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My crush is my best friend. He started basic training for the army, and I miss him so much. We liked each other our Freshman year of high school. In his last letter he wrote me, he said when he gets back from basic and stationed at his base that he wants to try to have a relationship. My heart fluttered when I read that, because before he left, he kept talking about this other girl, but then he stopped like right before he left. Here's to hoping if we do try that it doesn't ruin anything!

Awwww. Maybe all this time away from his best friend has made him realise that there’s more between you both. This sounds adorably sweet :) I’d love to know what happens in the long run between you both 💜

I love that some of us are feeling a bit or a lot bummed out and heartbroken and disappointed at certain aspects of our favourite show and it’s looking desolate and bleak and we’re just struggling to pull through, and then this sunshine kid Tom and his sunshine dad Rich @richstoughton appear on tumblr and i personally feel better and refreshed and I can finally cry happy tears because they are both so precious and nice. Thank you!

Peter Maximoff and Kurt Wagner: Why They’d be CUTE AS HELL Together

Ok, ok, I realize it’s a rarepair.  But hear me out.

  • Kurt’s teleportation is a really good counter to Peter’s speed.  Like, Peter can go as fast as he wants but Kurt’s just gonna be gone before he gets there.  They would have epic games of tag.  New students would watch in slightly concerned awe, especially when Peter manages to grab Kurt’s tail just before he teleports to the roof.  Charles is impressed because Kurt’s teleporting reflexes have never been better and someone Peter is managing to go even faster???
  • Kurt’s first introduction to American music was some earsplitting metal that Scott was listening to while working on his motorcycle and having an Angstfest.  Peter reassures him that there is much better music out there and they spend a whole day just going through Peter’s collection of records and tapes.
  • They watch soccer together.  Kurt’s way more into it than Peter (Alles für Deutschland!  Alles für Deutschland!) but Peter enjoys rooting for the opposing and/or losing team just to bug Kurt.  They both shit all over England, much to Charles’ disappointment.
  • Peter, rebel that he is, goes up to Canada to steal contraband Kinder Eggs for Kurt because a) it’s Kurt’s favorite candy and b) it’s a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside how cool is that what asshole made these illegal in America.
  • Look they’d just be really cute ok.
  • Also
  • We could call the ship nightsilver


[ This adorable idea was commissioned as a present, by @sakashiima specifically as a Christmas gift for our precious @alabasti — hope it’s to both your likings~ ♡  ]



You know what I kind of find funny/adorable?

That both Brian and Dan’s dogs kind of reflect their personalities a bit.

Like, Princess Tinkles is a goofy, chill (just based on what I’ve seen/heard Dan mention about her on instagram and Game Grumps) little fluffball, kind of like Dan.

And Coco is this big, kinda gruff and scary looking dog (similar to Brian’s Ninja persona), who’s actually probably really kinda sweet, kind of like Brian (outside of his persona).

T-Minus 15 sleeps until BMAM-Mass!  In the spirit of @thepurrbutton ‘s wonderful series reminding us just how nuanced, complex and wonderful Bernie Wolfe is, I was thinking again about this piece of dialogue from Back in the Ring

“Well how about this, Serena Campbell, Occam’s Razor. For every accepted explanation of a phenomenon there are an incomprehensible number of possible and more complex alternatives.”

It seems to me, the perhaps Bernie could apply this to her relationship with Serena when she returns home. Her whole life has been dominated by difficulty with emotional choices.  But now, if she’s brave enough….

Serena Campbell. An incomprehensible, more complex alternative.

Extra Serena Campbell Bonus as illustrated with shitty, poor resolution screenshots.  This is Serena’s face in the exact moments when Bernie begins to say her name. Bernie and Serena are verbally sparring as they walk down the hall and Serena’s face is fairly neutral but the moment Bernie says her name, Serena’s face lights up in a smile that could power Holby. Tell me this ins’t the look of someone in love.


Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions


Ayyy! I got a chance to do a collab with the amazing @kare-valgon and I am so, so happy with how everything turned out! She drew me a wonderful OuterBass Sansby lineart and I drew her a CandySwap Sansby lineart! I adore both pictures, and a huge thank you to Kare!

Outertale belongs to @2mi127

Underbass belongs to @nonstopdoodle and @baconatorkat

Candytale belongs to @candy-undertale

Underswap belongs to @popcornpr1nce