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cupids || jeff atkins

prompt: based off my post

warnings: fluff :)

a/n: this is for my man jeff who i love and appreciate !! also first 13 reasons why imagine !! feedback is appreciated and requests are always open

You and Jeff walked into the gymnasium, your arms interlocked at the elbow. You had worn your favorite dress, which complimented your body perfectly. The moment you stepped out your house door, Jeff was swooning. Your cheeks had turned a bright shade of red. “You look beautiful Y/N.” Jeff said before giving you a kiss on your lips. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” You replied. You weren’t lying, the man looked heavenly in suits.

But as you entered, you saw white snowflakes along the walls and blue lights illuminated the gym. You headed over to the table with food, grabbing a light snack. You looked around the crowded gym for Jeff, spotting him sitting on bleachers, next to Clay Jensen. You walked over and sat on the other side of Clay. “And what are you boys talking about now?” You ask, taking a bite of your snack.

“Um, nothing Y/N. Jeff is just meddling with my love life.” Clay replied, looking across the gym. A small smile had appeared on his face, and you followed his view only to see, Hannah Baker. “Go talk to her. Ask her to dance.” You speak up, looking at Clay with a grin on your face. “You know I can’t dance.” He shot back, leading to Jeff letting out a laugh. “Nobody here could dance.” He claimed, and the three of you looked around, laughing and agreeing with your boyfriend’s statement.

“C'mon Jenson. We made a deal, if i got a C or above, you would come to the dance. Now go and talk to her.” Jeff spoke, Clay sighing then standing up, mumbling a rushed ‘Fine.’ You and Jeff watch as Clay and Hannah walk up to each other. You see Hannah speak and a smile appears on her face, then the two start to dance, if you could call it dancing. You and Jeff high five each other, big grins on each other faces.

“I totally ship them.” You spoke. “Our meddling has totally worked.” Jeff replied and you nodded your head in agreement. The two of you intertwine your fingers, leaning into a passionate kiss. Jeff cups your face in his hands as you both pull away. “I love you Y/N Y/L/N.” Jeff said in admiration. “And I love you Jeff Atkins.” You stand up, stepping off the bleachers and reaching out your head. “Now c'mon Atkins, dance with me.” You smirk, Jeff stands up and takes your hand in his.

The two of you walk and start to dance but making sure the both of you could keep an eye on Hannah and Clay. “Look Atkins, we’re cupids now.“ You said motioning Jeff to the view of Hannah and Clay kissing. Jeff brings you into a hug and kisses your forehead. “You’re my sweetheart Y/LN. I love you.” Jeff speaks and you feel yourself blush. “What did I do to be blessed by Jeff Atkins?” You ask before the two of you continue to spend the rest of the night in the company of each other.

oh my i hope you like this because i didnt know how to end it also this isnt edited sorry if it sucks ://

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hi! i really liked your meta on the recent chapter and i wanted to know your opinion on why levi chose armin instead of erwin? im not trying to start drama but i just keep thinking about what flock said on chapter 90 and i dont know how i feel about it still. what are your thoughts on the subject??

Ahh. I understand, anon. I’ve given my thoughts on this before but, not since the original spoilers came out. After rereading the entire arc, I definitely have a few things to add. So, get comfy because this answer will be a really long one, and also best read on a computer because this will contain a lot of images.


This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Let me start this out by saying that I’m positive a lot of people will not agree or even like my opinion on this but, I will be completely honest in my statements on the matter. 

Flocke’s little speech made a lot of sense to me. Especially when it comes to Erwin but, it also pissed me off for a couple of reasons, and no, not because of his tone. It’s because of his ignorance. However, I am fully aware that I, as a reader of the story, get a first hand view of everything that happens. Flocke is a new recruit who was, up until recently, completely unaware of a lot that has gone on with the Survey Corps. 

Regardless though, he still slightly pissed me off and you asked so therefor, I will answer lol. The first thing I want to touch on is how he complains about being a coward who didn’t understand the dangers of the role he was playing in the Wall Maria reclaiming mission because people weren’t honest with him. 


For seventy years it has been no secret that at least 60% of all Survey Corps soldiers die on missions. Erwin point blank stated this when the 104th took to their ranks during his little joining speech. The dangers of fighting titans wasn’t something anyone tried to hide or keep tucked away in the hopes that soldiers would ignorantly join their ranks, and I doubt VERY highly that the dangers of the BIGGEST MISSION THE SURVEY CORPS HAD EVER PLANNED TO ATTEMPT was some massive smoke screen.

This dude knew his chances of survival were slim, and he also knew that his chances of having to sacrifice his life was very, very high. Especially since he originally refused to join to SC in the first place! Truthfully, this part right here just read off as someone who joined their ranks in the hopes of gaining some glory to me, and that made me salty. 

I did agree highly with his last question though. They all have every right to know how much their sacrifice is worth. I had this feeling deep in my gut the first time I saw the female titan arc. No one knew the dangers they were actually being put in, save for the veteran soldiers in the legion. Granted, it’s entirely understandable as to why but, at the same time, hundreds were lost without knowing why. That was a sad, and unfair thought, and a move I didn’t entirely agree with. So, I can understand Flocke’s viewpoint here. However, as I stated above, IT WAS NO SECRET PEOPLE DIED ON MISSIONS. 

Which leads me to the second and final reason his speech pissed me off:

That statement right there made me want to strangle this dude because he just outright undermined Levi to a severe degree. Not just Levi but, his bond with Erwin as well. As if Erwin wasn’t important to Levi too. Like Levi didn’t threaten to break this mans legs to try and keep him alive. Plus, he undermined how hard it was for Levi to ultimately make the choice he made. He shat on all of that in one sentence, and to make it worse, he called the choice an irrational one when he point blank states just one panel above this that he doesn’t know Armin well at all. 


Ugh, anywayssssss, let me lower my salt intake here and get to the point. 

I understand why people would question Armin’s survival over Erwin’s. I get it. Erwin was The Fucking MAN™ . He got shit done. Changed things in the walls for the better. He was the man with a plan and someone who sacrificed everything he had to learn the truth of the world. This leads me to why I think Levi ended up ultimately choosing Armin. 

Let me start off with this panel here and then work my way up.

Some of Kenny’s parting words to Levi. These words played a massive factor in Levi’s final decision. 

Erwin’s main goal, his dream, was to learn the truth of the world. He wanted to know what was beyond the walls and where the titans came from, and he wanted to learn all of this for the sake of his father. His goal was a worthy one and I am sad that he did not get to see it through but, his dream would have ended in Shiganshina one way or another. Whether he died, or whether he saw the basement; that was as far as his dream reached as far as Levi was aware at the time. [

Then we have Armin. 

Armin’s dreams would start outside of the walls. They stretched far beyond one end goal and one thing to fight for, and his dreams were ones he wanted to share with close friends. Much like how Levi had a dream he wished to share with his close friends back in the day too. Armin wanted to see the world. To explore and learn everything their was to know about life and land outside of their walled prison. This was Armin’s reason for becoming a Scout. 

So here we have two different people with different goals. Both of which Levi cares about and doesn’t want to see die. Both could help humanity. Both were brilliant and extremely intelligent. So, why Armin and not the seasoned commander?

Levi’s last words to Erwin are for him to let that dream go and to trust him to carry it out instead. I’m sure that Erwin was full aware that Levi had every intention of saving him if it was at all possible but, even knowing the risk towards his own life; Erwin accepted Levi’s order’s full on and with a relieved smile. Thankful to not have to burden himself under the guilt of wanting to abandon his post as Commander simply to learn the truth. For no longer having the chance to consider betraying all of those that were lost for a selfish goal. 

In the end, Erwin was absolutely selfless. and rid of the desire plaguing his heart. He was at peace with the position he was in and chose to ride with his men into the fray. All because Levi took the burden of their lives onto his own shoulders - something he never does - and because he trusted Levi to succeed. 

So, after this is said and done, we are left with Levi having to make a choice and duking it out with Eren and Mikasa on a rooftop for who will get the serum. Levi seems entirely hell bent on saving Erwin but, I believe what shook his firm resolve was this moment right here:

Ironic that Flocke is so quick to shit talk Levi’s choice when his comment right here is most likely one of the reasons Levi ended up choosing Armin.

Levi’s expression says a million different things in this one panel. The idea of reviving Erwin as a titan, to still lead and sacrifice people for a goal that Levi isn’t even sure exists at all breaks his determination. As far as he could see, Erwin just wanted to learn the truth. What Erwin would do after that was a mystery, even to Erwin himself. So, would it have been fair, after choosing to take his burden from him, to bring him back into the hell they scrounged in? All so he could continue to live as a “demon” even after achieving what he set out to accomplish? 

Levi still seemed to think so to some degree. Though, his intensity on the subject wanes just a bit after Flocke’s comment here, and a lot more after what Eren had to say:

Eren speaks of the dreams Armin lives and fights for. The very same dreams Levi had overheard the young boy ranting and glowing about the night before. Armin had something left to fight for, Eren was sure of it. Levi was too because he saw it for himself. 

Would Erwin have something left to live and fight for once he cleared his goal? Once he saw what was inside that basement and finally learned the truth? 

Would he have something to be drunk on to keep him going?

Would he make Erwin remain a slave to his inner demons in the hopes that he could continue on torturing himself?

The answer was no. In the end, Levi chose to let Erwin have his peace. Just like Kenny chose to finally lay down his desires and trust them to Levi for the sake of peace with a smile, Erwin did exactly the same and thanked Levi for doing so. Instead of betraying that trust, and possibly breaking his friend in the process; Levi let the “Demon Commander” rest, and gave the boy with so many dreams left to live and fight for a chance at making his dreams a reality. Levi made his choice out of care, experience, and what knowledge he had. Just like he always does. At least that is my opinion on that matter. 

Thank you for the ask, anon. I hope this answer is satisfactory for you. I apologize for the length and the lack of a Read More but, for whatever reason, that feature isn’t working on my laptop right now TT_TT

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Nessian prompt: nesta finding out she's pregnant

Nesta knew.
After spending so long with Death surging under her flesh, coursing​ its way through her very being, she knew there was a different presence. A life forming.
A life that would make itself up from pieces of her…and pieces of him.
She stood in their bedroom, staring at her reflection in the mirror, unsure of what to feel.
A heavy yoke of responsibility and uncertainty weighed on her- uncertainty about how she would be… Throughout pregnancy, childbirth, then raising and teaching everything she knew to someone who would depend on her. She loved children, but never knew what mothers were supposed to be like. Proper, loving, non-withholding mothers, that is.
Not for a moment did she doubt Cassian, the most loving and honorable man she would ever meet. Her mate. The love of her life and the next. He would radiate with uncontainable joy.
“Cassian…” she thought as she ran the blade of her index finger across her abdomen. There could be no better partner for her to share all the experiences that life had to offer.
The thought of Cassian as a father- the father of their child- replaced her anxiety with a feeling of absolute pride.
Hard-working, loyal, kind, generous…the traits she hoped would be passed on to their child.
As she was trying to invision their child, with his dark hair and hazel eyes, a loud crash ripped her back to reality.


Standing in the doorway, hair soaked from sweat or rain, was Cassian.
His nostrils flaring, those unreadable eyes, and his stance…like he was ready to walk in front of a thousand firey arrows for her…Nesta could tell what that meant.
He knew.
Perhaps in the moment that she realized, and accepted it, her scent of Death was replaced by that of the life growing inside her.
Tears running down his cheeks profusely, he closed the space between them. With his mud-caked hands, he delicately dragged his fingertips across her abdomen.
“Tell me…” His voice was guttural and filled with such emotion, his breathing uneven and heavy. “Tell me it’s true.”
Nesta looked into his eyes and cradled his unshaven cheeks with her small hands. In a clear voice, she announced: “It is.”
Squeezing his eyes shut, he wrapped his arms around her, and began to sob. His entire body shook.
“I love you, I love you, I love you…” he repeated as he kissed the top of her head.
“I love you too,” she responded and buried her face in his chest. For what could’ve been hours, they stood like this. Barely saying any indecipherable words, holding each other. All their armor was torn off.
“Are you…happy?” Cassian whispered into her hair. He knew the answer, could feel it in his bones. He needed to hear the words aloud.
“I am,” she began. “I am happy. I’m happy that my children will grow up taken care of, knowing that they’re loved and have worth.” Cassian’s arms tightened their embrace and he began to rub her back in small circles with his thumb.
“But?” He pressed, knowing she left her thought unfinished.
“But I’m worried,” she admitted.
“About what, exactly?”
“What if I screw this up? I don’t want to make the same mistakes that-” She paused.
That her parents made.
“Nesta, love,” he began. “Mistakes are as unavoidable as life itself.” He released her from his embrace so that he could look her in the eyes before continuing.
Moving errant curls from her face, twirling one between his fingers, he continued, “There’s a life growing inside of you at this very moment. That, we know, wasn’t a mistake. It was created by two people who are dedicated to each other, who love each other. How many people can say that they were wanted from the very beginning?”
Not him. Not her.
“If this child is anything like me, they’ll see you for the tenacious and fiercely loving force of nature you are,” he assured her. “We have 8 months, give or take, to prepare ourselves to welcome this child- our child- to the world. Everything will be okay, sweetheart,” he kissed her forehead endearingly.
“Promise me…”
“I will never, ever leave you. Either of you”
Nesta looked into Cassian’s burning hazel eyes, then grabbed his hand and repeated, “I will never, ever leave you. Either of you.”
“Forever.” Not a question, but a statement.
“Forever,” she agreed. Knowing what their promises meant, she prepared herself for the consequences.
A tingling sensation above their ribs, and they both knew that their promises were now to be worn on their skin as a reminder.


Today was the beginning of the best chapter in their entwined eternities.
Soon, their two would become three.

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Could you please write your essay on the zutara, kataang and maiko analysis? I would like to hear what you have to say...

Yes! Okay so I recently reblogged this post about Yin and Yang and how Zutara does not represent it, but Mai/ko and Kat/aang do. As I said in my tags, as a zutara shipper I do have a lot of thoughts on the interpretations of these three ships written in this post. 

The interesting thing about this anti zutara analysis and the reason I reblogged it is that I almost completely agree with everything said about zutara.  

In the original post, OP goes on describe the two most popular ways that people associate yin and yang with zutara and refute them:

I have seen two flavors of the yin and yang argument for Zutara. The first is the somewhat grounded point that Katara is a female waterbender and represents yin, while Zuko a male firebender and represents yang. The second is the completely clueless assertion that Zuko is “dark” and therefore yin and Katara “light.” therefore yang.

I could not agree more. So many anti zutara shippers (and even a lot of casual zutara shippers) like to picture zutara as the good girl/bad boy ship and I really hate that because the ship is so much more complex than that. Katara is not a goody two shoes pure angel, and Zuko is not an evil badboy who needs Katara to redeem him. 

The first of these arguments, of female, water-associated, yin Katara and male, fire-associated, yang Zuko is true as it goes according to the traditional concepts of yin-yang, but it’s incomplete, outdated, and even dehumanizing in my opinion. It’s basically saying two people are right for each other based on what they are, characteristics that were inborn or cannot be changed, instead of who they are, their personality and individuality. Their actual personalities tell a very different story, as I will discuss below…

…Also frankly, the parts about masculine yang and feminine yin are the products of heavily sexist societies from two millennia ago. They reflect archaic gender roles where men are expected to be aggressive and assertive and women to be submissive and supportive….

…That’s why I don’t like the “female waterbender and male firebender are yin and yang = instant romance!” formulation. It’s sexist and heteronormative, and literalizes what were meant to be symbolic representations…

…If you’re actually interested in applying philosophical yin-yang to individuals and their relationships, it may help to think of yang as “drama” and yin as “chill.” Yang is starting things, getting in people’s faces, wearing your heart on your sleeve, raised voices. Yin is resolving things, calming down, contemplation, quiet conversation or just silent contentment. Everyone has some drama and some chill, but some people have more of one or the other. If one person in a relationship brings tons of drama, it strikes a good balance if the other can bring the chill.
In this understanding of yin and yang, it should be clear Zuko and Katara are both drama llamas, that is yang ascendant. “But female waterben-” shush. Katara is more than her gender and element. Also the gender and element are symbolic representations of yin anyway, not the actual thing.

Based on what OP has written (I recommend reading the original post, even though the quote above is very long, I cut a lot of good stuff out for length) I completely agree that Katara and Zuko are both Yang. Up to this point in the essay, I 100% agree with everything written about Zutara. 

Here is where I start to disagree…

Zuko and Katara, then, don’t personify the yin-yang balance at all. They both have too much fire, too much drama, and that’s why their interactions can spin out of control and bring out the worst in both. Remember “The Southern Raiders?” Where Katara set out to murder a war criminal and Zuko egged her on? It was Aang’s calming words, his chill, his yin that ultimately moderated her rage and helped her remember her better self. Aang is the yin to Katara’s yang.

Countless essays and analysis’ have been written about how ‘The Southern Raiders’ does not, in fact, bring out the worst in both Zuko and Katara, and so I’m not going to directly respond to the above statement. I will respond to the statement about Aang and Katara, however. 

If you take Katara and Aang’s individual personalities, traits, and mindsets, I absolutely agree that Kat/aang could be a wonderful representation of Yin and Yang. Aang’s role as Avatar is to be a mediator and to bring peace. Keeping in mind Katara’s fiery personality and emotional drive, I think that the two could have had a really amazing balance if written well. The issue, however, is that we don’t see this at all, which can all be boiled down to the fact that Aang doesn’t understand Katara. Let’s look at the scene between Aang and Katara in ‘The Southern Raiders’:

Aang: Umm… and what exactly do you think this would accomplish?
Katara: (sighs and shakes her head) I knew you wouldn’t understand. (She begins to walk away)
Aang: (Cut to a close up of Katara as Aang and Sokka look on behind her) Wait, stop, I do understand. You’re feeling unbelievable pain and rage. How do you think I felt about the sandbenders when they stole Appa? How do you think I felt about the Fire Nation when I found out what happened to my people?
Zuko: (off screen) She needs this, (everyone turn their eyes towards him) Aang. This is about getting closure and justice.
Aang: I don’t think so. I think it’s about getting revenge.
Katara: (off screen) Fine! (Cut to an angry and frustrated Katara) Maybe it is. Maybe that’s what I need. Maybe that’s what he deserves.
Aang: Katara, you sound like Jet.
Katara: (defensively) It’s not the same. Jet attacked the innocent. This man, he’s a monster. 

These are not calming words. Rather than see Katara’s determination and anger and calm her, Aang riles her up even more. He doesn’t try to understand where she is coming from. He just assumes that he already knows. And then he delegitimizes her need for closure. Rather than try to empathize, Aang tells her she is wrong and refuses to see where she is coming from. He even goes so far as to accuse her of being a murderer. 

The ultimate irony here, I think, is that when Appa was stolen, rather than show the sandbenders forgiveness, Aang entered the Avatar State and almost killed them. He would have, too, had Katara not been there to calm him down and be his yin.  

The way Aang tries to be there for Katara mimics how Mai tries to be there for Zuko. Let’s look at this Mai/ko conversation in ‘Nighmares and Daydreams’:

Mai: Zuko, it’s just a dumb meeting. Who cares?
Zuko: I don’t.
Mai: Well good. You shouldn’t. Why would you even want to go? (Cut to shot of Zuko and Mai standing in the window, the Fire Nation Palace before them. Mai puts her arm around Zuko) Just think about how things went to the last war meeting you went to.
Zuko: (sighs)I know.  

Zuko has been completely distraught about not being invited to the war meeting. This is a huge deal to him, he wants to be the perfect son to Ozai, and he feels like a disappointment and an oversight. Mai can’t understand why this is a big deal to Zuko, and rather than try to understand, she invalidates it and acts like it’s the stupidest thing in the world to be upset over. On top of that, she throws in his face one of the biggest shames of his life, all for the sake of making him feel bad for caring. 

Let’s compare these two scenes to two scenes of Katara and Zuko supporting each other. First, Zuko supporting Katara in ‘The Southern Raiders’

Katara: But, we were too late. When we got there, the man was gone. (voice cracks slightly) And so was she.
Zuko: (Cut to a sorrowful Zuko) Your Mother was a brave woman.
Katara: (Cut to a front shot of Katara as she touches her necklace) I know.

Katara just opened up to Zuko about one of the most traumatic moments of her life: the murder of her mother. Zuko doesn’t make this about him; he doesn’t talk about the disappearance of his own motheR. He doesn’t try to defend the Fire Nation, his home or tell her not all Fire Nation people. He hears what happened to her, accepts how awful this was for her, and affirms that her mother was a wonderful woman. 

Now for Katara supporting Zuko in ‘The Old Masters’:

Katara: Are you okay?
Zuko: No, (turning his head away from Katara) I’m not okay. My Uncle hates me, I know it. (Katara lowers herself to the ground) He loved me and supported me in every way he could and I still turned against him. How can I even face him? (Cut to a sideview of a regretful Zuko with Katara looking on.)
Katara: Zuko, you’re sorry for what you did, right?
Zuko: More sorry than I’ve been about anything in my entire life.
Katara: (raises her shoulders) Then he’ll forgive you. (Zuko looks at her) He will. 

Zuko considers betraying Iroh his greatest regret. Iroh is the father figure Zuko never had growing up, and one of the most important people in his life. Right now Zuko is terrified out of his mind that the only adult figure who has ever loved him and supported him is now done with him forever. He is convinced Iroh will reject Zuko, and he doesn’t even want to face his uncle. Here enters Katara. She sees the regret and fear in Zuko. She knows there isn’t anything to worry about, that it’s ridiculous to think that Iroh wouldn’t forgive him. But Katara doesn’t say any of this. She doesn’t tell him to suck it up, or that he’s being dumb. She allows Zuko to reaffirm his sincerity and then reassures him that everything will be okay. 

In these interactions, you can see that even though Zuko and Katara’s personalities are traditionally ‘yang’, when they come together like this, they find a perfect balance. They don’t egg each other on or bring out the worst in each other, they bring out the best, most vulnerable, and their truest selves. 

This is what I love about zutara. It isn’t about ‘opposites attract’ or ‘good girl saves bad boy’. It’s about two people with very similar, but ultimately complementary, personalities coming together on equal playing grounds and supporting each other in the most positive way they can because the level of understanding between the two goes beyond words. It’s just natural for them to know exactly what the other needs. 


Can we just acknowledge the fact that both Emma and Hook were following their statements long before they actually made them?

I mean, I agree with the things they both were saying, but what they said felt a lot like, “well, weren’t you already doing that???”

I sometimes feel that both of them are so insecure about themselves that they are late to come to a conclusion that was already there all along. It’s the TL confirmation all over again, they were so surprised that they were true love, while the test itself showed them how they were ALWAYS proven to be such whenever they placed the other person’s life above their own. In 5x11 I didn’t like that Hook said “being the man I want to be” because I felt that he was already that man. I didn’t like in 6x10 that Emma suddenly realized that she makes her own fate when she spent more than 28 years doing just that, fighting against all odds to be an incredible person despite her childhood experiences.  

I just wish both of them would come to the point in which they know how valuable they are without having something from the outside making them suddenly see the truth.


Hey @forthepalette ! It’s been quite a while. I purposely tried to avoid reading your posts just to avoid any more conflict with you, but to no avail, I still see some of your posts because you still kept using the Sprousehart tag and you seem to continually spur some anger from various Sprousehart accounts. Despite that, I still tried to look past whatever you post since I personally see no point in confronting you. You have your mind pretty much set on things. Whatever I say won’t go through you so I thought, what’s the point? 

Unfortunately, I stumbled upon some of your posts again this morning and I couldn’t find it in my own morals to just let it slide. 

I saw people calling you out and letting you know how offended they are by your statement but you tried to escape their judgment by claiming that it was done out of innocence not of spite. I’m sorry but I really don’t buy this.

When people replied with much anger (which is understandable- I’ll get to this later), your initial defense was that you were merely just asking a question and that you genuinely didn’t know.

Now, here are my comments regarding the whole thing. 

First, the statement you made was not a question at all. It was an imperative or permissive sentence demanding us to prove what you think of us wrong. The mere fact that it has a question mark in the end doesn’t make it a question. I’m very particular with syntax and grammar. I was sort of a nerd for diagraming sentences back in High School so I can say with full conviction that what you said wasn’t a question.

Second, the post itself bore an accusation or an assumption that Sprouseharts are homophobic and racist. You can argue with me on this and claim that is not true but technically, that’s how you formulated your post. You made a claim that we, Sprouseharts, are homophobic and racist. Then you made a further assumption that it’s the reason why we ship Sprousehart. To be clear here’s the premise you made:



You can argue again that it’s not what you meant, but I’m just merely rewriting your statement in bulleted form. I just removed that “please tell me you aren’t” part because that’s the part asking for a counter argument. Again, the premise is those two points written above, then you asked us to counter those two points. I’m sure any person with some proficiency in the English language would agree with how I deconstructed your sentence. If you claim that it is not what you meant, I suggest that you brush up with your writing skills and be very careful with what you post because you aren’t getting your message across properly.

Lastly, I got the impression based on your replies that either you’re feigning innocence or you really have no idea as to why this post has spurred some anger from various Sprousehart fans. I’m, personally, leaning towards the former but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt by explaining to you why your post gained some anger. 

Sexuality and race have been volatile topics for quite some time now. Volatile in the sense that a lot of debates and judgments have been exchanged as to various stands and views on certain issues involving the said topics. The current trend (trend as in the line of thought) we’re on now is more inclusive in the sense that we recognize the issues and push for more acceptance of all types of sexual orientation and race. This is reflective on political landmark events such as the USA having the first black president and your Supreme Court deciding the Obergefell v. Hodges favoring same-sex marriage. I personally love this shift in the ideals of the people and hope that this continues, but alongside this trend of thinking, another train of thought which I perceive as equally damaging as the evils we hope to curtail is emerging. This is the hyper-judgement or categorizing of other people.

Because of the sudden shift in ideals, which can be rather overbearing, some people tried to oversimplify the issues by creating a false dichotomy. This, essentially, tramples upon the goal of having an inclusive society. This line of thought categorizes people into something bad just because they don’t agree with everything.That’s what I’m getting from your argument.

You’ve made this false dichotomy that because we Sprouseharts don’t ship a homosexual ship, we are therefore against all homosexuals, which is terribly wrong to assume.

The argument is overgeneralizing and a slippery slope. It is also very hateful.

You’ve automatically excluded us from being part of a community that supports LGBTQ rights and anti-racism just because we love a straight white couple. You’re making it seem that loving a straight white couple is tantamount to going against the ideals of supporting LGBTQ rights and anti-racism. As far as I know, fighting for LGBTQ rights and anti-racism is fighting for equality and against discrimination. It’s recognizing that all races and all sexual orientations are equal and should be respected. It doesn’t mean that straight white couples cannot co-exist with LGBTQ couples with different races.

Now, your statement basically asks us to disprove your unfair assumption of us by declaring that we aren’t homophobes and racist. To be frank, who are you to ask that of us?

I’m actually troubled whether I should give you the benefit of giving you my answer but just to settle your “confused” mind, I am a firm supporter of LGBTQ rights and I hope for a world where race will no longer be an issue. I’m a person who particularly dislikes labels. I believe you are not defined by a single act or a single decision, but your collective actions and decisions throughout your life, so for me no one can judge you, label you, or characterize you as something until you are dead.

How Gem fusions work (probably)

So one of the coolest, most intriguing parts of Steven Universe to me is the concept of fusion. I am a huge frickin nerd and I will spend hours just sitting here trying to comprehend what it must be like to experience being a fusion. 

For a long time though, there have been certain things that have had me stumped:

1) How could Pearl hide her intentions from Rose and Garnet during their respective fusions?

2) How could Jasper not realized Lapis was going to trap her while there were fused as Malachite?

3) Why was Alexandrite so quiet and (imo) uninteresting during fusion cuisine, despite being a fusion of so many gems? 

Before, I was under the assumption that when gems were in sync during a fusion, their minds “melded” and became one. However, the above scenarios wouldn’t make sense if that were the case. 

But then I realized, we’ve been blatantly told how fusion works. And during one of the most memorable episodes at that. 

“I am their conversation.” What if we take this statement as literally as possible? 

How about this: When gems are fused, each gem in the fusion is actually having a conversation with each other. In order to stay fused, the gems have to communicate, agree, compromise, debate and plan together. When this is done perfectly, their voices “sync up”, and the fusion’s amalgam personality arises. 

At the same time, whenever gems within a fusion have a difficult time communicating, the fusion’s personality dissolves and each gem speaks separately through the fusion’s mouth. 

The concept of fusion as conversation also perfectly explains how Pearl could hide information all the time during fusions, as well as how Lapis could fool Jasper while becoming Malachite. Because a fusion can only know what each gem discloses.

THIS ALSO MAKES ALEXANDRITE FRICKIN HILARIOUS. She wasn’t quiet and to herself because she lacked personality. She barely talked because Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Pearl were so awkward and had no idea what to say or do. But she had a stoic face because they all agreed they had to play it cool.

Viewing fusions as conversations just changed so much for me about this show, there’s a lot of little things I’ve noticed that I don’t want to get into cause this is already really long. Overall, it’s deepened my appreciate of the fact that fusions are metaphors for relationships. Remember what Garnet said to Stevonnie:

“You are not two people. You are not one person. You are an experience.”

Because relationships aren’t about changing, or gaining, or becoming something new. Relationships aren’t about who you are as individuals or as a group. Relationships are what is created between people. They’re the result of conversation and contribution and compromise. They are an experience.

It is not enough to be “sorry to have hurt sexual minorities’ feelings.”

Candidate Moon should admit his mistake and properly apologize on a nation scale. It is not enough to be “sorry to have hurt sexual minorities’ feelings.” Recognize that such a statement cannot be tolerated.

He should at least say this: “I deeply regret that I said, ‘I am against homosexuality. I do not like homosexuality’ in public as a candidate of the presidential. I was trying to express my political position on military matters and same sex marriage, but such response was not appropriate. It was never right to use careless vocabularies that make a minority’s life and existence sound like an object that can be either liked or disliked especially when the remarks from a candidate Moon Jae-in have greater representation than an individual’s remarks. The statement above, which places the minority in favor of the majority, must not be stated in any official occasions. I did not mean that I didn’t agree or like homosexuality, and it was a indiscreet statement.”

The speech of anyone in Moon Jae-in’s position does not show only the feelings of that individual. The fact that during two days since the debate, a lot of homophobic remarks were pouring out from many supporters who respect and support Moon Jae-in proves it. Because of his statement, many sexual minorities feel more insecure and even more alarmed in their lives. Since Donald Trump became president, we are witnessing conservative Americans having begun to reveal prejudice and discriminatory perceptions, throwing out the moral limitation that one should not be racist. If Moon does not want to cause a harmful influence to the society as Trump did, he should acknowledge the gravity of his remark and apologize with his head bowed.

In addition, homosexuals are not sex offenders. Will a law of heterosexuality punishment be instituted to prevent sexual harassment to female servicepersons in the military? It is obviously homophobic to blame homosexuals before taking action against crimes that are already taking place.

문재인 후보는 뒤늦게 와서 포장하여 얼버무려 넘어가지 말고, 실수였다면 대대적으로 머리 숙여 사과 하라. 성소수자에게 아픔을 준 것을 미안해 하는 데 그치는 걸로는 모자라다. 그러한 발언이 용납될 수 없다는 사실을 인정하라.

“동성애에 반대합니다. 동성애 안 좋아합니다. 라는 경솔한 말을 대통령 후보자의 신분으로 공적인 자리에서 한 점에 깊게 후회하고 있습니다. 군대 내 문제와 동성혼 문제에 있어서 정치적 입장을 표명하고자 한 것이나, 그와 같은 응대는 적절치 못했습니다. 그 자리의 발언이 문재인 개인의 발언보다 더 큰 대표성을 갖고 있는데도 불구하고, 경솔한 어휘롤 사용하여 소수자의 삶과 존재를 좋아하고 싫어할 수 있는 대상처럼 들리게 한 점은 결코 옳지 않았습니다. 소수자의 존재를 다수자들의 선호에 부치는 위와 같은 발언은 어느 공식 석상에서도 발화되어서는 안 됩니다. 동성애에 반대한다거나 좋아하지 않는다는 등의 말은 진심이 아니었으며, 경솔한 실언이었으므로 깊이 고개 숙여 사과 드립니다.“

이 정도는 해 주셔야 된다. 그 자리 문재인의 발언은 문재인 개인의 감정만을 표시하지 않는다. 그 증거로 문재인을 존경하고 지지하는 수많은 지지자 층에서 하루사이에 수많은 동성애 혐오 발언이 쏟아져 나왔다. 문재인의 실언으로 많은 성소수자들은 삶을 한층 더 불안하고, 한층 더 위태롭게 느끼고 있다. 도널드 트럼프가 대통령씩이나 되자, 인종차별을 해서는 안 된다는 도덕적 마지노선마저 내던지고 마음껏 편견과 차별적 인식을 드러내기 시작한 미국의 보수주의자들을 우리는 목격하고 있다. 문재인은 자신이 트럼프와 같은 악영향을 사회에 끼치고 싶지 않다면, 자신의 발언이 갖는 무게를 인정하고, 사안이 중대한 만큼 고개 숙여 사과 해야 한다.

덧붙여, 동성애자들은 성희롱 범죄자가 아니다. 군대 내 여성 군인들에 대한 성희롱을 막기 위해 이성애 처벌법도 제정할 것인가? 이미 벌어지고 있는 범죄에 대한 적극적인 조치를 하기에 앞서 동성애자를 탓하는 것은 명백히 동성애 혐오적이다.

My DMCA Form Letter

A friend of a friend found their fan art being sold without their knowledge today, and it prompted me to send them the form letter I keep handy for when that happens to me. In case anyone else wants it, here it is. I’ve had this for so long I can’t remember where it originally came from, (likely another artist dealing with the same crap, who got it from another artist). It’s helped me get my fan art removed from Amazon, Teechip, and shady sites trying trying to sell it hundreds of times by now. When using it, it’s important to make sure you fill out everything!

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that your company is selling an image that is in direct violation of the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act and in violation of my rights as the artist creator and copyright holder of said image. The image in question may be found here:

[ link to stolen work here ]

The sale of this image directly violates the copyright I hold as the artist creator and copyright holder of this image:

[ link to your work here ]

I did not authorize use of the image in question. I request that all products containing the image in question be removed from your store and all copies of any merchandise containing the image be destroyed, and that any other appropriate action is taken against the person in violation according to your company policy.

If no immediate action is taken then I will not hesitate to pursue a stronger legal direction.

I hereby agree that I am the owner or person acting on behalf of the owner of the image in question and the above statements are accurate under penalty of perjury.


[ your name ]

[ your address ]

[ your phone number ]

Good luck fan artists, I hope sharing this helps whatever situation you might find yourself in!

Some trivia about Mahiru

I am so happy to have acquired the official guidebook and it’s so great! I was looking forward to to see what extra info I could find that was not mentioned before.
Because Mahiru needs more love, I’m gonna share what I have found on his character profile, mainly his first characterization.

  • Apparently, instead of the name Mahiru, in the preliminary stage, he was named Hanamaru ( 花丸 ) and his nicknames would be Hana or Hana-chan (omg that would have been adorable xD Instead of MahiMahi, we would have heard Hana, which if you didn’t know, it means flower). I am glad it got changed to Mahiru. Shirota Hanamaru doesn’t quite have a nice ring to it, in my opinion (try and say it out loud!)
  • He is shown wielding a knife in one of the early drawings of him. He has has good reflexes and his legs can reach far.
  • In regards to Mahiru’s high school, the guidebook states that he attended a private one and that he was an average level student. Might not be such a great detail, but it was there.
  • Uncle Tooru is the younger brother of Mahiru’s mother (perhaps some of you thought that he might be his father’s). Also, there is a phrase mentioning his dad, but it’s a bit vague, that could be translated as “not acquainted”. Somehow, to me at least, it kind of implies that Mahiru hasn’t made acquaintance with him, as in, maybe his father disappeared or died when he could have been a baby, thus not having memories of them together. Only the mother was mentioned, Mahiru’s entire world, as she was described in the guide.

And there is a section where some characters say a few words about the featured character, so let’s see what Kuro, Sakuya and Licht have to say about Mahiru ^_^

Kuro: You are way too energetic in the mornings..If you become tired in the evening, you should take afternoon naps. Just do everything at a slow pace from the start. I can’t deal with that…oh, and the food is good.

Sakuya: It was fun when l  hanged out with Mahiru at his place after school and had dinner. Even if they were simple meals, they were delicious!

Licht: With great effort and guidance, he could become a splendid angel. Also, his cooking is really good.

 Now we know a little bit more about our dear Mahiru, aka Team Mom, Mamahiru, who a lot of the characters agree that his cooking skills are great :D

While the above statements of the characters were meant to be a few short words, I had to expand Sakuya’s, hoping to explain better what he was saying. For Licht, it was a bit hard because he used the same word twice in his sentence ( 見習い-minarai, which means apprentice). In the end, I think that he was trying to say that maybe he could guide Mahiru on a path of becoming an angel? Maybe take Mahiru under his wing? Haha, get it? xD Yeah, well I sure hope I got the meaning across :)

Topic #1: Why I dislike Brandi Tinklenburg

Brandi is a girl who Eric had a huge crush on. She is most commonly known as the girl Eric was with and talked to/about in one of the home videos, called Eric Harris Inside Columbine. (link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-l90HbShgM)
 Eric had feelings for Brandi; however, Brandi did not return those feelings and saw him as a friend. I dislike Brandi, and although not many people agree with me; here’s why (all of these statements can be found in the link above)-

  1. Eric made it evident that he was interested in her. She didn’t feel the same way, which is perfectly fine, but she flirted with a guy infront of him (the Jeremy incident.) There is controversy on whether or not Brandi knew if Eric liked him at that time, but it’s common sense that if a guy is flirting with you: DO NOT FLIRT WITH ANOTHER GUY AROUND HIM. As Mean Girls once said, “That’s just like the rules of feminism.”
  2. This goes along with number 1, but when Brandi was giving another guy (Jeremy) attention, Eric got upset and walked away. Now, Eric is a very jealous person, so you can only imagine how angry and sad he must have felt. Now, I guess it’s not entirely Brandi’s fault for making Eric feel that way, Brandi cannot control how Eric reacts to certain things, but she could have atleast asked him what was bothering him when he got up and left. When Eric got up and left, I dont know if many of you heard, but Brandi didn’t acknowledge him. She didn’t ask why he was leaving, she didn’t seem to notice- let alone care.
  3. Eric asked her to meet him in the cafeteria, and she agreed. She never came to meet him, though. She came into the cafeteria with a group of friends who walked passed the table he was sitting with. Eric saw her walk by and then got seemingly upset. Then, Eric saw her sitting at a table with a group of friends and sat next to her. Then, the Jeremy incident occurred, causing him to leave very upset.
  4. When Eric asked a friend to ask Brandi to the prom for him, Brandi declined; which is fine, I’m not mad at her for that. What I am mad at her for is that she never apologized or gave him an explanation. She shook her head no to him, and since then they haven’t spoken. I understand why Eric didn’t make an effort to talk to her, he was still bitter about the rejection, but my question is: why did she just stop talking to him? If you reject a friend, wouldn’t you want to see if their okay or still want to remain friends or something? Maybe I’m too nice, but if I rejected someone who meant something to me, I would be making sure that they were still cool with me and give them an explanation. To my knowledge, Brandi never gave him an explanation. She told the media that she rejected him because it was late notice, but she never said that to Eric.

In my opinion, Brandi didn’t seem like a very good “friend.” She made Eric feel like shit on two occasions without giving him an apology and/or an explanation. If I am wrong with any of the information I just stated, let me know. And tell me, what are yall’s opinions on Brandi?

anonymous asked:

Your blog is so racist aginst white people. You should make a blog for EVERYONE not just poc.

Ok honey. First off you’re anon. You are anon because you realize that you’re opinion is wrong, and not only is it stupid but you don’t want people coming back on you telling you that.

Second, if you don’t like my POC blog you can jump off. I don’t give a damn.

This blog is for PEOPLE OF COLOR. This blog is for WOMEN OF COLOR, who literally have to search and probably come up with 5-10 kpop POC Blogs for us. With scenarios, fics, mood boards dedicated TO US.

You can literally search anything on Tumblr and find something to keep white girls like you sane and happy. Thinking you’re the epicenter of the world.

News flash sweetie. YOU ARE NOT. Women come in many different beautiful shades and being a black woman. A black woman with superb writing skills, majoring in English. I want to give my people. My females. My sisters. My WOMEN OF COLOR, something to read and identify with.

You know how many times I have read: “Jimin stroked your pale thighs.”

“Namjoon’s tanned hand touched your milky skin.”


They, just like many men have preferences and they don’t all revolve around you.

I will not apologize for representing the unrepresented women, with quality work on something they adore.

Bitch, I don’t even start anything with people, I’m a calm person, but I will respond to your ignorance.

Do you know what racism is? I’m guessing you don’t because not once have I told a non POC female something like:

“I don’t think Suga would like a girl your color, but maybe Namjoon would. He seems like that type.”

What’s that type? If you agree with the above statement then thank for outing yourself as a colorist and a racist. In the true sense of the word.

On that note, find somewhere else to be and enjoy these inevitable comments on this thread telling you about yourself.

Have a great day reading and envying the gorgeous women on mine and my sisters blog. DEDICATED TO US WOMEN OF COLOR.

pyrokittycat  asked:

When someone asks "what is wicca?" How do you explain it?


You’d be surprised how rarely we get this, or perhaps not, it’s not like we advertise or anything and both of us identify with being pagan, although I tend to be more eclectic.

The wiki definition follows;

Wicca (English pronunciation: /ˈwɪkə/) is a modern pagan, witchcraft religion. It was developed in England during the first half of the 20th century and it was introduced to the public in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant. It draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic motifs for its theological structure and ritual practice. The word witch derives from Middle English wicche, Old English wicce (/ˈwɪttʃe/) (feminine) “witch” and wicca (/ˈwɪttʃɑ/) (masculine) “wizzard”.[1]

Wicca is a diverse religion with no central authority or figure defining it. It is divided into various lineages and denominations, referred to as traditions, each with its own organisational structure and level of centralisation. Due to its decentralized nature, there is some disagreement over what actually constitutes Wicca. Some traditions, collectively referred to as British Traditional Wicca, strictly follow the initiatory lineage of Gardner and consider the term Wicca to apply only to such lineaged traditions, while other eclectic traditions do not.

Wicca is typically duotheistic, worshipping a god and goddess traditionally viewed as a mother goddess and horned god. These two deities are sometimes viewed as facets of a greater pantheistic godhead. However, beliefs range from hard polytheism to even monotheism. Wiccan celebration follows approximately eight seasonally based festivals known as Sabbats. An unattributed statement known as the Wiccan Rede is the traditional basis of Wiccan morality. Wicca often involves the ritual practice of magic, though it is not always necessary.

I’m not sure I agree with what is written above but thats fairly typical of wiki, and neither here nor there.

The few times we have been asked about being pagan, I’ve been honest, patient and started with forget everything you have been told, I don’t worship the devil, actually  the devil as Christians have named him isn’t really a devil  all,  more a demon with a bad attitude and a serious superiority complex. 

This usually breaks the ice and leads to lots of questions, I tend to answer a few, sticking to generalizations rather than personal practices, then recommend reading for them to learn about it on their own time.

Patience is key, remember most people have been programed since they were small children that pagans were devil worshipers and witches are evil children eating ilk. Luckily most people have enough tact to not bring up a persons religious practices publicly but it does happen from time to time, if it is uncomfortable for you to talk about simply saying so is acceptable too. The only time I go into greater detail is if it is a good friend who finally worked up the courage to ask about my strange altars and such, if I feel I can trust them not to judge or  run away screaming in fear then I will open up more and give them the grand tour.

It is a risk but if they truly care about you most don’t give a hoot, honestly do you care which church your friends go to if they go?

Nope, me either.

Blessed Be

Zhu Li, Varrick and Abuse: a meta.

Because it is relevant today.

Since becoming a canon ship, Zhurrick has been surrounded by the debate around whether or not they constitute an abusive relationship and whether or not they deserve some support.  The abuse camp has some arguments that merit a solid rebuttal,  or in other words, I agree many of the actions could be red as abusive but not necessarily in the context of their relationship. If you’re interested, read on.

1. Varrick orders Zhu Li around and demands crazy things of her and when she doesn’t do them quickly or correctly he is unkind.

The above statement is true but so are the following: Zhu Li is his assistant in all of the above scenarios and Varrick is like this with just about everyone. 

Varrick is not a particularly kind man.  He is cunning and selfish and manipulative and charming and rude all at the same time.  He does not target Zhu Li with this behavior specifically do belittle or demean her as his victim (which is how most abusers operate).  The majority of abusers make their victims seem crazy by never exhibiting this behavior with other people and rarely ever in front of others.  This is how he operates with most people, and with Zhu Li in front of others, particularly early on in the series when we meet him.

These actions also happen in the context of her being his employee.  She is his assistant, his right hand and much of this is in her job description.  Most people get treatment of some sort like this from their boss.  Due to power dynamics in a working relationships, all bosses can monopolize and manipulate their employees.  Which brings me to the next point. 

2. Varrick is Zhu Li’s boss which creates an unfair power dynamic and leaves Zhu Li in a dangerous position.

Agreed, if Varrick was still Zhu Li’s boss when they became romantically involved, which he was not. To quote Zhu Li in Kuvira’s gambit:

Zhu Li [Grabs Varrick by the shoulder and turns him around to face her.] No! I am not your assistant anymore. [Points at Varrick, who bends backward.] If you want me around, you need to start treating me like an equal!

This is aft Zhu Li has explained why she betrayed Varrick and was having him carted off to a prison camp and apologized (which you do have to do if you nearly sent to a prison camp, no matter what they’ve done before). Varrick tries to fall back into old patterns and place her back in the “safe” zone of assistant where he knows how to deal with her.m. She won’t let him.

Zhu Li takes Varrick by the shoulder, whips him around and demands to be recognized.  She gets right in his face and tells him under no uncertain terms that she is not his assistant and if he wants her in his life at all, he will be treating her differently. After this confrontation, never again do we see Varrick order Zhu Li around or demean her in any way.  Instead, as the scenes unfold, we see him talking to her as an equal. 

3. During the whole train incident Varrick tells Zhu Li to lose weight while saving her and then tells her the only reason he risked his life was so that he didn’t have to clean up, which are more examples of his abuse.

For one the lose weight gag while pulling someone to safety is an old and tired joke that has been going on for ages.  It is not uncommon or unheard of.  My favorite bit of this exchange is Zhu Li’s confident rejoinder of:

I don’t think so sir.  You’re just weak.

You want me to believe that this is the response of an abused woman when her abusive partner says something demeaning while quite literally holding her life in his hands?  If Zhu Li felt the least bit unsafe, why would “you’re just weak” be her comeback?  That would be highly dangerous when you are only being held onto by this person’s hands and if they let go you would likely fall to your death. 

I personally interpreted this as a way for Varrick to try to explain why it was taking him so long to pull her in and try and lighten the mood (poorly) but we’ve been over Varrick being a less than stellar human being haven’t we?  Yes.

Once he has her on board, and she is laying on top of him, Varrick lifts both of his hands to cradle her face as if she is very precious to him.  Zhu Li and the audience both believe there is about to be a declaration of love, particularly when Varrick starts with “Of course I did…” He then finishes by ruining the moment and tilting Zhu Li’s head to the room and tells her he needs her to clean up.

This brings me to another of Varrick’s personality traits; he’s a coward.  I love Varrick, but he is constantly paying people to do his dirty work and weakling his way out of trouble.  He is not a fan of confrontation when he is the one who is vulnerable, which is rare because he works so hard to have the upper hand.  Sneaking out of the South Pole inside a platypus bear to avoid Unalaq, paying people to commit terrorist acts to start a war, setting up Mako to be arrested, making his own jail cell when he built the prison just in case he ended up there and finally escaping and fleeing the country to avoid trial are all excellent examples. 

With Zhu Lu, however, after saving her and again in the scene in Kuvira’s Gambit where Zhu Li apologizes, Varrick is vulnerable. He covers it by falling back into their assistant/boss relationship.  He doesn’t have feelings! He’s her boss!  He can’t be in love with her.  He doesn’t actually care.  He just needs her to do shit.  Which really, goes back to point two, where Varrick would likely to not have been comfortable with dating Zhu Li as his assistant. 

4. Upon losing Zhu Li, Varrick attempts/threatens suicide which can be a sign of abusive relationships. 

This was again not Varrick’s best moment.  We have gone over that he is an ass and if that does not fly with you, fine, but still, IMO, not abuse.

For one, most abusers, (and ones I have known personally) this threat is logged in full view/hearing of the person trying to leave.  It is an attempt to guilt the person into not standing strong against the abuse.  Varrick’s suicide by bomb is not attempted in this context. 

Zhu Li is already gone.  She has already sided with Kuvira and had Varrick shipped off to create a weapon of mass destruction and then be placed in a prison camp as a traitor.  There is no happy ending when you create a death ray and then are arrested for being a traitor.  It is a recipe for torture and death. No matter how much of an ass Varrick has been, he doesn’t deserve that. 

And, Varrick being a coward, wants out.  He wants to destroy his invention and avoid being tortured and death on his terms seems like a great idea. Add to that the one person he trusted just sent him to a life of slavery, torture and death at the hands of despots, I could see why he wants her to be sorry. It’s not like she simply quit.  If Varrick didn’t escape, that was his future.  I am a believer that Zhu Li had confidence that Varrick would escape, but that’s another story.

In short, Iknik Varrick Blackstone is a man with many flaws, but he and Zhu Li Moon are not in an abusive romantic relationship.  By the time they are romantically involved, Zhu Li has demanded respect and equality and Varrick gives it to her.  You can certainly not like the pair, particularly because there is no great defense for Varrick’s bad traits, but abuse is a bit of a stretch.

If you think I missed an argument or if you would like to continue the discussion, fee free to message me! 

beskerm  asked:


   send me a topic to write a meta about my muse on


“ only the sith deal in absolutes”

“ The statement itself, if construed literally, is an absolutism. There’s no doubt about that.

If taken literally, the statement by Obi-Wan means that only two people in the entire Star Wars universe deal in absolutes, given that there are only two Sith at a time based on the Rule of Two.

Obi-Wan was referring to dealings as actions in a situation rather than statements made. To be fair, it is a hard statement to write in a way that doesn’t get convoluted. “

In accordance with the above statement ( which I highly agree with , because there’s nothing more frustrating than people discrediting obi-wan for a statement that , in and of itself, is an absolute l m a o ; when that isn’t even the point ! )  

ABSOLUTES ; are , absolution ; there is only one out, one way, one choice , one path . It’s nothing terribly ….thoughtful or insightful.  Sith don’t deal in half-measures , they don’t give second chances ; they don’t give the benefit of the doubt . Things , for the most part , are black & white . Either you are in their way , or you are at their side .

More specifically, Darth Talon’s approach to all of this would be a little bit less modernized - She adheres to a very old structure , back when the rule of the One ( and not the two ; I know that it’s highly publicized, that where there’s a master , there must be an apprentice ; but really, once the apprentice has moved to their final step , they kill their master , and in doing so recognize their death as a part of the machine in growing their order , however counter intuitive it may be ) 

Darth Talon , more or less , is …. flexible with some things . She of course adheres to the will of whomever is her master at any given point in time …. but she operates outside of any structure when she’s on her own.  She’s a sith first, yes , the order is her one true home — but she’s known a life worth living , too  ( especially when her ass had to go into hiding lmao , gotta have some honorable compromise ) 

tl;dr : Talon isn’t an absolutist by any means .  there’s shades of grey to everything she sees , or believes in . however uncompassionate she is in doing so / acting upon. 

anonymous asked:

What annoys me is what we see is a marketing campaign by MM to make money mostly off of gullible young people who buy into celeb culture. This is exploitation. Maybe Harry does not understand but he is the one who makes this happen. No one pays any attention to her without this fake affair. He is facilitating her money making scam. That is so offensive to me - this is the monarchy the royal family a matter of great importance to the UK. And his silence on this allows her to keep going

I agree anon the BRF have played the no explaining no complain game like they do but MM has used it to her advantage by making money of Harry and the BRF by being connected to them and this has put a lot of people of the BRF side including MM because as you said above it looks like Harry is in on it by keeping silent. 

So I have said this many times Harry needs to either place a leak out like he did with Cressida or put out an official statement to end this immediately. Have a great day anon.



The Myth of White Europe, As Docummented by the MedievalPOC

“There were no People of Color in medieval Europe. Inserting non-White characters into stories based on it is just "political correctness gone mad”.

Do you agree with the above statement? Then you might be in for a surprise. 

It was a forgone conclusion what topic I will do for an assignment called “Myth and reality”. I don’t think I could find a more suitable topic than the blog MedievalPOC. I decided to create a physical version of the blog, combine the fascinating visual content with the many discussed issues.

The structure of the book is inspired by the binding style - every signature consists of four folios of reproductions on standard offset paper, and one of text on a structured grey paper. Same grey paper is used on the covers. The signatures are sewn on the covers without adhesive, and the visible thread is a part of the design.

The design of the book is a play on mainstream academic publications, with their sedate serif types and minimum of ornamentation broken up by huge sans-serif exclamations of “normal people”, readers (and critics) of the blog. The reproductions are all in black and white, save for the “important bits” - the People of Color, who are overlooked by the white-centric view of art history. 

The Myth of White Europe is very much just student work, with all the mistakes that go with it…  but, in the end, I hope it will be seen as what it is meant to be - a “thank you” to a great blog that taught me a lot about social issues, and shown me a lot of great art while doing so.

PETA's Worst Ads

And now, as promised, some of PETA’s worst ads. I have to put this under a read more, because many of their ads are just pornography. And I don’t mean “like” pornography, or “kind of NSFW”… (Is nudity always sexual? No - but judging by these ads, you’d think PETA wasn’t even aware of that)

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