i agree with him 100 percent

Look I'm Christian and celibate now...

But before that I was being a hoe. So I got some hoe tips for yall.

Once upon a time there was a nigga I had that hated eating pssy

So one day he told me he’d do it for me, after I begged him to do it.

Nigga took one taste and was like I’ll do it whenever you want. (He was bad at it so I ain’t ask again but that’s for a different story)

Anyway, you maybe wondering how I got him to agree, it’s cause it was good!

You heard me my fellow hoes my pssy was good. Why?

Because I stayed drinking WATER!!!! And the only juice I would drink was 100 % CRANBERRY JUICE

Key word: 100 PERCENT!

Not the cocktail juices cause that stuff ain’t good for you!!

But the real stuff! That bitter ass 100 PERCENT CRANBERRY JUICE & WATER, kept me tasting yummy!

I drank that stuff Erryday!


(Disclaimer: I’m a former sex worker I can say hoe if I want to, don’t come at me with all that slur bs!)

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(it's tomorrow by me actually... almost seven in the morning actually. Im the idea anon.. For privacy, i'll call myself Galaxy) Here's a Yurio and Yuuri idea: Yuuri visibly has bad anxiety. And im like 12/10 positive Yurio has hidden anxiety (He's young and has a lot of pressure to do well). Imagine Yuuri finding Yurio in the bathroom or something and hes basically petrified, so yuuri is the one to calm him down before he passes out or throws up from how bad his anxiety gets. -Galaxy

I 100 percent agree with you about Yurio having anxiety! Also how do you keep coming up with these amazing scenarios? They’re all soooooo good! I couldn’t get this out of my head and ended up having to write it. This is set after the short program at the Rostellacon Cup, but before Yuuri gets the call about Makkachin.

This feels strangely familiar, standing in the bathroom while someone is having a breakdown. But the circumstances are flipped, it’s Yuri sitting in the stall and Yuuri lurking outside awkwardly. He can hear the teenager’s harsh breathing; it sounds like he’s hyperventilating. “Are you okay, Yuri?” he asks tentatively. He’d been waiting for Victor to finish up with something and had spotted Yuri making a mad dash to the bathroom, his face pale. Concerned, Yuuri had followed him.

And it seems like his worry was justified. “Yuri?” he asks again after receiving no answer.

“Go away!” A choked scream echoes from the safety of the stall. Yuri doesn’t sound angry though, just panicked. His breathing rate picks up a little, and Yuuri winces in sympathy.

“Yuri, I know that you’re not okay,” Yuuri begins soothingly. “I can help you, if you let me. You’re going to make yourself sick at this rate.”

For a moment, the bathroom is silent except for Yuri’s rapid, shallow breaths. Then, after a few seconds have passed, there’s the sound of Yuri shifting slightly and the door unlocks with a loud click. Yuuri slowly pushes it open to reveal Yuri curled in on himself on top of the closed toilet, his face white and streaked with tears. He’s gasping for air, clearly not getting enough oxygen. Yuuri has to fix this now, before it gets any worse.

He takes the teenager’s face gently in his hands. “Yuri, I need you to focus on me,” he instructs. Slowly, Yuri brings his eyes up to meet Yuuri’s. They’re red and puffy, but relatively clear. “Good,” Yuuri praises, shooting the younger skater a reassuring smile. “Now take a deep breath in for five, and hold it for five.” It takes Yuri a little longer to accomplish this, but Yuuri is patient and murmurs encouragement until Yuri’s breathing sounds marginally better. He knows firsthand how difficult it is to regain control after an episode of anxiety.

When Yuri’s breathing finally evens out, he slumps in exhaustion. This, Yuuri remembers well; panic attacks take a lot out of you. “You feeling a little better?” he asks, tapping on the backs of Yuri’s hands to encourage him to unclench his fists. With each deeper breath that he takes, the tension seems to drain out of him.

Yuri gives a tiny nod. “Good. If you think that you can stand, let’s get you cleaned up. I’m sure that your coaches are looking for you. Yuri nods again, and makes a valiant attempt to stand, but his knees buckle. “Just take it slow,” Yuuri suggests, and loops the teen’s arm over his shoulders when he insists on trying to get up again. With Yuuri’s support, he manages to get to the sink and splash some water on his pale, clammy face.

By the time Yuri is done washing up, he’s standing on his own, albeit shakily. He turns to leave, Yuuri following closely on his heels, and mutters something so quietly that Yuuri can’t quite make it out.

“What was that?” Yuuri asks, curious.

This time, Yuri turns to face his supposed nemesis before whispering “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing, really!” Yuuri reassures him instantly. “I’m glad I could help.”

“Yeah, well, we’re never talking about this,” Yuri says firmly, turning to leave. “And I’m still going to kick your ass tomorrow in the free skate!”

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i agree with you 100 percent about the lack of character development of maggie. i think the writers definitely put ALL OF THEIR EGGS in one basket this season for m*n-el. i think maggie averages what 4-5 min per episode? it's not enough to actually care about the character. but in a funny way w/all of the screentime m*on-el has gotten i have hated him more & more. tv critics are actually writing about this now, avclub is bashing the show on a weekly basis loll just hope the SG writers r aware

too much of one thing is never a good thing. From the beginning they have been trying too hard to make Mon El important without actually making him important. In what way does he affect the show or Kara as an individual? Why should we care about him becoming a hero when we have been given no reason to care for him as a person/alien first. Not to mention we already have so many other characters who are being heroic without being forced to be. We have Kara, Alex, J’onn, James, M’gann, Winn, even Lena. Why should we care about Mon El? What makes him so special (other than being a pretty white man)?