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(Cobtext: this is pretty much my group and I’s first time playing, we’re at whisper base and we got in our second firefight.)
Our Engineer: I aim at the stormtrooper attacking our bothian scout
GM: That’s pretty far away are you sure
Engineer: yes *rolls**wins*
GM: you kill him *to me* your turn
Infiltrator 1 (me): I roll to shoot stormtrooper 3 feet away from me
GM: ok that’s an easy roll
GM: you miss
Me: What is life



“And in this perfect weather, it’s like we don’t remember the rain we thought would last forever and ever.”

So here is this week’s spread! I kept it pretty plain and simple and I guess I aimed for a vintage feeling? Not sure if i achieved that though but oh well~

I compulsively started a new fic in which Jeremy Heere is scared of girls and I haven’t had this much fun in months, so here’s a snippet for everybody while I’m happy.

Jenna pats his hand. “It’s because you’re cute. You have a distinct vibe. Like a hamster.”

“Like a what, now.”

“Like a prey animal,” she clarifies. “Totally easy kill for a girl who knows what she wants.” She pauses. “Or a boy.”

“Oh my god,” Jeremy wheezes.

“Michael was worried during physics class. He probably thought she’d eaten you up during sex like some grotesque praying mantis deal.” Jenna takes a bite of her corndog. “You should reassure him that your chastity and head are still intact.”

cathleenmcallister  asked:

Celine! your work is beautiful! I really love that interior for Phantom of the Opera. What was your process for that?

Sorry I got back to this question so late, I wanted to take my time to organize the process.

1.RESEARCH: I actually have tons of more images but these are my main references. I tried to grasp the design and the lighting here.

2. SUPER ROUGH SKETCH: Just to give me an idea of the design and the general placement of the furniture.

3. Rough Lighting: This is never a final but here I’m trying to find the right path to visualize the lighting+mood I had in mind.

4. Clean up sketch: Tighten the shapes and details so that I don’t lose them when I paint.

5. The all-mighty crit time: After a crit+suggestions I went through some major construction change to give the room more interesting shape.

6. Re-sketch: I added some other furniture thinking more about the eye-path and variety of size and shape.

7. Finishing~: Yup. Basically detailing and photobashing, really trying to aim for the mood I want for this environment!

So…this is pretty it hope I answered it well!

Yep, you read that right.  I’m having a party on my blog for my birthday (July 16th)! 🍾🎂🎉

Up for grabs are TWO ficlets.  That’s right, there will be two winners. :D  And it’s not hard to enter.  Seriously.  Reblogging isn’t even required (though it is appreciated).

How to Enter the Ficlet Raffle:

So I thought about how this would work.  Basically I want to celebrate with the people who follow me; who enjoy what I put out there into the tumblrverse and ao3.  I want to thank you all for being so awesome.  So here’s how it’s going to work.

  • You have to be following me.  No exceptions.  New followers are more than welcome to join in.  As long as you’re following me by 11:59pm CEST on July 16th you are eligible. :D
  • You have to comment on this post with something that you think will make me smile.  Because it’s for my birthday. :D That can be a simple “Happy Birthday!” (Guaranteed smile right there).  It could be a link to a picture of a goat or a cat (or a Yuuri or a Viktor or a whatever).  It could be a joke (dad jokes and puns are very appreciated on this blog).  It could be a compliment.  It could be a series of emojis.  It could be just about anything!  (Seriously, comments always make me smile.)
  • If you do want to reblog this, you get a SECOND entry. :D  Two tries to win!
  • And you have to do this by 11:59pm CEST on July 16th, 2017.  

What is the Prize?

A Ficlet.  By Me!  Written to a prompt of your choice. :D  I think you all know what I write by now. :)  Length will probably be somewhere between 1k to 3k words… because lets face it, I don’t know how to write something short.  I’m not guaranteeing length, but I will definitely aim for at least 1000 words.

I’m pretty open, but tend to write fairly vanilla when it comes to kinks, so keep that in mind.  Definitely no watersports of any kind… Doesn’t have to be explicit either, you know I tend to write fluffy and silly, but it can be if you want.

It doesn’t have to be related to any of the stories I’ve written, but if you want it to be, that’s all right.  I’m super easy.

There will be TWO winners because I’m ridiculous like that.  

Also you’re probably going to see this on my blog at least every other day up to the end of the raffle.

Winners will be selected at random using a number randomizer thingy on the 17th.  I’ll announce it here.  (You’ll have until the 19th to reply) if you don’t reply, you forfeit your AWESOME ficlet and I’ll draw another name.  Cool?  Cool.

**The AWESOMESAUCE banner graphic was made by none other than @io-edits-sassy  (Have I mentioned lately that he’s the best?  Cause he is totally the best)**

look, there’s a lot of things we’re hoping will happen in VLD. but my biggest hope is that all the characters’ ethnicities are explicitly stated at some point in the show. not only for me, but also for all the casual viewers - who are most likely the young kids this show is actually aimed towards lol. 

i mean it’s pretty obvious that lance and hunk are characters of color. we were blessed enough that they were drawn with undeniable brown skin. but their ethnicities aren’t common knowledge to people who don’t keep up with the VAs/show creators. there are kids out there who can relate to their skin color, but don’t know that lance is cuban or that hunk is samoan!!! that is just as important as being able to identify with a character because of skin color!

for example, as a latina myself one of the major reasons i live and die for lance is simply because he’s good latinx rep. just that in and of itself makes me insanely happy, because i can relate to him on some level. but being able to relate when it comes to ethnicity is just something else. i’m not cuban myself, both my parents are from guatemala. but my big “i can relate ethnically to this person” was when i heard that oscar isaac was a fellow guatemalteco i binge watched the entire star wars franchise just to go support him when the force awakens came out. knowing that we connected through ethnicity and not just race was so fulfilling!

there are cuban/samoan children who would love to know that lance and hunk could possibly share the same culture as them. like it’s everything to know about ethnicities. 

that’s why i for one can’t wait until lance says “i’m just a boy from cuba” unless it’s said in a negative context. imagine all the cuban kids with brown skin who are gonna be like: “he’s like me!!!”

also explicitly stating ethnicities would clear up any confusion on shiro’s behalf since so many people think he’s white. like the only reason i know he isn’t is because i have this blog and saw the fine print in that one screen cap that showed his full name was: takashi shirogane. ugh there are kids out there who are embarrassed about their all too ethnic names and this kind of rep is a blessing!!!! (at least i think so) i know i needed it when i was younger - and still do - so i really hope that this is taken into account and that lance/hunk/shiro can at one point or another actually verbally say something that links them with their ethnicities. 

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For the character ask thing, john Laurens.

(this is hard bc his character doesn’t get fully developed before he fuckin goes and dies so ahaah)

in common

- i will 100% kill you if you even get slightly near upsetting my friends

- 2 pints of Sam Adams but I’m workin’ on 3

- will fight you if you do som racist shit

not in common

(seriously what do i put here, he’s me i’m him)

- i’m probably not as brave as him?

- no freckles

- i may or may not have better aim than him imeanwhat

Werewolves and Vampires magazine-1962

Charlton comics published Horror Monsters and Mad Monsters mags in the early 60′s-and a few movie oriented one shots-including this one. The photo reproductions were shoddy,and it was aimed at pre- teens-but their pretty collectible now! I have about 6 of them.

ID #40799

Name: Mimi
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hey! I’m a female college student studying to become a speech-language pathologist. I’m disabled due to chronic illness, but I aim to live life to its fullest. I’m a pretty artsy person overall. I love music, painting, art history, visiting art museums, theater, musicals and more. Some of my more niche interests are vegetarianism/veganism(long time vegetarian), k-pop and k-dramas, anime and manga, psychology, language, and ASL.

Preferences: I would prefer to connect with someone between the ages of 19 and 23. I’m also Lgbtq+ friendly. I prefer talking to people who are open minded, positive, and share some of my interests. I can only speak English fluently, so I can only correspond with English speakers.

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Hello, what are your thoughts on the façade of The Broad museum in Los Angeles, CA? I don't know what they were aiming for but it's not a pretty sight.

You can read a condensed version of the project’s facade challenges on this Curbed article where it describes what happened to the facade design originally advertised as an “innovative veil” that will activate “two-way views that connect the museum and the street”. 

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