i adore this band to bits and pieces

Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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ey had dis weallie old art i never gave yous

also sowie i never was able to find a ref for da tail or smthn? idk i weird eh

i hope u like it anywau ;u; sowiiee and i hope u feels betta!


Oh my goodness this is SO CUUUUUUTE!!!! I love it so much!! Thank you for this adorable piece of art! (I really love the cute little band-aids ;w; )

Thank you so much for the well wishes. <3 I’m doing a bit better today, though still dealing with some illness. You did a great job on this piece dearie. <3

[Gorillaz]: Band Leader Noodle AU - "Impulse"

So if you haven’t heard of robotspacejelly‘s Band Leader Noodle AU, you need to get on that, because it’s brilliant. So I decided to write something up for it because I was heavily inspired :)

This is also gently based off of some of mcvveigel‘s comics where little Mudz has a bit of a crush on Miss Noodle. That is too damn adorable not to take advantage of, so I hope you like this little piece. If enough people like it, I’ll even consider posting it on AO3 for the sake of convenience. 

Title: Impulse

Characters: Mudz (BLN AU), Miss Noodle (BLN AU)

Summary: Miss Noodle must really not know how good she looks. Band Leader Noodle AU. One-sided Nudoc. 

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A Technique appreciation post.

Released in 1989, this is the perfect time capsule to the year, because you get both the acid and rocky stuff. Personally, it makes me want to dance with songs like Fine Time (greatest acid house single maybe?) or Round and Round, but also feel a bit romantic with All The Way or Dream Attack. It’s the absolute combination of these and only New Order could create such an amazing record. 

I love so much this album that I could actually talk to it and confess my adoration.

New Order are absolutely my 2nd all-time favourite band (Pet Shop Boys first, yeah) and I’d like to thank them for composing this fine piece of work, my favourite album that has come out of Manchester in those years (not that all the others released from other bands aren’t equally brilliant).

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So I met As It Is at Warped Tour in Camden! I first met Patty in line because they were going around selling their CD. I hugged him and told him that I loved their music so much. I didn’t get a pic that time because they weren’t doing pictures. I then accidentally met Andy at their merch table when I went to go buy a shirt. He was so sweet about signing things and taking pictures. I didn’t expect for him to be there at all!! Then I met the whole band a while later. I was walking around a little bit and I saw a line starting to form at their tent and I asked someone what it was for and she said they were having a little meet and greet. I was so excited because I couldn’t get a wrist band earlier to go to their signing since it was sold out. You could say I was freaking out a bit. Patty was soooo sweet asking if my warped tour was going fabulously (of course it was). I hugged everyone and they signed a piece of their merch I had. We then took and adorable picture. And lastly I met Patty individually for a selfie when he was just wandering around. Every one of these guys were too sweet and nice. Would love to meet them again sometimes.