i aint here for a long time

Maybe I haven’t made this very evident in a long time and I’ve accrued new followers since the last time I said it: this is a intersectional feminist space and all that fuck shit aint welcome here

    indie  has  been  a  huge  part  of  my  life  for  a  while  now.   i  joined  here  after  leaving  the  forum  site  i  started  rping  on  &  after  having  a  bad  experience  with  rpgs,  i  came  back.  there’s  been  a  lot  of  ups,  plenty  of  downs,  but  it’s  gotten  to  a  point  where  i’ve  just  had  enough.   as  much  as  i  love  my  writing  partners  &  my  muses,  i’m  at  a  point  in  my  life  where  i  feel  like  tumblr  is  holding  me  back.   every  time  i  come  on  the  dash,  i  feel  like  i’m  about  to  suffocate  –––  &  as  someone  with  anxiety,  i  really  don’t  need  my  release  to  become  my  stress.

    i’m  done  rambling.  here’s  the  truth:   i’m  putting  my  accounts  on  indefinite  hiatus  –––  most  of  them  anyway.   as  for  felix  price,  my  fandomless  oc,  i  can’t  bear  to  part  with  him  &  the  plots  that  have  made  him  who  he  is,  so  i’ll  be  keeping  @hallfhearted  as  my  only  account  on  a  very  loose  basis.   it  will  be  low  activity,  a  place  i’ll  log  into  when  the  muse  hits,  but  other  than  that  –––  no  more  blog  making  for  now.   this  is  not  the  end  of  rp  for  me.   felix  will  be  semi  active,  my  sky.pe  is  available  to  mutuals  &  i’ve  recently  started  using  my  writing  blog  (  @hellawrites  )  again  &  am  open  to  trying  1x1.   after  some  time  away,  who  knows ?   i  may  start  back  up  some  of  my  other  blogs,  but  for  now  this  is  goodbye  to  archie,  sutton,  my  multi  muse,  &  every  other character  i’ve  poured  my  heart  &  soul  into  over  the  past  two  years.   thanks  again  to  my  partners  for  getting  me  through  some  of  the  hardest  times  in  my  life  &  i  hope  you  choose  to  keep  in  touch.

I don’t post 90% of the stuff i get and while I could be profound and say something deep, the truth is that I’m just fucking lazy *shrug*. Aint nobody got time to take beautiful blog worthy photos and write 3-4 paragraphs everytime they get something.

Anyway long story not so short…I broke things off with my last SDBF and I have a new SDBF I’ve been seeing for a min. Honestly, I had no idea we’d be here. Wanna know how we met? I hit his car….. 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂. Seriously. I was rushing to work and i hit his rental! There were no damages and he tried to ask me for my number but I was late and as long as he wasn’t about to press charges I HAD TAH DIP! So about 30 mins into my shift he walks into my store and is like “are you following me?”. I’m like “no I work here….are YOU following ME? 😑”. His response was a very awkward “……no I work here….”.

Turns out he’s the lead vendor over a brand we carry in 6 diff malls across the country lol. We exchanged numbers and went out the same night but he FUCKING ANNOYED ME! I blocked him and thought nothing else of it. He continued to call/text for month. I didn’t care. But he literally called me on private one day…my ass picks up. He wanted answers, so I explained to him bluntly why. Lemme tell ya’ll…I was rude and ruthless af cause I felr like I had nothing to lose. Thank God this man was persistent and clearly sees something in me because he simply accepted my answer and asked for another chance.

At this point I could honestly say I didnt even remember what his name was anymore and referred to him as “dude”. But he remembered EVERYTHING I said that first night. He takes me out for seafood in the city at Ray’s in The City (which is God awful, but neither of of wouldve guessed that because Rays on The River is amazing!) and presented me with a pearl necklace during dinner!


I told him very briefly a story about losing pearl earrings that was given to me as a gift from my godmother and how it still hurts. This was his waa of giving them back. He is incredibly thoughtful and loving and I don’t want to like him cause im not done hoeing but….I really REALLY fucking like him. He takes care of me like a sister, talks to me like we’ve always been best friends and gives me advice like a father. He’s wonderful. He’s taken care of me when I was sick ans when I was drunk. He always triple checks to make sure im comfortable with whatever and I dont have to beg him for a thing cause he always offers. He calls me Princess allll the time 👑. Sometimes I’m lowkey rude and he’s patient. I would say I don’t deserve him but we ALL deserve someone who will care for us.

Meet my Nick 💕🙈!

“Thunderbirds…? Huh.”

realised it’s been a long time since I last animated anything; so here’s a GIF of the small rocket boy <33

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neighborhood-doctor  asked:

came for Hamilton, stayed for that blessed Batman work (sometimes its so hard to find Batman artists who don't disappear off the face of the earth, bless u)

Thank you!

I supose? Yeah people move off fandoms, I’ve seen it.

 I aint moving because I wanna work in DC comics so Imma be here for a long time buddy

An Ode to Eastside Stevie

Peace to the recently deceased Yung Gawd Steven Rodriguez aka Eastside Stevie aka A$AP Yams. I woke up last morning do my daily social media ritual to see a flood of tributes to Yams, leaving me to say, “WTF dawg”. When a man has a plethora of fly ass nicknames, you can bet that his personality is as colourful as the codeine cups he sippeth.  The way Yams lived, I’m sure he wouldn’t want us mourning for too long. All though he leaves us with many questions, he also left us with timeless gems that had us all weak. His distinctive twitter presence will be dearly missed.  


Below we share Yams’s love for Goth bitches and much more. We have compiled his best “Goth Bitch” tweets and some other gems to celebrate the humour he bestowed upon us while he was here. Rest eazy Young Lord. 

From his time in rehab

Aint this the truth

More jox tweets :’)


i do my best not to get involved in drama, im just here to make people laugh but honestly i cant help but be incredibly disgusted by cosplayers my age and older not behaving appropriately around minors.

i see it so fuckin much and im not here to toss out names, i just wanna say that if youre over the age of 18 its time to start behaving like an adult my dude. if a minor is mackin on you that shit aint right but theyre the kid here, you need to be the responsible one. seriously its really fuckin difficult to actually make me legit angry but that shit fuckin brings me to my boiling point.

i dont care if you “didnt know” man, if theres even a sliver of doubt in your mind you need to take the initiative to make sure they are over the age of 18. seriously its not that fuckin hard and im honestly so sick and tired of seeing this in the community, its disgusting and y’all need to fuckin clean up your god damn act

also, to answer the questions i keep getting about it, i recently pulled down the bro seduces omegle videos because while i just meant them as a reference to a very popular comic back in the day, i was constantly receiving advances as a result of those videos, most of which i was sure were from minors. i kept deleting the messages but they just kept coming.