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There are a million ways to say “I love you”. Before the infamous scene where Jughead opened up to Betty of how much he loved her, he already confessed here that he cared a lot about her in any way possible. He didn’t want Betty to be upset, so he confronted her when he was worried about what Kevin had told him beforehand–even tried to get to know the detail too. Because he’s such a smol bean, he then told Betty his honest intention (that he just didn’t want her upset, period). I think this was adorable. Every bughead scenes are equally enticing, but the small scenes like this also worths a lot, so I’d like to appreciate this. Hehehehe

guess who got to watch wonder woman in all her 3D glory this afternoon

this girl


More thought dabbles!

I adore this scene so much because it’s finally showing small things like how Miyuki see’s/thinks about Eijun and how he personal views it and in a way what type of things draw him to him. 

Miyuki isn’t an open person when it comes to himself or how he feels towards others so it’s imposable to guess what he’s thinking when he’s faced with someone he likes or deeply cares about he can be often be seen as someone who’s rude or mean and a lot of the time misunderstood. I adore the parallel between him and Chris senpai cause they can essentially say the same things but Miyuki’s approach in Eijun’s case just infuriates him and some times make Eijun’s mood worse, Miyuki teases and gets straight to the point as where Chris senpai is very gently and good at working through things with you softly which in Eijun’s case he needs. 

Miyuki will praise when he feels proud but not if your asking for it or show any signs it will go to your head which makes me sad to think of the times he has voiced his approval has been times where Eijun is in a dark place *angst otp cries.

I think about how Miyuki asked Chris to help Sawamura because he knew in the end he wouldn’t be of any help so he reached for the person he knew that could help him and in a shipping sense it brings me so much feelings (。-﹏-。 ). Urghh Watching the person you like light up because of someone else, not even just from the act of them helping but for them to see this person and just feeling slightly happier with them being is like how Eijun lights up to chris when he enters a room or even if his mentioned and it must make Miyuki feel unless in some respects and unable to help his friend when he wants to *sobbing. 

“I don’t exactly hate the noise he brings” Miyuki teases him a lot and most likely didn’t think about how it’s cause he want to hear Eijun laugh, yell, be overly energetic and bring life to him and the team!

Notes/personal extra:

I can’t wait to read more of the manga sorry I rambled so much (///*//////*///)/ I’m in so deep with Miyusawa I’m in awe! SORRY IF THERE’S SPELLING MISTAKES omg ///// I’m sleepy again thank you for reading *cuddles <3

(it’s nice sharing thoughts and eeeing about things with other fans I get sad if people argue, *cuddles you!  I just like to share what’s floating in my head *hugs and smoshes you all (。⌒∇⌒)。) 

Unpopular Opinion Time :

I DO NOT ship Cassian and Nesta.

I don’t. There’s nothing that will change my mind and if ACOTAR3 happens to put them together, I still won’t ship it. It’s like that fly that’s buzzing around but I don’t feel like swatting it.

And here’s why:

Nesta is not a good person. Her character is fabulously written because Sarah J Maas is a goddess, but Nesta just isnt a good person in my eyes.

For starts, she chose between sisters. How you treat your family says a lot about the type of person you are. (Especially Cassian. He sacrificed his bloody WINGS for Azriel and they aren’t even blood (but the Inner Circle relationship is much closer than blood)). But here we have Nesta, who is Feyre’s blood sister and she treated her horrible. She chose Elain over Feyre (instead of just, I don’t know, loving both?) and protected her. While Feyre goes out every day and night to provide for a family who doesnt give a rat’s ass about her. 

No, ‘are you okay?’ No, ‘do you need help?’. No nothing. Nest is a spoiled brat sulking over the fact her family lost all its riches and she letting her youngest! sister! go out and risk her life while she sits by a fire and sulks. It’s pathetic and disgusting. 

‘Hey guys. I just killed a Fae in Wolf form today. No I’m fine. No it’s fine I’ll make dinner again. No I’m not like having many panic attacks. No, no, it’s fine. Sit there. Yeah sure, have some of our only coins to waste on stupid things. Do this all over again tomorrow, yeah?’ Nesta is a complete waste of space and she’s eating food that could have been put to good use. 

But then she also acts like she’s BETTER than Feyre. Which is abusive towards her sister. Always putting her down and making her feel like shit after all she’s done to keep your useless self alive. Why? Because she loves you. Anyway, Nesta always acted like she was BETTER. So what, Nesta? You remember being rich and famous and la-dee-do comfortable in a mansion and Feyre doesn’t? Feyre is a hundred times the person you were and will EVER BE. Name ONE OTHER PERSON who would put up with Nesta’s shit? *cricket noises*

Next example. Here we have, la-dee-do, Tamlin the Tool, waltzing in and bLOWING THE DOOR OFF THE HOUSE. And here he is, demanding for Feyre because she killed a Fae. What does Nesta do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PROBABLY FILING HER NAMES! And no. She wasn’t scared (but reasonably she probably was Tamlin’s beast form is horrifying) she just didn’t CARE about Feyre.

I will bet you every gold coin Celaena Sardothien used to own that if Tamlin had asked for Elain, Nesta would have beaten that Tool to death with her iron bracelet. But since it’s Feyre and Nesta doesnt care, she sits there and hold’s Baby Elain (WHO IS NOT A BABY!!). It’s sick. 

Next, here we are, about a year later?? And her sister comes back a Fae. It doesnt come as a shock Nesta doesnt run to her sister and hug her and ask if she’s okay (no, that’s what a decent person would do) she’s afraid of her. Now I get it, Nesta grew up thinking Fae = bad. Fae = kill. Fae = sucks meat on my bones. 

But here’s another thing, Nesta REMEMBERED what happened to Feyre. And here she is, sitting in a mansion once again like she was when she was a little girl, singing and brushing her hair ‘oh look at me. i sat still and looked pretty and i was rewarded’

(Nesta did go and look for Feyre. Once. And I’m pretty sure she just wanted someone to protect her again and was pissed Feyre left them. Prick (and not the hot High Lord of the Night Court kind)

Feyre comes back, not begging for money or anything like that, but she comes back asking Nesta to open her house up so tHEY CAN OH I DONT KNOW SAVE THE WORLD! And petty Nesta goes “No”. Um. Exsqueeze me? You are os lucky I’m not your sister because I’m petty and would have lET YOU DIE OF STARVATION AND DEHYDRATION!! (sorry mum, but I’m breaking my promise)

Even Cassian hated Nesta for what she did to his future High Lady. DETESTED HER EVEN. Now I get it, It’s a YA novel (but Sarah is none for not always following the norm) so I don’t see how Cassian, someone who values family above his WINGS, HIS PRECIOUS ILLYRIAN WINGS, could ever love Nesta. 

I don’t give a Cauldron’s bubble if they somehow have a mating bond. (which in my mind, is not possible for two reason above all. One, mating bonds are extremely rare so why the hell is everyone just buying mating bonds from Walmart? Two, mates are supposed to be EQUALS. In my mind, there is no way Nesta could ever be equal to precious Cassian) But if they do somehow have a mating bond, I don’t think Cassian should immediately love Nesta.

He should still hate her for what she did to Feyre (and don’t say she was a child or anything like that, because no no no my friend, she’s the bloody eldest). A mating bond doesnt mean you automatically fall head over heels for them. (Exhibit A. Rhysand’s Parents. (self promoting my fanfics haha) they never fell in love. They had a friendship and a deep respect for each other and their mating bond and realized a mating bond is a rare thing, bUT THAT DIDNT MEAN THEY WERE FORCED TO LOVE EACH OTHER LIKE TAMLIN LOVES HIS HAIR!)

So honestly, in my mind, if Cassian sticks true to his character and doesn’t do a complete 180 tenfold, he wouldn’t love Nesta. I’n sure he would respect the mating bond and realize the universe thinks they’re perfect together, but (here it comes) : That doesn’t mean Cassian thinks he’s perfect for Nesta. 

So who would Cassian end up with? Okay, One: What? What is this question? Since when did Cassian, (OR ANY BOSS ASS MALE) need a female in his life to be happy? Sure, Mor made him happy. But he’s even happier being her friend and Azriel’s brother and awkwardly being the buffer between them, whispering “screw him, screw her” under his breath. So honestly, Cassian don’t need no female like Amren don’t need no man. 

But it is also 100% A-Oh-KAY if Cassian wants a woman. It’s A-OH-KAY IF CASSIAN WANTS TO CHERISH A WOMAN IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. It is A-Oh-Kay if Cassian wants to give her small ear kisses, and tickle her stomach, and toss her over his broad shoulders. It’s FINE if Cassian wants to stroke her wings just right (cough cough if she’s an Illyrian **holds thumbs UP**) and make her our his name. It’s okay if Cassian wants to love another woman since Rhys’s  mom (haha self promoting again hey) and Mor. Cassian may not need a woman but he sure as hell wants one just like Celaena sure as HELL wanted Chaol. 

And since you’re asking, who do I see Cassian with? Well I already mentioned an Illyrian female! And I think it would be so sweet and amazing and it would make my YA book loving heart THROB. For one, Cassian is like a huge feminist second to Rhysand himself. He’s trying to slowly raise an army of story Illyrian females and he respects them so much (because of Rhys’s mom is my guess *hehe*). And I think if he finds one that makes his heart flutter and she makes him laugh so hard he snorts his wine out of his nose, or he randomly races her through the air, CASSIAN WOULD BE HAPPY WITHOUT A DAMN MATING BOND. Because now he feels like this female is his equal. And he doesnt need the DAMN UNIVERSE to tell him a thing *snap snap snap*. ALSO Cassian was a bastard. So I think that if he realizes an Illyrian can move him (not because of his connections to the High Lord, or his siphon gems, or his powers) but she just loves looking into his eyes, and kissing his shoulder, and making his toes curl, Cassian will feel LOVED. He will feel loved and cherished by an Illyrian female and I don’t think he’ll ever think TWICE about calling himself a bastard. 

(this is legit my newest OTP)

What if Cassian doesn’t want an Illyrian? Hell yeah, that’s okay too, bitch es. Cassian can want a Fae and he can want her hard. He can want to bit the pointed tips of her ears. He can want to nuzzled those ears until they flush that adorable red. HE CAN WANT IT ALL! And I already have a small scene where they meet too. Cassian is totally in denial like “Nope, there’s no King of Hybern’s army behind me, lol army? What army? Pshhhh. Let’s go get drunk, we’ve been through enough” But I also think he would be fighting his ass off, even as his wings are still slightly healing (THOSE SUCKERS ARE GOING TO HEAL OKAY) but I think they’d start to hurt and he’d get overwhelmed. And the Inner Circle is divided bc this army is huge and they’re like 5 of them (Feyre still with the Tool, kicking his ass). So Cassian gets overwhelmed and this new monster (because yay) advances towards him. And then oUT OF NOWHERE THIS AMAZING FEMALE SOARS THROUGH THE SKY AND CHOPS THAT SUCKER’S HEAD OFF. And she does that like twenty more times and she’s covered in blood and gore and panting and her ears are pierced and Cassian is on the ground, eyes wide. And Rhys saw the whole thing and he’s like “Damn. I approve” The Fae woman reaches her hand down aND SHE PULLS UP BIG MUSCLES CASSIAN straight out the sky. She winces and Cassian baby is like “omg did i dislocate her shoulder?” But this girl is a trooper and she just pops it back in and then she has the Inner Circle surrounding her and she’s like “Really? I save this guy and you guys go all attack mode?” And she explains herself and she’s probably a real bad ass and gosh I love this chick already. Mor is over here, gushing because hell yes another girl that makes four of us (when Feyre gets back) and three of them!  And Cassian is just staring like an idiot and she’s like “They’re about a thousand or so more over the hill” And Rhys again is like “Damn. I approve”

So those are my two hopes for Cassian that have absolutely positively la-dee-do NOTHING to do with Nesta Archeron. And it’s a real long shot, but even if these exact things don’t happen, I think anyone would be great for Cassian. (Except Ianthe (and Nesta!!). Just. No) 

So those are my thoughts and I just pumped myself up and I might write those fanfics about Cassian and the Mystery girl. Thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

you're a fucking weaboo, steve and tony make no fucking sense at all, they're hardly even friends as it stands. you know nothing about the mcu if you really think they love each other. and your art ain't that good

Okay first of all I’d like to thank you for spending your oh-so-precious time coming over here and sending me a message that was obviously so well thought out. The correlation between being a ‘weaboo’ and a fan of SteveTony does indeed baffle me… Since, y’know, that’s an insult that people usually direct toward those more into Japanese culture and superheroes such as Captain AMERICA (representing the typical old ideals of the US and the living embodiment of the old American Dream, initially created as pro-US propaganda in 1941) and Iron Man (who was initially created as a representation of MODERN day America and the effects of capitalism [and even replies on the rhetoric of mutually assured destruction even in modern arcs which does throw tributes to old American concepts and ideas - for more of that you should REALLY read Marvel Comics’ Civil War and the Age of Terror: Critical Essays on the Comic Saga, such a good book.] ) - so two AMERICAN and thus WESTERN superheroes … And you’re calling me a weaboo. Okay buddy. 

Lets bring this back to basics. I am by no means stating fact, but the justification behind my opinion. And I have to state right off the bat, I’ve always been drawn more toward the comics than the MCU so yes, I don’t know as much as I’d like to about the MCU. We’ll tackle this in chronological order though, of when the movies were released. 

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Just finished book 10 and 11 of Loveless. Ugh I just want to be Ritsuka I adore all the small love scenes between him and Soubi. Can’t get enough of them 😭