i adore you and it's so unfair

wicked in her veins.

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: fluff, minor hints of sexual tension / demon!jimin

word count: 1,460

prompt: Getting to dress your demon boyfriend up for Halloween

note: october prompts masterlist

“Hell no. Not happening — fucking ever. Not in your wildest dreams, princess.”

His response was immediate as you made your way down the hallway with the costume in hand. The look on his face as he realized the certain… entity that you were holding was beyond priceless. It was of course the exact reaction that you had been expecting. His brows furrowed while his top lip curled in disgust, the physically aversive response to something as simple as a Halloween costume only causing your amusement to run thicker. No, not even your boyfriend’s harsh refusal could deter your mood, or your powers of persuasion for that matter.

“Oh, is that so?” You replied to Jimin, your brow arched in a way that told him how so far from over this conversation was. “I seem to remember that a certain someone lost a bet to me a few weeks ago? Remember that game of poker? The deal was—”

“—This is what you want to use your win from that on? Baby, c’mon anything else. You’re not this evil, I know you aren’t… Are you?” He was pleading a little, his bottom lip jutting out to try and tug at your heartstrings. Admittedly you felt a tiny pull, but it was quickly overtaken by the image of Jimin wearing the costume that was still dangling from the hanger in your hand.

Your mouth curved into a sultry smile as you made your way closer to him. He was sitting down on the living room couch, a look of despair flooding his eyes as he realized that there was no way in hell that you were backing down from this. You sat the costume onto the open space next to Jimin, his reaction a harsh flare of his nose. However, the tension soon dropped as you went to straddle his lap, your hands swiftly moving to take their place on either side of his face.

“You know, I really thought that a demon would be a lot better at a game all about lying and deceit.”

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creachivity  asked:

I feel like I send you too many prompts, pls feel free to ignore if you want :)) voltron fam, imagine Shiro was called for an operation in a hospital in another state so he was gone for like a week, when he came home he missed his husband's cooking so much he cried. Keith thinks he's totally overreacting, the kids think its adorable & posted a vid on keith's insta lmao. Comments were either "wow, hot AND he can cook! Tbh I'd cry too" or "the husband's hot too?? Wth thats unfair!" Lol

[The Voltron Family] The flight was long and too many people with their suitcases were walking around the airport but that didn’t stop Shiro from getting excited. He looked around at the people standing to wait at the arrival area and met the eyes of the one he loved the most. He walked quickly and the nearer he got, the bigger his smile became.

“Hello, my red bean,” Shiro greeted as he pulled Keith into an embrace. “Thank you for taking your time to pick me up.”

“I had no choice. I’m your husband,” Keith rolled his eyes fondly. He pulled away to kiss Shiro on the cheek only to be kissed on the lips. “Sneaky.”

“I’m your husband,” Shiro mocked, giving Keith another kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Keith shook his head in disapprovingly, however, his grin told Shiro they would continue in private. They started walking and the younger man asked, “How was the flight?”

“Awful without you,” Shiro frowned, leaning in again for a kiss but was stopped immediately by Keith’s finger on his lips. “I was deprived of your kisses for a week! I need—”

“Takashi,” Keith warned. “People are looking.”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, I care because I’m hungry and I made lunch so we need to get home. I know you haven’t eaten anything either.”

Shiro wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “I’d like to have my lunch now if you don’t mind.” Keith just stared at him, the kind that made Shiro rethink about his awful life choices especially on his attempt with sexual innuendos to his asexual husband. Shiro gulped, feeling a little awkward at the lack of response. “Uh, yeah. Lunch at home would be great. What did you cook, honey?” 

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you take requests but I just read the ask about the Voltron twister tickles and OMG THAT'S SO CUTE!!! I'd love to read a drabble about this or something, it's just too adorable! *___* I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude or demanding, I just really loved the scenario... Anyways, I hope you're having a great day! :) <3

rly short drabble under the cut becuz i havent written much for this blog lately

[heres the ask anon was talkin abt]

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vantablacksteverogers  asked:

JASHAJKHSKA why is your ask box so hard to find omg ok HEADCANONS! Sam hates cats, h a t e s them because they're so unpredictable and moody, but this huge fat cat decides Sam's his human and he just kinda. Has a cat now. It hates everyone but Sam and occasionally Bucky. It really REALLY hates Steve and it's hilarious.

Her name is Lady Monster truck™ (Or so Sam’s niece says). She’s 80% fur, looks pissed half the time, and requires her own personal vacuum cleaner ever since she broke the belt on Sam’s last one.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Red. Do you like rats? I had to give my rats to a shelter because my new landlord forbids pets, and try as I might I didn't find a home for them in time. I'm really sad but everyone around me is hates rats so all I hear is that it's fine and they didn't like me anyway and it's better for me, no compassion at all... idk, I'm just really sad and now I'm all alone in a small apartment.

Oh I love rats, they’re so clever and so fluffy. Super cute. Honestly I just adore any and all animals, and rats make great pets. It’s really sad to see the unfair bad reputation they get from people… it’s ridiculous to compare a domestic rat, that’s your friend and part of your family, to one of the little critters you may find in the sewers. It’s like saying wild dogs are the same as domesticated ones. Just a stupid concept.

I’m sorry you had to give the babies away and I’m sorry people are so insensitive towards the whole situation… I hope that wherever they might be, they’re happy and healthy. Here’s some friends to make you feel better.


xxweedprincess420xx  asked:

Twilight hasn't eaten all day cause she's been nose deep in a book and she's trying to convince Rarity to share her Hayburger and Fries but Rarity refuses cause it's the best burger she's ever had.

“It’s just ONE bite, Rarity!” Twilight exclaimed. “You can’t even give me one bite?! Really?!”

It wasn’t that Rarity was a glutton, far from it, but dear heavens above, these burgers were truly from another plane of existence!

“It’s hardly my fault you forget to eat all day, Twilight,” she said, levitating a fry and almost teasingly waving it in front of the alicorn. “I did ask you several times if you wanted me to buy you something from the shop.”

Twilight’s eyes grew large. Her ears lowered. Her lip jutted out. Rarity froze. Oh no.

“Rarity…” she said, inching closer like a wounded puppy seeking comfort. “Please…”

Rarity bit her lip. “No, Twilight! You shan’t convince me! I don’t care how adorable you are! I asked you five times! FIVE!”

Twilight’s eyes somehow grew larger. Was she casting a spell?! She would!

“Rarity,” she whispered, leaning even closer, “for me?” “Oh, all right, fine!”

Rarity relented, turning away with a huff. “That was completely unfair to me! It’s cheating!” “Nope,” Twilight replied, taking a fry and levitating it towards her mouth. “It’s knowing your marefriend’s weaknesses.”

and here’s a drawing that i totally drew like i said i would. totally. im so good at art, its almost like someone else drew it

im accepting two more prompts maybe

send ur asks

me on a daily basis

why the fuck is min yoongi so beautiful? like seriously, have you all seen his face? his eyes are so elegant, they have a distinct shape, especially when his makeup artists add those eye makeup things (yes i have no fucking idea how makeup works and im 19) to further enhance it. AND HIS NOSE. JESUS CHRIST HIS NOSE IS SO ADORABLE. ITS SO ROUND AND SMALL HUHU IT FITS HIS SOMEHWAT CHUBBY NOT CHUBBY FACE. HUHU. his lips, god his lips look so soft and pink. it’s so pretty. WHY IS HE SO BEAUTIFUL. THIS IS UNFAIR. MY HEART HURTS WHEN I STARE AT HIS PICTURE.

(cr: rock sugar)

Honestly as a Jhope stan it makes me so upset and mad that he is so disregarded by so many ‘fans.’
It was his live stream he started and immediately people ask for other members… that is so god damn disrespectful and rude i cannot even comprehend. Not only does it feel bad for us Jhope stans who are always so excited to see him, but it takes away from him. How do you think he would feel, starting a live stream to talk to fans only to have so many people asking for someone else? Its so unfair on him.
Even Hope on the Street he has one of the maknae line. Let me make it clear I love the maknae line, they’re adorable little fluff balls and I love them. But why can’t Jhope have his own stream? Oh that’s right, maybe because people flood the comments asking for other members.
It makes me so sad to see Jhope be treated so disrespectfully by you so called ‘fans.’ Hoseok is an amazing person, who is so talented and hard working. I mean have you seen him move? He’s trained in dance for YEARS to be the amazing dancer he is today, so he can be the best for ARMY’s, but so many don’t appreciate him. I’m not saying you have to stan him or anything, but please, AT LEAST have the COMMON DECENCY and RESPECT to not be so rude to him. I just hope he doesn’t feel bad about all this. It’s not fair on him.

Sincerely a disheartened Jhope stan

Mother Problems
  • Sheba: I wonder how my son has been doing?
  • *sees 14/15 year old Aladdin*
  • *heavy breathing*
  • Solomon: *appears* What is it my beautiful wife?
  • Solomon: Uh. I don't know? The genes in me are strong I guess.
  • Sheba: This is so unfair now he isn't our little man anymore... He now is going to be a heartbreaker like you were.
  • Solomon: What are you talking about I did marry you didn't I?
  • Sheba: I can't have that hot of a son.
  • Solomon: *sigh* He only looks like that because of you. He wouldn't be so adorable if your genes weren't in the mix.
  • Sheba: *sniffles* You think so?
  • Solomon: I know so. Plus you shouldn't worry until a few years later when he really looks older like woah. Then you should panic.
  • Sheba: What do you mean Solomon?
  • Solomon: It's a surprise.
  • Sheba: That isn't an answer my sweet husband. What is he going to look like?
  • Solomon: na uh I am leaving that for you to figure out. *floats away*
  • Sheba: *teeth clenched* Get back here my darling husband.
  • Solomon: Ha ha No. I'm not stupid.

anonymous asked:

Like let me ask you something. Why are fat women adored by the tumblr community but fat men are just seen as creeps and neckbeards? Like fat women are entitled to sex and we aren't. Its so unfair. Im a fat guy and women never give me a chance. Its hypocricy.

I’m not sure that I agree that tumblr “adores” fat women. Tumblr isn’t some monolithic thing, and I’ve seen plenty of hate thrown at fat women, and “fat” is almost a gendered slur at this point, being used by men to target primarily women.

That being said, there is certainly a dearth of body positivity blogs that focus on male and male-aligned people’s need for a community and support. If any of our readers know of any, could you let us know? I would personally love to follow some.

BUT there are also huuuugely different standards that fat men and fat women have to live up to regarding their outward appearance and behavior. Have you heard about this whole “dad bod” thing? Do you think “mom bod” would fly at all? Of course it wouldn’t. Women aren’t allowed to have bellies and messy hair and wear sweatpants and still be deemed attractive on a scale that has the media in a frenzy. We have to live with our bodies being picked apart by society, day by day, in a way that fat men just don’t. So I think it’s natural that fat women have come together to form these safe, online communities on a much larger scale than men have.

To answer your question, I would have to say that fat men are not universally seen as creeps, at least not at any level beyond the general fat populace. Speaking of hypocrisy, however, there is a decent population of fat men who write “no fatties” all over their dating profiles. They go on to make it clear that they feel very, very entitled to sex with women while espousing views that are hugely misogynistic. There are also thin men who do the exact same things, though, and are as equally creepy and disgusting as their fat counterparts. /r/TheRedPill is not populated by only fat men, but all the men who believe these things are gross, and it’s not hypocritical to say so.

I think the issue here is that you feel entitled to have sex with women, and need to blame something or someone for the fact that you have been unsuccessful thus far. The unfortunate truth (for you) is that absolutely nobody is entitled to sex. Getting to have sex is not a human right. Your needs do not trump the bodily autonomy of others.

Stop acting like you’re being betrayed by the world because women won’t sleep with you.


king-papaya  asked:

How would the members of BTS want a girl to confess to them? Mini scenarios for each one? *winks uncontrollably* .... I must look high now omfg

Sorry sweetie, according to the rules we only answer asks for at most 3 members as it’d be unfair to our other followers and too much work for one admin ;A; so I did this gif style with some description, I hope its alright! And im so sorry for the wait!

Jin: I see Seokjin as a huge romantic and I think he’d really love something that’s right out of a movie. A confession under the rain is so insanely classic that he’d absolutely adore having a girl confess to him this way. (lets pretend the dialogue is going the other way round in the gif) In which he’d probably die of feels after you confess, rushing to hug you and leading you out of the rain.

Suga: Mixtapes are wonderful, they show just how much a person understands you and how much thought they’ve put in just for you. And I’m sure someone like Yoongi would definitely appreciate this gesture, considering how he’s so musically inclined himself. Picture him smiling softly to himself as he listens to your mixtape, whispering, “Silly girl, I like you too.”

J-Hope: Now Hoseok would definitely go for a shy confession in a quiet setting (think by the beach during a sunset) He’d be surprise when you hold his hand first and confessing with something really sweet, somewhere along the lines of, “I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I’m with you.” 

Rap Monster: Namjoon is a sucker for music, so I think he’d dream of his girl confessing with a song that means something to the both of you or maybe even something you wrote yourself. He’d be blushing all the way down his neck when you first start singing, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a good singer or not because his answer is going to be “yes” either way.

Jimin: To get to Jimin’s heart you first gotta show that you love him for who he is and that no matter what happens, you’ll always feel the same. He’d definitely want his girl to confess in a very genuine way, baring her heart for him to see. I see him holding you really tightly after, whispering to you just how happy you’ve made him with your confession. 

V: Taehyung is a very playful boy and I feel the way to get to him would be to be as playful as him. I think he would like something casual and witty, something that’ll make him laugh so make a cheesy card or a silly pick up line and he’d be all yours. 

Jungkook: I think how Jungkook would want a girl to confess is to do it directly without any games, essentially in a very straightforward manner. He’d like a little dominance even, so pulling him in for a kiss right after would be a good idea. 

I almost killed myself with feels doing this ask omg, I hope you liked it! A gentle reminder to everyone to read the rules before requesting!

- Raye (●♡∀♡)

I feel so bad for Emily VanCamp like getting hate is bad enough but imagine going from being on show (Revenge) where the fandom absolutely adores you and admires your work to joining a movie franchise (Marvel) where both you and your character are constantly hated on its so unfair I’m so sad


I really like this guy who happens to be of mixed race ( black and white) … I’ve liked him for a while now and he is suppppeeerr handsome , and a lot of things he says I completely can relate to and he just seems sooo , how do I say it ? … like someone I match ? … yea that sounds right ! ….. But I cant help  but to feel that he won’t like me and that makes me feel extremely unworthy and not good enough. Every girl he’s ever showed interest in was either a white girl or a non black POC ) I know it may sound corny and not that serious , I know  , there are more important things to worry about , not men , but hey , Im human ………….  but it does hurt when you’re naturally attracted to someone and you slowly come to realize that they wont like you b/c of skin color  (smh)   … sometimes I get mad and extremely curious of how it feels to be that girl that a lot of  guys like ( white , some non black poc girls ) and to be adored  by all races of men ..  sometimes I feel its unfair that sometimes black girls have to go the extra mile (mentally and physically) to try and appeal to men in general , when other races can just be who they are ….  I see white girls  and other non black poc  and they can be so worry  free and just LIVE and not have to think about some of the stuff black girls go through ( our men being killed  , systematic oppression , racism , how society sees our hair  ,  haa and it goes on)  .. I sometimes see them hanging with their friends or dates with their boyfriends ( I dont have a bf currently)  and I get jealous because their guys seem to genuinely care about them and they look so happy … then I think of myself and how I grew up with guys not liking me … guys calling me ugly , not being adored …. I feel like I cant be soft , girly and confident like those girls , b/c most times they werent called ugly by guys .. they were/are  SOUGHT after because they have the long hair and fair skin that we’ve been brainwashed to think is the most beautiful … and because of that , they can be confident ,girly, soft (because guys and other people most times want and prefer THEM   ) ,  not have to be hard , not have to argue all the time , and not feel like the world is against them because they dont have to deal with things we deal with  (not all but a lot of them) … but me , I feel like I have to be strong , I feel like I have to be tough , like the world is against me ….. I would love to be girly ,  soft and sweet but I feel like no one is going to get anything done BUT ME because I grew up w/o a dad , guys didnt like me, made me feel disgusting  , so I can’t rely on them , and I dont always feel beautiful and pretty because (once again)  the hate guys showed me growing up is still in me ( even tho I think I look OK now ) .. those memories are still there  …. so when I think about that guy I like , I feel right , I feel good , and warm inside  … but then those dark , doubtful thoughts creep in me  “ you’re not good enough , he doesn’t even like black girls , you’re not girly enough , how can i compete with becky with the “good hair ” ,   your too independent  , will you be too mentality strong for him , he likes white girls , he wont want you  “ … and then I just conclude that it wont  work and just forget about it

anonymous asked:

ugh... when I goes through the ZnT tags, I was really annoyed by people who hates lisa, saying that she's useless and only cause trouble. oh people, please, do they even watch from the beginning? How she's been bullied all the time... What kind of family that she had. It feels like all the hatred toward lisa's like saying "you're useless. go die already!" without knowing what she had been through! -____-;

*hugs anon* I feel you Anon.

Yes you’re right. When we analyze characters, we have to know the context. You’re right in citing how Lisa’s life had been. She’s been bullied, she comes from a broken family, heck even the sole family that she has—her mother—places little trust—or perhaps none at all—at her. 

Lisa is not perfect. You can’t expect the girl to turn into a badass female who suddenly learns the ability to throw knives, detonate bombs, or what have we. ZnT is not your cliche shonen or shoujo series.

This was not the life that she has lived. Remember the lyrics from “is”?

Someone tell me how we got here

From the city to this frontier

It’s a drastic change for her. I mean come on if you’ve lived your life being buiiled and then suddenly reality demands you to be tough—that’s not easy. Lisa still finds it difficult for her to sort her emotions. When she ran away from Nine and Twelve, all she was thinking was the safety of our boys. Now one might say, “Then that makes her stupid!”

Which is really a narrow-minded perspective. If making the wrong decision makes you stupid, if one’s actions means bringing harm to your friends, then doesn’t this make Twelve stupid too? Because he still chose to run after Lisa despite its consequences—even Nine’s life will be at stake.

I read from a review (forgot who it is but this tumblr user is right)—usually the hate befalls on the female character which is really unfair. When the female character screws up so bad, trashtalk ensues. When a male character screws up so bad, he is still adorable.

Lisa is useless? I beg to differ. Lisa was the catalyst for Nine, what more—Twelve’s change. She was the reason why Twelve has began to doubt his mission with Nine. She made him realize that maybe, just maybe, it isn’t so bad to live a normal and peaceful life. Nine also cares for her. As grumpy as this dad is (lol I call him Daddy Nine), he could’ve let Lisa die back then as yoyo-inspace has said in his/her own review.

To use sloppyrisas’ analogy, Lisa is that mentos—the source of the explosion. She is that existence that has brought a sense of meaning and purpose to our boys. 

But she will be the cause of their downfall.

‘Tis better for the boys to die with having someone understand them without any prejudice than for them to live without finding the love and friendship they deserve.