i agree with the above statement


Okay, so I agree with the statement above. Why?

Because :

1 : Harry was all wet in the teaser (Baptism)
2 : Did yall see that he has changed all of his social media layouts to white. Like complete white? (Purification)
3 : Idk what the tattoo means but its mysterious soo?? (see no. 5)
4 : He literally, like literally walks into the blinding light that shines from a door that he opens. (uhh yall know right? triangle shit?)
5 : P.S that the tattoo might mean REBORN like it is ‘R’ right?
6 : idk i’ve explained loads, does it ring a bell?

I’m having so much trouble understand how people can be such hypocrites and just go on living. Like this Kellog vs. Breitbart thing.

Breitbart: Corporations should be able to so whatever they want! You can’t tell them what to do! Stop bullying the poor corporations just because they did a thing you didn’t like!

Kellog: We’re pulling our ads from your site.

Breitbart: #DumpKellog!!!!

Like I get that some people just have a greater agenda and see that they’re being hypocritical and don’t care, but there are so many average people who will agree with both Breitbart statements from above, and like, does that not bother you? Doesn’t it hurt a little bit? 

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Stanley wanting to get cuddly with Lefou so he invites him to sit on his lap but Lefou thinks he's too heavy for that and Stanley has absolutely None of it and just pulls Lefou into his lap and wraps his arms around him and nuzzles into his neck and Lefou is just,, so flustered


I agree with the above statement and I now consider it law

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I just realized, mulderswaterbed act like 55-year-old spinster who cannot stand it that others can have fun on Tumblr. She STILL cannot stand it that we are speculating about Gillian being in LA at David's concert and calls us snoggers. I wish somebody would explain to this person what she is doing and what fun really means because what she is doing right now is so wrong (calling others idiots) and so pathetic too! What is her f*cking problem?

I think she takes herself too seriously, and she thinks she is above us all, just because Gillian tweeted about her videos or something like that. You can’t explain her anything because she won’t listen, she goes with her statements against everything that Gillian has been saying all this past months about feminism and kindness, and this makes me really sad. 

I agree with everything you said, but really, do yourself a favor and unfollow her, and never read her posts, because it’s not worth it. My dash is soooo peaceful since I don’t follow any of these blogs from the other side. Tumblr is for fun, and we can speculate about whatever we want to, nobody gets to say who is an idiot and who is not, because at this point they are speculating too about a lot of things. I’d rather be an idiot and a snogger (although I’m not), than a hater and a bully sending anonymous hate to gillovny blogs. Because that’s what she and her friends are doing lately. I think that’s the fun part for her. And one thing I don’t understand either, why the fuck do they read gillovny blogs if they hate us so much????

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Jesminder needs to get her priorities in check 😂

*insert awesome gif that agrees above statement*

I’m on my phone and apparently I can’t post gifs? Awkward.

But yes, she definitely does! I agree entirely.

man, I really hate all these darkfriends. like, they’re so annoying and ruin everything all the time. always so secretive and deceptive about everything. they can never be straightforward with their intentions. don’t forget the fact that they’re evil and stupid. we should just find and kill all of them.

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Zhu Li, Varrick and Abuse: a meta.

Because it is relevant today.

Since becoming a canon ship, Zhurrick has been surrounded by the debate around whether or not they constitute an abusive relationship and whether or not they deserve some support.  The abuse camp has some arguments that merit a solid rebuttal,  or in other words, I agree many of the actions could be red as abusive but not necessarily in the context of their relationship. If you’re interested, read on.

1. Varrick orders Zhu Li around and demands crazy things of her and when she doesn’t do them quickly or correctly he is unkind.

The above statement is true but so are the following: Zhu Li is his assistant in all of the above scenarios and Varrick is like this with just about everyone. 

Varrick is not a particularly kind man.  He is cunning and selfish and manipulative and charming and rude all at the same time.  He does not target Zhu Li with this behavior specifically do belittle or demean her as his victim (which is how most abusers operate).  The majority of abusers make their victims seem crazy by never exhibiting this behavior with other people and rarely ever in front of others.  This is how he operates with most people, and with Zhu Li in front of others, particularly early on in the series when we meet him.

These actions also happen in the context of her being his employee.  She is his assistant, his right hand and much of this is in her job description.  Most people get treatment of some sort like this from their boss.  Due to power dynamics in a working relationships, all bosses can monopolize and manipulate their employees.  Which brings me to the next point. 

2. Varrick is Zhu Li’s boss which creates an unfair power dynamic and leaves Zhu Li in a dangerous position.

Agreed, if Varrick was still Zhu Li’s boss when they became romantically involved, which he was not. To quote Zhu Li in Kuvira’s gambit:

Zhu Li [Grabs Varrick by the shoulder and turns him around to face her.] No! I am not your assistant anymore. [Points at Varrick, who bends backward.] If you want me around, you need to start treating me like an equal!

This is aft Zhu Li has explained why she betrayed Varrick and was having him carted off to a prison camp and apologized (which you do have to do if you nearly sent to a prison camp, no matter what they’ve done before). Varrick tries to fall back into old patterns and place her back in the “safe” zone of assistant where he knows how to deal with her.m. She won’t let him.

Zhu Li takes Varrick by the shoulder, whips him around and demands to be recognized.  She gets right in his face and tells him under no uncertain terms that she is not his assistant and if he wants her in his life at all, he will be treating her differently. After this confrontation, never again do we see Varrick order Zhu Li around or demean her in any way.  Instead, as the scenes unfold, we see him talking to her as an equal. 

3. During the whole train incident Varrick tells Zhu Li to lose weight while saving her and then tells her the only reason he risked his life was so that he didn’t have to clean up, which are more examples of his abuse.

For one the lose weight gag while pulling someone to safety is an old and tired joke that has been going on for ages.  It is not uncommon or unheard of.  My favorite bit of this exchange is Zhu Li’s confident rejoinder of:

I don’t think so sir.  You’re just weak.

You want me to believe that this is the response of an abused woman when her abusive partner says something demeaning while quite literally holding her life in his hands?  If Zhu Li felt the least bit unsafe, why would “you’re just weak” be her comeback?  That would be highly dangerous when you are only being held onto by this person’s hands and if they let go you would likely fall to your death. 

I personally interpreted this as a way for Varrick to try to explain why it was taking him so long to pull her in and try and lighten the mood (poorly) but we’ve been over Varrick being a less than stellar human being haven’t we?  Yes.

Once he has her on board, and she is laying on top of him, Varrick lifts both of his hands to cradle her face as if she is very precious to him.  Zhu Li and the audience both believe there is about to be a declaration of love, particularly when Varrick starts with “Of course I did…” He then finishes by ruining the moment and tilting Zhu Li’s head to the room and tells her he needs her to clean up.

This brings me to another of Varrick’s personality traits; he’s a coward.  I love Varrick, but he is constantly paying people to do his dirty work and weakling his way out of trouble.  He is not a fan of confrontation when he is the one who is vulnerable, which is rare because he works so hard to have the upper hand.  Sneaking out of the South Pole inside a platypus bear to avoid Unalaq, paying people to commit terrorist acts to start a war, setting up Mako to be arrested, making his own jail cell when he built the prison just in case he ended up there and finally escaping and fleeing the country to avoid trial are all excellent examples. 

With Zhu Lu, however, after saving her and again in the scene in Kuvira’s Gambit where Zhu Li apologizes, Varrick is vulnerable. He covers it by falling back into their assistant/boss relationship.  He doesn’t have feelings! He’s her boss!  He can’t be in love with her.  He doesn’t actually care.  He just needs her to do shit.  Which really, goes back to point two, where Varrick would likely to not have been comfortable with dating Zhu Li as his assistant. 

4. Upon losing Zhu Li, Varrick attempts/threatens suicide which can be a sign of abusive relationships. 

This was again not Varrick’s best moment.  We have gone over that he is an ass and if that does not fly with you, fine, but still, IMO, not abuse.

For one, most abusers, (and ones I have known personally) this threat is logged in full view/hearing of the person trying to leave.  It is an attempt to guilt the person into not standing strong against the abuse.  Varrick’s suicide by bomb is not attempted in this context. 

Zhu Li is already gone.  She has already sided with Kuvira and had Varrick shipped off to create a weapon of mass destruction and then be placed in a prison camp as a traitor.  There is no happy ending when you create a death ray and then are arrested for being a traitor.  It is a recipe for torture and death. No matter how much of an ass Varrick has been, he doesn’t deserve that. 

And, Varrick being a coward, wants out.  He wants to destroy his invention and avoid being tortured and death on his terms seems like a great idea. Add to that the one person he trusted just sent him to a life of slavery, torture and death at the hands of despots, I could see why he wants her to be sorry. It’s not like she simply quit.  If Varrick didn’t escape, that was his future.  I am a believer that Zhu Li had confidence that Varrick would escape, but that’s another story.

In short, Iknik Varrick Blackstone is a man with many flaws, but he and Zhu Li Moon are not in an abusive romantic relationship.  By the time they are romantically involved, Zhu Li has demanded respect and equality and Varrick gives it to her.  You can certainly not like the pair, particularly because there is no great defense for Varrick’s bad traits, but abuse is a bit of a stretch.

If you think I missed an argument or if you would like to continue the discussion, fee free to message me! 

10. The End Run: Escapism.

Of course, racism is terrible, but what about sexism? Or classism or heterosexism?” or “Racism is a result of classism (or any other oppression), so if we just work on that, racism will end, too.”

I agree with Audre Lorde’s statement, “There is no hierarchy of oppression.” I would not establish a rank order for oppressions. At the same time, we cannot attempt to evade recognition and responsibility for any form of oppression.

Statements like the ones above divert attention from racial injustice to focus on some other form of oppression. They are usually said by whites (women, working class people, lesbians, gay men or others) who experience both white privilege and oppression in some form.

Whites are more willing and more comfortable decrying their oppression than scrutinizing their privilege.

Oppressions are so inextricably linked that if whites allow their fear, guilt and denial to constantly divert them from confronting racism, even while we work to dismantle other forms, no oppression will ever be dismantled.