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the sequel to this ficlet i posted yesterday literally none one asked for. (I blame @sapphicsugden for mentioning wanting to see robert react to the voicemail. oops.)

home is wherever i’m with you 

robert gets a voicemail from aaron that has him running to leeds train station to reassure his husband of his love. 

1,669 words.

Robert got out of the shower, towelling his hair dry as he turned to look at himself in the mirror, sighing at dark circles that had found a permanent home there. If he’d ever assumed marriage would make his life, their lives easier, he’d been entirely wrong - even after therapy, even after marriage counselling, regardless of how hard they’d worked on their relationship, they could seem to shake the petty arguments and sniping that always seemed to put a strain on their relationship.

He couldn’t even remember what they’d been fighting about, really, but Aaron had left for meetings in London two days previously, and they hadn’t even been on speaking terms.

Robert had only heard about Aaron’s trip from Liv, the blonde as perspective as ever and knowing Robert would only worry if he didn’t hear from Aaron, but was too stubborn to call (and vice versa, he could only assume, or hope, either or either.)

Going through his usual post shower routine, Robert fished about their messy ensuite for his moisturiser. He’d gone for a shower in the middle of the afternoon in the hopes of relaxing the stiff, sore muscles of his body, easing the tension he’d been carrying for days.

It hadn’t worked, really, but at least he looked less terrible than he had done a half an hour previously as he padded into their bedroom, rooting for some fresh clothes to wear. He really needed to put on a load of washing, the hamper in their room overflowing.

Robert dressed quickly, in a neat blue shirt and navy trousers, pausing to sit on Aaron’s side of the bed as he laced up his shoes. He might as well be productive while he waited for Aaron to come home that evening, he supposed, stuffing his damp towel into the hamper before he headed downstairs, navigating the spiral staircase.

Robert couldn’t help but laugh as he noticed Liv’s overflowing washing basket plonked down by the washing machine. At least it was a step up from leaving her clothes all over her bedroom floor, he supposed.

Separating the colours was a blissfully monotonous task as Robert set about making piles of darks, whites, and colours, Aaron’s clothes overwhelmingly in the darks pile.

Some things would never change.

Washing on, Robert headed for the kitchen, flicking the kettle on before he picked up his mobile, surprised to see a new voicemail from Aaron. Holding it to his ear, Robert leaned against the kitchen counter as he listened.

“I know the last few weeks have been hard, but I want you to know that I love you, and no one makes me happy the way you do. I’m sitting on the train home, and I just… All I want is to be with you, right now, and for the rest of my life. Yeah? So whatever else is going on, we’ll sort it, because I love you, Robert.”

Robert’s heart was racing as he listened to the voicemail, the emotion clear in Aaron’s voice as he spoke. Sometimes, even now, three years on from their wedding day, Robert had moments where he wondered if Aaron would stay, if Aaron would always think that he was worth the hassle, worth the stress.

Robert didn’t always think he was worth the hassle, but here his husband was, telling him that he loved him, that all he wanted was to be with him, that he loved him, and Robert’s heart could have burst out of his chest.

“I’ll be home, soon. Pick me up in Leeds, yeah? We can go for dinner or something, I want to spend some time with ya.”

Robert pressed the palm of his hand into his eye, taking a few seconds to breathe deeply before he did anything else.

Aaron always did floor him.

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Everyone: oh my gosh! the new steven bomb!! Aquamarine!!

Me, still in season 1: oh for sure but how about lil lars and ronaldo im crying theyre so cute


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Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader | Selina Kyle x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None?

Prompts: to lazy to summarize, sorry!

Words: 821

Translator: Ahv = Father

Em = Mother

A/N: I just randomly got this idea?? so I’m just going with it.

You were abandoned at a young age, only 4 years old. You knew nothing about your family, only one thing, that your mother seemed to be raised in a Jewish household, where they only spoke Hebrew and little English. During your 4 years of living with her, you only knew Hebrew, just a little bit. The simple words like, father, mother, hello, goodbye, food, and help. So when the Selina Kyle found you she asked you multiple things, you not understanding anything.

After that raining afternoon in Gotham, you had a new mother. Selina Kyle couldn’t abandon you, you were just a little toddler with big (e/c) eyes, (h/l) (h/c) hair, and a smug look on your face that seemed to familiar. So, she took you home, raising you with help of Ivy and Harley, whom absolutely loved you. 

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Well well King Oikawa humans aren’t as durable as you thought after all, huh? Now your favourite toy is broken.

“How do you know you don’t like men if you haven’t sucked a dick or something?”

“How do you know you don’t like women if you haven’t slept with one??”

“How do you know you’re bi/pan if you’ve only slept with one person?”

“How do you know you’re ace if you’ve never been with someone?”

“What do you mean you’re not straight?? -some extremely dumb and trivial reasoning as to why said person can’t be anything but straight-”

// Okay, I know ciro gives a damn about tmnt 2003 but while nick? this rough, like didn´t 2003 even air on nicktoons once?

 if not surprising as it doesn´t fit there - child-friendly stuff. Like, they even stop given a darn about 2012 since season 4 in a way.

but…with IDW? like, aren´t the Marjory readers of IDW old 2003 tmnt fans? That what I see on Tumblr at last, a lot.

Like, I think it is funny how we get 80 crossovers on mass even though nearly nobody asked, but what the fans want - which would be a 2003 crossover they literary give a darn cause they do not like…but instead makes crossover with the series some fans are either to young or the other do not care.

I´m also they only who si worried with all these childish shorts, all these 80 crossovers, that tmnt 2018 is gonna be more like that? not to mention the description we got for it a while back…oh please no

if Ino was on the battlefield, she could have connected Naruto and Sasuke’s minds to Sakura’s, so Sakura could see, avoid, and attack Madara

If Shino was on the battlefield, he could have gotten Naruto or Sasuke to plant bugs on the invisible Madaras, allowing other combatants to find them based on the insects’ chakra

If Shikamaru was on the battlefield, he could have devised a long-range way of capturing Madara, thus circumnavigating hand-to-hand combat with invisible opponents

If Tenten was on the battlefield, this war would be over by now

do you see where i am going here

kishi made great teams

now use them

teacherxteacher phan headcanons bc :-)))))))
  • whenever it’s their break, they love eating together at each other’s classrooms. but mostly make-out sessions ensues.
  • they’re not out to any one in the school so they really had to lowkey act like a couple.
  • following the former bullet, phil gets very jealous whenever a coworker flirts with dan. and dan gets very jealous whenever a student comes up to phil. really, both nerds are so possessive.
  • they live together. so on some nights when dan/phil passes out on doing paper work, the other person tries to finish it up for them. this is one of the few reasons where students sometimes see weird scribbles on their paper and when they come to confront dan about it, dan just splutters and claims he was drowsy while checking.
  • phil loves cooking their lunches. they have the same lunches and whenever people ask how did that happen they just say they buy it from the same place.
  • dan/phil loves intervening each other’s lessons to rile them up. this makes the students go wild every time the door opens in hopes that the one who decided to intervene distaract their teacher at the moment.
  • the students also love the idea of them being in a relationship.
  • dan loves hearing phil nerd about his current biology lesson and phil loves hearing dan act out literature pieces. both minds think that the other person is literally the most beautiful on that moment.
  • on the first day of school, right after summer, dan/phil enters the classroom and the students see a ring on their teacher’s finger and dan/phil just laughs and says “I got married last week” and writes “Mr. Howell-Lester” on the board.

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Girl Like Her

This was Requested!!!!!!

‘Like That” By Jack & Jack

I ain’t never met a girl like you,

And you’ll never find a man like me.

     From the moment Peter met Y/N, he knew she was truly an original. Though he hasn’t met many girls, he knows that he’ll never find one like her, no matter how hard he works his Pan charm.

Though Peter worshipped the ground she walked on, he was still as arrogant and cocky as ever. He knew he was charming, goodlooking, and don’t forget heartthrobbing. He knew Y/N knew this too. Though she’d never admit it out loud, Y/N would agree he was quite the sight.

Peter caught her staring once, and he winked and whispered,”I know, I’m quite distracting, aren’t I?”. She had scoffed and rolled her eyes, playing it off cool. Y/N muttered,”Please, a girl like me wouldn’t go for someone like you.” He smirked while asking,”And why not?” She laughed and said,”Because, originals don’t go after copies, exactly what you heartbreaking players are,” Y/N paused to smile,”besides, you’ll never meet another girl like me.”

Peter’s smirk stayed put. “And you’ll never find a man like me.”

Walking out the door, with you on my arm

You can hit me on my phone anytime you want.

     Though she rolled her eyes, and scoffed at Peter’s corny pick-up lines, she always found herself right back where she started; hopelessly in love with Peter. Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore and accepted one of his many attempts at making her his.

Peter felt like the luckiest man in the world. Whenever he walked around with Y/N, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, he didn’t pay attention to the Lost Boys stares, nor did he care for their glares.  Walking out with a girl like Y/N just screamed how lucky he was, he made sure Y/N knew he loved her.

Peter didn’t care what time it was, or what she needed, she needed something, he’d do it. Anything she needed she could hit him up on it. Peter made sure she felt like the queen she was born to be.

Got me going mad, when you dress like that

Girl, it’s a trap when you act like that

I ain’t even mad when you dress like that.

     Peter absolutely loved it when she wore his clothes. His clothes that where always too big for her to fit. He loved that she smelt like him. Y/N loved wearing peter’s clothes too, not only were they comfy, but she could always be reminded of him through out the day.

Peter was almost sure he’d snap and break his whole ‘I’m-Peter-Pan-and-I’m-a-tough-cold-hearted-guy’ act whenever Y/N wore his clothes. He was seen by his boys as a ruthless stone heart leader, for them to see him all lovey dovy and mushy gushy, that would burn his reputation (not to mention his ego).

But even when Peter does slip up, and the boy get to tease him about going soft. He can’t ever look at Y/N with anger, he’s not even mad. One look at her and he forgets what he was ever even mad about, all he knew was that he was madly in love with the beautiful girl before him.

Doing your thing, got me insane.

     Peter was sure of it, he was in love with Y/N. He was so in love with her, it made him overprotective. Whenever the other boys would stare at her, he couldn’t help but want to yell at them, but he couldn’t blame them.

The poor girl didn’t even realize what she was doing while she did her thing, it made Peter go insane because of all the cat-calls Y/N got, or all the sly flirty comments. It made him a very jealous Peter.

Everything usually ended with Peter yelling at them to stop staring at his girl or he’ll throw them to the mermaids, but that was on a good day. On bad days, Peter didn’t even give them a chance before he had them by the collar and up against the ground or a tree, threading that the next time they said a thing, he’d really kill them this time. He wasn’t joking either, but no one had ever gone far enough to test his theories.

But it’s funny, ‘cause I’m the one screaming for you, baby

I been messin’ around with too many girls, I need a lady.

     Peter was known to be a player. A heartbreaker. Everyone thought Peter would get what he wanted, and then leave. But Y/N was different. She had Peter on his knees, begging her to be his. Peter would give up Neverland for her if he had too.

Peter flirted with basically any girl, and it was apparent he was tired of it, sick of it even. Peter knew he needed someone real. Someone worthy of a good challege. He needed someone who had fire.

And when he found Y/N, he knew he found his lady.

It’s crazy, how people get lust and love missed up.

I’m beginning to daydream,

Of what we could be and the things we could do if you give me your time.

But tonight, all that’s on my mind,

Is getting to know you and making you mine.

     Before Peter knew Y/N, he had made the same mistake many had made. The act of getting lust and love mixed up. Once he fell in love with Y/N, and had to work for her, he wondered how people really did get lust and love mixed up.

He wondered a lot about this whole new world of love, like he always daydreamed about Y/N. Peter always wondered what they could be if she gave him enough time to properly speak without making himself look foolish, though this was before he and her were a “thing”.

From the time you stepped foot onto the island, Peter had one goal, one thought on his mind. It was to make you his.

It worked didnt it?

This was really fun writing!!!! Thank you for sending in your request!!!!!! I do really any request, not just song preferences, so don’t be shy!!! I ahve a free weekend, so any requests or ideas?

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