i ain't finishing this shit

you have no idea how long i’ve been collecting sad and tragic poetry for this one episode 👀


 Welp it’s that time again. I’m open for commissions but this time it’s not as an emergency as it was last time.


  • Not strictly FE or ML tho I want those.
  • Please state your tumblr and/or twitter username on your email to reserve a spot.
  • Visual refs are a must. Seriously. If you can’t find a good ref of your character or anything, be as vividly descriptive as possible.
  • Weapons and other added accessories will increase the price
  • You don’t pay until I send the sketch by email and you approve it.
  • I’ll do chibis but that’ll be half the price offered and only full body ($15 is half of $30)
  • I will not draw nsfw, complex bgs, mecha, fetishes, and the like.
  • 5 slots will be available at a time and will be there at my main commissions page in my main blog. So keep a look out for that.
  • PayPal payment only (easiest way to pay).
  • You’ll recieve a high res, no watermark version when the commission is complete.

And that’s it. If you’re interested, contact me: tiuanarui@gmail.com

If you can’t pay then spread the word. Reblogs are much appreciated, and on twitter, RTs are appreciated as well.

Anymore questions, feel free to DM me.

Okay, thank you!


So, it’s finally 4/12 here so~

You know one of the worst things as an artist?

When you draw something for someone (gift art, art trade, commission, whatever) and you get little to no reaction.

Why -.-?