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It's KatsuNon! How's about some of that good katsuki fluff? Alpha!Katsuki's first time being let into his Omega!S/O's nest?

Ah, yes! This sounds so adorable and fluffy and just, exactly what I need right now! Thank you so much for asking me of this! Have yourself a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling!

- Momma Eclipse🌱🌱🌱

💥 At first, Katsuki doesn’t think much of what you’re doing, in fact, he thinks it’s annoying.

💥 “The fuck are you doing woman? I don’t wanna go in your shitty ass ne…holy shit…” – Once he’s inside, his scent and yours mixed together hits him like a brick.

💥 He can actually understand why you spend so much time inside this little nest, it’s perfect!

💥 Katsuki even recognises some of the things he had begrudgingly given you for this nest, making a mental note to just give you more of his stuff for it.

💥 “…Why am I even in here?” – He tries to sound angry but it just comes out in a quiet grumble, making you laugh and kiss his cheek, pulling him down and on top of you.

💥 “Cuddles. I want lots of cuddles and you got home early so you’re going to give them to me!”

💥 The rest of the night is filled with ordered in food, cuddles and some good music, a nice relaxing night!

benverly + soft touches

thank you to murphy, indya, and mars for helping with this one !

-as said before, bev is always gently grabbing people’s hands when she wants to show them something

-and ben gets so flustered and red-faced when she grabs his hand

-beverly adores ben’s soft, plush face so she’s always papping him on the cheeks

-she caresses his face whenever he gets upset or sad

-bev is also always giving him kisses on the cheek

-ben gives the best hugs and always hugs bev when she’s down

-ben’s hands are callused because he likes to build a lot, but beverly still loves holding his hands

-sometimes, ben likes to kiss her hands (they smell like cigarettes)

-ben gets papercuts a lot from his books and bev likes to trace the band-aids and sometimes change them for him

-when they’re all drying off from swimming, beverly occasionally lays her head in ben’s lap

-bev likes to draw on his hands and he always walks home with rocket ships on his fingers and a goofy smile on his face

-ben adores playing with her hair and as it gets longer, she teaches him how to braid it

-one time, ben got a cut on his forehead from the bowers gang and beverly would brush his hair to the side and kiss it every time she saw him

-the one day, bev had bruised knuckles from punching patrick in the face for ben

-(ben kissed every bruise on them)

masterlist of soft touches hcs | request which ship you want next !

Now it’s my turn to scream! A while back, the lovely @tanooqueen was super sweet and wonderful to gift @destatree and I, little matching Squishy (Malboro) Pins! Look at that dorky smile, he’s so precious and cute!  ♥

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guess who’s turning 33 years old today and needs to write more fanfic???

it’s nanowrimo month and thanksgiving week and that means i have a lot of writing time coming up…and i want to celebrate my day of birth with a drabble challenge!!!

i already write:

  • buffy the vampire slayer
  • elementary
  • firefly
  • gilmore girls
  • izombie
  • the blacklist 
  • the doctor blake mysteries
  • the west wing

i am willing to try writing:

  • the 100
  • angel
  • boston legal
  • leverage
  • studio 60 on the sunset strip
  • supergirl
  • unreal
  • any other tv series you can find on my blog - if i’ve seen it, i’m game
  • anything else you can think of, just ask

i will write you a 100-word story for every request you send me, and the asks can be as vague or specific as you like–general fandom, any ship, solo characters, themed.

i want at least one request for every year of my life thus far, so there is no limit to how many you can send. if i get less than 33, i’ll still write them…but i’ll be sad. don’t make a humble fic writer sad on her birthday!!! 

anons are on, and i’ll fill all requests that arrive on/before november 28. please help me celebrate getting old my special day by burying me in requests, and reblog this to spread the word!

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But imagine Nishiki watching Kimi being a badass and beautiful at the same time that he falls in love with her all over again. Cue hidekane reunion and Kaneki is looking at Hide the same way Nishiki is looking at Kimi so Nishiki just elbows Kaneki and be like 'bro, yeah same. I know how you feel' because their humans are so amazing.

ahsgahdgahsgah that’s so sweet you totally made my day anon!!!! omg Nishio and Kaneki both looking at their humans in complete and utter adoration is my life. I love this so much, Kimi and Hide being the badasses while Nishio and Neki are there thinking “What in the world did we do to deserve them?”
How much do we have to pay for this to happen in the manga, take my money Ishida!

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Ship your mutuals with members of exo!


@velvetchen im just gonna go ahead and ship you with jongdae because i know how much you love him😊  also you would definitely be so cute together!

@yeoleow i ship you with junmyeon!! and you love him so i think it works hahaha

@baekhyuns-wife definitely baek! though i want to keep him for myself, you’d be adorable together 💕

@btwowb i dont know who your exo bias is, but if i had to pick, i think id ship you with yixing?? idk man it’d be cute!!

@shesdreaminginoverdose im gonna say baekhyun and thats a big deal, considering the fact that i adore him so much!! but yeah, you’re too sweet and adorably perfect for him 😘

@serendipity-eve definitely jongin! i dont know why, but he’s the first one that popped into my head!

@ourlordandsaviourohsehun not just saying this because he’s your obvious bias, but i think your personality would match sehun’s so well! 

@kookiie-bear jongin!! (i know you love him)

@universedxo im gonna say kyungsoo…not really sure why but yeah!! cuteness!!

@hyunyeolx babeee you’re the only person on this list im shipping with chanyeol, and its because i just KNOW you’d be perfect together

@peachykaix a little obvious, but i ship you with your beloved baby bear jongin, i think if you ever met, it would be like an adorable instant love situation

@byunshim baekhyun!!! ive literally shipped all my bbh mutuals with bbh wow

@forexcapism can i say minseok?? imma say minseok 😄  

phew so that’s all from the top of my head, but theres still mutuals i havent mentioned!! will maybe do another? but this was fun!!

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Aww there so cute ❤️ I love your story lines so much ♥️ they are adorable 😍 keep doing what your doing because your amazing at it . Love you beth

awww sweetheart!!! thank you so much, you are lovely!!!! so happy you’re enjoying it. love you too dear!! <3

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Could I just say how grateful I am for you Admins? Because I am very grateful that you guys exist. You're sweet and adorable and nice and friendly and so much more. Let's not forget that you're creative and amazing writers too! Thank you two for just existing and doing so much for us followers. Really, thank you! And please, don't work yourselves sick! Oh right, get better soon, Admin Jay! Hope you don't suffer too much while being sick!

AWWW! You’re so cute!!
Admin Jay is already feeling better, he was mostly just exhausted. 
Thank you again! We are thankful for all of you <3. We have the best followers ever.

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Hai I hope you have a good day c: stay hydrated Nd self care fam bc your important,also your so hecking beautiful am 110% gay for you but like still you deserve cute Nd nice messages like this shitty one okok have a good day cutie

This is so adorable I can’t wow thank you so much you’re too precious hECK


when the maknae decided to not follow the script ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Kenta+Tastunari + hugs during Curtain Call
more gifs here | gif requests are open!


isak: *gets pissy*
even: *has never been more delighted in his life*


“I feel happy to be a leader in these times when I realize that they know how much I think of them. It comforts me a lot. When the members say, “Hyung, thank you for this”, and when they know my heart, I feel so grateful.”

Happy birthday, Hakyeon ♡