i ain't going back to jail


Bonnie & Clyde - Song Title Posters

(as requested by @as-long-as-youre-mine)

Newsies, Wicked Part 1 / Part 2, Something Rotten!, Les Miserables Part 1Part 2 , Waitress, Cinderella

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I just got out of jail after 90 days. Wtf ! Olivia a Fitz are over already???? I only got to see the first episode and what the fuck going on. Fitz is getting with abby??? Oh hell no smh Jake ain't dead? Only kicking it with mellie??? I'm about to go back to jail. Never again will I fuck with scandal or anything she touches. That weight loss done went to this bitch head

LMAO anon boo dnt let scandal send u back to the slammer !!!! SR aint worth ya freedom lolssss and yesss scandal has gone to da dogs

“All I want in this life is a Greaser. You know, the kind from the Outsiders? They wear leather jackets, slick their hair back, smoke cigarettes, and all that stuff? Yeah, I want one of them.” Natalia squinted her eyes a little before speaking again. “I want one that gets into trouble too. One that get’s really protective over me. I don’t know, it’s just something about that whole Dallas Winston persona that really gets me.”