i aint having any of your shit

This one’s about bugs

Guys, I love ID. I really hope I get to do an ID rotation on Medicine. If you remember, I once posted the mnemonic I swear by for viruses. Well here is the bacteria counterpart. Also your micro mantra should be: sketchy is life. Love Andrew like I do (this part’s not the mantra, I just love Andrew).

Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. This is a perfect example of a “not aesthetically pleasing tumblr study post” because sometimes your handwriting sucks and you aint got that kinda time in my life for pretty arrows and banners and I just wanna finish this shit so I can leave the library when will Step 1 even be over why is this my liiiiiife

Honestly the more i think about it, i get sad and lowkey heartbroken for any queer younglings out there, who for some godforsaken reason might love pwr bttm and who will now hopefully realise that they aint worth shit and will hopefully move on to find a better band to lose their heart to but like…that shit must hurt like hell and i don’t wish to be in their skin. Getting “betrayed” like that by your idols isnt great and especially if you’re going through the pains of figuring stuff out and said idols might have helped you with that. I’m not very eloquent tonight cause my day feels like it was 5000 hours long but honestly, fuck that band for using their audience like this and also for giving The Straights an excuse to drag queer (and specifically trans!) musicians through the mud and invalidating us like this. How dare you. I really hope that this kills their career and no one will speak of them ever again.

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What do you have planned for next week’s 40 year anniversary of God Save the Queen? ;) (the punk song, not the other one)

working my ass off and trying to make at least 2 pages a week to be able to achieve my goals ‘til the end of  the summer

cuddling with boyfriend!chen was requested so why the fuck not !!

- coming home after a long ass day that never seemed to end while clocked ticked so slowly you wanted to rip it off the wall
- jongdae lazily sitting on the couch as he sees you with a pout across your features
- “you tired?”
- “no you fucking mango this is my daily expression”
- soft laughter filling the place as jongdae walks over and takes off your coat for you whilst leaning a bit closer
- after a nice peck on the lips he whispers that it’d be a nice idea to cuddle rn
- him taking your hand leading you up the stairs, glancing back at you ever so often bc holy shit you look like you could collapse any second now
- laying down on the bed as his arms wrap around you gently, hot breath tickling your neck
- but oh fucking no you aint having that
- “get your mouth away from my neck or i will castrate you”
- “… well damn”
- cuddling seemed all fun and games until he started twitching and moving
- you nearly kicking him off the bed bc fuck you just wanna sleep
- in conclusion cuddling with jongdae is nice until he stayed still for too long

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"Not everyone wants the dream life though my friend," Lol being a youtube troll is not the dream of very many people.

Trolls do stuff behind fake accounts.

REAL people share their opinion no matter if it is popular or not.

If you only share your opinion WHEN that opinion is trending you are a flake.

When you share your honest opinion when you are guaranteed majority backlash then you have humility. 

You ARE a troll my friend. But you sure are not a professional! 😭

Im a pro youtuber. Like or or deny it the truth is the truth. The 220 million total views and all the money Ive made dont lie. All you have to your name is a couple of my vids disliked and a couple of anon tumblr posts! Not sure Id brag about that mate! 🤣

That said views and money don’t mean shit if you aint living your life purpose. Im living my life purpose and therefore my dream. I did it for free for years before I got any fame or a single cent. I would still do it for free because Im only into doing what I love no matter if the money is there or not.

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Will you ever draw OP art again any time soon? I love your shipping doodles they give me life

Maybe? Like I keep expecting like the NEXT arc to really drag me back into OP but Law focus took its toll and now its a Sanji arc? EH. I havent even seen my boo Zoro for a 1000 years… really thats a credit to Oda because usually I have a hard time paying attention to things if my fav character aint in it.
I wonder since Zoros going to that Samurai place if maybe we’ll get to learn some shit about his past too? That might grab me?

I miss being in the OP fandom as much as I used to… it was a lot of casual fun and I rarely see the fandom turn into a bunch of self righteous assholes like the fandoms im in now. LOL

I just cant get into OP like I used to nowa days.

Girlfriend Series; Hwasa

this is my official “hey i write for mamamoo now hmu w requests”

moonbyul / wheein

  • she the type to say “turn on ur location” during a fight and you would both start laughing then the fight would be over and you’d be back to your normal meme-y selves
  • when you go the store she would force you to walk down the toy aisle for no reason other than to play with those plastic piano things
  • would buy you lots of gifts because she!! just!! wants!! to!! spoil!! you!!
  • she would cuddle with you all the time like and would 
  • probably has a list of things you mess up in her phone like “every thorn has roses” and kill a bird with two stones” and shes like HA 
  • she is a stubborn bean
  • “hyejin you need to eat breakfast” “im still trying to wake up”
  • “hyejin take your medicine please” “im an adult i can make my own medical decisions so nO”
  • she would touch ur butt all the time and you would touch hers in return because??? butts
  • freestyle rapping about the food you made for her
  • her singing in the shower and you being in awe bc she is literally an angel
  • shopping with her and the other mamamoo members and solar and wheein constantly trying to make her jealous
  • “(y/n) you look so good in that!!! you should come be my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner instead!!” and hwasa’s just off to the side like :^/
  • she’s dominate during sex yall i can feel it but i think she’d v secretly have a fantasy to be dominated thats all imma say
  • you laying your head in her lap constantly and she loves it 
  • would literally fight whoever makes you upset
  • your boss? she’d fight them. someone cut you off in traffic? tell em to run up. her fans make you feel bad about your appearance? WORLDSTARRRR
  • it would probably take her a while to come out of her shell around you but once she did you won’t regret it 
  • probably send you memes a lot
  • at least 40% of her texts would be emoji spams
  • Fuck a hater , hit a snitch , your my girl 👭 , my 5 star bitch , i love you more than any dick 💕💯, && if i dont get this back 🕙 , you aint worth shit !! Send this to 8 girls you care about .. 💯 I love you , I love you forever !! 💯 Whoever stops this will suffer for 83 days !! 💯💯💯 Ready, set, GO !!!!
  • she wouldnt even send these because she believed that if she didnt she would suffer for 83 days she just sent them because she knws you hate them
  • tickle fights are a thing alright
  • you two probably play video games in your underwear all the time
  • would leave you notes around the house
  • “i love you baby have a good day!! xx” but also
  • “DAMN HOE THAT BOOTY FINE A F” there is no in between
  • jamming to nicki 24/7
  • like in the parking lot of a grocery store just like “DONT INTERJECT, DONT INTERCEPT YOU AINT ON A JET YOU AINT MEET A BITCH WITH THIS KIND OF MONEY YET”
  • taking pictures of each other all the time for no reason other than you think each other are the most beautiful things in the world
  • she is so important be nice to her
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They did… they gave Sym and Sombra sick ass dancing emotes and Sym is getting a Legendary Lucio and zen also have dancing emotes. Pharah also has a new skin and it looks awesome. I am content so far ��

jokes on you bc i, the starving content goblin, demand more, will never be satisfied,

had to go off on my rental company today...

First off : My lease says that the rental office pays for all utilities (including electric) and all i have to pay for is internet/cable.

Alright so here we go…

So I get a letter in the mail yesterday from the electric company that says i have a 36 day late bill and that my power will be shut off at 8 am if they don’t get like 250 bills…bc they haven’t been paying my bill since AUGUST.

Im like, “waiittttt, whut” I never got any other notices or anything. 

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So this morning i call the electric company and they say all the rental company has to do is call and pay and ill be set. cool.

I roll up to the office to pay my rent and talk to these people about my electricity situation. I work in customer service so I know sometimes customers come in  yelling about shit that aint your fault. so i roll up chillin’ :

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Hello, yes… do I have your attention? This may seem fake to you but it’s fucking real. I have not reached 300 followers yet but I am so so so close and by the time I announce a winner I might have already reached it - really depends if people will continue to love me, TEEHEE. So, enough blabbing.. here’s what you need to do and what you can win: 

To enter

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Like I said winners will randomly be picked by a generator. You have until the 28th of October 2016 11PM CEST - AGAIN THIS IS NOT A JOKE, NOT FAKE & THERE’S NOTHING BEHIND IT. THIS IS WHAT I DO Y’ALL. SPREAD LOVE, NOT HATE *mic drop*

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

i kno some of yall lookin for sugar daddies online & i aint mad do u boo!!

but dont immediately go for any man who messages u like “hey i wanna spoil u :)” cause a good number of them have no intentions of ever giving you shit!!!!

this especially goes for babes under 21. aloooot of these old ass men know youre young and naive and consider u easy targets to take advantage of ok????

ive had TONS of men message me tellin me they wanna drop $$$ on me & spoil me but disappeared or made excuses when it was time to pay up

so be safe!!!!

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I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend. Never really cared about it but so many guys have wasted my time. It's lowkey getting ridiculous. I love myself and my company but I'm pretty sick of being single tbh Any advice ?

start planning for your future and how you gon get this money!!!!! niggas aint shit!!!

to the people who are assuming elise’s sexuality and then talk shit about her, have you perhaps considered:

  • not

much like people use the term ‘transformative justice’ to coddle abusers and silence and oust victims, many other 'radical’ terms are being used to fuck over victims.

now 'self care’ includes and justifies cruel victimblaming/shaming.

'emotional labor’ refers to you not wanting to offer people the most basic empathy, but not to all the actual emotional labor said people have done for you.

'unsafe’ is now used to villify victims as a 'danger’ for not taking your victimblaming, boundary issues and gaslighting well. or for blocking your aint shit ass.

'trigger’ is what they call it when you dont take their bullshit nicely and rightfully make them feel uncomfy for bein an asshole.

“bullying” now includes people avoiding and blocking you and never mentioning you too.

all said by people who youd really think know better. i dont believe in any of you anymore. 

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im sorry but honestly youre really wrong, youre the type of person to make white people feel bad for being white. and i know that poc have it much much worse and have for many years but doing wrong things back to the privileged doesnt make it any better for the minority. and im not saying youre being racist towards white people youre just always rude to them. like once you said "yall aint special" when you saw white peoples hands on your dash???? honestly grow up!!:)

Me talking shit about white people isn’t going to change the price of tea in China, just like it isn’t going to erase the privilege you have. It irks my nerves seeing beautiful poc girls, whether they’re black, hispanic, asian, etc. being so blatantly ignored but yall have the AUDACITY to post pictures of ya left titty and that shit gets 50k notes? And I’m not trying to say that you guys aren’t beautiful because you are! There are some beautiful white girls in the world and you should love yourselves and love your bodies! But the fact of the matter is if a colored girl tries to do the same she becomes a fetish. Yall love to fetishize our bodies and you’re the same people who tell us to be grateful, and that’s some bullshit! How DARE you come into my askbox and play it off as if I’m oppressing YOU for being white? You want to know oppression? Go do any Google search! Go search “beautiful girl” and see the ratio of white girls to girls of color. See the ratio of light skinned girls to dark.

This is why so many young girls of color have this internalized self hatred! It’s all we see! Every magazine, every TV show, even in our households we are taught to think that white features are the epitome of beauty.

I’m going to talk shit til the day I die, because I’m not having it! WE are not having it.

Because white girls are so special, right? Grow the fuck up :)