i agree with you benedict


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the clean cut too beautiful for human eye man in TSoT OR the swaggering yet high off his tits guy in TLD.   

I deliberately decided not to choose here. I wanted to make both, I love both, I love that both are the same man. I love that he looks good in both ways. I wanted to juxtapose both Benedict’s characterizations, and appreciate how different he can look and still being the Sherlock we know and love. 💕

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hey this is a genuine curiosity thing, though on the whole i agree with you - what's so bad about benedict cumberbatch getting cast as dr. strange? like i'm not crazy about the idea but i can't pinpoint any specific reasons that it's bad... is there something i'm missing?

well, i know a lot of people, myself included, were really hoping for a poc doctor strange (i know oded fehr and pedro pascal were both popular choices amongst fans)

and a lot of people (once again, myself included) were hoping to see marvel not recycle the same old movie schema they’ve had since the dawn of the mcu. wow, angsty white guy with powers must once again save the world and get the girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, really, marvel??

in my gut i really feel like marvel are casting him because he’s “”“the big thing”“” at the moment. and the sad thing is, i seriously think marvel believes they’re giving the fans what the fans want. “hey, that benedict cumberbatch guy is popular right??? let’s cast him as doctor strange!!!! people love him!!!!” where as if they opened their eyes and ears, they’d realise that what we really want is more diversity and representation in movies, not the same old story rehashed again and again. it’s quite frankly getting boring