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A redraw and a couple o’ doodles. It’s 1 am and I’m going to a fair tomorrow before I leave for college. PEACE suckers.

oh wait before I forget

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This is fucking old oml, I hate it but like I haven’t drawn all week I’m exhausted 😩 anyways, boyf riends!!! ( @irl-michaelmell )

Mon-El: *appears on most part of the episode*
Antis: “wow, he’s taking screen time from Kara and other important minor characters. The writers should give up on him and give us, the true fans.tm what we want”

Mon-El: *appears only for like 7mins*
Antis: “wow, Man Hell hasn’t done shit. What’s he doing there?“

Mon-El: *breathes*
Antis: “Mon Ew is the worst character ever. I hope he dies and Kara returns to her own story with a better love interest. I hate Chris Wood. He’s so problematic. Please direct all the hate to him.”

Figured I would share some wips and sneak peaks of Dioptase that I’ve been posting on twitter not all of them tho and just to let you know that I’‘m really working on it and I hope to post the first 2 pages before Gem Harvest ‘cuz I kinda wrote this whole thing set before that ep and idk how canon will affect my comic now OTL

Ignore Dorulumon there, he ain’t gonna be part of the plot xD

Again, ignore Zero there, he’s just giving me motivation~

welp, that’s all for now, I swear I’m working hard on it, I’m having fun too so I hope you enjoy it once I start posting it UwU

Of Dragons and Noodles

So, I was working on this for quite a while now, and Chapter 1 is done. Basically this is the popular McHanzo concept of derpy spirit noodles applied to Genyatta, and thus the fluff ensued.


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I love how in the teasers OB is tryna be all mysterious and shit but all the fans are like
“Idc about this bullshit, where’s my Delphine”
“That’s fuckin Veera Suominen, don’t give us this ‘Who is MK?’ bs, we know it’s fuckin Veera”

…or both

I like to personally apologize for being Ghirafi trash

So I used to have the search function for all of my tumblr blogs off cause I didn’t want irl people finding them and it turns out that really doesn’t do jack shit since you can still easily google my blogs. So I just turned that shit back on so you can search for my tumblrs on various search engines and holy shit looking at the ghirafi tag and I see it just flooded with my crap. Wow, that must be really annoying to deal with. I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure to tag all my ghirafi shit as ghirafi so people can blacklist that shit.

I should make this the header for my art blog.

  • authors in popular pairing: here is a hundred thousand tags, i am basically going to tell you what happens in this story and how it is different than the 18 other stories with the same plot, i am going to make sure you know all the triggers and my description is going to be a helpful as possible.
  • authors in rare pairing: i ain't tagging shit. i dont have to. you are going to read this regardless of what is in it, you need this to much. *hands you the rusty needle*

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Bruh, you ain't gonna belilve this. DragonDicks just actually bullied a better my little pony artist off of tumblr. Their name is Dennybutt. The only reason that DD got pissed with them is because Dennybutt mocked the idea of tagging blue as a trigger. Like, holy shit. What a fucking bitch man.

I just heard. 

All I can say is that 

1. DD is an absolute cunt, which can’t possibly be stressed enough.

And 2. The upside is that she’s setting herself up for a long hard fall and hopefully soon karma will give berths bite in the ass she deserves.


WHY HELLO FRIENDS. This is my first follow forever and I meant to post this as soon as I got to 2k oops but you guys love me so it doesn’t matter. This amazing heart ripping edit was made by the beautiful, the wonderful, the harshly pizza judging Rheana. Any who this is a post of all the people I am deeply in love with or I love them enough to put up their crazy shit. If you are not on here PLEASE PLEASE do not be upset. It doesn’t make me love you any less. I love all my followers more than I love breathing ok.

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I would write notes for you guys but that would take a long ass while so.

Funny how IchiRukis are saying we’re ‘losing our shit’ cause Ichigo said he depended on Orihime, saying it’s not romantic, just something between comrades. ‘Kay then - So, it’s not romantic. Many of us simply love the latest chapter cause it’s a part of Orihime’s development and wants to see her shine. Personally, I didn’t see it as a IchiHime moment at first. My eyes were simply on Orihime. ♡ Anyway - A lot of IR are saying we’re over-reacting? 

Well, we IH are not the only one who ‘over-react’. 

Guess who also over-reacted at this part? Many (Not all, chill) IRs said this was a IR moment, a romantic moment at that, saying she sensed her black sun, king, strawberry, coughhusbandocough and all. And now they’re saying we’re over-reacting? Please, if it were Rukia battling beside Ichigo (which did not happen), they’d lose more shit than us. 

So Liam and Sophia are in fuck-if-i-know-where Europe/France right now.

Say it is true that the working theory that her beard contract is ending this May.

Either this shady af trip is a) time for 1DHQ and Liam and Sophia to sit down and renegotiate about a new contract or (my personal favorite) b) sophia’s one last hurrah for a fancy ass Euro trip before it all ends on May 31.

it’s “get money, bitch!” in both case for sophia but liam’s happiness is my zayn’s my ZAYN‘s happiness so let’s all pray it’s option B.