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I made a three panel comic of the ‘Marvin brings out Snuffles whenever Robbie is sad’ idea! I apologize that Robbie and Marvin look odd, I haven’t drawn humans in a semi serious style in a very long time. If you look closely you’ll see I gave Marvin slit pupils and sharp canine teeth to add onto the cat mask thing!

No no, this looks great! Look at that bun! This is adorable, and yeah, i love the design you gave Marv, thanks dude! This is cool! 

likenolion  asked:

write some thing about aveline! either the legend or the companion.

here’s a bit about Aveline Vallen in the aftermath of da2

Kirkwall feels emptier after Hawke leaves.

Of course it is emptier; so many people died in the aftermath of the Chantry explosion, templars and mages alike, but Aveline has to admit that she searches for familiar faces in the people milling about in the tattered streets.

She stayed while the others left. It wasn’t safe for them to stay, but Aveline figured it would be safe if she stayed. Maybe not safe for her, but safe for everyone left who deserved even a relatively safe city. Donnic stayed, too, because he is a good man and a good guard. Most of the surviving guards stayed, too, and they rallied when Aveline called for them. She knows Sebastian will return one day, seeking revenge or perhaps justice.

Kind of ironic, really.

Still, she finds her breath catching in her throat every time she happens to encounter an elf with short dark hair or a man with feathered pauldrons, or hears the clicking of a crossbow being loaded echoing between the crumbling Lowtown buildings. Donnic sees her tense up every time every now and then, and he puts his hand on her arm.

“I’m fine,” Aveline tells him every time.

“I know,” he replies every time.

It’s true, and she’s never needed people around her to make her feel somehow complete anyway, but some days she just feels so damn empty.

(She passes the Hawke mansion every day, but the door is always locked.)

“You’ve gotta dance everyday. Everyday, you’ve gotta dance!”

an inktober that went too far off the rails

I am just one of many who feel personally attacked by this character and his design :I;;;;  enjoyed adorable Dream Daddy, and I have always been incredibly awed & inspired by Shanen/epsee’s artwork, so this is that put together ^-^


I had the sudden urge to draw Mikleo ina  dress and suddenly Elven prince Mikleo and Adventurer Sorey AU happened, what.

Hope you like the designs, i had a ton of fun with them :)

Here’s the full original doodle of Mikleo in a dress:

Last year I asked for fan submitted outfits with the thought that one lucky fan would get to see their design used on the show! I got hundreds of wonderful drawings, it was really hard to choose! In the end I picked this adorable outfit designed by Jay Lazenby! I’m so excited with how it came out and made him this thank you card. Here’s a link to his site:


And here’s a little video we made about the contest:



if he took a human soul that must mean….. He’d adopt the ‘god’ looks- so something like thiiis(?) :’DDDD I shall call him;

GOD GOTH- #euh..

oh and Cake-senpoi, I can’t really imagine much how Goth’d look if he grown up– but maybe similar to his god version?? I mean I have a thought that Asriel’s god version must be like a spin-off of his grown up version lol XDD