i agree with him though

There’s a reason he’s hitched to Princess Mononoke and living in a yurt.
—  Liam O’Brien, explaining Vax’s rebellious response to elves telling him he wasn’t good enough because he was half human and didn’t have a title


His name is Ernie Reyes Jr. but he played a character named Keno (KENO?? KEITH?? COINCIDENCE?? I THINK NOT) in the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (again, don’t ask how I got here)

He’s a pizza delivery boy that gets caught up in turtle shenanigans and literally only exists for one movie but please just look at him.

The black t-shirt, the bright red jacket, tHE MULLET. Did I also mention he’s Filipino because I could go for some Filipino!Keith headcanons like sign me the fuck up

AND WHAT’S THIS??? Have you always wanted to know what Keith would look like reacting to meeting cryptids irl well HERE YOU FUCKING GO. THROWBACK TO THE OG CRYPTIDS OF MY CHILDHOOD: GIANT RATMAN AND HIS GREEN DISCIPLES

Here’s him ready to fight a bitch in a tank top because he loves fisticuffs and is a hella good martial artist. Within the first like four minutes of the movie, he sees these dudes robbing a store and goes up to them ALONE telling them “you’re under arrest” HOLDING A BUNCH OF PIZZAS and attempts to take all of them out alone. I mean he beats the shit out of them but like then a bunch more guys come running out and then he’s like oH SHIT I DIDNT THINK THIS THROUGH but luckily the turtles come to save his ass.

Did I also mention that out of all the turtles he is most similar to Raphael? The red turtle. The most impatient and impulsive turtle. Always ready to fight. PLEASE. Also Raphael doesn’t really like him at first but then Keno suggests he use himself as bait to find the baddies and suddenly Raphael is like “I hate to agree with him but he’s gotta point.” So even though Splinter is like “TOO DANGEROUS” the two of them break off from the rest of the team and do the mission anyways (um) and accidentally find The Big Bad™ (uM) and then get into hot shit (UM) and Raphael sacrifices himself for Keno (UMMMMMMMMMM). But don’t worry Keno brings everyone back to save him.

And then later there’s a scene where Splinter tries to teach him how to meditate but Keno physically can’t do it and runs off to fight instead because fuck patience he needs to kick something. Here’s this idiot literally back flipping onto the stage to fight Shredder one-on-one like wtf he’s so extra™

He also had an action figure even though he was only in one movie and HOLY SHIT THIS IS MORE KEITH LIKE THAN THE KEITH ACTION FIGURE????


Bonus: Keno sticking his leggy out

i can’t believe it’s been a year and people still don’t understand the point of kylo ren’s character. he isn’t supposed to be this terrifying villain, maybe its just because people originally expected that from him and can’t let go of that idea but he isn’t supposed to be on par with darth vader. sure, he would love to be darth vader but since it’s kylo, the poor boy is going to fail. there is a good time spent in tfa explaining how much he looks up to and aspires to be darth vader but is not darth vader. if his character was supposed to be that way the movie wouldn’t need to make that point. rey would not have exposed that fear of his that he will never be vader. 

he’s a different kind villain in tfa, and I definitely don’t think he’s meant to be the villain of the trilogy. I can’t see him getting more scary in the next movies either, he was most frightening at the beginning of tfa and near the end he seemed most vulnerable and human. having him become a big scary villain after that doesn’t work. you aren’t going to achieve those sith dreams, i’m afraid to say kylo.

Try Not To (Jungkook x Reader Fluff/Slight Smut)

Summary: “Try not to get nervous.”

(( Note: another story for the youngest member who stands on top. In this one I more so like the bickering than the actual ‘fluff’ or ‘smut’ which is so so so mild I warn you. So, idk about this one at all :(( Either way, I hope you all enoy! ))

Could you have taken any longer, holy fuck.

It was a far late into a chilly Sunday night and you were standing outside your friend’s door clutching your tote bag against your chest and curling your toes against the rubber soles of your not-so-appropriate flip flops you when sporting. A combination of that plus a thin cardigan and pajama shorts were definitely not the greatest outfit choice when in this close-to-frozen mid-February weather. In your defense, it wouldn’t have been as horrifyingly cold as it was if it weren’t for Jeon Jungkook who took his sweet as time answering the door.

Fifteen minutes to be exact.

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this world is full of boring people. people who lack talent stick together and oppress those who do possess talent. even though they know they’re insignificant, they don’t try to acknowledge their superiors… they are profoundly desperate to drag them down to their level… and because of these bastards, the world has come to a deadlock. this world has stopped evolving. how boring.

flamefiends  asked:

I like all of them! But purple was the original Swapfell color, and it suits him well in your style

The amount of people who remember the original swapfell is a sad dying community ;3; bless you <3

This being said this is what the poll looks like currently:
138 Purple
52 Red
50 Blue

Seeing as how purple is so far ahead I’ve finally went and chosen him to be purple! I’m actually very surprised that red and blue are so dang close to eachother…. I’ve had someone suggest purple with blue eyes but I’ve been mulling over the fact of their magic being purple like the originals as well. (plus… Swap san’s eyes are typically the same color as his scarf/etc =w=;;) Papyrus will have a light purple matching collar. Cute puppy >w<

But thank you, i’m glad you like him in my style!!! ^w^ he was heavily inspired by three specific artists that I love!!

Now that that is solved I can finally move on and finish everything else~~

(Thank you to everyone again!!! *w*)

Why I ship Aokise (part 1)

there’s plenty of ships in KNB, but is there a specific reason why I ship Aomine and Kise together the most and why it’s my favourite ship? The answer is: I have tons of reasons why I ship these two. 

It’s not just because Kise looks up to Aomine the most and that Aomine is the one that inspired Kise to play basketball and helped him hone his skills the most, but it’s in the subtlety of their friendship, the unspoken words between the two. It’s their trust and deep connection with each other. 

Disclaimer: This is not going to be about a post on how Kise has always idolized Daiki, but how these two, in my opinion, has the best relationship development. There’s no hating on other ships here, and please, if you have nothing good to say about this post then say nothing at all.

Some might argue that Kuroko and Aomine has a deeper level of friendship (no Im not hating on any other ships), but Aomine’s said it himself (you can check it out on wiki) - outside of basketball, the two have nothing much in common. Aomine in Teiko thinks of Kuroko as his best friend, Momoi coming in second because she’s has always been a constant in his life.

But Kise. The idiot he purposely threw the basketball at, the one who despite crushing several times, never stops asking hm for one-on-ones. Kise has also somehow wormed into Aomine’s heart, whether he liked it or not.

Part one - The Kaijo vs Too event

1. He acknowledges Kise as a strong opponent.

I’d like to think that Aomine has kept tabs on Kise in the few months they’ve been separated. Aomine knows that Kise is strong, probably stronger than ever since the GOM’s separation. He knows that his team wouldn’t last without Aomine playing - that’s how much confidence he has in Kise’s skills. 

Aomine has never said it out loud, but he has always thought of Kise of a worthy opponent. Even during their Teiko times, Aomine is always seen baffled by Kise’s growth rate in basketball. He’ll never admit it but if Kise is able to play how most players do that has trained for years and years in merely months, then Kise is one of the few that has a standing chance against him.

2. They both know each other best

This is something that i’d been wanting to talk about. In fact i’m so excited to talk about this I’m not sure where to start. They’ve been training together for months, of course they’d get used to each other’s patterns. It was one of the craziest intense match as the two of them tried to outsmart each other. They know what moves the other might make and all that, but this isn’t just it.

Outside of basketball, they often hang out as well. In a few KNB games, the two often hang out and they both know what each other likes and dislike. In fact, Aomine knows how Kise doesn’t like worms but he got Kise a larvae as a gift on his birthday, knowing it would piss him off (in a small comic strip by the artist of KNB). 

…i think I’ll write this part in another post.

3. Neither of them want the other to go easy on them.

After Kise gives Aomine “the look,” this is what Aomine said to him. He realizes that while Kise is using an underhanded tactic, Aomine doesn’t want him to go soft on him because of his 4 fouls. He wants Kise to win as much as Kise doesn’t want him to lose. This wasn’t stated in the anime or the manga but you can see that Aomine is sick and tired of Kise running after him all this while.

Kise knew Aomine wouldn’t hold back with his 4 fouls. Kise knew that this tactic of his wouldn’t work against Aomine. And the fact that Aomine found out about this little tactic of his made Kise happy - it just really means that they knew each other so much that Daiki was able to realize what the blond planned. 

4. Aomine looks out for Kise’s wellbeing and feelings.

OKAY SO THIS IS LIKE. The main reason why I even ship these two to begin with. People ALWAYS tell me that it’ Kise hanging on Aomine most of the time and I don’t deny this. But have you ever notice the way Aomine treats Kise? Not as if Kise’s fragile, but in the way Kise wants to be treated - as a challenger, as a strong, worthy opponent. While Aomine has always told kise that he’ll never be strong as him, but Aomine knows that all these words will just serve to motivate the blond more.

This part though:

Here, Aomine subtly states that he knows Kise isn’t at maximum power and full potential yet, and that he’s losing to Aomine now, but will be even better in the future, the next time they compete. Can I also take this time to mention how both of them are smiling wide and blissful while Kise is saying that? It’s like Aomine’s saying “yeah I know so its okay.” Aomine agrees with him (though like. very subtly)

Aomine knows that Kise has a bad leg. This can be proven as Aomine didn’t enter the zone against Kise. 

Also, even Imayoshi knows that Aomine has a soft spot for his dumb blond. 

This was translated slightly off from the manga. In the manga Imayoshi says: “If he had any weaknesses, it would be the soft spot he has for his former teammate.” Plural. 

5. Aomine cares.

To those that think Aokise is an abusive ship, stating that Kise’s adoration is borderline creepy and how Aomine stomps all over Kise’s feeling, please look and consider again. These two share an amazing rivalry and friendship.

Aomine knows that whatever he says to kise would only hurt and make the blond feel like he’s making a joke out of him. Aomine actually knows how to hold his tongue when it comes to Ryouta. 



THIS PART!!!! Some may overlook this part but it’s so so so very important. Aomine actually stood behind Kise to see whether or not he can get up by himself. His concerned face says it all. He knows that he was the one that pushed Kise to his limit, and Aomine is at a lost for what to do. ‘Do I help him up? What if he rejects my help?’ his face seems to say.

If Kasamatsu hadn’t come and help (not that I’m complaining since this is one of my ships too), I’d guess that Aomine would eventually offer his help. 

And if anything, Kise looked like he was expecting Aomine to be the one who offered him help.

AND MOREOVER!!!  Aomine stood by to make sure Kise has gotten help before moving back to his team. He made sure that Kise was in safe hands before looking away.

Aomine stood by to make sure Kise has gotten help before moving back to his team. He made sure that Kise was in safe hands before taking his leave. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I think this is exactly what it looks like. Aomine is a big softie (and a huge idiot) when it comes to the blond. 

6. Finally, this.

Ummmm? If you didn’t know, this title comes from Aomine’s point of view. Here, ‘おまえ /Omae’, referring to ‘your’, is used by Aomine. Kise uses ‘あんた’ when referring to others. Aomine is talking about ‘Their Basketball.’ No one else’s. I’m not sure why i added this point but this fact just makes me so giddy.

But in my point of view, Aomine both despise and love their basketball - he doesn’t like the way they play so similarly, the way they know each other best, the way Kise is trying to use Aomine’s style against him. But at the same time, he enjoys it. Aomine may make fun of him and belittle him verbally, but he really does enjoy playing with the blond because Kise is exciting as well as challenging. This is ‘their basketball,’ and nothing can change it. Aomine enjoys the blond’s company and vice versa (as seen from the manga) and knows that Kise could one day overwhelm him in terms of power (also from the manga). He knows that even if their basketball has changed, he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

PHEW! That was a long ass rant. Tl;dr - Aokise has a lot of potential, and I’m really sad that people actually shit on this ship. I wanted to bring this side of the ship into the light where it isn’t just Kise doing all the chasing.

I’ll upload the rest of the analysis later (teiko days, Aokise on casual days out, them from the Manga and Replace Plus, Knb Last Game, Official art and their screen time during games) So if you enjoyed this, reblog it or drop me a message!

BTS Group Chat

Yoongi: You guys realize that Hoseok is MY boyfriend? So I would appreciate it if you guys didn’t try to flirt with him every 2 seconds
Jungkook: I never agreed to you dating him though
Jimin:Yea, none of us did
Namjoon: Which means that Hoseok is still available
Yoongi: We literally have sex everyday
Taehyung: Which means he’s experienced
Jin: *pops in just to post a selfie of him and Hoseok * ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yoongi: (ง'̀-‘́)ง All of you come fight me right now

Study Break

Words: 600
Note: I think we can all agree that I’m the Queen of shit endings. Anyway, here’s to all the people who keep asking for more College!Shawn 😄 Also, I’m thinking of doing a part 2 that may or may not contain some smutty-ness, soooo   😊

Originally posted by shawnzayn

“Shawn, stop! I’m trying to study.” The librarian walked passed, shushing us at first, but started laughing quietly to herself when she saw us together. Perk number ten of working in the school’s library – you don’t get kicked out for being too loud. Nevertheless, we both made a conscious effort to keep our voices down.

“I know, but you’ve been studying for ages now.” He whined, leaning back on the old chair that was way too small for him. The thing groaned under his weight and I panicked thinking it was going to break. Not that it would be a problem; Shawn had shuffled his chair so close to mine, his butt was practically on my seat anyway.

“It’s only been an hour.” A long hour at that. Memorizing advanced conjugate French verbs was not the most thrilling thing to be doing on a Friday night, but whatever helps me past my midterms, I guess.

“Well, I think it’s time you took a break.” Before I could tell him for the tenth time that, no, there isn’t time for me to take a break, he was plucking the pen out of my hand, pushing away my notepad and textbook to the other side of the table so I couldn’t reach them.

“Fine,” I huffed in defeat, resting my head against his arm that rested on the back of my chair, “What now?”

“I have a few ideas.” A cheeky little smirk appeared on his face as he leaned in, his lips so close to mine that I could feel his warm breath against mine. My eyes fluttered close, and I was so ready for whatever he had planned. But at the last minute he pulled away, moving to brush them against my cheek instead.

“You’re annoying.” I groaned and pushed at his chest, totally not thinking about how great the hard muscles under his signature burgundy sweatshirt. But, seriously, how could one person be so smart, sweet, funny, charismatic and attractive? It shouldn’t be allowed.

He caught my hand, our interlocking like they were parts of a puzzle as he brought them up to his lips, kissing each knuckle in turn.

“But you like me really.” He was right there, and the smug grin on his face told me he knew it.

“I’d like you better if you shut up and kissed me.”

He didn’t need to think twice as he ducked his head, this time resulting in the softest kiss I think I’ve ever experienced. I felt his large hand on my cheek, long fingers cupping around my head, his thumb gently caressing my soft skin.

My heart skipped when his tongue poked against my bottom lip. I let him in, one of my hands gripping onto his wrist while the other clutched at the fabric of his jumper.

Remembering that we were still in a public place, I began to rein in the kiss, which was quickly becoming heated. Slowly, I pulled my head back, Shawn letting out a small groan as my teeth caught his bottom lip for a second. I giggled at how he adorable he looked with his glasses all fogged up and how his cheek flushed a red almost as deep as his sweatshirt.

“Want to come back to mine and study some more.” He tried to sound cool, but the shakiness to his voice threw him off. Regardless I happily agreed, even though I doubted we were going to do anything that helped towards my midterms.

My North Star (pt 5)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

A/N: So I said I make the parts shorter…I lied. I hope you like this though! Let me know if you want a part 6! and please tell me what you think of this part as well :D 

Length: 4k words

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst, romance, fluff

Summary: You were in love with your best friend and he was the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And another guy tries to win your heart?

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another victim of miel towacity’s manipulation

please read this it’s fucked up and i want this to come to light. i want people to know about this 

this is will, miel towacity’s ex. i don’t have a tumblr, so someone is posting this for me. this will be written in my (will’s) pov

just today actually, another person messaged me privately about their toxic relationship with miel. they want to remain completely anonymous so i’m going to name them “C” (this has no correlation with their actual name it’s a random letter)

warnings for manipulation, suicide, hospitalization 

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I am a bachelor and being of a social turn I cultivate a large number of friends. (…) It was at his table that I met some weeks ago a young fellow named Garcia. (…) He spoke perfect English, was pleasing in his manners, and as good-looking a man as ever I saw in my life. In some way we struck up quite a friendship, this young fellow and I. He seemed to take a fancy to me from the first, and within two days of our meeting he came to see me at Lee. One thing led to another, and it ended in his inviting me out to spend a few days at his house, Wisteria Lodge (…). Yesterday evening I went to Esher to fulfil this engagement. (…)I remember that he remarked what a queer household it was to find in the heart of Surrey, and that I agreed with him, though it has proved a good deal queerer than I thought.

Scott Eccles, The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge, His Last Bow

There’s honestly nothing straight in this paragraph.

flyawayprincess  asked:

All this Host hype is amazing! Though most of the headcannons are breaking my heart a little. -JRW

i agree! even though we’ve only had glimpses of him, i love all the different theories and headcanons people have been coming up for him! people are so creative like i’m constantly just blown away. 💚

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So Chibiusa is 900 years old but her parents never notice her weird thing about her father?

Much as I’m hating Black Lady sucking face with her future father (AND OH I DO), I do see where it’s more complicated than that. Or at least In how I’m choosing to interpret it, let me say. I have absolutely no confidence in Takeuchi’s writing nuance, and so don’t know how much of this I would say is incidental and how much is intentional.


In the context of 900-year old Chibi-Usa (MY ETERNAL FAVE), Black Lady has really only improved on the situation in one way: physically. Her body is adult, but her emotional maturity is still about eight years old. I don’t know that many of Black Lady’s actions don’t stem from a child “playing” at being adult now.

You hear things like “I’m going to marry daddy when I grow up” from little kids, and it doesn’t mean they literally want to bone their dad, it’s a child’s lack of understanding of different forms of love and the nature of a marriage, and a bunch of shit they literally can’t understand yet because they’re a child.

So as much as I’m against 900-year old Chibs (AND I AM), and as much as I want to throw up when I see them kiss (AND I DO), I don’t see it as Chibs having “a weird thing about her father” (and this isn’t even necessarily her father in her eyes because it’s Mamoru, though I agree her renaming him Endymion is intensely wtf) so much as just Chibi-Usa being very young and very alone and very confused and trying to act like she thinks she’s “supposed” to act now that she’s suddenly become “an adult”.


Even if this WAS Takeuchi’s intent – something I am not at all convinced of – I think she did a piss poor job with it. Black Lady has been fanatically devoted to Wiseman throughout this, which dulls the personal edge from any of her actions, making them seem more “because I’m evil” than “because I am Chibi-Usa and this is how I’m hurting”.

Chibs hasn’t shown this jealousy over or need to “claim” Mamoru at all. She’s really been nothing but sweet to Usagi and doesn’t seem to mind Mamoru spending time with her at all. Her motivations here would actually make more sense if she and Usagi had been bickering over him, though gods know I loathe that shit and would never invite it.

The impetus for Chibs running away and being caught by Wiseman in the first place was driven by Pluto, and yet none of this is about Pluto. I feel this is the greatest misstep in the whole thing. Black Lady hasn’t even brought Pluto up. She immediately targeted Mamoru and then seemed satisfied, but that’s an avenue she never had to fight to win. Mamoru willingly gave Chibs everything she needed whenever she needed it. It feels to me like, once again, the conflict has to be turned towards keeping Usagi and Mamoru at its center, by default making it NOT about Chibi-Usa, which feels the saddest fucking thing of all, frankly.

I REALIZE I’M GOING WAY OFF-TOPIC HERE I APOLOGIZE. Just, to my eyes, story would be so much more dynamic and interesting and with 100% less deep-throat father kissing if Black Lady had turned her attention to the one person Chibs felt the most betrayed by, the one person in all the world she thought was hers and only hers.