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i just discovered sia from your music recs a while back and omg, listening to her acoustic performances, her vocal range is phenomenal. like holy crap, every time i hear chandelier, it never ceases to amaze me when she sings the chorus... do you know any other artists like her?

Hey Nonnie! <3

She’s amazing and she has a phenomenal voice :) I don’t know anyone quite like her, but I’ll leave a list of female singers that I personally adore and whose voices give me chills:

* Taylor Momsen (singer in the band The Pretty Reckless)
* Sharon den Adel (singer in the band Within Temptation)
* Simone Simons (singer in the band Epica)
* Tarja Turunen (ex-singer in Nightwish)
* Andie Case (I discovered her on Youtube, she makes covers of known songs, she has such a sweet quality to her voice)

Hope this helps :) Hugs! <3

Bridge Over Troubled Water//Simon & Garfunkel
It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me//Billy Joel
Dancing in the Dark//Bruce Springsteen
Beds Are Burning//Midnight Oil
Maneater//Daryl Hall & John Oates
Any Way You Want It//Journey
Who Will Stop the Rain?//Asia
Girl Afraid//The Smiths
18 And Life//Skid Row
Janie’s Got A Gun//Aerosmith
Summer of ‘69//Bryan Adams
Cherry Pie//Warrant
Heartbreaker//Pat Benatar
Cold As Ice//Foreigner
Take Me Home Tonight//Eddie Money
I Ran//A Flock of Seagulls
You Make My Dreams//Daryl Hall & John Oates

I made a little list of songs that my candy Trinity would listen to!! Her two favorite bands though would be The Smiths and Simon & Garfunkel for sure!! Anyways I know its not much but I’m proud of it! She adores the 80’s if you couldnt tell

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

I also just have to say that I’m so excited about this band! First off, I fucking ADORE that he’s got two women in his band. Women killing it on drums and keys, yes yes yes! And this is ofc only based off of these two songs but they’re sounding so good together. And look at their outfits?? They all look epic, so 70′s, so cool. Suits, ruffles, white shirts, patterns. And Harry fits right in with his rolled up white shirt, plaid pants and Gibson. 

They’re in matching Gucci loafers too, like come onnnnn, I love that

and these guys’ harmonies were on point as well! All of them sang well!

This is gonna be GOOD, I tell ya

The Truth Behind “You are My Heaven”

A/N: Hello, my lovelies. This is not a fic, it’s actually a personal story. Or more like a word blurt. But I offered to share it and people seemed interested, so here it is. This is what inspired my fic You Are My Heaven. Spoilers below, I guess, if you haven’t read the fic. Also, I am working on an epilogue, but it might take me a few more days. You’re all wonderful. Read this if you’d like, but no hard feelings if you don’t. I will be tagging my permanent list below, though. Hope no one minds. Here we go. 

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High School Headcanon: Saeran

I’ll try to make these High School headcanons weekly. I’ll start with Saeran since anon 2 requested him specifically. So there you go! Hope you like this! ^^

  • Well, he is always skipping class. And when he is there, he is sleeping on his desk, doodling nonsense or writing songs for his band (yep,he’s that guy)
  •  You are just regular, not a slack off, but also not a genius. You are extremely nice and pretty, though, which makes you a strong candidate for prom queen.
  • And you’re committed to your campaign, handing out bottoms to everybody and telling to vote for you.
  • “Hey, Saeran! Vote for me!” he looks at you head to toes. How do you know his name? People usually refer to him as “the creepy” or, even worse… “Saeyoung’s brother”
  •  Well, you probably went through the names of all your classmates. Yeah, he reminds that day you came in late for… geography class? Or it was history? WHO CARES? You’re just doing your campaign for that stupid prom thing! You must be really lame to care for this!
  • After that, he keeps bumping to you everywhere, you are always smiling, what’s wrong with you ? Yes, on the “Most likely to…” game, you’re probably the one who, well, proposed the “Most likely too” game, in the first place. Ugh…
  • His band is performing on this underground pub downtown, and he almost misses his guitar riff when he spots you in the crowd. What are you doing here? Have you lost a bet or something?
  •  You look… really interesting on those tight leather pants and loose hair falling on your shoulders, and your eyeliner is on point! Maybe you have a twin who’s very different from you like he has?
  • “Saeran, hi!” nope, it’s definitely you. “Hey, uh… MC, right?” he pretends to not know your name, but he never forgot ever since you gave him that bottom, which he kept, for some reason.
  • “Dude, your band is sick! I’ve been following since you played at the senior’s party! Who’s the composer?” “Uh, that would be me…” “Wow, so cool! You’re really talented, congratulations!” your looks tell something, but the princess attitude from schools is still there, you’re… really weird.
  • “Thanks, I guess… which… which song you liked the most?” “Hum… probably ‘The Sky’…” shit, it was his best work!
  • “Yeah, I… composed to my brother…” you’re looking at him so curiously, waiting for him to tell you everything. You’re such a groupie! That’s so… so… unexpected and… adorable?
  • You hanged with him and his band buddies all night. It was so easy to tell you’re trying really hard not to fangirl and play this cool grunge girl. He caught him smiling at you, and when you smiled back, looking straight at him, he blushed…shit!
  • Truth is you feel like you know everything about him because of his songs. Everything he ever wrote is so personal and deep, and that along with the rumors on school about his twisted family makes you want get really close to him…
  • His band buddies got the vibe and let you two alone. You’re sitting on the dumpster outside the pub.
  • “So,I… need to ask. Prom queen? Seriously?” he breaks the ice, trying not to stare too much. “Well, I I would be remembered for a while, you know? Wouldn’t you like to leave school being memorable?” “Nah, I’m cool.”
  • “Well, you say that because you’re pretty memorable. Everybody knows the weird guy who sleeps in every geography class. But me…” he couldn’t believe what he was listening, haven’t you ever noticed people staring at you when you come down the hallway? Oh, low self esteem… yeah, he knew a couple of things about that…
  • “But, who cares? I’m not gonna win anyways…” “Why is that?” “Well, I’m the underdog, you know? They won’t vote for a boring sophomore and…” he grabs your chin and stares at you. It’s so quiet he can hear you heartbeat exhilarating.
  • “You’re not boring. You’re fun, and sweet, and have a great musical taste.” You giggle and he smiles again, goddamit! Why can’t he stop smiling? “I appreciate it, but… yeah, I should accept defeat by now…”
  • “The hell you will! No, if you lose, you’ll… you’ll have to cut your hair and dye it on purple.” “What? No, I won’t!” “Yes, you will! It’s a bet, if you lose, bye bye bouncy, long and silky hair… if you win… I’ll dye mine, you choose the color!”
  • “Are you serious?” “Dead serious!” “Hum… fine. Just because I really want to be the one to dye your hair, I’m thinking of a ombré with white and pink, you’ll look even hotter and…” “You think I’m hot?” you blush, and again, he’s smiling.
  • And having Saeran as your canvasser (he and his punk fellas threatening to punch people if they don’t vote for you, that is), you won.
  • But you almost couldn’t make it to the crowning ceremony, as you were watching Saeran’s band perform somewhere else.
  • Both of you came very late, and the room was pretty empty when you dragged him to dance at least one song with you. “So… I guess you missed your chance to see me on a pixie haircut, too bad…” “Well, you would look hot anyhow and…” “You think I’m hot?” he’s blushing, but you don’t even notice as you kiss him in the lips and tangle your fingers on his hair, the hair you’ll turn pink and white pretty soon.
26: Alive [Acoustic]

By @sgarrett49: 26, “You are the only one I want baby”

Word Count: 749

A/N: Okay. Guys. This song. This is the song. This song. I can’t even tell you just how much I adore this song. Normally I don’t like acoustic versions of songs nearly as much as the regular version but this song. I love them both equally. I first got the song my freshman year of college and I remember that I had a playlist that had this song and Something More by the same band and I would just walk to and from my classes with these two songs playing over and over and I had this fantasy in my head that I always imagined over and over and I kept adding to it and I just…. This song makes my heart burst and my cheeks hurt my smiling so big. Until my iPod freaked out and I had to restore the settings, this song was my number one played song. I could keep going on and on about how amazing this song is, but you all probably wanna read what I came up with so… :) (PS. The music video to the original version of this song is so cute too!!)

Version en Español: 26: En Vivo [Versión Acústica]

Song 26: Alive [Acoustic] by Adelitas Way

Dean was the first one to say “I Love You.” You were both in the impala after a long hunt and the air between you two was light with the victory. The usual classic rock floated through the speakers, the windows were open to let in the fresh air, and there were miles of empty road in front of you two. It was a perfect moment.

Then Dean cleared his throat and you looked over to see what he wanted. He glanced at you for a moment before returning his eyes to the road. His fingers nervously beat out the rhythm of the song on the steering wheel.

“Y/N, you, uh. You know that I love you, right?”

For the longest minute, you didn’t say anything. You didn’t move. You just stared at his profile as he kept his eyes on the road, anxiously awaiting your reply. “I—yeah. I know that.”

The breath he let out was accompanied by the release of all of his stress from his shoulders. “Good, good.”

A tiny smile lit the corner of his lips and he reached over to turn the volume up on the stereo. He went back to drumming on the steering wheel, and you went back to staring out the window, glancing over now and again to see that that smile was still ghosting his lips.

You didn’t say it back to him. Not then. You felt it, but forming the words wasn’t within you.

But he didn’t need to hear the words because he knew. Just as you had.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that the fist of your past finally unclenched around your heart. You and Dean decided to forego getting a hotel room for the night, deciding instead to camp out in the back of Baby.

It was a perfect night. The sky was clear of any clouds, the moon was bright, and the stars were shining. Soft animal noises broke the silent monotony, and a weak breeze toyed with the ends of your hair as you lay in Dean’s arm on the hood of his car. A thick blanket was the only barrier between you and the cool metal of the hood.

“Hey, Dean?”


“You know that I love you, right, babe?”

“Yeah,” he responded, smiling cockily.

You just rolled your eyes and settled back into his arms. After a few more minutes of comfortable silence, you decided that I love you wasn’t enough.

“It’s more than that, though. With you it’s… it’s where I feel safe. Dean, you make me feel safe and loved and alive. And I was so stupid to walk away from you a year ago, but—no, let me say this.” Dean had opened his mouth to protest you bringing up the few months you’d been broken up. “I walked away and I thought it was for the best. But now I know that it wasn’t. I need you Dean. You make me laugh and smile. I hunt and fight with you and because of you and for you. You are the only one I want, baby. I’m in this forever if you’ll have me. You are the absolute best thing in my life, and I refuse to lose you again.”

With the soft moonlight bearing witness to your confession, this moment seemed heavy and monumental. Dean was watching you like there was nothing else in the world that mattered, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of his perfect face. The very face that you woke up to every single morning and that was the last thing you saw before closing your eyes at night. The very face that you prayed you would be able to see every single day of the rest of your life.

Then he cracked a smile and you felt a mirroring one on your own lips. He leaned forward to press a kiss to your temple before pulling back slightly. “Was that a marriage proposal? ‘Cause it kinda sounded like one to me.”

With a laugh, you settled back down into the blankets and pulled Dean’s arms around you. Marriage in the hunter’s life?

“Ask me.” His low, serious voice broke the silence a few minutes later and your head swiveled toward him.


His bright green eyes shone down at you with all of the love and adoration in this world. “Ask me to marry you, Y/N. We’re, what? Two hours from Vegas?”

“Are you serious?”

“Ask me and see.”

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Music in Magic: the Gathering

I’d like to post something before I forget to, so here goes.

One thing that I believe the MtG community can always use more of is music. Truly, the only mtg-related music producer that is on here that I know of is the truly amazing @visiblespectrummusic. Check out his music here if you haven’t already, his works are all really awesome and they cover different genres so it’s almost a given that you’ll adore at least some, if not all of them.

For example: his song for Eldritch Moon is positively beautiful, and I listen to his Spectrums album on my mp3 player constantly.

But, that said, Cody is one guy (or, in some occasions, one band, but you get the idea), and cannot supply an infinite amount of music.

So I’m making this post to ask people to reblog it and add onto it anyone else that makes any sort of music related to Magic, because it’s, I feel, really underappreciated.

And, if you can’t, do consider rebloging this just to get the word around. Thank you! I, and the artists that will be on this, appreciate this very much.

Tagging some big names like @flavoracle @sarkhan-volkswagen @sarpadianempiresvol-viii @sketchydoodles @sarpadianempiresvol-viii @elspethsunschampion @hopelessly-vorthosian @odric-master-swagtician @bace-jeleren and, of course, @wizardsmagic

I will go first: there’s a youtube channel called Falconshield: The Band. Now, admittedly, their channel is dedicated mostly to music about League of Legends. Which is why I was very pleasantly surprised when, a while ago, they released two awesome tracks: “Khanfall”, a very upbeat rock (it’s rock, right?) song about Tarkir, and “Ignite the Spark” (in collaboration with Julia Westlin), a very emotional and powerful song about Chandra. Do check them out.

So about that new SU poster with Mystery Girl and Pearl…

Please let Mystery Girl be in a band and be performing (hence the title “The Show”) at a roller rink

Please let her perform a song she wrote about her meeting Pearl and then Pearl hears it and get flustered

Please let Mystery Girl go to Pearl after the show and ask Pearl to skate with her and then they proceed to have an adorable skating date and please let this be a thing

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if blurb requests are still open, would you mind maybe writing one for sirius based on the princess and the frog? like, the line where naveen is translating and is like 'i love you, i adore you - what? i'm just translating!!!' ??

I love that song…Is there a character more pure than Ray the firefly???? 


It was a small cafe in Paris. A group of you had opted to take a brief trip to get away from the stresses of home. A singer was crooning from the small band stage as people sat and milled around, either engrossed in their conversations or far too tipsy to care.

Your group had spread out as the night had gone on. Lily and James were off to one side, seemingly forgetting anyone else was present. Marlene was off with some French guy she’d met. Remus, Peter, and Dorcas were having a spirited debate as to who would be eaten first on a desert island. You found yourself focusing on the music, Sirius seated next to you, surprisingly quiet. 

“Je t’adore. Je t’aime” trilled the singer. 

“I adore you, I love you,” muttered Sirius out of nowhere.

You turned to him in shock. Had you heard him correctly? Surely he wasn’t talking to you, right?

Sirius shrugged, his eyes twinkling, “Just translating.”

“Oh, right,” you nodded, slightly disappointed. 

Sirius watched you closely. Had he imagined the way your shoulders sagged when he claimed to simply be translating. Had he detected a hint of sadness in your eyes? A small frown on your lips?

“Want to dance?” Sirius asked, his eyebrow quirked. 

“This isn’t exactly a dance hall, Sirius,” you chuckled. 


He stood, taking your hand and pulling you to your feet with him. He led you to a small open area in front of the stage. 

As the song continued, Sirius guided you across the ‘dance’ floor, twirling and dipping you every so often. 

By the time the song came to an end, you once again found yourself disappointed. As you began to walk back towards your table, Sirius stopped you. 

Pulling you tight to his chest, he breathed into your ear, “I’ll admit I wasn’t just translating. I very much adore you and I seem to be falling even deeper in love with you.”

Your mouth fell open momentarily as you processed his words. He began to say something else but you swiftly cut him off by pressing your lips to his. The kiss was filled with the words neither of you seemed to be able to say and it ended far too soon. 

As you pulled away, both of you flushed, your ears were greeted by the sound of applause and your eyes met with a room full of joyous onlookers. 

“I think we have an audience,” you laughed, burying your face in Sirius’ shoulder. 

“Shall we take this somewhere more private, then?” he murmured, his grin evident in his warm voice.

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Hiya hiya! Could you do RFA+ minor trio reacting to their s/o singing to them? I think it would be a really cute gesture! ❤ Thank you! ❤❤❤


    This is such a cute and pure request awww



-this smol sunshine bean

-he was really stressed from school

-so he was cuddling you

-his head was resting on your chest

-”mc can you sing to me? It seems comforting.”

-ahh you have been put on the spot

-kpop kpop kpop kpop kpop

-”I couldn’t tell you, but I loved you

Like a dream come true, like a miracle

If only I could run through time and grow up

I’d hold your hands in this crazy world”

-yes i english translated the lyrics to rough by gfriend

-this bOY

-fell asleep as you were singing

-pure aw aww

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I’m going to attempt to recap Duchovny in Boston day (February 22, 2017.) Warning: this could get long and sappy because it’s 3 AM and I’m just brain dumping. Under a cut…

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Boyfriend!Young K

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  • there’s gonna be lots and lots of smiling and laughing
  • he’s always gonna do something dumb to make you laugh
  • like if you’re sad about something, he’ll probably do one of those derp faces and cheer you up
  • and whenever you guys are just chilling he’ll just be smiling so hard
  • because he loves you just that much
  • and then it’ll make you smile too
  • and there’s gonna be lots of pda
  • like a whole bunch
  • like if you guys just decide to get up and go to the mall one weekend
  • he’ll just wrap his arms around you and hug you
  • he’ll be squeezing you really tight but not too tight
  • but just tight enough
  • and then he might sneak a little kiss too
  • and then you’re gonna be all in the moment
  • and kiss him on the lips
  • you two will forget that you were still in public
  • and you’ll just be making out like it’s no big deal
  • then you’ll stop once you realize that people are watching lol
  • there’s gonna be lots and lots of gift giving too
  • like one day you’re just relaxing at home
  • watching tv in your pj’s eating potato chips
  • and then he’ll just be coming through the door with a giant box of chocolates and a jumbo sized teddy bear
  • okay maybe not jumbo sized but it’s still pretty big though
  • you’ll get all happy, which’ll make him really happy
  • and you know how he just loves to sing and rap right?
  • yeah, he’s gonna be serenading you like all the time
  • he’ll go and take the time out of his busy day to write a special song just for you
  • he’s gonna make sure that the rapping part is on point
  • and the lyrics are gonna be so deep and heartfelt that it’ll get to you and tug at your heartstrings
  • but it’s still gonna be cute though
  • and then he’ll get the rest of the guys of the band to do the music
  • while he’s playing his bass guitar with those big hands of his
  • like his hands are so big and pretty
  • sorry i got caught up a little there
  • anyways so they’re playing the song and he’s singing
  • once it’s over he comes over to give you a huge hug and stuff like that
  • the both of you blush and things get really adorable and whatnot
  • but then here comes the good part……..
  • intimacy
  • okay so you guys are just in the bed chilling
  • unexpectedly he wraps an arm around you and keeps you really close to him
  • he loves spooning especially when he’s the big spoon
  • he’ll be grabbing at your body a lot trying to get your attention
  • all he’ll want then is to just you know
  • make love and stuff ;)
  • and his kisses
  • hahahaha i’m sure he has to be like the best kisser in the group
  • he’s even gonna try to do some french kissing too because he likes that stuff
  • anyways brian would make the best boyfriend
  • caring, sweet, funny, always making you happy
  • and he’s like really good looking
  • the total package
favorite monsters of the week ask meme, part two
  • Racist with a Terrible Headache: if you could just get up drive anywhere, right now, where would it be?
  • Bruce Campbell the Bigamist Demon: what is the biggest surprise you've ever had in your life?
  • Mildly Upset Meteorologist: what would the weather be like if you could control it?
  • Creepy Death Photographer: what is something you're morally ambiguous about?
  • Mulder in One Son: what's the most awkward situation you've been privy to?
  • Florida Gothic Aesthetique: what is a situation where you were overwhelmed but you pulled through?
  • Homeowners Associations are HORRIBLE: what is a community you really enjoy being a part of?
  • Dogs? I don't know: what historical figure would you consider a kindred spirit?
  • Phillip Padget Eat Your Heart Out: what is something about yourself you feel others do not see?
  • Flesh Eating Magic Mushrooms: name three things you do NOT want to be covered in
  • The Kid Eats Brains: what are your favorite brain foods?
  • It's a Metaphor for Teenage Speed Use: talk about peer pressure you experienced
  • Even Luck is Terrifying: what's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?
  • Screw You DONALD: what is something you feel guilty about but was justified?
  • Literally Fear Itself: what is the embodiment of fear itself to you?
  • Cigarettes are Bad by the Way: what are you addicted to?
  • Kathy Griffin Incites Mass Violence: why did you want to punch the last person you wanted to punch?
  • Jinn, the Coolest XFiles Monster: what are your three wishes?
  • Cult Worm, Name of My Band: name three things that gross the hell out of you, like this episode
  • Half Man Half Reptile Completely Incoherent: if you were half man half animal, what would you want the half animal to be?
  • The Kid has Bugs for Hormones: what is something you yearned for but did not receive?
  • The Brady Bunch but People Fucking Die: what makes you instantly nostalgic?
  • Burt Reynolds is Literally God Here: link me to three of the nicest songs you know
  • This Lizard Man was Adorable as Hell: what's your favorite thing about being human? what's your least favorite?
  • The Band-Aid Nose Man: what really disappoints you about the world?
Cause you have my heart

Cause you have my heart

Pairing: Steve rogers x reader

Plot: the reader is apart of the popular girl group little mix and Steve feels insecure because very attractive men constantly flirt with her and feels like she even though she wouldn’t she could cheat on him while she’s on tour. Because of this she brings Steve up on stage and proceeds to cover big time rushes song worldwide.

A/n I honestly don’t know where this angsty side of me came from. Also the reader is Peggy’s great granddaughter and for the fuck of it I made the reader the fifth member of little mix because I’m obsessed with little mix.

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Being in a famous pop group isn’t as fabulous as you’d might think. Yes you get to travel the world and have thousands of people screaming your name while you sing your heart. But not a lot of people understand that while you’re on the road you start to miss your loved ones. That’s why you wanted to soak up as much alone time with your boyfriend Steve before you started your tour.

“Mmmmm Steve that tickles” you had a smile on your face when you felt Steve’s lips on the crook of your neck. He knew that was one of your most ticklish areas so you rolled over so you were face to face with him.

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