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Bonding goes wrong
  • <p> <b></b> [Akamatsu listening to music through her earphones]<p/><b>Ouma:</b> Akamatsu-chan, what are you listening to?<p/><b>Akamatsu:</b> (insert any Classical Music), why'd ya ask?<p/><b>Ouma:</b> I was just wondering about your taste in music since you are the SHSL Pianist<p/><b>Akamatsu:</b> i see... What kind of music do you listen to Ouma? [Ouma smiles and immediately handed her earphones that was connected to the end of his phone. Akamatsu gently placed it in her ears, closing her eyes so she can focus listening... And she waited for the music to start playing.... At this moment Kaede felt so happy to see Ouma excited about music, "isnt this called bonding?" she thought joyfully]<p/><b>Music:</b> Some...[Akamatsu immediately looked at Ouma.. And he had that same old 'i got you' grin on his face]<p/><b>Akamatsu:</b> No. (whispers)<p/><b>Music:</b> —body once told me The world is gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed~🎶<p/></p>

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Unpopular Opinion: I think Dean is a reverse butterface, he has an extremely pretty face but his body is just Ok i mean he's got a dad bod, no muscles, he ain't even got much of a butt lol. Now Sam... He's got everything but sadly you can touch or you die :P

LMAO OMG listen listen listen alright alright. I’mma provide some pictures for us all to analyze here.


As you can see here, he DEFINITELY has a pretty face. Anyone can see that. As for muscles, it’s obvious he doesn’t have a hardcore six-pack or anything. Most of his strength lies in his arms, I think, which you can’t see much in the first image but it’s pretty prominent in the last one as he grows older. His chest isn’t popping, and though he has physical abs, they aren’t extreme. His tummy is smooth and soft, he doesn’t really have a lot of muscle that we can see visually.

Now onto Sam:

These images are taken many seasons apart, and yet we can see a constant in the fact that Sam Winchester is a physical embodiment of the word “sin”. His pecs are so prominent and out there that he can probably do that weird fuckin’ thing where men make them dance, he has an extremely noticeable v-line, his stomach is toned and hard, his biceps are large and his back muscles are unforgiving. Sam Winchester is an actual sex monster and I love him.

So, yes, I can agree on your opinion that Dean’s body isn’t as muscular and amazing as Sam’s, but we have to remember that not a lot of men at all have the JarPadBod. For average standards, Dean’s body is still pretty attractive in my opinion, and definitely not something I’d complain about! Besides, if we take a look at both of their diets and routines (Sam exercises often and eats as healthy as possible with his life on the road. Dean just sorta ingests what can keep him going and it keeps him happy. Besides, is it really fair to compare anyone to the Jared Bod?) Dean’s dad-bod is cute! :D

HOWEVER, I have ONE argument against your statement:

I think you may be putting a bit too much blame on his heavy, non-butt-flattering jeans he likes to sport. That’s a butt if I’ve ever seen one ;)