEASE!

Aww, thank you very much! I didn’t save the sketch of this drawing, but here are some pictures of my coloring process. (Oh, and this is Lynn, I haven’t shown much of her yet as she appears later on.)

I usually start with a black lineart, which I color later using a Clipping Group layer on top of it:

Once the lineart is done, I color it with flat tones, and sometimes I lightly airbrush things like blush and shadows on their skin. When I can’t get the tone I want, I use the hue/saturation tool until I think the colors look good together. As every color is in a separate layer, I can adjust them whenever I want.

For the hair, I usually blend the bangs a bit with their skin color, like this:

I try to avoid leaving black lines (most of the time I use a dark shade of purple/red). On their eyelashes I use black so their eyes pop up a bit more, and then I use a bit of red on the borders so it blends better with their skin.

After that is done, I start by adding lights by using a layer in Screen mode. I use the same color for all the lights. For the shadows, most of the time I use a desaturated shade of purple on Multiply, but it depends from picture to picture (if the picture takes place during the night, you could shade it using blue/green tones). See what works better for you.

Finally, after the lights and shadows are ready, depending on the scene, I adjust the colors a bit to fit the mood/background better, by adding multiply layers (in this case I added a yellow layer with low-opacity on Multiply to emulate daylight, and then I added a light-blue layer on Screen on the sides to blend better with the bright background).

This explanation might be a bit confusing, but I hope it answers your question.


…uh well I was thinking about the post-genocide pacifist ending, and also the floweypot au, and this was made :^)

Well uh after the post-genocide pacifist ending, it shows that Chara is still in control of your soul after you sold it to them, so like… what if they had a change of heart and decided to live on the surface peacefully with the rest of the others? idk :^)

anonymous asked:

would you be able to make a tutorial on how you colour your art? because your style is just simply amazing! (you don't have to worry about it if you can't or don't want to, i just want to say that i'm a big fan of your art)

Something like this is pretty easy to do dw!! Ahh thanks for being a fan ;;v;; I kinda just smiled and spun in my chair when I saw this haha;;;;;

Anyways this is referring to my normal coloring style right?? Not my painting one? If I got the wrong one sorry fdjaklj I’ll show how I colored this Momo doodle under read more \o/

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