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PROMPT #181: “If he’s going to treat you like shit, I’m going to kick his ass.”

Featuring Darry Curtis of The Outsiders.

“If he’s going to treat you like shit, I’m going to kick his ass,” said Darry as you sat on the living room couch with tears running down your face.

“Darry don’t,” you replied, using the back of your hand to wipe the tears, “he isn’t worth it.”

“The hell he aint [y/n]!,” shouted Darry before standing up from his chair to grab a beer.

“He shouldn’t treat you like that and you know it and don’t defend him because he’s your boss.”

“I know,” you replied with a sigh “and I don’t plan on seeing him ever again.”

“Really?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“If I do you’ll kick his ass right?” you grinned up at him.

“Hey- nobody messes with my girl.” he said sittinng down next to you and giving you a kiss. “Besides no need for you to work- I’ll take care of you.”


Finn x Fem!Reader

Requested By Anon

Part Two

The three older Blinders were drawn out of the apartment by angry shouts and screams, you and Finn were rolling through the dirty streets, no one wanting to pull the two of you apart seeing as your parents were Blinders and Finn was a Shelby.


“OI, you two!” One of them yelled as you dug your elbow in Finn’s side and pulled his hat over his eyes.

“Finn!” Tommy gripped the back of Finn’s shirt while Arthur hoisted you off Finn buy the back of your jacket. “What did I tell you about fighting’ (Y/N), it ain’t right to hit a girl.”


“She started it!” Finn complained.

“I finished it to!” You huffed, straining to get another swing at the littlest Shelby despite Arthur still holding you back.

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Finn Balor x Reader x Enzo Amore - Back Burner

Carmella linked her arm with yours as you two wandered around the backstage of the NXT show. “I have missed you so much girl.” Carmella have your arm a squeeze. “Me too girl me too.” “And I know one person who has really missed you… Maybe even more than me.” She giggled as you blushed. She was talking about your crush Finn Balor. You two had been flirting since the first day you two met. Both of you being super successful wrestlers didn’t leave much time for a relationship so you two weren’t dating… Just open to flirting not caring who saw. You had been called up to the main roster before either Carmella or Finn because of your feud with Charlotte. It had been forever since you last saw either of them so of course you were bubbling with excitement to see Carmella… Especially the ever handsome Finn. You and Carmella made your way into the catering room when you saw them… Finn and Bayley… Bayley was sitting in Finn’s lap as he busted out laughing over something she had said. Your heart sank to your stomach as Carmella snapped her head over to you. Finn looked over to where you two stood and his face broke into a bright smile. “Y/N!! YOU MADE IT!!” Finn helped Bayley get off his lap after a kiss on the jaw so he could run over and wrap you up in a huge hug. You put on the best smile you could as he pulled back to hold you at arms length. “I have missed you so much Ms. Superstar.” He teased. 

During your visit at the NXT performance center Carmella got tired of your mopping around like a kicked puppy. “Girl life is much more than just one guy you know that right?? If you keep acting like this you can never be happy now come on and put on that killer blue dress you have and go party with me… Please??” She batted her long eyelashes at you as you looked down at your sweatshirt and pants. “Please for me?? Your best friend?? Please?? You wont regret it okay?? You cane here to have fun right??” She grabbed your hand and dragged you over to her guest room so you can change into some party appropriate clothes. 

Once at the party Carmella busied herself with snuggling up to her boyfriend while you downed your second beer. “Girl you came here to have fun not get hammered.” She grabbed your wrist as you went to order another beer. “Same thing if you ask me…” You grumbled as she left Cass’ side to pull you aside. “Why don’t you ask someone to dance?? You love dancing.” She tried. “No I think I’m okay.” You shrugged looking around at the crowded dance floor. Carmella went to suggest something else when you held up your hand to point toward the bathroom. “I’ll be back okay??” You raced off as she stamped her foot. Carmella turned around to find that her boyfriend now had company with him. Enzo Amore… ‘Perfect’ Carmella thought. She smiled a bit as she went ovre to throw an arm around both Cass and Enzo. “Hey Zo… Anything new with Liv??” Carmella asked knowing the answer. “Still with the guy who she cheated on me with…” He hung his head defeated. “Looks like you could use a good time tonight… Why don’t ask Y/N to dance??” Carmella causally suggested. “No way… She likes Finn and I don’t think I’m over Liv yet.” “Oh come on… Finn was with Bayley yesterday… Y/N’s been heartbroken over it… Come on one dance won’t hurt anybody…” Carmella begged. “Fine. I’ll suggest it but if she says no I aint gonna push her.” Enzo held up his hands defeated. 

(Time Skip) 6 months late

Carmella was up from NXT to visit her boyfriend Cass was now on the main roster. She was on the hunt to find where Cass could be ‘hiding’ before he went out int he ring for his debut. Carmella opened a dressing room door that had Cass’ name on it as she finally came across it. “Thank God.” She muttered as she swung the door open. “OH MY GOSH!!” She screamed as she walked in on you and Enzo making out on the couch. “Ever heard of knocking??” Enzo scowled as you jumped off him. “Sorry!! I was looking for Cass!!” “He aint here… We got kinks but that ain’t one of them.” Enzo grinned as you smacked his arm. “I think he went to go and say hey to Sami.” You shrugged. “Oh okay… Well I am going to go and find him now… You two… Enjoy whatever you two were doing…” Carmella shivered as she walked out of the room. “Planning on it.” Enzo wiggled his eyebrows as he jerked you back down on him. You squeal as he gives your but a tight squeeze. 

Finn was standing beside Sami as superstar after superstar congratulated Sami for being main roster now. Finn was caught up in the hype for his friend and with the thought of seeing you again. He hadn’t seen you in months while you were off being successful on the main roster. One of the stage hands announced that it was ten minutes until the show started so Finn walked down the hall with Sami to get warmed up for Sami’s debut. “Man this is the best feeling ever.” Sami buzzed as Finn clapped in on the shoulder. “You deserve it man.” Finn’s smile went from cheery to gloom in half a second as he looked down the hall. He saw you pushed up against the wall as Enzo kissed your cheeks making you giggle. Finn stopped walking and shook his head in disbelief . “You okay man??” Sami asked his friend following his eyes to see what he was glaring at. “Oh!! The realist couple in the room… Cute aren’t they??” Sami smiled watching you and Enzo have a little play fight in the hall making everyone laugh. “Why didn’t you tell me??” Finn gritted through his teeth. “Tell you what?? I told you Y/N and Enzo were dating.” “Yeah dating not in a relationship.” “Its the same thing mate.” “No its not… Me and Bayley dated for like two weeks… This right here is a serious relationship…” Finn gruffed as he turned the corner to avoid your happy PDA with Enzo. 

“Mate you need to lighten up… People are gonna think you’re a jerk if you keep that hateful look on your face around her.” Sami warned as Finn glared at his friend. “Why didn’t you tell me she was taken??” Finn asked for the tenth time that night. “Look man if your angry because Enzo got to her first I don’t feel sorry for you. It was no secret that you liked Y/N and Y/N liked you… But you just took advantage of that… Thought she would wait around forever while you had your fun. Shes a one of a kind girl and you just out her on the back burner. Enzo wasn’t stupid like you… He saw what kind of lady she was and wanted to treat her right… Get your head out of your own butt and suck it up.” Finn rolled his eyes walking off leaving his friend standing in shock like he was just slapped in the face. 

You wandered down to the hotel lobby to sit up and use your laptop there so you wouldn’t wake up Enzo who was sound asleep when you left you room. He could sleep anywhere while you found it hard to sleep on hard hotel beds. You sat down on the lobby couch and turned on your laptop. Scrolling through tumblr you read about your match last night and laughed at a few of the comments from fans and haters. Your amusement was interrupted by a cough. You shot your head up to see a tired looking Finn looking down at you. “Hey stranger.” you smiled as you closed your laptop. “Hey… Mind if??” He pointed to the space beside you. “Be my guest.” You scooted over so he would have some more room. You two sat in silence for a bit before he blurted out: “Why are you dating Enzo??” “Because I love him??” You laughed a bit. Finn’s heart broke even more at the word love. “I thought you liked me…” He gave you a sad look. “Yeah I did… And I thought you liked me… But I guess Bayley was more your type.” You shrugged at information that you were way over now that you had Enzo in your life. “I just went on a few dates with her.” “So??” “So it didn’t mean anything…” You go to ask what that had to do with anything when a shirtless messy haired Enzo walked infront of you to. “Whats up??” Enzo asked a mixture of sleepiness and jealousy in his voice. “Just chatting.” You shrugged standing up with your laptop. “Come on… We got an early morning tomorrow and I know just think to put you to sleep.” Enzo gave you a wink and a kiss on the cheek before nudging you to the elevator with a smack on the butt. “You perv.” You giggle as walk off waving good bye to Finn. “Hey.” Enzo barked down to Finn as the elevator doors closed with you in it. Finn looked up at Enzo who had a shade of anger over his eyes he had never seen before. “Stay away from my girl… Or we’re gonna have trouble.” Enzo glared down at Finn before walking off to get in the elevator. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and thank you to @darkbutnice for the request I hope this is what you wanted… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

You Drunktexting Them You’re Lost ~ BTS.

Yoongi ( Suga )
“YOO SWAGBOOOI im drunk where u at. Which 1 is your hoooouuuuse”
Yoongi would just stare at the text in disbelief. He opened the door to see you sitting on the curb outside of his house, staring at the concrete. He would help you in by you clinging on to him for dear life. You managed to fall asleep on a kitchen chair whilst he was getting you water. “ You should be happy I can read your dumb texts” he whispered as he would go back to working next to you.

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Hoseok ( J-Hope )
“ JOBI i need u  im lost wher do u liv ”
Hoseok wouldn’t be panicked, he knew exactly where you were. He walked out the back door and saw you laying in the wet grass staring up at the night sky. “Come in jagiya, it’s late and you might get a cold” he would say softly. You stumbled in with the help of his trusty shoulders and you practically crashed head first into his comfortable bed. “ Aish what to do with her” he would say with a smile on his lips.

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“ eiii Jimin im drunks and im verrrrry lost help”
Jimin would find it adorable since he could almost hear you say it. He saw you through his window wobbling along the curb. Jimin would be rushing out the door before you would accidentally fall. He’d pick you up and carried you on his back steadily. You would get peppered with kisses when you were safe at home again.

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“ Jagiiii im at the bakery help drunk me”
Jin would panic a little when he read the text and instantly get worried for your safety. He would drive straight to the bakery and call out your name. When he finds you he would carry you into the car, laying you down in the backseat. He would drive back home but take the least bumpy road there was.. You would get pampered all night when you were home again.

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“Young one your drunk friend needs help, im drunk and lost in the park help”
Since it was dark outside he would be worried what could happen to you. He’d run to the park and when he saw your unbalanced figure in the darkness he would wrap his strong arms around you. He would carry you on his back all the way back home. You’d be taken care of until you fell asleep with about 4 blankets on you.

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Taehyung ( V )
“Friends left me drunk at your place but u aint here ”
Taehyung would see your text and instantly get confused. Your friends had left you at Taes home but he was recording. “ I need to go, sorry” he would say in a hurry to his members and take the first bus home. You woke up in a bed in some of Taehyungs clothes. The smell of toast lingered in the room. “ You had passed out and smelled of vomit so I changed your clothes jagi~‘’ Taehyung would say sweetly with his rectangular smile.

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Namjoon (Rapmonster)
’'im in central drunk and lost by a cafe help”
Namjoon would ask the rest of the members to help him find you since the city is big and you didn’t respond to his texts asking where you were. Once they found you in a cafe that for some reason still was open he would lead you home. During the walk home he would warn you of how dangerous it is to be drunk in the middle of the night and being alone as well. ‘’’ Do you know what could have happen??“ he would be concerned but happy you weren’t hurt. He would cuddle you all night to make sure you felt okay.

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You don't wanna go to doctor

Dallas Winston:

“Dallas, I aint goin’ and thats it” You yelled, crossing your arms in a childish stubborness.
“Doll, you’re goin’ whether I have to drag you there myself” He spat back from the opposite side of the room, mirroring your stance.
“I’d like to see you try Winston” You challenged, locking your eyes with his.
He just smirked as he stepped toward you, his arms outretched as though he were guiding sheep.
You squeaked and darted into the next room, narrowly avoiding the door.

“Dal! Put me down” You screamed, thumping his back as he carried you down the street.
“Hmm, You hear somethin’ Soda?” He asked as he entered the Curtis household.
“I hear the tv” Soda shrugged, looking up from his poker game with Steve, ignoring you completely.
“Dally, please dont do this, I love you” You begged, panic beginning to rise up your throat.
“Two-Bit, I need your car” He declared, adjusting you slightly as you began to slide.
“Keys are on the counter” Keith voiced from the kitchen, not asking what he wanted it for.
Dally grabbed the keys, his movements taking you even closer to your sudden death. 

Sodapop Curtis (with a cameo from Darrel): 

“Baby just unlock the door” Soda cajoled from outside the bathroom. Your appointment was today and you would sit in the tub all day just to avoid it.
“Soda I aint goin’ fuck off” You snarled, playing with a bottle of shampoo as you adjusted your position. Your voice was weak but it held a defiance to it.
“She comin’ out?” You could hear Dar ask, it probably wasn’t the best idea to lock yourself in Soda’s house as there were usually six guys about all bustin’ muscle.
“No, she aint Dar” Soda sighed, rapping lightly on the door.
“Listen here, if I have to break through the window, you’re going” Darrel threatened, pounding a fist against the door.
“Darry, I ain’t going, if you gotta pee go to my house, my momma wont mind” Silence met your statement, the sound of footsteps alerting you that they were no longer outside.
You held your breath for a moment until you heard Soda shout; “Stand back.” You barely had time to scramble to the door, lightheadedness swarming your vision before a rock came flying through the window, the glass smashin’ something awful.
“Soda… d-did you just break your own window?” You asked but the window seemed further away than it had moments ago.
“You’re lookin’ awful pale” Soda commented, climbing in through the hole. “Soda-” You felt dizzy, like the world was unbecoming at your fingertips.
“I-I don’t wanna g-” You barely whispered the sentence before you collapsed into his chest.

Chapter 25


The look on his face was one of pure shock. It’s not surprising I wouldn’t expect to see me either but oh well. He’ll get over it.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” Major asked me.

“I came to drop him off and see my sister, what’s wrong with you? You look like you just saw a ghost.”

“You know why I’m looking at you like this. I don’t know what you’re up to Cherish but don’t start no bullshit.”

“Like what? Major I’m really insulted by the way you’re acting. Think about it, if I wanted to do something do you think I would have brought your brother back here in one piece? Look at him he’s fine.” He turned his head and looked at Macai who just shrugged his shoulders.

“Shocked the fuck outta me too but I’m good and so is she. Right?” Macai asked me for clarification.

“Yes, I’m not going to do anything. I’m here for peaceful reasons only. Now can somebody tell me what room my sister is in?”

“I’m not letting you go in there with her.” Major glared at me.

“Fine, come with me then. I’m not going to do anything, nigga you want to search me or something.”

“Major just let the girl see her sister damn.” His mother said to him.

“Alright but I’m going in and you only have five minutes.”

“Fine with me I have places I need to be anyway. Lead the way,” I moved to the side and let him walk past me. I followed him down to what I’m guessing was Promise’s room. When he walked in I stood at the door for a couple of seconds before going in after him.

“What the? Cherish?” Promise looked at me confused.

“Hey same face.” I gave her a smile. “How are you feeling?”

“Right now? Confused, what are you doing here?”

“It’s a long story, but I just wanted to check up on you and the baby.” I looked down at the baby in her arms. “What’s her name?”

“Patience, how did you know?”

“Trust me I have my ways, you know that. Look I’m not trying to hold your family moment up or anything I just wanted to see you and baby girl. It is a girl right?”

“Yeah,” Promise giggled. “You seem different.”

“Therapy does that for you,” "Therapy? For what?”

“My disorder, it’s about time I went to see a real doctor for it so that’s what I did.”

“What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

“Promise let’s not play, I know they had to tell you by now.”

“Who told me what?” Raising my eyebrow I looked at my twin. They still haven’t told her about what’s wrong with me? Wow.

“Ask your parents when they come in here, but I need to go. I’m trying to make moves, you can’t be the only successful King daughter.”

“Cherish, seriously are you okay?”

“Promise, trust me when I say I’m good. For once in my life I’m really good don’t worry about me. I’ll see or talk to you whenever sunny d lets me.” I smiled at her then looked at my niece one more time. “She’s beautiful, congratulations. “

“Thank you.” She smiled.

“No problem, well I’ll talk to you whenever. Later Promise.”I kissed her on the cheek then walked out.

“Everything good?” Macai walked over and asked me.

“Yeah, I’m about to go if you need a ride to Miracle’s house I can drop you off.”

“I’m going to stay for a little bit, I’ll see you later or something.”

“Alright,” We hugged then I waved at my parents before leaving. I know they’re all sitting up there like what the fuck? When did she get nice? What the hell is going on? I couldn’t help but laugh at it. It’s never too late to change I guess.


“You know you have to tell me what happened right?” Major said and I laughed a little bit.

“Don’t forget who the oldest is nigga.”

“Fuck all of that, what happened and how the fuck did you link up with Cherish?”

“Man, the night of the accident some niggas ran me off the road. I was trying to get away from these mufuckas but I lost control of my car and crashed. I could have sat there and let the nigga who was chasing me snatch my ass up but I decided to not be a dummy and got my ass out the car and ran into the woods.”

“Nigga the fuck?”

“What? It was better than mufuckas holding my ass, I had to leave my other ID and phone there just so it could be real, and you told me I was dumb for getting two ID’s.”

“Well why didn’t you call somebody and say something? You know how long your ass was gone?”

“It was either stay away and let those niggas think they chased me off or come back and have them go harder to remove me. I knew what I was doing.”

“Alright you still aint tell me how you ended up with Cherish’s crazy ass.”

“I ran into her in San Diego.”

“The fuck were you doing in San Diego?”

“I hopped a bus and got on the first one with a city I recognized on it. I got there, got a hotel room and shit. I went to this restaurant by where I was staying and she was working in there.”

“Working? Cherish King had a job?”

“Yeah, when I first saw her I thought it was a set up. Turns out she had been there the whole time after all that shit went down at their parents house.”

“So you been with Cherish this whole time?”

“Basically, shorty actually helped me out.”


“Alright so I couldn’t keep going in my account or they would have traced my ass so she let me stay with her.”

“With her where?”

“She got a house out there. I stayed with her or whatever and I helped her go to therapy. She’s really not that bad when you get around the crazy shit.”

“What was she in therapy for?”

“Oh see this will explain it all, she’s crazy as fuck at times because she’s schizophrenic.”

“That means what?”

“She hears voices and the voice she hears hates Promise or as she found out in therapy is jealous of Promise. So every time something bad happened it was because that voice was telling her to do it and because she wasn’t taking medication it got the best of her. She’s good now, as long as she takes her meds she’ll stay good.”

“So what, y’all friends now?”

“I guess you could call it that, it’s just been me and shorty for the last couple of months. Give the girl a chance you’ll see different.”

“I don’t know about all of that. What made y’all come back?”

“Some bitch named Jada called Cherish and told her Promise was in labor. Neither one of us wanted to miss our niece’s first day here so we hit the road and here we are.” I shrugged my shoulders and he lifted his eyebrow at me. “What?”

“You feelin’ Cherish nigga?”


“You heard me, are you feelin’ her?”

“Nah, why would you ask me that?”

“I don’t know, y’all just seem real cool from the way you talking about her.”

“I just know another side of the girl that nobody else knows. She’s not a bad person she just has some issues, besides I got a girl.”

“Speaking of her, how you think she’s doing to feel about you being all buddy buddy with the bitch that cut her face?”

“Oh she’s definitely not about to be happy but she’ll get over it. She can’t control who I can and cannot talk to. Where is she anyway I’m surprised she and Telly aint here.”

“Telly out of town and she couldn’t leave her job. So are you back for good or are you about to be ghost again?”

“I’m not leaving again,” I chuckled. “I do need to figure out who the fuck pulled that shit though. It wasn’t pops, it wasn’t Marcel, who else would try that shit?”

“I don’t know but we’ll figure it out. Once word gets out that you’re back, they won’t stay away too long. You ready to get this shit straightened out?”

“Hell yeah, the shit needs to be deaded as soon as possible.”

“Oh trust me it will be.”

I don’t know what this nigga was cooking up in his head but it had to be something serious the way he was smiling. It should work, it’s not just us against the world anymore especially since our pops put that old shit aside with Marcel. Both sides are dangerous as fuck separate, can you imagine the damage we could do with those two old niggas on good terms again? Let the games begin my nigga.

Chapter 24

Chapter 26

Left Behind Part 2 - Requested (Calum)

Hey guys so the amazing 5sos-is-lifexoxo requested a part two so here it is, its not great and im sorry, but i wasnt sure whereto take it, anyways if you havent already read part one here and ENJOY!!!!

‘Okay that’s the last interview if the day’ Calum cheers as he comes out of the studio a huge grin on his face.

'Great, so what are we gonna do?’ You ask, Calum has been banging in about how today is gonna be unforgettable because it’s your last day on tour.

'First we are gonna eat because I’m starving’ he whines rubbing his belly and you roll your eyes. 'See you later guys’ Calum shouts over to the other boys waving and you wave too. 'Be good’ you call as you leave.


'This is literally the best pizza ever, oh my god I could eat this for the rest of my life’ you moan as you take another slice.

'Although I agree, would you really eat it for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it get boring and then you will have just ruined a good thing’ he voices wiggling his eyebrows.

'Okay fair point, this is really strange, I never thought I would get used to being watched while I eat’ you laugh a little looking out of the window to see a group of fans.

'Yeah me neither, we used to be invisible’ he chuckles.

'I still am, I’m not a big rock star’ you fake sadness and Cal pouts.

'You’re not invisible to me’ he sticks out his tongue and you throw a piece of pepperoni at him. 'What was that for?’ You whine, whipping the spot in his shirt it landed on as you bite back the laugh.

'You were supposed to say, you’re not invisible, everyone loves you’ you tell him, he looks up and rolls his eyes.

'Well of course I would have said that but I thought part of us being best friends was that we never lie to each other’ you narrow your eyes at his words.

'You’re really mean’ you whine 'and to think this is my last day’ you huff pouting a little. You hear Calum chuckle a little and you look through your eye lashes to see him smirking at you.

'You cute when you’re fake mad’ he tells you with a wink only making to glare more. 'Come on, smile for me’ he teases reaching over and waving a piece of pizza near your mouth.

'This is for the pizza’ you huff before giving Calum the worst smile in the world and he laugh handing you the slice.

'Okay so I know you have something you want to do today but can we do something I want to do first?’ You ask with the sweetest smile you could. Calum with a mouth full if pizza nods with a hum.

'I want to find a fancy dress shop and dress you in disguise and then walk past the group of fans outside the hotel.’ You bounce a little excited in your seat as Calum’s shakes his head looking worried.

'No fucking way, what if they know it’s me’ his voice higher than usually making you laugh.

'Then you run’ you smile quickly and grab the last piece of pizza and stand up 'come on’ you laugh heading out the door and waving at the girls that call your name. You take a bite of the pizza but hand Calum the rest as he catches you up and he takes it with a wink.


'I’m gonna miss you so fucking much’ Calum huffs as he pulls your suitcase into the boot, ‘Jesus what the hell do you have in there?’ he shakes his head, closing the boot.

‘It’s all the stuff you got me while I’ve been with you, seriously Cal, you bought me so much, I’m never gonna be able to pay you back’ you pout, Calum glares at you and then slaps his hands down on your shoulders and ducks down a little so his eyes are in line with yours ‘Best friends don’t pay each other back, now get your skinny arse in the car’ he chuckles a little as and spins you towards the door.

‘Anyone would think you’re trying to get rid of me’ you tease as you buckle in and he slides in his side laughing ‘Like I would’.

‘I know what your like, your just waiting to get rid of me so you can get your own room, then take all the groupies back’ you tease knowing he hates when people go on about groupies and he glances at you, ‘Wow you’re really funny, remind me again why I’m gonna miss you’ he asks.

‘Because I’m your best friend in the whole world and I slept with snoring fucking Michael so you could take that girl back to the room the other night’ you remind him and he chuckles again.

‘Yeah, guess you aint too bad then’ he winks before looking back at the road.


‘Okay, you promise to call as soon as you land right?’ he asks for the hundredth time and you nod, ‘and I will call you at least once a day’ he nods as he reassures you again. ‘I really am gonna miss you, are you sure you have to go back?’ he asks his arm wrapped around your waist and you nod.

‘You know if I didn’t know you two sometimes I would mistake you for a couple’ Luke comments, you roll your eyes and Calum pulls a face looking over his three friends ‘Why?’ he looks disgusted in the idea which makes you laugh.

‘Can you nod see what’s going on here?’ Michael asks waving a finger between the two of you; you frown and then laugh as you see Calum shaking his head. ‘Okay, hug me before I miss my plane’ you cut in, shuffling away from Calum and over to Luke, then Michael and finally Ashton. Before turns to Calum.

‘Okay Cal seriously now be good, don’t be making any mini Hood’s the world isn’t ready yet, and keep away from the groupies’ you wink, winding him up again.

‘Someone thought you were a groupie the other day’ he fires back and you narrow your eyes, glaring at him as he smirks. ‘If your serious you better have told them I wasn’t’ you growl and he bites his lip a little, your lips part and you stare at him ‘Dick’ you moan hitting his shoulder ‘you’re an arsehole’ you whine and you can hear the other boys laughing as Calum grabs his shoulder.

‘Well I wanted something to remind me of you, I wasn’t really thinking a bruises’ he jokes a little pulling out his phone and throwing his arm around you, pulling your head to his ‘Smile’ and he takes a picture of the two of you together, you pull away and shake your head looking at the cute picture. ‘I still hate you’ you mutter, throwing your bag on your shoulder.

‘I love you too’ he smiles, wrapping his arms around you and you do the same, holding his as close and tight as possible. ‘Only two months and then we will meet in Lurgan’ he whispers as he holds you and you nod into his shoulder. ‘Be careful, and stay away from that jack ass, and please call me if you need me, I’m your best friend no matter what’ he reminds you as you pull away nodding.

‘Okay, just don’t leave me behind again’ you tease a little and he smiles, ‘Never’

From Chelsea