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“Don’t Shy Away” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Words: 3,276

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: Can you do a version of Innocence but with Daryl? Maybe she’s shy and timid but as soon as she sees him get all riled up she goes all kinky?

SUMMARY: You’re Rick’s daughter and a very shy and timid person, but when you and Daryl finally get together, he discovers how not shy you can be.

Warnings: Language, slight self-deprecating thoughts, a lot of plot, slow burn, dirty thoughts, sexual tension, alcohol use, fluff, loss of virginity, smut, hair pulling kink, hickies, unprotected sex

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 “Mornin’.” Your dad, Rick, says to you as you walk down the stairs of your new house in Alexandria. Your entire group had only arrived there a few days prior, and you’re still adjusting to the new lifestyle.

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After awhile more of walking, night looms over unova. Asa looks around the area, nodding a bit.

“Yeah, this seems far enough..Maybe we will run into them soon- “ Her stomatch grumbles. “….But first,lets just find something to eat for now” As she rushes to a bush, trying to find something edible

Bacon stares for awhile before shrugging, then decides to munch on a young tree.

“Guuuhhhh camon i want something sweet, something sw-” Asa sniffs a bit more and moves somewhat closer into the thicket. “Whats this….?”.

Her eyes widen with delight as she spots some watmel berries behind a bush, “OH SWEET GODS YES!!!! JACKPOT!!!” She screeches.

Bacon bites off a piece of the tree and raises a brow, “Wait, Dont watmel grow more in the West? What are they doing over here?”

Asa is too busy drooling to care, they pick one up, “Hun i dunno, BUT IM EATING EM IF YOU AINT!!!”.

The salamance rolls their eyes, “Im not eating random berries in the wrong place!!! Who knows where they have been-” As she turns, she spots something moving down from a tree above asa.

“MOM LOOK OUT!!!!” Bacon screams



AU where shiro is pretty content being boring and single af but his best friend allura is tired of him doing nothin but working and hardly ever leaving his apartment and all she wants is for him to come on a double date w/ keith and her sometimes, c’mon shiro, for the love of christ, it’ll be fun, please, so she signs his ass up for online dating and shiro really isnt feeling it like he tries to talk to some people but the convos are always so forced and ehhh but also he tends to have a lot of trouble w/ the site/app for some reason like he swears it’s a sign for him to delete his damn profile already (but he cant bc allura totally monitors it okay, sometimes she’ll even log in and ‘like’ people for him to get the ball rolling lol) BUT ANYWAY I’M RAMBLIN SORRY so yeah the site/app hates him so he spends a lot of time on the phone w/ customer service trying to fix things (locked out of his acct, billed like 4 times in a row, OH GOD I DIDN’T MEAN TO UPLOAD THAT PICTURE HOW DO I DELETE IT) and the tech support person he always ends up talking to is none other than pidge and honestly it’s… way more interesting to talk to them than to try and force convos with other people using the site, and he kinda tries to find their profile but there isn’t one, and he wants to ask so badly but he’s nervous and oh man, pidge?? sounds so cute when they laughs?? if he uploads this picture of him will they see it the next time they have to help him w/ his acct?? would they say anything?? and alright it’s like 3am and he doesn’t have anything wrong to complain about tonight but if he’s correct pidge should be working, and, hey, i think we all know how the story goes from here :)

(also please imagine allura starting convos w/ other people, pretending to be shiro, all like… smooth and suave and funny and shit, lol. and then when shiro actually sees the convo and goes to pick up where she left off it’s just like – "Hi.” like the charm is gone. it’s deceased. it’s like talking to a fucking insurance adjuster, he’s so bland, lmfaoooo)

Long time Naruhina shipper here. I hope Narusaku fans have a good day and remember you’re allowed to disagree with canon and love your ship regardless. Also those redheaded fan kids are really cute
Just cause we disagree don’t mean we gotta hate each other                               (= ̄▽ ̄=)V

I feel a bit bad that I only draw Lance, I feel like I neglect the others babies ;-; so (also, I haven’t post in a while) So take this here, some doodles <3


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I call this a party. Let´s party gang.

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Mixed Family

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream     her amazing idea. Hope you like it and I did it justice. Changed a few things. Thanks for requesting

You felt the music move your hips to the beat. You moved your hands over your body. You must have been doing some dirty dancing, out of the corner of your eye you saw a tall,tattooed man with a kutte starring at you. It was like you were the only girl in the room for him.
He walked over to you, placing his hands on your hips. Leaving no space between you and this mystery man you grinding on him feeling his hard on.
He whispered in your ear.“ You want to get out of here Little Girl”. You nodded
He grabbed your hand leading you to his bike. You pulled up you skirt and threw your leg over, placing your hands around his waist holding on tightly as we flew off.
Going back to his place which was a dormroom at a garage. You learned his name was Happy and he was in a motorcycle club called Samcro, you new all about Samcro but didnt tell him.
He pushed you on the bed as he jumped on top  of you. You giggled at his eagerness .
“You ready for me Girl”? He asked before pushing inside you.
“God yes, fuck your big”. You gasped at how big he was.
“Shit Y/N, your so damn tight”. He grunted
“OH Fuck Daddy.. I didn’t mean that”. You said embarrassed.
“Its cool, I like it when women call me that”. He thrusted deeper
“Son of a..”. You came gripping on to Happy for dear life.
Happy came as he rode out your orgasm. He slide off of you and pulled a cigarette out of his pants. Taking a puff and pasting it to you. You declined.
“We should do this again”. He got up and dressed.
“Yea, I had a very good time”. You laid on your side watching him
“I got to go but you can stay or I can give you a ride”.
“Um, I’ll call a cab before someone sees me”. You said trying to find your clothes.
He pulled you to him giving one last kiss before he left.

After that night you and Happy saw each other regularly, it was a friends with benefits thing Happy said".
One day,Happy came over like he always did you felt different. You were falling hard for him. You decided not to tell him,cause he didnt feel the same. So you causally stopped coming around and not answering him. Then he just went away basically he lost interest in you.

One months later.
Hey Juice, what are you doing". You walked over giving him a kiss.
“Nothin Baby, just checking on things”. He was typing on his computer.
“Sounds good, you want anything”.
“I think I want you”. He pulled you over on his lap
“I want you to meet my family Y/N”.
“I would love to Juan”. You kissed him
“Great this afternoon theres a BBQ in the works so we are going”. He said picking you up and placing you on his bike.
Arriving at the club house, flash backs came racing in your head. Happy. Juice new about Happy but never said anything to anyone. He new is was over.
“Hey Juice who’s this lovely lady”. Tig asked
“This is Y/N my girlfriend”. He said proudly smiling.
“I thought your right hand was your girlfriend”. You and Tig laughed. Juice got angry
“Calm down Baby”. You wrapped you arm around his.
“Lets go meet everyone else”. He took you to meet everyone. They were so nice to you. Gemma even started to warm up. Then you saw Happy.
Happy must have saw you cause he pushed the croweater of him, she yelled at him and he slammed the club house door.
“What was that all about”. Gemma asked.
“Umm. I kinda know Happy from another part of my life”. You said nervously
“Oh, so you dated Happy”?
“You can say that, but no”.
“I see, its over between you two”.
“Yes, we just lost contact and then I meet Juice”.
“OK, that was weird”. I dont know why he would act that way but we are leaving so nothing is said or done". Juice said taking you to his bike before anyone can object.

Few weeks later.
“Babe you ok in there”. Juice called throw the door.
“Yeah, can you get the phone ”. You said wipping your mouth
Juice came back with your phone and you called the doctors. They said to come right in. They did tests and gave you a pregnancy test.
“Juice what if.”
“Nothing, if you are then great ok”. He said taking your hand
The doctor walked in.
“Your pregnant, Congradulations”.
“How long”?
“About Two, two and a half months, maybe three”. “Its kinda hard to tell right now”.
“Umm, is there anything I need to do”? You asked nervously
“Take vitamins and get plenty of sleep, no stress and eat heathy”.
Juice held you for a long time. You couldnt believe it.
“Juice I’m sorry”.
“Why, its no ones fault”. “This baby was meant to be here”. “Just sad it aint mine”. He smiled at you cupping your face
“How am I going to tell Happy”?
“I can tell him if you want”.
“No, I have to”. “I’m going to right now”. You got up grabbing your purse.
“Alright, if you need me Im here”. He kissed you deeply

Driving to TM. Fuck you were scared. Happy is going to freak out worst than he did at the BBQ. Pulling in you saw Happy sitting on his bike.
“What are you doing here”? He snarled
“Can we talk in private”?
“Sure”. You walked behind him to his dormroom.
“What do you want”?
“Umm, I dont know how to say this”.
“Say what like how you didnt call me or come see me”. How you hooked up with Juice when you were suppose to be with me". He shouted
“Hap, you just wanted to be Fuck buddies thats all”. “I wanted more but I was scared that you would shot me down and laugh, so I stayed away. And for Juice I am so happy with him, he makes me feel something like I never felt before”.
“You thought about me like that one time”. “You should have just told me”. “I might have felt the same”.
“Did you Happy, cause everytime I called you, you were busy or something came up”. “But lord forbid that i had something planned when you called”.
“Happy I didnt come here to fight”.
“Then why did you”.
“I’m pregnant, its your”. “If you dont believe me call the doctors”. You gave him a piece of paper with a number on it.
Happy was dumb founded. It hit him hard.
“You mean that I..that your..with my kid but with Juice”.
“Yeah, Juice said that he will step up and help raise it if you didnt want to”. You looked at a heart broken Happy
“No,I’m going to be there”. “I’m not doing what my dad did to me and my mom”. He stood up
“Can I.. you know touch it”. He asked pointing to your belly
“Yeah. Juice hasnt stopped since I found out”. You laughed
“Your really happy arent you”?
“Yes, Happy I am”. You put your hand on his
Six months later
You,Happy and Juice welcomed a 8 pound 3 oz baby boy named Ransom Gage Lowman. He was the light of your life. He was mixed with the looks of his daddy but had the heart of Juice. Some how the three of you managed to get along great. Happy was the best man at yours and Juices wedding and was there to welcome yours and Juices little girl. You have a very happy mixed family

Hur hur hur @the-devils-beast hahah here it is…i refuse to color it..maybe one day. (So proud of how Zeb came out though!)

Shout out to @kabaszo cuz i remember them doing the fulcrum tattoo on Kallus too.

ok so, since i’ve been back on this blog, i’ve recently reached 1k followers???? it may seem kinda weird but, before stcrgcze, i was schennigrps and i went MIA. after trying to not come back to the rp community because when i was in it, it was just way too toxic and so much unnecessary drama, i wanted out. recently, i logged back in and just said fuck it, i’m gonna make it into my new indie and since i logged back in over a month ago, i had 687 followers that were remaining and today, i’ve reached 1,002. needless to say, i haven’t been schennigrps for almost a year now, and to see that i have gained 300+ followers as stcrgcze makes me so happy??? i can’t see why y’all would follow me as i am a stalia meme trash hoe and just angst whore like.. i lov y’all sm. i’m gonna write a few thank you’s be all cute and shit real quick and then ofc, hopefully if ur tagged in this as an indie, pls pls pls take that into consideration that i am a scared lil binch and wanna rp with u!

@wcrmers: ah! britt britttttttttt brittttttttttttttttttttttt, i lov u sm. i cannot believe you deal with such a stalia trash meme like me when ur a stydia trash meme and i mean like,,, who cares but i mean at the same time we both care but i lov u and i always wanna talk to u bc ur just so fun and sweet and funny and we headcanon tf outta roxyder ( nasty lil bitches ) however, we need to headcanon for our other babies as well bc i feel like they are just sitting in a corner like “these bitches forgot about us wow… we see who the favorites are” but it’s okay :-) i lov u and i still wanna buy u pizza and be the loyl bc ur the loml

@perspectiveisms: LINDA u and ur banshee screams be killin me, but also,,,, seb and ryder be killing me too bc i just want them to be all gay and cute together but ryder is in fucking denial?????? seb should just like kiss him and make him realize ye ok, aNYWAY i lov u bc u always be talking to me and even tho i am trash at replying to our threads, when i do, u reply like lightning and im like wow how did and when did i deserve such an amazing partner that is ok w me not replying for so long but also doESNT JUST DITCH ME ugh,, lov u to death and im gonna kidnap u from work dont worry

@demcntia: amanda,,,, we gonna have a problem bc wE FINALLY REALIZED WE KNEW EACH OTHER FROM MY OLD INDIE AND LIKE I ADMIRE UR WRITING AND WANNA RP W U OK i lov that u seriously remembered me and said u would wanna rp with me but like at the same time i would stalk u and wanna rp with u ???? so it’s like we were meant to be???????

@sondcrisms: Y’ALL DIS THE ORIGINAL MVP OF BEING MY FRIEND FOR YEARS OK UGH SHELBY I LOV U SM U SERIOUSLY WERE LIKE “IS THIS MONI FROM SCHENNIGRPS” AND I JUST DIED…. i lov u sm and i missed writing with u and just fangirling w u and i’m so excited for maeve and ryder bc like ,,,,,, who wouldn’t wanna rp ohennig as parents but not as the baby real parents but guardians bc u know :-) i had to come up with a bad accident so now :-) here we are :-) together again, but seriously i rly dont know if i replied or not bc like i keep trying to find uR REPLY AND MY COMPUTER KEEPS BRINGING ME BACK TO MINE? idk but i love u and i missed u sm i hope ur still drinking enough water bc i aint heard from u in a long TIME 

obviously, i love plotting and having new things so, if you’re on this list ( pls forgive me if ur not i’m really trying to rush this just know if i follow u or u follow me or if we’re mutuals esp i wanna rp with u ),,, i really wanna rp with you and/or i’m already plotting with you but i’m such a lil punk to ask so ye, this means smth if you know what i mean ( wink wink )

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Kanato + Crepes


–> Anyways this is from Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden and these pics are NOT mine they are from BRE-LLA ‘s post ( i linked it so no credit for me here , they aren’t mine ! ) she didn’t write down the translation but Kanato made me go AWWW so i had to ok *guilty*

Kanato : Hey . Share one bite of your crepes please .

Yui : Of course . Here,Kanato-kun .

Kanato : ….No . Somehow I thought I was very happy after a long time .

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Eridan, did you get your rings from anywhere specific? Do you collect them from people whos heart you steal?

anon youvve seen howw many rings i got right ivve got lots

do you really think i got all a them from romantic conquests or are you literally insinuatin im some kind a corpsegarden theif diggin up bodies an removvin their bloodpushers along wwith a ring or twwo as a souvvenir 

i aint gonna touch on the latter but the first really aint got much truth to it either

on alternia i got almost all a my rings from dramatic flarpin conquests

theyre pieces from my awwesome pirate booty collection wwhich denoted not only my high rank but also my inimitable flarpin prowwess or at least they did back then

wwindin up here wwithout nothin but my life i kind a had to start ovver wwith evverythin from my glasses to my scarf to my jewwelry an so on

kar helped me out quite a bit he fashioned me a neww swweater ww my sign on it an he evven knit me a near identical scarf to my old one wwhich ivve posted pics a before an if you ask him im sure hes got snaps a me paradin around our old hivve wwith a purple snuggie around my shoulders since i didnt havve my actual cape an it made me feel better but im forbiddin him from postin those evver

best thing he evver gavve me though wwas actually a partial answwer to your question

he gavve me a ring

noww ivve got a lot a rings like i said before although nowwadays most a them aint evven actual gold theyre more like fakey fake costume jewwelry stuff like this

modelled beautifully on one a my shitty wwands naturally

but this is the ring kar gavve me an the only one i nevver evver take off except obvviously i took it off for this one pic

its real gold but its also the plainest most simple ring ivve got

its just a beaten gold band wwith a ton a tiny imperfections like pockmarks an a slightly unevven shape

but its wwhat kar gavve to me wwhen wwe got human married so its my wweddin band an its the best ring in the entire fuckin univverse cause kar gavve it to me

hed had it for a long time since it wwas entrusted to him by someone he kneww before him an me met up again here on earth so it wwas special to him but he wwanted me to havve it anywway an ivve probably only taken it off like three times in as many swweeps includin for this photo

so yeah i guess you could say that one ring at least came wwith a devvoted bloodpusher attached

the rest ivve just been pickin up from curio shops an antique markets an such sorry if that aint as excitin an answwer as you might a hoped for

heyguys its t i me

are you ready for a surprise

the surprise is that


 I  A    I .  NNTTT !! STRAIGHTT !


i still havent figured out my whole sexuality yet and there are things.. i may not say.. i dont think i could ever be part of the cool LGBT community who are so assured of their gayness. But I am here and I KNOW I like girls, I KNOW IT. For the first time in my life I’m accepting it and shouting it out

A Stage of Love

Pairing : Wonwoo x reader (feat. Mingyu & Joshua)

Genre : fluff

Words : 1,324

Warning(s) : Cursing

Author’s Note : yall please do listen to Drunken Truth by Kim Dong Ryul as it’s going to be mentioned here several times | I wrote 22yo for Wonwoo and 21yo for Mingyu, based on Korean age system. 

GIF below is not mine, all credit goes to owner.

Throughout his life, Jeon Wonwoo never lays his hands on alcoholic beverages, even when he attends parties his friends throw, he’d still choose something rather than beer. It’s not like he never tasted them before and has 0 interest in them, but it’s because he did; he did taste them and not loving it ever since. He never liked the taste of warm fermented grapes that smells sweet like cakes, he thought of them as the ‘most defrauding drink’ in the world.

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( @unimprovedandconfused for y ou-

//nsfw //rough-ish sex )

A collar and leash was attached loosely around Reapers neck, as he smirked up at Geno.

“Heh, didnt think you had the /guts/ to be all…Cute and dominate like this baby~” Theres a low chuckle, “I like it though,” A cold hand cups the others cheek.

Geno smiled down at them, the leash held tightly in his hand as he stared down at them with a single, hungry eye, as a small drip of blood from his forever bleeding wound dripped onto the others expised chest, making Reaper shiver.

“Y-you ready?”
A small nod, and a uncharacteristically shy smile is Reapers answer.

The feeling of being intruded was new however, walls of his magic stretching to accommodate for Genos thick member.

Its a full minute before Geno is given the signal to begin moving, although it felt like an eternity with their walls squeezing him tight.

Reaper squirmed a bit, a hand gripping the pillow, as his open cloak fell down his shoulders, and the hood covered his eyes, only his glowing tongue visible as moans of delight escape.
Each thrust is accented with a small tug of the leash and collar, making Reaper smirk, or let out a louder, gaspy moan.

The noises spilling from Reapers mouth were silky, filled with extacy as the loud noises of sex filled the room, and Geno let out soft grunts and moans, biting down on his own, skeletal lip nice and hard to hold back his loud moans.

After all, goth was asleep in the other room.

It isnt to long of the really, rather rough sex, and both of them grow close.
Geno pumps Reapers member in time with the thrusts in their formed ass.

“C-come on baby…C-cum with me~”

And they do, cum spurting out in ribbons.

After their done,
snuggles insue.
“I-i cant beleive you actually fucked me”
“And i cant beleive you actually /let/ me fuck you, you fucking sadist!”
“Heh, we’re married Geno. You know i aint really a sadist.”
They scoff in reply.

“…I love you”

“Same here baby…”

speaking of Life Getting Better i’m definitely doin so much better than i was 6 months ago

this week has been super good!! i found out a couple of my coworkers at my new job play pokemon n one of them has played FE8 so that makes talking way easier bc we actually have things to chat about. plus lute finally got into FE Heroes and i got her so thats top tier good shit. then i finally got persona 5 and only played it for a couple hours so far but im lovin it. and now USUM is here too

i sure aint back to 100% and struggle with low moods but i’ve been able to laugh so much more. like a couple times recently i ended up laughing til my sides n cheeks hurt n i was cryin with so much laughter and before i hadnt had that in so long. its so good to experience that much happiness again