i ain't no liar

How are you gonna tell me after we stop talking that you wanna take the time to be alone and get your shit together but you’re already talking to someone else… Oh okay
♡92 Truths Tag ♡

[1] drink: cherry coke or water. I don’t remember.
[2] phone call: My parents. Lol.
[3] text message: My bestie.
[4] song you listened to: Eyez Eyez by Victon
[5] time you cried: Last week I think I don’t remember either.
[6] dated someone twice: No.
[7] been cheated on: Nope.
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: no.
[9] lost someone special: Yes.
[10] been depressed: yeh.
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: Nope I’ve never drank before.
[12] Blue.
[13] Pastel Pink.
[14] Red.
[15] made new friends: yep yep.
[16] fallen out of love: I think so. Yeah.
[17] laughed until you cried: yasss.
[18] found out someone was talking about you: no but someone probs has. Lamao.
[19] met someone who changed you: possibly.
[20] found out who your true friends are: yeh.
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: i don’t have Facebook. Lol.
[22] how many of your facebook friends again I don’t have it lol.
[23] do you have any pets: nope. My last one died some time ago.
[24] do you want to change your name?: idk but it seems aight.
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: got money and went to eat at a restaurant with my family.
[26] what time did you wake up?: 6:30. Fml.
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night?: sleeping. I hate school.
[28] name something you cannot wait for: summer break. And no school.
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: like 2 mins ago. Lolol.
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: idk but I’m pretty sure there are many.
[31] what are you listening to right now: Red by Hyuna.
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: I mean no but his nickname could’ve been tom. Lmao.
[33] something that is getting on your nerves?: school tbh.
[34] most visited website: YouTube.
[35] elementary: idk what these about school are. Lmao.
[36] high school: I’m in this place here.
[37] college: meh. Je ne sais pas.
[38] hair color: really dark brown almost black.
[39] long or short hair: long. ;). Lmao.
[40] do you have a crush on someone: Yep. Mhmm.
[41] what do you like about yourself? I have cool lame jokes. Lol.
[42] piercings: ears only. But I want more.
[43] blood type: I don’t even know. But I want to know.
[44] nickname: Hosi. Idk how to spell it but it’s pronounced (hoe-see). Lol.
[45] relationship status: single.
[46] zodiac sign: Aquarius.
[47] pronouns: She/Her.
[48] fav tv show: I like fresh off the boat or like impractical jokers.
[49] tattoos: none. But I want some
[50] right or left hand: right.
[51] surgery: none.
[52] piercing: ears.
[53] best friend: their name starts with a y but like if I put their name they might find me here. Lol.
[54] sport:none. I’m lazy and don’t do sports.
[55] vacation: Mexico. I think.
[56] pair of trainers: idk what this is.
[57] eating:Nothing.
[58] drinking: nothing.
[59] i’m about to: Go google some cool pics then sleep.
[60] listening to: Windy Day by Oh My Girl.
[61] waiting for: school to be over
[62] want: many things.
[63] get married: um (ZHANG YIXING) idk. If I find (ZHANG YIXING) the right person I guess. Lmao I’m dumb.
[64] career: i work at roblox pizzeria. Lmao.
[65] hugs or kisses: depends. But
[66] lips or eyes: i like eyes. they’re pretty.
[67] shorter or taller: Idk what this one means but I’m short and I would like someone taller than me.
[68] older or younger: older.
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: idk. Doesn’t matter. I guess.
[71] sensitive or loud: idk.
[72] hook up or relationship: relationship Boi.
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: meh. Idk.
[74] kissed a stranger? Nope.
[75] drank hard liquor? Nope.
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? Yep.
[77] turned someone down: Yep.
[78] sex on first date? Nope
[79] broken someone’s heart? I don’t think so.
[80] had your own heart broken? Yes sadly.
[81] been arrested? Nope.
[82] cried when someone died? Yeh.
[83] fallen for a friend? Yeh.
[84] yourself? Meh. Je ne sais pas.
[85] miracles? Yeh.
[86] love at first sight? Idk not really.
[87] Santa Claus? Nope.
[88] kiss on the first date? Idk. Depends.
[89] angels: yee.
[90] current best friend’s name: their name starts with a y and it’s very unique. I don’t want them to find me. Teehee.
[91] eye color: like my hair. Really dark brown almost black. Lmao.
[92] favorite movie: idk. But i like Zootopia or Monsters University.
♡Idk if I missed any but here you go.♡
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