i adore this makeup

Hey guys! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my friend’s store, AMELIA STARDUST.

She’s selling SO MANY adorable tops, summary shorts that I’m in love with, REALLY great makeup with brands ranging from Urban Decay to Mabeylline at amazing prices, seriously cool accessories, dresses, rompers, bags and alot of other miscellaneous items!

You can get alot of her stuff on a Buy 2 Get One Free sale and not only that, you can use the code ‘AMIRA’ for 10% OFF OF ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES.

Do me a favor and go check out her shop! 

anonymous asked:

how can u afford all this makeup? omg wow

I’m very blessed to get makeup sent to me from companies that I adore. I very rarely buy makeup seeing that I’m trying to save up money and shit. I’ll maybe buy like AT THE MOST $50 worth of makeup a month.


i tried to do violet-inspired makeup but ended up looking like frank n furter.

i liked my lips tho! this was trash bc i only did eyes and lips lol i didn’t even contour properly and ended up just putting black on top of white on top of black on top of white. but hey at least i naturally kinda look like jason so yay for me?

i’ll try again tomorrow or later today or maybe right now?!

Kevin and I are gonna collab on a music video feat. some of our fave cartoon characters, each getting a clip of a song by a drag queen. So I boarded Helga to some of “Hello I Love You” by Adore Delano, Kevin is doing Daffy Duck to “Your Makeup is Terrible” by Alaska Thunderfuck, and we’re like ok we should do one more, let’s do Rick and Morty. But we can’t pick a song and it’s making us consider expanding it from just songs by drag queens. ANYWAAAY, you babies got any suggestions?

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you are so beautiful but also adorable and i absolutely love the way you do your makeup and i want to be best friends

thanks! my mom actually does my makeup, but I’m the creative director lol. Yes please, I could always use more friends!!