i agree with jack on this one

Honestly I feel like Jack’s 15 mil milestone was one of the most meaningful milestones yet.

Especially the part where he was talking about positivity and how people shouldn’t be expected to be happy 100% of the time because

a lot of youtubers say stuff like “You just need to go out there and be happy like I did” or “Just smile and treat everyone with respect even if they don’t agree with you” because…I can’t do that. A lot of people like me with depression can’t be expected to be able to be positive 100%, and I feel like Jack understands this and wants to at least make us feel happy while watching his videos, even if it’s for a short period of time. If someone comes up to me and calls me a faggot who should burn in hell (which happens a lot) I can’t just be expected to smile and say “Hey It’s ok you don’t agree with me!”, that just raises the stigma and causes more hate to people like me. I should be allowed to say “Hey fuck you, man.” and go about my day without being walked on, you know? It’s a two way street, I can’t be expected to respect and listen to people who would never respect or listen to me.

I know youtubers mean well when they say “Respect everyone and things will be fine” and “just be happy.” But Jack is the only youtuber I’ve found who gets that sometimes I won’t be able to do that. I need to take things one step at a time and do what’s comfortable for me.

Anyway, I’m rambling, to sum up, I love my boy.

@therealjacksepticeye Thanks for being so understanding.

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(I know I said last one but I'm still thinking about it I'm sorry) they drive for a good while before Geoff realises everything's gone quiet, and the rearview mirror confirms his suspicions that everyone's asleep. Jack's settled nicely in the passenger seat, head lulled to the side where she was watching the scenery go by. Jeremy's propped up by his elbow against the window and Gavin and Michael are slumped against each other. Ray's finally achieved his dream of sleeping through the whole (1/?)

journey, helped in part by Ryan’s lap playing the role of his pillow as he lies back in his seat, arms folded over his chest. At first Geoff can’t believe it, but he soon realises it means he has complete control of the car. So he takes whatever roads home he wants with no interruptions, plays the music he likes (at a low volume though so he doesn’t disturb the peace) and occasionally allows himself to think that this family vacation idea wasn’t so bad. (2/?)

By the time they get back to the garage it’s dark out, so he turns around and starts nudging everyone awake. Jack gets out first and helps the lads all untangle themselves and climb out, each quietly groaning at having to be woken. Ryan gives Ray a few brave pokes and then gives up, slinging him over his shoulder as he climbs out and tiredly carrying him up to the penthouse to be deposited unceremoniously on his bed for the night. Everyone heads off to their own quarters to go back to (3/?)

Sleep while Geoff sits up a little longer, just having a quick well earned drink and deciding proudly that this trip was a success, and they should do it again sometime. (Although he would come to regret that thought the moment they set off for the journey there and the chaos kicked off again) (4/4)

I can’t add to this this is perfect

YOI night ft Jack, Bitty, and Parse

@jzimmsnhl- when your boyfriend cancels your date because its cartoon figure skater night.

@omgcheckplease - when your boyfriend logs on to his twitter for the first time to throw shade.

@jzimmsnhl - one day off this week and you choose the haus and anime

@omgcheckplease - let me live. #yoi2kforever

@realkvp - get with the times jack. Ice is gay. We’re all gay. #kitandisharingyoinight

@omgcheckplease - @jzimmsnhl why am i agreeing with parse here?

@jzimmsnhl - I’m bi

*40 mins later*

@omgcheckplease - *selfie with Jack* when your boyfriend gets with the programme and joins you for gay ice night.

@realkvp - about time. #iceisgay #idontmaketherules

@jzimmsnhl - I’m BI. *selfie of jack kissing bitty*

Jack and Mark’s Demons

Alright, Dark and Anti theory time!

(Just giving you a heads up, it’s a bit long so thank you in advance if you take your time to read this!)

So, we all know about Antisepticeye and Darkiplier, right? (well, obviously ahah). Ok I’ve been thinking. What if @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier sold their souls to demons for the fame and subs?

So it’d be like “hey so I sell you my soul and in exchange you make me YouTube famous and give me a lot of subs, how bout dah” and the demons would be like “yeah man, I gotcha, but in exchange you’ll let me take over your body once in a while, and no one would even notice because I would act the same way as you, it’s just that I can have a little freedom every now and then” and Jack and Mark would agree on those terms.

So, that’s what happened. They made the contract, gained their subs and fame and in exchange they would let the demons take their body occasionally as we can see on some of Jack’s videos such as Split personalities| reading your comments #47, and I think it’s safe to say kill or be killed| undertale #9  (and other undertale videos) when Jack did Flowey’s voice, or Mark’s videos such as Don’t Blink and don’t move, amongst others. 

Obviously, the demons did an amazing job at pretending to be Mark and Jack as we all caught on that something wasn’t right. In fear of being exposed, they shut out their demons and carried on with their normal lives. After all they already had a good fan base so even if the demons abandoned them, they could carry on gaining subs just by themselves, without supernatural help. 

This, obviously wasn’t well thought by Jack and Mark. If there’s one thing I know from basic knowledge and research and the Supernatural series (pfft) is that, if you mess with the supernatural, you’re fucked. These two shut out the demons they made a contract with. Obviously that pissed them off. After all the things they did for Jack and Mark, after all the subs and fame, this is how they treat them? That’s not fair! So, they started working on ways to get back at them for betraying them. They both worked towards a simple goal. Hurt their humans in the worst way possible for them.

For Jack, losing his voice, the thing that makes him stand out the most from other youtubers, would be the worst thing that could happen to him. Not being able to talk would be torture (and we all know Jack loves to ramble, he can pull a 20 minutes’ video out of his ass just by talking about pineapple pizza!), and he would lose his subs and fame and everything he worked on. So what did Anti do? He sliced Jack’s throat. He took Jack’s voice away so he could take over his body again. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Anti’s voice is so glitchy now. In the past, you could understand him just fine (in the split personalities video and the undertale videos), but now you can’t understand him that well and that’s because he ruined jack’s most valuable thing about himself, even if it was temporary, or a symbolic thing. But the wound is open now and Anti can take over Jack’s body more easily again. Another proof? Jack got sick after is Pax panel 2017. What happened in his panel? Anti made an appearance. What was the most affected thing when jack got sick after that? His voice.

For Mark, hurting the ones he loves the most would be the worst thing ever. We all know how Mark is so caring about his fans, you can see that every time he cries for us, those tears are real. And Dark knows it. He knows we’re his weakness. At first, he tried to hurt Mark, as we can see on the video Relax. But I have the feeling Mark is one of those people who would rather be the one to get hurt to protect the other person. So Dark decided it would be useless to hurt Mark. Specially since he already hurts and tortures himself every time he does something like the ice bath challenge ahahah, I can just picture Dark facepalming while watching Mark doing these kinds of videos. anyway, Dark decided to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike back. The perfect opportunity to finally be able to hurt the ones Mark loves. And when did that happen? On valentine’s day. The day you spend with someone you really care about. It was the perfect timing to attack. And that’s what Dark did. Not only would he get to hurt and mentally torture us but he would get to do the same things to Mark. Dark threatened usI can specially take you to the places where you don’t want to go”/ “THERE’S NOTHING YOU OR HE CAN DO TO STOP ME!”/ you’re never, ever going to escape me, and mentally tortured us by

1)      Putting us on a loop every time we chose the “Exit” option, which would drive us crazy since we were the only ones aware of the fact that this was a never-ending loop of either watching Mark dig the floor with a damn spoon  -____- or us being attacked by the crazy cook every time we wanted to escape;

2)      Making us choose which Mark to kill and the fear of killing the wrong one (I don’t know about you guys but when it came to the time of choosing which Mark to kill, it gave me anxiety xD)

And as for Mark, not only was he tortured as well, by watching us go through all that, he was also killed and more than once! Killed and brought back to life multiple times can’t be good for you.

The reason Anti and Dark had different approaches to Jack and Mark was because they’re different types of demons. Different types of demons for different types of people. 

This was Antisepticeye and Darkiplier’s way of showing Jack and Mark they can’t back down on a deal made with demons.

Now that we know about their existence, ţ̶̜̫̝̽h̴̟̱̳̬͒̌̈͛͑̅͘ȩ̷͕̘͕̦̋͋̐̉͛r̵͉̭͂e̶͕̮̘̍͐́͒͑̆̊'̸̼͎̋̽̊̀̾̉̅ͅŝ̵̛̹͕̻̳̰̂ ̷͔͇̱̜̣̉ͅͅn̷̛̹̺̆̇́ȯ̷͖́̋̚͠ ̶̢̡̰̤̘̮̋̽̓̉p̶̛͕͉̯͙̈́̌ö̸̤̺́͑͊̈́̓̕͜i̴̗͚̦̥̳͍̋̓̽͊͊̓͠n̶̡̢̢͈̹̹̿̅̑͝ṱ̵̛͕̳͎̾̌͘ ̸̢͉̳̫̣̜͇̐͗̏̆́̌͠i̴̢̩̙̣̫̽͊̕n̷̙̞̄̏̀͑͘̕ ̷̡̗͖͔͍̿̆̉͗̾̈́h̵̳̹̻̜͇̿i̴̲͙͒̓̈́͑̒͂d̸̜̰͎̟͆̄͑͌͘͜i̴̡̖͙͔̞̲̋n̶̡͍̮̘̮͛́͠ͅg̷͚͈̓̇̆̊̎̚ ̸̥̥̼̒̾̉͆͂̍å̴͚͓͘n̶͓̆ͅỷ̶͔̱̄̉̃m̶̘͐̒̅̂͑͝o̴̡̻̖̹̬͌ŗ̶͍̜̭́̒̿́̄̚ȅ̷̠̥̜̬͚̺̘̓͆̆̄̈.̸̛̙̩̝̫̺̈́̌͆͑̎͆͜.

(jokes aside, we all know Jack and Mark gained their subs and fame for their talent and kindness because they’re genuinely amazing people)

edit: it looks like part of my theory looks like this specific theory that is absolutely amazing as well, but I don’t want it to look like I’ve stole it from the person who wrote it so I’m crediting them. if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do because it’s really good! @fandombandomrandom42 I just want to apologise again for making you think I stole this idea from your theory without crediting you :/

What Are Friends For - Buttercream Imagine

A/N omg I love your writing!! could you do one where you’re best friends/neighbours with the Maynards/Josh and you and your boyfriend get into a massive fight leading to a breakup and they hear everything(even though the rest of the boys are over)and comfort you

“Can you hear shouting?” Joe asked. The boys all went quiet trying to figure out where it was coming from. 
“Its the neighbour again. Sounds like her boyfriend is round” Josh commented with Conor and Jack agreeing. They always knew when Y/N’S boyfriend came round something big would happen meaning a long night of arguments. 
“He’s always starting shit with her” Conor added.
“Why doesn’t she just leave him then?” Caspar asked with a confused tone. If it was only that simple. 
“She’s tried but every time he’s beaten her and arguments continue. He locks her in the apartment so she can’t escape” Jack replied. Normally after an argument Y/N would go round the Maynards/Pieters apartment as they would cheer her up and make sure she is ok. They were good friends. They all looked out for one another. However, there was nothing they could do until he left and at this moment in time the shouting and screaming kept on getting worse.
“Will you just stop” Y/N Shouted with fear in her voice. The sound of glass hitting the wall moved through the boys apartment. 
“You’re a worthless piece of shit you arent even special i cannot be bothered with a stupid little girl anymore” The boyfriend shouted with a laugh in his voice and with that the sound slamming door filled the room and quietness afterwards. 

“I take it its over?” Oli broke the silence with Jack nodding, moving out his seat walking to the door. “Back in a minute” This was a normal process for Jack. Once he knew the boyfriend (well now ex) had left the building Jack would go round and bring Y/N back. Conor and Josh let him do it because they thought he took a liking to Y/N. They thought he could be the knight in shining armour. Jack soon appeared back in the front room with a timid girl standing behind him. 

“Guys this is Y/N” Jack introduced Y/N while she gave a small smile. “Don’t worry these guys are harmless they cant hurt a fly” Jack laughed guiding her to the sofa. Joe, Caspar, Oli and Mikey introduced themselves one by one and you could see she started to feel more at ease with the environment. 
“Here you go” She flinched as Josh handed her a cup of tea.
“Its ok, you’re safe here remember that” Jack rubbed her back comforting her.
“So why haven’t we seen you before then Y/N?” Mikey asked making friendly conversation.
“They want to hide me away” Y/N giggled causing Jack, Conor and Josh to scoff. 
“We would do no such thing!” Josh laughed. “You guys just aren’t available when Y/N is”
“We should change that you seem lovely” Joe commented with a smile. Conor started to smirk over at Jack as he gave Joe a glare. Obviously someone had a crush. 
“Are you all youtubers then?” Y/N asked wanting to get to know the other guys. “Yes we are that’s how we all became friends” Caspar smiled. 
“Remind me to take a look at your channels then” Y/N smiled. 
“You have a nice smile you know that?” Oli complimented Y/N causing her to blush. 
“stoppppp” Y/N said dragging out the p. Changing the subject off her (thanks to Oli) “Put some of your videos on, i want to watch them”. For the next hour or so Y/N got to watch the some of the boys videos and she couldn’t stop laughing. At one point she was even crying with laughter.
“Oh god, my cheeks hurt, you guys are hilarious” She said trying not to smile anymore but failing miserably.
“At least you have a good sense of humour!” 
“Of course i do” Y/N defended herself with pride. The boys found out that Y/N had a lot of independence, good humour, conversation skills and was herself and they loved it. They loved how she went through so much shit and she still could hold it together. You could tell they were all going to be good friends. 

As the night came to a close the other guys left and now it was only the 4 of them left. Going back onto the subject which brought Y/N over in the first place.
“You need to clean them cuts, make sure they don’t get infected” Conor said grabbing the antibiotic wipes and passing them to Jack. Jack started to clean the wounds causing Y/N to hiss in pain. Once again this became a regular thing. No one actually spoke about what happened because they didn’t Y/N to relive it so they dodged it as much as they could.
“Please don’t go back to him” Jack mumbled making sure Josh and Conor didn’t hear. “If you feel like he’s going to come back just come here. You know where the spare key is. I don’t like seeing you get hurt” Y/N nodded 
“You guys are amazing you know that, especially you ” Jack smiled. 

“We’re all here for you, especially me” 

One Gift

They had agreed on only one gift, but as Jack looked at all the flowers in the Eternal Gardens Flower Shop he just couldn’t control himself.

“Peonies. Those are cool,” he told the woman behind the counter.  “Um, what else do you recommend?”

She smiled at his enthusiasm, “Roses?  I know they’re traditional and corny – but they’re traditional and corny and beautiful.  Your girl will love them.”

Jack frowned briefly, then shrugged it off and said softly, “They deserve corny and beautiful and everything.”

The woman’s expression changed slightly, then she quickly recovered, “So… one giant bouquet for them, or?”

“Well, we agreed to only get each other one gift.  Would a bunch of bouquets delivered in one huge vase be considered one?”

“Yes, I would say so,” she nodded happily. “Yes! What else do you want to get?  We can always put the bouquets in one box.  That’s still one item if you think about it really.”

Jack picked up a hydrangea and inhaled deeply.  The scent was crisp and clean and made him happy.  He then imagined Bitty burying his face into a bouquet of hydrangeas and it made it doubly happy.

How did he get here?  Here he was, like a sap, ordering a bunch of flowers on a Hallmark holiday for the boy he loved.  Flowers.  Like a sap, in love and with no regrets.  

He almost laughed at himself, and wished he could see Bitty’s face when the delivery arrived.

“Let’s go with two dozen of the red roses, a dozen peonies, a dozen hydrangeas, and…”


In Jack’s last FNAF video (MERGED TOGETHER | Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location #4) :

*Anti glitch*.

Today’s video title, zalgo description, and heck- even the thumbnail. It’s all literary broken:

There’s been theories that suggest that Anti has taken Jack’s place. I agree with them. 

If this is the case; Jack is the one (trapped) inside, and it’s Jack trying to get out through possibly- and if so, ironically- the same glitches Anti used. 

Now, to Anti; Jack is the “bad”, broken thing inside of him.

My point… If something is broken that you don’t have the time or effort to fix, what do you do with it?

Get rid of it. Throw it away. Destroy it.

How much longer before this happens?

Jack: Christmas Eve is when we split up and go out to spend time with family or other friends – such as Geoff going home to see Griffon; or Michael, Lindsay, Gav, and Meg spending the evening together. But we do have a bunch of traditions we all share together on Christmas Day!

Jack: We play Christmas movies all day. Our personal favorites are all those old Rankin and Bass Christmas specials – even the really bad ones. We have a lot of fun just making fun of the shoddy animation and bad voice acting.

Jack: We also make Christmas cookies. It ends up being a bigger mess than we expect though, because it’s only a matter of time before someone starts throwing flour or candy at other people. *cough* Ryan. *cough*

Ryan: I am completely innocent. It was Jeremy’s idea. And Gavin’s fault. Mostly.

Jack: There’s really no set way we exchange gifts – we don’t want to complicate things. We all kind of agree that we don’t need to get things for each other, but if we do? Most of the time they’re just little things, like Geoff getting a bottle of his favorite hard liquor or Gavin picking up one of the new games Ray’s been talking about. It simple and it works, and none of us can complain.

Jack: I think it’s really a miracle that for one day the seven of us can hold off on destroying anything or getting into any really big fights. It’s… honestly pretty awesome. I love the holidays.

Jack Maynard Imagine - Gone Wild (SMUT)

“I dare you to give Jack a hickey”

It all started two hours earlier. The boys had invited you over for a chilled night in when Mikey called saying he really wanted to go out. Although you weren’t really in the mood, you agreed because, even if it sounded mainstream, you only lived once.

Turns out when Mikey arrived he let the others know that going out wasn’t enough. That he wanted to get a little drunk before they headed out for the club. You were no one to turn down alcohol. So Conor suggested the five of you - Josh, Mikey, Conor, Jack and yourself - played a ‘good old game of truth or dare’ which you knew wasn’t going to end well.

Jack was your best friend. Well, technically Josh was your best friend, Jack was more like the guy you pretended to be really good friends with, but who in fact had you wrapped around his finger. It all had been a bed of roses until Josh found out you had a tiny little thing for Jack, and he never let you out that one ever since.

What was worse than having your best friend teasing you about your crush all day, was your crush’s brother teasing you about your crush all day. Conor found out by himself, as he said “By the way you look at him when you think he’s not looking”. The good thing was, at least you knew your dirty secret was safe with them.

Or at least you did think so, until Michael Pierce found out. It had been an accident, a terrible accident. Conor was in the middle of one of his comments about Jack and you, and he just figured. He promised not to say anything, but you weren’t sure how long he could keep that secret from.

And he could keep it for exactly 5 days and 2 hours, until he dropped the dreadful dare you were expecting, but hoped you wouldn’t get “W-What” you mumbled, your glass of beer dangerously moving on your hand.

“You bloody heard me!” Mikey said, excitedly. Josh and Conor were laughing their asses off, while Jack just stared at the floor with a huge smile on his face. You knew he wasn’t that drunk yet, so you just didn’t get it.

He lifted his head to look at you, then tilted it so to have his neck exposed, a huge smirk on his face.

Of course it wasn’t the first time you had given someone a love bite. But doing it to Jack felt so wrong, yet so right. You let out a long sigh and moved towards him, so your lips could work their way on his neck.

The boys cheered as Jack put both hands on your waist and held you on his lap, which in fact made your task easier. Still not convinced, you slowly leaned into his neck, breathing the heavy scent of his cologne. They cheered again as your lips touched his skin and sucked on it, making you more turned on than you’d wanted to.

Jack’s grip on your waist tightened, and you knew you were doing it right. Without even realizing it, you had already given him one heck of a hickey, but you decided one was nowhere near enough. You moved your head up his neck and started all over again.

“The nearest room is just around the corner!” You heard Conor laughing, but you were actually taking his request into account.

“Fuck” Jack whispered as you sucked harder on his skin, his voice making you get goosebumps. When you finished the second hickey, you put both of your hands around his neck and looked directly at his eyes, still straddling his lap. The boys were still loud in the back, but you only felt Jack’s presence in the room, his blue eyes filled with lust, looking right back at yours.

The game went on for a couple of rounds before you decided it was time to leave to the club. You walked towards Jack’s room to grab the jacket you had left there earlier, when you felt a strong pair of arms around you and you immediately recognized the scent of Jack’s cologne.

“I’m not really in the mood for clubbing anymore” he whispered into your ear, your bodies pressed together, swinging softly from side to side.

You laughed “And what do you suggest we do?”

He pinned you against his closed bedroom door, smashing his lips against yours. It was a sloppy kiss, full of lust and desire. Your tongues played with each other’s, and slipped into each other’s mouths, until you heard someone knocking at the door just behind you.

“I get you’re not coming with us” Josh shouted from the other side, and you could hear Conor laughing “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Jack, for fuck sake, just treat her right” you heard him say, and you rolled your eyes. Still you were thankful you had someone who took care of you besides Jack.

“Be safe!” Conor shouted, and a few seconds after you heard the main door closing. Jack put a hand through his hair, your hands still holding on his shoulders.

He looked right back at you, the same wicked smile he was wearing earlier, now came back to his face “Where were we?” He attacked your lips again, his hands getting under your knees to lift you up.

You wrapped yourself around his waist, your lips still not leaving his. He was so damn good at kissing. He fought for dominance and you let him win, because you just couldn’t resist yourself. The idea of Jack touching you and pleasing you, the picture of his big hands roaming your bare skin, has always been too much for you to take. And now you were living that moment.

You bit his lip before he entered your mouth again, slower this time. The pace was killing you, yet you didn’t know if you were going to die of pain or pleasure “I want you so damn bad, Y/N” he whispered rawly, and it reminded you so much of his morning voice you loved so much.

He sucked hard on your neck, causing a small moan to scape your lips “Jack” you breathed. In a matter of seconds, he had moved you to the bed, carefully placing you on top of the mattress as he played with the hem of your blouse “Just fucking take it off” you impatiently said “Take it all off”

He laughed at your desperation, but followed your orders. Not long afterwards, you were on your underwear. Jack supported himself above you, kissing you as roughly as before. You couldn’t taste a single drop of alcohol on his mouth. Suddenly he moved a hand down your covered down-area, making you jump slightly. As he started drawing circles with two of his fingers, you moved your hips towards them, asking him without words to get inside you already.

“How bad do you want me?” His voice was raspy, and your grip on his hair tightened at all the sudden feelings. You had been with other boys, not many, but some. Jack was the first one to make you feel so much without actually doing anything.

“So freaking bad, Jack” you begged, and so he responded to your pleas. With one swift move -or maybe two- he took off your panties and teased you at your entrance before sliding his middle finger inside you, making your hips pump. His tongue travelled his way down your breasts as you arched your back in pleasure, now feeling two fingers inside you. They were so big and moved so right you thought you were going to explode.

He took your lace bra off with his free hand and nibbled at your nipples, making you moan louder this time “Jack, I- I’m…” you could barely let your words out before another wave of pleasure summoned you, making you let out a loud noise instead.

Jack moved his free hand down his pants, and for the first time you noticed how big his bulge was. You held a hand out and squeezed it, wanting to tease him as bad as he had teased you. But he didn’t let that happen “Now, baby” he said, sliding his fingers out of you. You felt empty “Tonight I’m taking good care of you, alright?” He took off his pants and jumper, making his length more evident now. He leaned in and gave you a little kiss on your forehead “Just relax, and enjoy” he teased, and you couldn’t believe how cute he was being despite the situation you found yourselves into.

However, cuteness quickly turned into lust again as soon as he took off his boxers. You admired his length for a moment, before realizing that it was actually going to be inside you. You’ve always suspected that Jack was big. His friends even hinted it at some point. But you’d never imagined he was so damn big. He rubbed his member before taking a condom from the drawer and putting it on “Safety first” he let out a nervous laugh as he winked at you. He climbed on top of you again and positioned himself at your entrance.

“Jack, I…” you held onto his shoulders, looking down in hesitation “Are you sure it’s going to fit?” You asked, slightly embarrassed of having said that out loud.

Jack smiled “I’ll make sure it will” he said, before leaning down and kissing your lips again “Are you ready?” You nodded, and he slowly introduced the tip inside you.

You flinched as his member filled you completely, digging your nails into his back. You screamed as he hit the very end “Fuck, Jack” you moaned, and you noticed he was already out of breath.

“You’re so fucking tight” he whispered, his hair falling into his eyes as he breathed heavily.

“No, you’re so fucking big, that’s the problem”

He slowly began picking up the pace, sliding himself in and out of you. You moaned in pleasure every time. You needed to get even closer to him but you couldn’t, and it was driving you inside. He thrusted into you carefully, yet roughly because there was nothing more he wanted than to make you scream in pleasure. He wanted to be the only one who filled you, in every possible way.

“I love you so fucking much, Y/N” he moaned, grabbing your legs and lifting them up even more. His hands were on your hips, helping you to get closer “I-I can’t hold it much longer, fuck”

Jack moaning and swearing out of pleasure, a pleasure you were causing him, wasn’t helping at all to pull yourself together. You were a moaning and sweaty mess, now hiding your face on his neck as he thrusted in deeply “Jack, I-I’m gonna c-come” your voice broke as the pace was so fast.

Jack grabbed your butt cheeks and sat down, placing you on his lap so you were now on top. With your face still on his neck, breathing heavily, you rode him until you felt your walls clenching, and you knew it was there.

“Fuck” Jack moaned loudly as his muscles relaxed, and so did yours, when you finally reached your high. He didn’t remove his member out of you, still wanting to feel close. You searched for his lips and smashed them into his, passionately this time.

“That was amazing, Jack” you whispered as you pulled away, touching your forehead to his. He pushed your hair back with both of his hands, only to pull you into a hug when he did so.

“I really do love you, Y/N” he said as he tightened his grip around your shoulders “I don’t know how much yet, but I know I love you way more than as a friend”

You brushed the side of his mouth with your finger, “I love you too, silly” you told him.

“Let me take you out on a date, and we’ll see where it goes” he said, his hand going to your cheek.

“I’ll be pleased to go anywhere with you” you said, and he smiled, lifting your chin so your lips met again. You noticed how he was still inside you, yet you didn’t want him to remove himself off you. For the first time in ages, you felt at home inside his hug, against his touch, and you didn’t want to leave, ever.

Young!James Potter x Reader: Here

AN: I don’t know how satisfied I am with this, but I still think it’s good writing, so I hope you enjoy! Critique is always welcomed in my inbox.

Warning(s): Suggestive themes, profanity

Requested by: Anonymous

“Moony will never see it coming.” Sirius hissed, his smile daunting like a newly carved jack-o-lantern.

“The tosser deserves it.” James agreed. “Caterpillars in our sock drawer was a low blow. I just want to know what goes through his head the moment he tries to take a step on the moving staircase slicked with grease.”

“I just want to know where he got all those caterpillars.” Sirius mumbled, thoughtlessly.

Slinking around one of Hogwarts’ many statues, the dynamic duo paused, eyes shining through the dim candlelight to catch their friend walking into their trap. The schemes were an endless loop of spy vs. spy, and there would never, ever be a clear winner. Nonetheless, both were pressed against the cement figure, hearts in their throats. A waiting game called revenge.

And not long after, he appeared – sandy-hair all tousled, his eyes focused in scorn on the Daily Prophet as he made his way from the corridor. Just as Remus was about to start in on an article about Chizpurfle prevention, he caught a glimmer shining off of the first stair from the lit candles above. His eyes narrowed, and he traced the grease around with the toe of his shoe.

“This is it, mate!” Sirius wheezed, kneeling so that he could catch Remus’ fall in full view. The scene was somewhat reminiscent of a child trying to catch St. Nicholas on Christmas Eve.

James’ grin intensified, and his hazel eyes ignited with chaos. He bit his lip to keep from squealing, making his dazzlingly white teeth poke through. A bad habit. His lips were always flushed pink and rough from biting.

However, Remus was easily privy to their foolish attempt at a prank, and coughed a charm over his shoulder before setting his eyes back on his paper, and his feet back on their way. He smirked to himself, and sauntered away. Sirius and James were horrified.

“THE BLOODY WANKER!!” James screeched, peeling out from behind his post.

Remus lit up at the echo of James’ profanity, and reversed the spell he had put on the stairs. Snorting, he disappeared into the Great Hall, pleased with himself. Sirius tailed James out into the open.

James was livid. He pulled his hair from its gelled form into tufts poking on the sides. His cheeks were splotchy and red, and his bushy black eyebrows and scrunched nose made the impression of a madman complete.

“We slicked the goddamn stairs, Pads! Six liters of hog grease! How was it that that slimy little bugger just danced his way down the stairs like he was on his way to Sunday morning service?!” He shouted, catching glares from students further in the hall.

“I dunno, Prongs, we might want to keep it dow-“

“Now he’s ahead by TWO POINTS.” James carried on. “I had caterpillars in my trousers for a week and now I’m out eleven sickles for BLOODY hog oil. These stairs were COATED, Pads.”

To demonstrate his emotions, he fumed over to the bottom of the staircase.

“COATED.” He emphasized, dramatically. “And Moony just WALTZED-“

James took a large stride up the stairs, and the grease slipped under the tread of his loafers. In front of God and everyone, James began to tumble backwards, spilling down the rest of the staircase, across the landing, and down the next. He wailed profanities the entire way.

Once he lost momentum, James sat up in a dazed stupor. He slowly lowered himself back to the floor, moaning. Sirius crossed down to assist his friend, and found that James certainly needed a trip to the infirmary. Preferably before any teachers found them next to the greased staircase.

“Mate…” Sirius said, watching James blink his long eyelashes and let out a sigh. “What are we gonna tell Y/N?”

Dress shoes clacking across the hall in a hurry, Y/N tossed her y/h/c hair behind her and slung her bag over her shoulder. Peter was hot on her heels, finding it difficult to match her pace.

“What did you say happened to him?” She asked, panicked.

“H-He tried to trick Remus, and ended u-up falling in his own t-trap.” Peter mumbled, breathlessly.

“Oh, so it wasn’t Quidditch or during the full moon, he was just being stupid as per usual.” Y/N spat, bitterly.

“Y-yes, miss.”

Once she reached the infirmary, she came face to face with Remus and Sirius. She crossed her arms and knit her eyebrows together. Sirius looked sheepish and made his best attempt to avoid Y/N’s seething y/e/c eyes. Remus gave her a halfhearted wince. They both met Peter’s sight, who didn’t have anything to say for himself.

“So are you two going to tell me what happened or am I going to have to force it out of James?” She asked, tapping one foot.

“He’s fine, really.” Remus assured. “I saw through his little scheme, and he paid the price. He’s just being a big baby about it.”

Y/N glared at the sandy-haired boy.

“H-Honestly, Y/N, he’ll be back on his feet in a few days. I think he’s glad, really. Didn’t want to take that exam in Charms, anyway.” Sirius explained, putting one hand on her shoulder.

She pried it off, and pushed them aside. As she strolled into the hospital wing, Y/N scoffed.

“Idiots. I’m surrounded.”

Throwing her bags in the corner of the room, Y/N turned to find Madam Pomfrey taking James’ temperature to ensure he had no fever. James caught Y/N’s stare, and winked. When Madam Pomfrey turned away, he began making suggestive motions with the thermometer in his mouth. Y/N was livid, and turned scarlet.

“No fever, just that busted leg and wrist, Mr. Potter. We can mend them quickly once you’ve had some food in you, but they’ll be tender for a few days.” She announced. Catching sight of Y/N, she nodded before setting off to her office.

“Hello gorgeous.” James started, with a devilish grin.

“Spill the beans.” She replied, coldly. She took a seat by his side, and embraced one of his hands in hers.

“Oh come now, Ice Queen. I was being an idiot and tried to outsmart Moony. Now when has that ever worked out for me?” He teased.

“I’m just worried about you, Mister.” Y/N said, with a sigh. “You get yourself in an awful lot of trouble.”

“That was mentioned in the contract you signed to date me.” James pressed.

He made a shy smile blossom on Y/N’s face. It was one of his talents. She went to sweep the sweaty hair from his forehead, but he pulled back and winced at her touch.

“Ouch! Careful, lovie, that hurts.” He explained.

Y/N pulled her arm back, and moved to tug the covers over James. She accidentally brushed his shin, and he let out another yelp of pain. Y/N froze, terrified to touch any part of him, in fear that she would put him in more misery.

“Is there anywhere that it doesn’t hurt?” She asked, cautiously.

James thought to himself for a moment, then pointed to his left cheek.


Y/N leaned over him to press a soft kiss to the spot he motioned at.

“Better?” She asked, with a grin.

“And here.” James informed, showing Y/N his right earlobe.

She serviced him with yet another kiss, then waited expectantly. James was wild and uncontrollable, but she could always get lost in his deep, rich eyes. It made a faint heat come to her cheeks.

“Here, too, love.” He whispered, pointing to his rough lips.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Y/N was enveloped in a soft and tender kiss. Her lips melted between James’ and his big, strong hand rubbed a small circle into her back. While his wrist was damaged, he still rolled the hem of Y/N’s skirt between his thumb and forefinger. The kiss was rich, like dark chocolate, and when Y/N slipped away for air, she felt a definite absence. James gave her a smile.

“Can still do that, even with my injuries.” He remarked.

Y/N pecked him on the lips once more, to feel his touch again.

“Rest up, sweetie.” She commanded. “I will be sitting here when you wake up, holding your hand, right by your side.”

“I’ll dream of you, darling.” James said, lowering himself to his side.

His eyelids slipped shut and soon, Y/N heard gentle snores along with the rise and fall of his breath. Y/N relaxed into the infirmary chair, the image of James’ soft eyes still burning slowly into her mind, making her stomach spark. Her small hand traced his worn cuticles and bit fingernails, feeling the callouses on his palm. Those rough hands always treated her so gently. She was utterly in love with him, and he had kept his promise – he dreamed of her that afternoon, as he had done for years.

Dating Hotch would include...

- Him being protective, like overly protective.
- Him always texting you when he’s away on a case.
- Him introducing you to Jack.
- You and Jack hitting it off.
- Having to say goodbye to Jack.
- Jack saying ‘She’s cool, can we see her again?
- You and Hotch agreeing.
- Leads to you watching Jack when Hotch has to stay late.
- None of you mind though, you and Jack just watch shows and build forts.
- Hotch coming home from a case and sees your feet sticking out the bottom, he grabs and pulls them.
- Jack trying to save you but he’s giggling too much since Hotch is talking in a ‘monsters voice.’

This is the first one so I didn’t know if anyone wanted to be tagged. Send them in, I’m trying to get back to writing but I have my graded unit for college to do :( but this is light and simple and no problem to do <3

truth or dare?

I’ve been trying to work my way through the pile of prompts in my inbox, but honestly it’s rough because I end up writing 2k+ words each time and it gets out of control fast. Anyways, here’s one for an anon who asked for “zimbits - truth or dare”!

summary: After playing a round of Truth or Dare with the boys at the Haus, Jack and Bitty start playing a private game of their own. (this is not smutty, don’t get your hopes up! it’s all fluff!)

          “Jaaaack,” Bitty slurred his name, well and truly drunk. “You can’t just pick truth every time. That’s so boring.”

           “He’s right, Jack,” Ransom agreed seriously from across the circle. “Plus, it’s in the rules that you can only choose truth twice in row before you must pick dare for your next turn.”

           “I don’t remember there being so many rules to this game,” Jack said. He frowned at Ransom and Holster who exchanged glances with each other and then grinned in unison at Jack. “Sounds to me like you’re making it up.”

           Bitty giggled and pushed Jack lightly on the shoulder. It was the most contact they’d had all night and Jack wanted badly to kiss him. He had almost immediately been sucked into the group when he’d arrived a few hours earlier and hadn’t had a real moment alone with Bitty yet. Bitty raised a single eyebrow at him and then smiled, obviously reading his thoughts.

           “Alright, fine. Dare then, Bits,” Jack said, returning his smile.

           “Excellent,” Bitty said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

           “Get him good, Bitty,” Holster encouraged, pointing at Bitty meaningfully. Bitty nodded and turned to Jack, smirking.

           That’s how it started.

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This whole post is born out of a post I saw in the Swan Queen tag, basically it was one of those “can’t we all just get along”, “ship and let ship” posts. While I agreed with most of the things they said, there was one thing I read that just got under my skin, “C$ is confirmed True Love” and all I could think was

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

So as not to be that person and hi-jack the post I decided to make my own.

I will never understand why people think that C$ is confirmed True Love (TL). Is it because of that contrived test that they “passed”?  I don’t know why this bugs me…no wait I do, OUAT’s tried and true method of proving TL is True Love’s Kiss (TLK) which C$ does not have. In fact every couple that we’ve seen have TLK it was their very first kiss, C$ has had a gratuitously numerous amount of kisses, including a few failed TLK attempts. To me that automatically discounts them but there are still people out there who think that ridiculous test was what confirmed it when in fact it completely and utterly disproved them as a TL couple and I’m gonna prove it. Let’s take a look at the test scene in episode 5x20 “Firebird” just because I have a strong desire to rip it a new one. Brace yourselves this is gonna be long.

I’m gonna do this in sections and put it under the cut because it’s going to be so long.

I. The Dialogue

II. The Test

III. What the Show Says About True Love and Comparing/Contrasting with Swan Queen (just because I can)

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Sabotage-Stiles Stilinski

Part 1:The Promise

Teen Wolf Imagine: #98

PromptAs teenagers a boy and a girl agree to marry if neither have by their 35th birthday. Follow the boy as he attempts to sabotage every relationship the girl has till then.

Word Count: 640

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: So this is part 1! I was going to write it as one long thing but I thought it would be better split up into parts. Le me know what you think!

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Coming Soon

Last Imagine

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anonymous asked:

I saw this one theory that Anti likes to hurt jack and then heal him over and over just to torture him and I agree. How about you?

I think that could be a plausible thing, yeah! I know someone else has already said this but it almost looks like Anti stabbed him in the neck? Like, out of anger or something. Maybe because /he wouldn’t die/

Someone also said it was Anti trying to take Jack’s voice away and I absolutely love that idea

Secrets - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N: I got my inspiration for this imagine from the gif in the middle of it which isn’t mine so credit to @iridescent-maynards (original post here).

“Don’t forget we have to act natural while we’re in there,” You reminded Jack as you approached the door to Oli’s flat.

“Well I guess I better get one more kiss in now,” He replied, backing you up against the wall of the hallway and pressing his lips to yours. You and Jack had been secretly hooking up for a few weeks now but you hadn’t told any of your friends yet. Neither of you were really looking for a relationship, and you knew if your friends found out, they’d start asking questions you didn’t have answers to. So for now you’d agreed to keep it secret and low key.

“Alright, are you all set now?” You asked when he finally pulled out of the kiss.

Jack looked thoughtful for a second as if he were trying to come up with a reason to prolong this moment.

“Mmm I think I need one more!” And with that he leaned in and pecked you on the cheek. “Okay now I’m good.”

You stepped away from him, leaving the appropriate amount of space between you for two friends. Jack knocked on the door and only a few seconds passed before Oli appeared to open it.

“Jack! Y/N! Welcome!” Oli cheered, making space for you to pass by and enter the apartment. “Thanks for helping me film this video.”

“No problem mate!” Jack replied. “As long as you have more subscribers than me I’m always happy to be featured in your videos,” he joked.

Oli had invited to you two over to film a challenge that required teams of two. Oli and Jack would be on one team and you were on a team with Joe. While one team was on screen filming, the other got to sit off camera and relax. After filming the intro, Jack and Oli decided to go first, leaving you and Joe to hang out for a bit. Joe was busy trying to get a good snapchat with the new bee filter but you decided to watch the filming instead. Jack was wearing a headband today that pushed his hair back and perfectly accentuated his facial features. You were busy staring at Jack’s jawline while Oli was telling some story to the camera and Jack looked over at you to notice you watching him. Thinking no one was paying any attention to him, he gave you a cheeky wink and smiled.

“… Right Jack?”

Jack looked back at Oli and froze, realizing that he had been watching him for the past few seconds. Apparently Jack should have been paying more attention to Oli’s story. Oli followed Jack’s earlier line of sight to see the target of his wink: you. You could almost see the wheels turning as Oli started to realize something was going on.

“Wait a minute. Why did you two show up together? And Jack is that a hickey?” He asked, pushing the neck of Jack’s sweatshirt down slightly to expose a dark purple mark you had left only hours ago.

You and Jack both turned bright red, knowing you’d been caught.

“Joe are you seeing this?”

Joe had long since looked up from his phone and was staring at you like you’d grown a second head.

“Yeah I’m seeing this! How long has this been going on? Are you just hooking up or are you dating? Does anyone know?”

You and Jack both fumbled through the barrage of questions, giving equally noncommittal answers until the shock wore off and you finally finished filming the video.

As you were leaving, Jack stopped you in the hallway outside of Oli’s apartment.

“I just wanted to talk to you about what happened in there. People are going to start asking us questions…” He trailed off and for a minute, you were worried he was trying to call the whole thing off. “I’m actually kind of glad it happened,” He picked up again. “Because it’s going to force me to do this. When people ask questions I want to be able to tell them you’re my girlfriend. Do you want to go on a proper date with me?”

Your heart lifted at his words and you realized just how important being with him was to you.

“I’d love to!” You replied, kissing him again, but this time it didn’t have to be a secret.

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this one so I hope you enjoyed it too. Remember, I take requests!


Hmmm….not sure what to make of Joe liking that comment when you put it into context. Thoughts? 😂

Well, one thing is for sure, he is well aware that the Joeck ship is a thing! And the fact that it didn’t put him off from coming online to tweet twice about Jack is very positive 😊

I need to give a lot of credit to @teenwolfsugg on Twitter for finding this. You can find her on Tumblr too @joeck she makes amazing gifs 🤗

Edit: had some more time to think…..and I think the titanic comment is saying that ‘wishfuljoe’ was being pretty harsh at sinking the Joeck ship. And Joe agreeing with that is a good thing 🖒
sǫon ̷y̵o̢ų'll͡ s̛e͜é, jack͢.
sǫon ̷y̵o̢ų'll͡ s̛e͜é, jack͢.

someone requested another pre-halloween convo between jack & anti
so here ya go! made this one just as long as the last one
the other one is actually rlly popular with over 1800+ plays and 160+ notes damn
you guys really like these and it means a lot :’0
script is down below! 

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