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Opinion | ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is one of the funniest, most important shows on TV. Fox should renew it.
A series that takes for granted that both the police and the public have an interest in improving the profession is a rare thing.
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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” can do something that political discourse seems to find incredibly difficult. The series is confident and optimistic about the necessity of good policing, without ever being remotely defensive about the prospect that this essential job could and should be done better. Its characters are meant to be the best of the NYPD, and they still struggle with bureaucracy and their own impulses. The series doesn’t need them to be perfect — if they were, their excellence would be as deadly to the show’s comedy as incompetence.

That’s an essential perspective. Equally essential: the way Goor and his team have unlocked Andre Braugher’s comedic genius; the way the series managed to revitalize the sitcom holiday episode; the show’s love for and critique of decades of police pop culture; any series that gives us the sight of Samberg pretending he has the mumps. It would be sad to lose “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” if it were only the funniest or one of the most politically fascinating shows anywhere on television. Given that it’s both, seeing it go off the air would be an absolute tragedy.

I really think that exams are just like a memorising test and that’s so stupid. They should let you take your notes in that isn’t just absorbing knowledge and then show that you can be analytical, intelligent and think critically.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on 1st of November 2016

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I don’t know what it is…

Maybe it has to do with the conversation that I had at work but I was thinking about YouTube. Not like the platform but like… My YouTubers. The people I watch regularly or am currently watching. It weird to think about how I care for them when in reality, I can’t say I know them like I know my coworkers or a friend.

But I care.

I was watching Jack’s video watching the Evolution of Jacksepticeye and I just… Started crying. Like-ugly gross hiccuping sobbing. I haven’t been apart of the channel that long (I say that but I believe it’s been at least 3 years. Jeez.) and I may not watch every video religiously but man.
I was watching Jack when I moved into my first apartment.
I was watching Jack when I burned bridges with my foster mother.
I was watching Jack and Mark and Shane when I realized I was losing my apartment. Their videos helped me keep my chin up and are still helping me do that (though this week is looking to be a bad week with the way I’m feeling)
And I just… I can’t even articulate what is in my chest right now. I care for these people. They don’t know my name or my face or anything but I care.
Mark is continuing to branch out. Jack is moving.
And I’ve met so many more YouTubers-Dan, Corinne and Rob, Phil, and Lilly- that I watch. That I want to succeed and I just…
I’m proud of all of them. And I don’t know them and sometimes that makes me feel so stupid.
And… I think my brain is just overwhelming me in negativity and mixing my emotions about everything together. But damn.
These people are amazing.