i aint callin you a truther

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You're watching TV and he's laying between your legs on the couch as you run your fingers through his hair....oh how I want this so badly 😆😖

A/N: I’m going to combine this request with the following one: 

He watches you while you watch TV and admires how you smile at the show and occasionally giggle involuntarily? I dunno what show you think, but something along the lines of Friends or Big Bang Theory :)

(I did Drake and Josh because that’s what I’m watching right now haha.)

“I aint callin’ you a truther!” Josh on the television said which brought you to hysterics. You began to laugh at the cheesy show you used to watch when you were a teenager and Harry shook his head. You would practically have to force him to watch Drake & Josh re-runs with you which is why you’d have to play with his hair.

“This is really corny,” Harry said as you ran your fingers through his hair. He was lying in between your legs and you couldn’t help but laugh at his comment. The show was cheesy but it was one of your favorites.

“Oh hush,” you replied and you continued to run your fingers through his long locks. Your attention shifted back to the television show and whenever you’d laugh Harry would laugh. You assumed he came to like the show but nope. Harry was staring up at you with wide eyes and a smirk plastered across his face.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer,” you teased when the show went to a commercial break. The dimples in his cheeks popped out when his smile deepened and you placed your hands over his eyes. He grabbed your wrists lightly and brought your hands to his lips so he could pepper them with kisses. You laughed lightly and then moved your hands from his eyes. 

The show returned and you began to watch again and Harry continued to stare at you. “Why do you keep staring at me?” You said with a smile and he turned around on the couch so he was facing you.

“Because you’re extremely cute even when you watch this corny show.” He replied and you trailed your fingertips across his cheeks.