i agree believing in jesus is good

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Like the Bible talks about Jesus dining with the taxpayer who was the most shameful person in that day an age. So he was treated kind of like how lgbt are treated by homophobes (not exactly ik) any way THE POINT IS even if you believe it's wrong the Bible gives you no right to treat lgbt ppl horribly! And being nice to sinners (not saying lgbt are sinners bc they aren't but some ppl think that) is part of how the Bible's message works

like i agree the bible has some really good messages about being kind to other people and not mistreat them but that doesn’t give you the right to take quotes from the bible and use it against other people? that’s exactly the opposite of what the bible and the entire religion wants you to do? 

“To be candid at the risk of being offensive, I see the notion of substitutionary atonement as bad theology and bad history.  I do not mean to mock people who think this way or to imply that thinking this way precludes being Christian.  Millions of Christians have believed in substitutionary atonement and have been good Christians.  Being Christian is not primarily about getting our beliefs right.  Rather, I am inviting people who believe or think they are supposed to believe in substitutionary atonement to think again, to reconsider, to see again.

I think it’s bad theology because it elevates one understanding of Jesus’ death above all others and makes it normative.  Moreover, it says something both limiting and negative about God.  It limits God by saying God can forgive sins only if adequate payment is made.  Is God limited in any way?  Is God limited by the requirements of law?  It is negative in that in it God demands a death–somebody must die.  It implies that the death of Jesus, this immeasuarbly great and good man, was God’s will, God’s plan for our salvation.

In its emphatic form, the substitutionary atonement leads to what Dallas Willard, an evangelical author, vividly calls ‘vampire Christians”–Christians interested in Jesus for his blood but little else.  But as he and I agree, the cross is about discipleship.  Discipleship, following Jesus, is not about believing a correct atonement theology.  It is about following the way of the cross–commitment to the path of personal trasnformation as symbolized by the cross, and commitment to the confrontation with domination systems, equally symbolized by the cross.

-Marcus Borg, Stricken By God? Pg. 158

Blue Bloods

Summary: Supernatural AU where John is the police Commissioner while Dean is a homicide detective and Sam is the assistant district attorney.
Characters: John Winchester, Female Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Word Count: 1,208
Warnings: Language, suspense
Author’s Note: It was bound to happen… another AU. I just can’t help myself! I blame these pictures.

The explosion brought everything to a halt. It didn’t matter where you were or what you were doing, the entirety of Lawrence felt the shock wave; even on the outskirts of town.

You pulled yourself off the kitchen floor, not caring that the now broken vase bit into your palm, drawing blood; there was something bigger that held your attention. The knot deep in your belly wound tight and it felt like you couldn’t breathe.

The police station.

You didn’t need to turn on the news to know which building exploded. There had always been threats against the men in blue, but the last six months had those men on high alert. Today was the day those threats had been acted upon.

The lack of sound as you ran from your house was less than slightly disturbing. There was no sound only because the blood rushing in your ears made it feel like they were plugged with cotton, muting everything and everyone around you. Even the shrill cries of your best friends as you ran down the street didn’t register. All you could think of was your husband and son.

You slid to a stop as you rounded the corner of 5th street. Even from six blocks away you could see them, angry red and orange flames stood out against the now dark grey sky, and that’s when your ears popped. The years of being a nurse kicked in and while everyone would be rushing away from the destruction, you ran toward it. Almost breathless and turning the corner of 11th street, you were driven to the cement when another bomb exploded behind you. This one was bigger than the first and made you feel like you were going to throw up.

No! Please no. Not my baby, too.

Someone grabbed your arm and pulled you from the ground. Their face was a blur and they sounded like they were at the other end of a tunnel. He shook you none-too-gently, “Mrs. Winchester, can you hear me? Hey! Look at me. Mrs. Winchester!”

You gripped the dark blue lapels of Cole Trenton’s rookie blues and opened your mouth, but nothing came out. Before trying again, you swallowed the massive lump in your throat. Having succeeded only slightly, your voice was thick, “Tell me they’re safe, Cole.”

He ground his teeth and dug his fingers into your shoulders, “I… I don’t know.”

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Anon requested: Beca wants to talk w/Chloe bout being ‘too vocal on her enthusiasm’ for the sake of their neighbours/housemates.

Beca hovered in the doorway to Chloe’s room, toeing the line of the entryway until the redhead put down her pencil with a smiling spreading slowly over her face. 

“You waiting to tell me the password or…?” 

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I don't understand grace. What it is or how it works /:

Well, how you define grace depends on what you believe in really. I am going to go into my definition of grace below. It is based from my faith and my heart, and it is okay if you don’t believe the same way. I still think you’re awesome. My favorite thing about tumblr is that we can all have different views and learn from each other, so please respect my viewpoint as I also will respect yours. Sorry for the length! <3

When I reference grace, I mean a ridiculous kind of love that ‘seeks you out when you have nothing to give in return’. From my personal viewpoint, this is Jesus. I believe that, from the beginning of time, from the very moment God laid eyes on us, he adored us. And yet, he allowed darkness to exist to give a measure of free will. For choice is needed to freely love.

We did not handle this choice well and we chose darkness every time. But then, at the moment when rebellion drove us to perfectionism and shaming others and wars and bloodshed and darkness and depression and pride and hate and war crimes and slaughter and renouncement of his love, at this moment, when we had driven ourselves into the darkest depths humanity could go, he counted our darkness against us not. But a deal had already been made with darkness itself. Someone must pay, because darkness must belong to darkness. It is the nature of darkness and light. And in a moment that reveals everything about God’s character, Jesus forgot our rebellion and stood in our place as the payment to darkness for our darkness forever. 

Because of this, I believe Jesus’ grace is so immense that nothing can lessen it. It is a force that says ‘your darkness does not change my love.’ and it allows us to also say to one another ‘your darkness does not change our love.’ As a Christian, I believe that though we may sin, Jesus says ‘you are free to lose every time, because I already won.’ Grace gives with no expectation of something back. That is the only way it can be grace. Grace does not say, ‘i will give you grace if you…’. Real grace is not hinged on anything you do, but on what was done. You see, the law only reveals the darkness within us, but it is not the medicine to cure it. Without grace, I would only be painfully aware of my imperfection with no way to fix it. i am mortally flawed and no amount of trying can fix the pain of darkness.

But grace swoops in and completes the law. It gives us power to live fully as imperfect humans because we had a perfect savior. Those who still live in the do’s and the don’ts of Christianity will not like this idea. Mostly because grace isn’t fair….and morality obsessed people sure want grace to be fair. It is the only way to keep control over their own lives. The people that use perfectionism to keep religious laws will often get angry at grace….mostly because they are working exhaustingly hard to try and reach perfection and they think others are not. I was one of these people once…and can sometimes still be. What this idea fails to realize is the unfairness of grace is the very definition of grace. This is grace in the raw. How could grace be anything but unfair? Grace never makes a demand….it gives and gives and gives and usually, as one of my favorite authors writes, usually to the wrong person. it is recklessly too good to be true. My heart sings at the mention of it. This grace is salve to a heart that broke from the burden of the ‘try harder’ mentality.

That is the beauty of grace. There is NOTHING. I have to do. nothing, nothing, nothing. I spent my first 16 years of life doing and doing and doing. And one day, I realized how pissed off, depressed, exhausted I was ….i was pretty much done with any idea of God. Really. Just done.

I knew only the faith that says ‘try harder, do more.’ That can only last so long. You will self destruct yourself with this thinking. But then, as an angry, angry teenager, Jesus showed me that I am exactly who he wants me to be and he entrusts to me his holiness, even when i could not be trusted with it. Because of this force of too-good-to-be-true, running, laughing, scary, crazy, not sensical, but so incredible thing called grace, i am free. The law would shackle me to my sin over and over and so Jesus took the law from my hands and handed me grace instead.

Because of grace, I can better love people. Grace given to me gives me grace for others. Grace to not judge people by their actions. to not need to have them believe the same way as me to love them. to not need everyone to agree with me all the time. Grace has rocked my life. It has ripped my dead, lifeless, legalistic, exhausted from performing, little heart right open and it has whispered joy right in. I believe grace leads to Jesus and grace is Jesus and that is the only important thing I really ever need to say on the matter of who Jesus is. 

*I will probably lose a gajillion followers for posting about my faith, but I love this topic too much to care. It’s totally not a big deal if you don’t agree with my definition of grace…I still think you’re the bees knees. :) This anon asked my definition of grace, so this is my personal perspective. Please be kind when reading and understand my perspective. <3

Agreeing with God

by Joyce Meyer - posted January 25, 2017

Fight the good fight of the faith; lay hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned and [for which] you confessed the good confession [of faith] before many witnesses.
—1 Timothy 6:12

Take a step of faith and no matter how you feel, agree with God that He loves you. You are wonderfully made and have many talents and strengths. You are valuable, and as a believer in Jesus, you are the righteousness of God in Him. You have rightness before God instead of wrongness—be thankful for that amazing gift!

Begin to speak out against feelings of insecurity and say, “I belong to God and He loves me!” (see Ephesians 2:10). We believe more of what we hear ourselves say than what others say, so start saying something good and drown out the other voices that condemn you.

Fight for yourself! Fight the good fight of faith and refuse to live below the level at which Jesus wants you to live. His kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy (see Romans 14:17). Don’t settle for anything less.

Prayer of Thanks: I thank You, Father, that I can boldly declare in faith who I am in Christ. Thank You that You created me as one of a kind and You love me dearly. Today, I choose to believe that I am Your workmanship.

+sherlolly because...perfectly made for each other.

I had this conversation between them in my head all day today as I was at work. So here it is, its full manifestation. x



Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind but now I see

It was Monday and Sherlock Holmes was seated at the second row of pews in an empty church. The church choir sang, as it did every morning, while the reverend conducted a simple morning service. Church doors were always open, but their halls, always empty. So it was no surprise that Sherlock Holmes found himself there. It had turned out to be a marvellous place to escape to, whenever he needed to think. He had Molly to thank for this new revelation.

Sherlock had found himself increasingly drawn to her. If he was being honest, when had he ever not been drawn to her?

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I'm doing this anon, and I hate being a tattle tale, but I suggest you see what rude comments that Allons - k said about the christain faith on his blog.

Hoooooo boy. This is gonna be a long answer.

Disclaimer: I am a Christian. Born and raised as one and will probably stay a Christian for a while. Any statement I make under the cut is my own opinion and does not speak for the entire religion.

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what do you think about alcohol as a christian?

First off, I believe in respecting the law of your country. So I don’t agree with underage drinking. (obviously every country is different, so I just believe in respecting the laws of your country and culture).

Now assuming we are talking about those past the age of 21. The question for me then is how can I be love to the people around me? The Bible has nothing to say about alcohol being a sin (it points out that being drunk is unwise and leads to foolish decisions) but alcohol itself is just a drink. 

I have lots of great Christian friends that drink in moderation and with taste. I also have a lot of Christian friends that choose not to drink. I also have Non-Christian friends that choose to drink and Non-Christian friends that choose not to drink too. I think both convictions are good and agree with both. As I stated above, the real question is how can I love people around me the way I feel Jesus would love them?

For instance, I have friends that have struggled with alcoholism and addiction….and wouldn’t appreciate me drinking around them. I have conservative friends that believe drinking is a sin, and even though they know I disagree, I respect their views and would not drink around them as to not offend them. 

My personal conviction is to always set an example as a leader that wouldn’t cause another to stumble or question their own convictions. Though I don’t mind having a glass of wine at home, as a leader in the business world and to those I interact with, I choose not to participate in the party culture of alcohol…. just because I think it can really put one in some bad situations and can cause confusion. So, even though this culture is not a bad thing in the slightest, it’s just something I choose not to participate in for personal reasons. :)

I truly respect different viewpoints on this. Alcohol is just a drink and there is nothing wrong with it in and of itself, so I don’t think more power should be given to it than it deserves. In everything, I hope to be love to those around me, as I know all of us come from different walks of life and different understandings of the world. I think any decision or conviction we have should always be motivated by our love for others.

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do you believe that astrology is witch craft?

Absolutely not. I believe in God, and Jesus i would be classified as a Christian. But I like to get in more touch of the spiritual side of God. I actually had a discussion with my old pastor whom I’m very close too. I asked him this question and he said “ Well astrology is fun and interesting. But I think it can help us humans understand God more. And if that’s what brings you closer to your relationship with God, then good for you.” And I really agree with him on that. I think people experiences very confusing emotions, and I think God created astrology to help us understand ourselves better. I think he created the 12 signs to maybe even organize what he created ( which is us ) And the Catholics and Christians used astrology all the time thousands of years ago. The three wise men used the Pisces constellation to help lead their way to find Jesus. 

I don’t mean to bring religion into this haha. But that’s my opinoin on this whole thing

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I'm curious, why do you do good deeds? Is it because it's the right thing or is it bc Jesus said so and to make Him happy? In Sunday school I was told the latter and I don't agree at all. It rubbed me the wrong way >.<

im not very talented at doing good deeds but when i do both reasons boil down to being the same thing. i personally believe God created humans to have a moral compass, meaning that people generally know if their actions are right/wrong. cheating on a test is wrong. helping a man dying on the side of the road is right. since He created us in this way, when i do good deeds, im pleasing both Christ and my conscience. Jesus said to do good not only because it makes Him happy, but because He knows whats best for us and if we strive to do good, we’ll have a more fulfilling life. 

i am a Christian

i am a Christian and i don’t pick up my Bible everyday like i should.

i am a Christian and there are days when cuss words come from my mouth.

i am a Christian and i sometimes forget that spiritual warfare is real.

i am a Christian and i listen to music outside of the ‘Christian’ genre.

i am a Christian and i don’t agree with my parents on everything.

i am a Christian and even though i don’t drink, i don’t think it’s wrong.

i am a Christian and i am striving to believe that God is a good Dad with my best interests at heart.

i am a Christian. i screw up. please don’t see my shortcomings as hypocrisy.

The blog post I never wanted to write.

If you’re looking to reblog photos of cute kittens, feel free to keep scrolling. Haha. But if you’d like to join me on a journey of brokenness and hope, I gladly invite you to read on. It’s something that’s hard to share. And it’s really personal. But as much as I love to write about my revelations, I also want to share my hardships, too. And I’m believing that transparency can be the avenue that brings me (and possibly one of you) much healing.

In a month, I would have been celebrating an amazing two years with an incredible man of God. Unfortunately, about a month ago, we both decided it would be best to surrender our relationship and let things go. [Insert gasp here]. I know. Me too. It’s been a month, and I’m still really shocked. I guess you can say I was incredibly thrown off by my conversation with the Lord:

God: Do you love me?
Me: Of course I do.
God: Do you trust me?
Me: Of course I do.
God: Can I have him back?
Me: ……… Yeah, of course you can.

Obedience is easy until the sacrifice matters. I’ve never felt more broken. I’ve never cried so often. And I’ve never had so many unanswered questions. But in the wise words of King David, “I won’t sacrifice to the Lord my God that which cost me nothing.” If there’s one thing I could entrust to the Lord, with no guarantees or promises of having it back, there’s nothing that matters to me more than my best friend. And if I could give my Good Father the best thing I have to offer, it would be my relationship with him.

There are so many days where I wake up and I want to understand why. Everything is good…was good. None of this makes any sense. If there could just be some sort of explanation, it would make it a little bit easier to surrender. But I’m learning that having no reason actually allows room for faith to take place. And faith is what pleases God, not the object of my surrender.

I want to live a life where nothing rivals the love and affection that I have for my Father. I want to be so surrendered, that my offerings to the Lord are never an act of God taking away, but me freely and joyfully giving – even (and especially) if it hurts. I want to trust, trust and trust, even when it doesn’t come packaged together with understanding.

It’s hard. Really hard. By no means has it gotten any easier (no way). And that’s okay. I’m learning that love, in its most powerful form, manifests in one of two ways: union or surrender. Sure, one is a much happier journey, but both are incredibly beautiful. Because while we gladly anticipate the return of Jesus for His bride, we can’t forget that God first had to give Him up.

So why do I bother to tell the world about my personal life? Haha.

Contrary to popular belief, my life is far from perfect. Haha, but I do agree that it’s pretty awesome because of the great God who is my anchor in all seasons of life. Even now. It may not always be good. But He is good, always. And I believe with all of my heart that God is writing a story with a beautiful ending. The plot just has a few twists and turns.

I’m reminded of the Lame Beggar in Acts 3. When people saw him healed, they were amazed and praised God. Not only because he could walk, but because they had witnessed him crippled, broken and crying out every day in years past. It was his brokenness that gave power to his testimony. At the end of all of this, I so much want to share in the rejoicing with others and praise God because of the brokenness He can heal. And I think there’s power in that when I can also share the moments of feeling crippled, broken and crying out, too.

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Imagine a group of fans cosplay Vixx from THAT ONE performance we shant speak of and they go meet VIXX at a fanmeet? *erhem!* hypothetically speaking of course. what do you think Vixx would do or say to them?

hakyeon: “oh, this is so nice, you did so well!" i can’t fucking believe they’re still on about this it was a bad fashion choice let us LIVE i’m such a bad leader i can’t believe …

taekwoon: "it’s smeared" why did i ever agree to that …

jaehwan: "omg my starlights you look so pretty!!! aww u guys did such a good job aww" look at my pretty starlights they’re so cute~~~

wonshik: "it’s … almost flattering. thank you?" why are they doing this to us why can’t we just forget and LOOK AT THEIR EYEBROWS. OFF POINT. FIX YOUR EYEBROWS JESUS or at least let me do them jfc

bingbong: "you did really well, can i take a picture?" this is so embarrassing jesus christ why am i a part of this mess … is this how they make good memories? i’m gonna burn the pictures and hopefully burn them too lmao

hyuk: "oh i bet you think this is real funny huh" i quit vixx. that’s it. i’m done. i’m gonna go be apart of MLS forever. BYE VIXX.