i agreeeeeee

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I love how many tags on Isak/Even gifsets this season have been "I can't believe they're that couple who [...]" haha. I think we can safely say that they're That Couple, full stop. Whatever ridiculous and cheesy couple-y thing you're thinking about, Isak and Even are That Couple.

god, this is so true. their friends are in their own relationships and still ragging on them for being That Couple. 

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I dunno why but I'm so shocked with how confident and extra Tarjei is 😂 I think it's cause we don't actually know too much about him and maybe cause he doesn't like social media and he comes across a bit shy and awkward that seeing his true self is just one big massive surprise which I'm so happy about 😂 him and Henrik are just so relaxed and comfortable with each other it's just amazing 😂😆

I agreeeeeee!!!! this was so nice to see!! Them interacting!!!


Send me “Conserve water!” and my character will react to yours jumping in the shower with them. (Though personally, given the MH series’ overall nature, I’m thinking a simple bath would be more likely.)

Err…I guess that’s not a bad idea. We need the ocean to catch fish and all. Then again, some of the creatures in these oceans can be problematic to the food supply, and to people’s safety.“ the dark-skinned huntress replied, a bit surprised, as the other female climbed into the tub she was bathing in.

"Yeah true. And it takes a lot to keep all this water warm as well. So overall we’re doing our part to help.” The girl giggled as she slid into the water. She seemed to have zero issues sharing the tub. “Go on any big hunts lately?”