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So on one hand it’s a bit disappointing that they have to censor on PBS, because we won’t get to hear Tracie Thoms sing “light bulbs up the ass”, but on the other hand, “chess ain’t how your boyfriend thinks” is gold.

Courtship and Lies, Chapter 23: Metanoia
By Organization for Transformative Works

Mara and Quinn clear the air between them and commit to one another on their own terms. Everyone is adorable.

Shit you guys, this is it. The last chapter. An epilogue will come in the next few days, but the story? She is done. D: 

“Lord Quinn, given your remarkably good demeanor despite this annulment, I take it you’ve achieved that goal you’ve longed for as much as I’ve longed for Baras’s excision from Horuset.”

Vowrawn raised a brow stalk as Quinn slid the declaration of annulment across the table to Mara. The sharp-eyed councilor clearly noticed the glance that passed between them and the way their hands lingered together when she took the pen from him.

Quinn’s cheeks warmed and Mara chuckled as she completed her signature with a flourish.

“Upon my word, Lord Vowrawn,” she chided him, “Inviting yourself to my home and presuming to know our business? I’d expect such impertinence from Lady Nox, not you.”

Vowrawn inclined his head, smiling openly.

“If merely using my eyes is impertinence, Lady Thrask, I’m afraid I’m guilty as charged.”

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