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Wait a second - if Star Wars is in the past (”Long time ago, far, far away, etc, etc”), and we’re in the present, and Star Trek is in the future… does this mean we could have one of the Star Trek crews running into the ruins of an old jedi or sith temple or something?! Like, not even necessarily saying that that’s what it is, just a bunch of vague “The inhabitants seemed to be some sort of spiritual order,” “But also training areas for battle,” “The decayed remains of some sort of crystal-based technology” comments, just enough to have everyone flipping their shit because hell yeah, dramatic irony, we know exactly what’s going on!

Or, oooo~ running into SW civilizations, but it’s WAAAAAAAY in the future for them compared to what we’ve previously seen, so stuff is REALLY different, who knows what the Jedi Order looks like now, if it’s even still called that, like holy shit, imagine THAT first contact encounter! Imagine how much world-building you could do with both universes! Or throw in time-travel - ST LOVES time travel, and SW loves weird jedi shit (and has a fandom that loves time travel) and just- (flapping arms and uncontrollable excitement). IT WOULD JUST BE SO COOL, OKAY?!? Dang, what if Earth turned out to be some lost colony from the SW area of the galaxy and everything we thought we knew about history before a certain point turned out to be wrong, every single cryptid and fantastical being in our mythos could be based off some real species that got warped and misremembered over thousands of years of retelling like some insane game of telephone-

She was something else, she always had been. She was the kind of star that you couldn’t see with the naked eye in the night sky. She was bold and quiet at the same time, she was unique and she was destined for greatness.
Nothing we did was common. She liked theatre, wine and finer things in life and I was a pleb who liked video games, computers and cheap beer.
I always knew that she would go on to be more than what this town could offer, but what I didn’t anticipate was just how quick and deep I would fall for her.
And god I knew. I always knew she was not the type to choose love. She aspired for great things and love just never was a priority, neither was I. She aimed for the stars and goddamnit I knew, I knew all about her ambitions.
I don’t resent her, not anymore anyway. She had her priorities and I had mine. She chose fame; while I was the type to choose love.
—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write #23 // a.b

tygermama  asked:

I see Padme trying to gently broach the topic of boundaries and instead of taking it badly, Anakin goes completely in the other direction, asking her about everything before he does it and cutting off his own crusts! and reading up on being a father to the point Padme wants to scream just at the sight of a parenting book because the biggest thing Anakin lacks is a sense of proportion? (Obi Wan is the one who has a hissy fit about just trying to show Satine he cares!)

Oh dear Lord, the idea of Obi-Wan having a hissy fit about anything, let alone it being because he’s like “FOR FORCE’S SAKE SATINE JUST LET ME HELP YOU TIE YOUR SHOES I NEED TO BE NEEDED OK” is killing me. 

I too feel like Anakin’s going to overdo it, quickly: he’s so drunk on his own power when he cuts his own crusts (!!!!) that he starts trying to do stuff he has no business attempting on his own until Padme has to get him to chill out, because Anakin is going to get himself or someone else killed. (”Anakin, you are not going to deliver our baby yourself. That’s final.”)

(Also Obi-Wan comes over and all of a sudden Anakin is like “how does a can opener work again? I don’t want to hurt myself, Obi-Wan, you do it for me”. Because we all know that Anakin is ultimately going to take being spoiled wherever he can get it and Obi-Wan is the easiest mark in the universe in this regard and also Obi-Wan is maybe going to have a nervous breakdown if he doesn’t get to feel needed again soon.)

i can’t believe it’s been a year and people still don’t understand the point of kylo ren’s character. he isn’t supposed to be this terrifying villain, maybe its just because people originally expected that from him and can’t let go of that idea but he isn’t supposed to be on par with darth vader. sure, he would love to be darth vader but since it’s kylo, the poor boy is going to fail. there is a good time spent in tfa explaining how much he looks up to and aspires to be darth vader but is not darth vader. if his character was supposed to be that way the movie wouldn’t need to make that point. rey would not have exposed that fear of his that he will never be vader. 

he’s a different kind villain in tfa, and I definitely don’t think he’s meant to be the villain of the trilogy. I can’t see him getting more scary in the next movies either, he was most frightening at the beginning of tfa and near the end he seemed most vulnerable and human. having him become a big scary villain after that doesn’t work. you aren’t going to achieve those sith dreams, i’m afraid to say kylo.


The Toki Project - Week 6 : March 19th- March 26th

Until April, I will try to draw as many different Tokiya pictures as I can, all with different outfits and themes. I take a bit of freedom with the weeks…I just try to upload them 4 at a time. That seems like a good deal, I think.

Here are the themes of the sixth week:

21 - Maji Love 1000%

22 - Mighty Aura

23 - Crystal Time

24 - Shining Live

I’ve been wondering what to do with Mighty Aura since before I started this series. In the end, it became something quite different from my initial idea. It’s based on my favourite screenshot from MLLS too.

You may not upload these pictures on other websites, alter, edit or claim them as your own in any way. If you like them, however, please consider reblogging these. It would mean a lot to me. The other weeks too…

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Revenge, Interrupted (Part 9)

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Caroline sat on the floor of her new room; back against the door, hands in her hair, clutching her head.


What on earth was wrong with her? She was ruining the plan. It was so incredibly simple: pretend to date, and have a messy pretend breakup to get back at their friends. Key word being pretend.

The butterflies and all were just a… biological response, nothing more. Seriously, wanting to kiss a hot guy who’s face was millimetres away from yours and who had amazing muscles and serious green eyes, was freaking natural.

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I ask Him...

Loki, Skytreader, what’s your favorite way to tread across the sky?

He answers, says He likes to leap from star to star

Walk a while among ancient flames, see their color

Feel the heat, thousands of degrees, and He relates to what they are

And when He leaves each fire, He says, He likes leaving trails of light

Bright footprints white, and hot

Unburnt, He loves to dance, high. Higher. Higher.

Through and between the endless voids He skips

Spreads brightness like a wildfire.

There’s some secret lesson hidden here for sure, I say to Him.

He says to fly and aim for fires, huge fires like stars and you burn,

And you learn

And next you follow His lead and take wing on the atmosphere

He says imagine yourself a phoenix, burn and then fly,

Embrace your own flames too they’re part of you, even as you die

But then wake again, tread the fire and fly, it’s what you’ve earned  ~