i adore your style

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This may be a long shot.. but your Creek pictures of your art has made me sooo happy. I recently moved away for 3 weeks from my boyfriend and I thought the cutest picture ever would be craig and tweek riding a quarter-operated spaceship ride like in Lilo and Stitch :). Longshot, but in your art style, I thought it'd be adorable. ❤️❤️ Keep being amazing, hun!!

I ended up watching L&S bc of this ask

It’s been ages since I’ve seen someone do this but I was scrolling through old posts and came across this beautiful unfinished gay piece that I forgot had existed. So I tried to complete it or something? They’re a relationship I never considered before but now I’m in love 

Anyway I really love @drawbauchery uwu <3 (Original)

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I love your art so much its the absolute cutest!! Thank u for all the quality datekou art, especially your Sakunami who honestly looks so huggable and sweet

ahh ;; you’re one of my inspirations so that means a lot to me, thank you so, so much!! I appreciate it with all my heart ☆


Fell’s Heat - Fanarts!

A little gift for @canadian-buckbeaver (+18) / @dragoonmaster1212

I found you and your stories a while ago on A03 – and I fall in love with your style and ideas! I just adore your vision of sweet Fell!Pap (especially in “EdgeBerry’s Second Chance”). You’re so inspirational for me! I really appreciate you work and I’m looking forward for new chapters! (especially for “Fell’s Revenge… *evil smile*) All the best for you! :D
And I hope you don’t mind and you like it! :)

WARNING! This story has got NSFW part, so please don’t read if you under +18! You have been warned!

Story belongs to: Canadian_BuckBeaver (AO3)
You can read story here! – AO3

P.S. I’ve planned this for a while and then you surprised me with rebbloging and liking my art-stuff! So, thank you for that! It means a lot for me! And it’s not a problem with “creeping through my profile”, dear~ xD

I have always wanted to draw Ravio but I didn’t.
I finally drew him now.
He’s a cute boy.

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Hey I just wanted to say I love your art, it's completely made my day and calmed me down for some tests I have coming up (IT'S SOO PRETTY AAAA) and I was wondering if you could draw the Treebros from Dear Evan Hansen (Connor and Evan) Because I think it would look ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE in your style.

aww thank you so much youre such a sweetheart anyways boop heere’s the tree bros ;) 

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Hi hi! First things first: I adore your work. I'm really amazed with your beautiful style (and all your Sara draws, specially with Vetra). Now, I'm going to ask for the kiss list: 8. A chin kiss with Sara and Vetra, of course. Or maybe 7, a passionate Coryder (Cora x Scott). You are really amazing, Sam! I put you in my "goals" list as an illustrator.

Dawww!!! Thank you so very much!! I don’t know if I am goals worthy but I do appreciate it! Sorry your ask took so long to get to.

The idea of Vetra picking up her tiny gf and giving chin kisses fills me with utter joy @-@

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“I had a picture to give you, but I’m so bad and then kei happened and now I’m going to flee.”