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Hi alyssa ! Have you ever seen that video where jungkook yells 'moonbin-ah' ? :') its soooo cute

YES ASLKJDSALJD it was so adorable ))”: I saw another video where moonbin was being introduced to jungkook as isac and my heart was bursting at the seams !! it just made me so happy to see that moonbin was finally meeting someone he really looks up to and to see jungkook be so kind :”)

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50 daisuga for the prompt thingy? I adore your works

Ahh thank you that’s so sweet!! I’m so glad you like my fics!

50: “We’d make such a cute couple.” (4/5)

It’s a usual Friday night: Suga at Daichi’s house, the two of them sprawled on Daichi’s bed while Daichi plays a video game and Suga studying. Daichi should be studying too, but he hardly ever studies. And infuriatingly enough, he never needs to. He always does just as good as Suga, if not even better, on all their tests despite Suga getting in usually three times as much study time as Daichi. But Suga doesn’t mind that much. It means nights like this are common, the two of them keeping each other in silent but comfortable company.

Suga’s legs are draped across Daichi’s thighs, Daichi’s arms resting on Suga’s shins as he leans towards the television screen. Suga looks up from his textbook, not for the first time in the last hour. Daichi frowns at the television, and Suga watches as he tilts his head, as if the change of angle will help in the game.

A thought pops into Suga’s head, a very familiar thought, and usually it’s fleeting, never voiced. But this time, Suga decides not to keep it silent. He lets the thought find his tongue, disrupting the silence between them.

“We’d make a really cute couple,” Suga says. He flexes his toes as he says it, nudging Daichi’s arm to get his attention.

“Hm,” Daichi hums distractedly, tilting his controller as he presses the buttons harder and faster than normal.

Suga just smirks, turning back to his textbook. It’s okay that Daichi didn’t acknowledge the statement. He probably didn’t even hear it. And that’s okay. Perhaps Suga can pretend-

“Wait… what?” Daichi suddenly questions. The television goes silent as the pause menu is displayed.

Suga looks back up from his homework. “Nothing, I just said we’d make a cute couple.”

Daichi stares at him with wide eyes, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows. Suga doesn’t miss his left hand coming off his controller to wipe a sweaty palm on his pants.

“You look like a fish out of water, Dai,” Suga teases, finally drawing the captain out of his stunned floundering.

“Do you…. Is that what you want?” Daichi asks. Suga finds it endearing how he stumbles over his words.

“Oh come on, Dai. Have you seriously not noticed how huge of a crush I’ve had on you?” Suga laughs. “You’d honestly be the only one if you haven’t. I mean, the first years call us ‘mom and dad’ for fucks sake.”

“I, uh… just thought it was because… you know, captain and vice-captian….”

Suga rolls his eyes and sits up, pulling his legs from Daichi’s thighs to fold them underneath himself. He tilts his head as he leans closer to Daichi. “So? What do you think?”

“U-Uh I- yes,” Daichi blurts, one word tripping over the other in a rush to leave his lips.

“Good,” Suga giggles. “Now, where are you taking me for dinner tomorrow night?”

Suga doesn’t think it’s possible, but Daichi looks even more flustered than he did a minute earlier.

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Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?

I am honestly living for interactions between dodie and Phil 💛

Can I just say how beautiful this seemingly mundane, everyday moment is? See, here Isak is acting like a frustrated brat while trying to learn driving (been there) and you’d think he would be so annoying and difficult to deal with at the moment. But look at Even. Even doesn’t get irritated or angry, he just, looks at him with so much fondness? So must adoration? This is how Even sees Isak. Whether he’s smiling and being cute or screaming from frustration. Through Even’s eyes, Isak is always the best and the most beautiful thing in the world.


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I fucking. Love. This man.

Ok, first off, I adore the sense of humor, it’s just so goddamn golden, it’s over simplified and it knows it.

It’s almost like he’s mocking academics and scholars agonizingly going every tiny detail of history and arguing over the molecules.

He glosses over it, but there are these brief seconds where you can absolutely tell he’s studied it carefully and trivialized it in a meaningful way, like, he brushes over a lot of shit, but he knows he HAS to, and how does he do it?

By making really clever one-second story gloss-overs.

I just adore it.

I remember more of AP World history than I care to and boy, was this fun.

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed 20 minutes of my life there, I just think these videos are great.

Maybe they’re not as detailed as people who’re cramming for  AP World need, but…it’s great on timelines and letting you know the chronology of shit.

Plus it’s funny enough to get you a little more interested in parts of history you’re not conventionally taught, right?

I mean seriously, he covers so much ground in such a great way that you’re compelled to figure out what he was referring to…

because as I mentioned, HE knows.

and it’s funnier when YOU know.

So it’s compelling you to find out.

I just love it, man, I love these.

@thatsthat24, in MS Paint! It’s annoying working with no layers but in all honesty, as much time it takes, it really calms my anxiety/dark thoughts. So I decided hey, why not draw Thomas again? Since he always manages to make me smile with his videos and just by simply liking my tweets, I figure he’s always the best person to draw.

Plus, how can you not draw this adorable little bean?? Like what?? Haha

Hope you like it, Thomas!!


a WIP animatic for @lumorie swan lake AU theres SO much that needs to be fixed in this but for now this is what i got :// 

Miraculous Headcanon

Warning: i have been adding to this headcanon for nearly a month so it is pretty long xD OOPS SORRY NOT SORRY (i did put a cut though, so, yeah) NO REGRETS

  • Marinette is a youtuber
  • Her channel consists of mostly sped up videos of her drawing designs and making her designs. Some have voice over, some have soothing and relaxing music.
  • Her channel blew up
  • Partially because, wow, she’s really talented for only being in high school
  • And people just really enjoyed watching her work, it’s very unique
  • Sometimes she’ll do simple tutorials on how to make a simple skirt, or get started on designing, but those are more rare videos
  • She has a second channel that is less professional than her main, where she posts a bunch of random vlogs that her and Alya take whenever they do something interesting, or even some random challenges. Most of these videos involve Alya, since she got Marinette to make a second channel for fun vlogs
  • Her international followers (#subtitles) find it very interesting anytime she talks about Ladybug and Chat Noir because there are legit superheroes in Paris and no other part of the world has seen that.
  • They vlog all sorts of things
    • going to the craft store for new fabrics, buttons, patterns, literally anything Marinette needs for her next project (or they’re just bored)
    • They record random things they see around Paris, cosplayers of LB and CN, pigeons being weird, aesthetics
    • Alya and Marinette have a weekly “review” which includes Alya buying something for Marinette to review- mostly themed around her favorite heroes
    • Sometimes just walking around the mall. Nino is spotted in many vlogs as well, but Adrien is rarely seen since he is already around so many cameras in his normal life Marinette is respecting his privacy
  • A lot more below the cut because I have been working on this headcanon for nearly a month!

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Thank you!!!! And right??? Rafaela has this awesome look about her, and I love her so much!! She’s so chill and sweet!

Do y’all remember how adorable Melissa Benoist was when she was doing that puppy challenge for MTV, could you imagine if they got Katie McGrath to do it. It would be the best video that we would ever see because you know she would try to take like 4 puppies with her as she left. 

This was her  at just hearing the word “dog” 

I can’t stop thinking about how excited and happy she would be to get to play with a bunch of puppies.

IxxJ Friends

~ Based on our INTJ, INFJ, ISTJ and ISFJ squad ~

- Complains about his lack of romantic life 24/7.
- Only likes doing / watching / reading stuff that makes him feel good.
- Always cheerful, never happy.
- Absolute bookworm.
- Seems shy and friendly.
- Judgmental.
- Awesome fashion style.
- Hair is always on point.
- Can’t watch a show or read a book if he dislikes the main characters.
- Also emo trash™.

Common phrases include:
- “But that’s not practical”.
- “Don’t think about it so much”.
- “Learn from me”.
- “We are cleaning up right now”.
-“That’s adorable”

- Witty and sharp humor 24/7.
- Emo trash™.
- All the yes to fictional worlds.
- Awesome writer.
- Her characters are more likable and complex than most real people.
- Better psychologist than 80% of professionals.
- Loves video games.
- Needs to be in the mood in order to do something smoothly.
- Understands anyone better than they understand themselves.
- Master puzzle solver.
- Whenever she does something moral but stupid, she compares herself to James Kirk to feel validated

Common phrases include:
- “I was joking"
- “That is hilarious, dude”.
- “*Explanation about how she started saying something in an ironic way, and how she is now doing it unironically*”.
- “Everything is meaningless. I wish I was dead”.
- “Fuck you, too”.

- Very busy person.
- Everything is scheduled (revenge included).
- Prefers to read non-fiction.
- Nerdy af.
- Learns physics in their free time.
-Quotes Spock in random situations.
- Very practical and driven.

Common phrases include:
“I already did it”.
“*Smiling in a very sweet and frightening way* Well, they shouldn’t have done that”.
“World domination is the best solution”
“You have to see this”.

- If it doesn’t teach you anything then what’s the point?
- Either so driven that they ignore physical needs, or so demotivated that they can only exist in the dark™.
- Once investigated intensively to find out if it was really true that Heavy Metal had a bad influence on mental health.
- Dark humour, which increases exponentially with INFJ’s presence.
- Likes bullying ISFJ, gets bullied by ISTJ.
- Existential crisis at least twice a week.
- Seems serious and intimidating on the outside, the social anxiety is real on the inside.
- 🎵Animals are better than people🎵

Moto: If I can understand it, I can fix it.

Shared characteristics
- Avoid crowds and noisy people.
- Avoid people in general.
- 99% of our meet ups are in either one of our homes.
- Allergic to stupidity.
- Perfectionism™.
- Different manifestations of condescendence

- Shows them a meme trash™ video

- Has already seen the same meme trash™ video 10 times.

- Can be mildy amused about the meme trash™ video. Will complain anyways to put his own video of liking.

- Doesn’t get and/or hates the meme trash™ video. Pretends to enjoy it.

(Bonus: INFJ notices)


xNTx squad

xNFx squad

okay listen since the beginning of 2017 i’ve been sensing something really different about dnp and it’s been strangely just .. open. they seem more open to their audience and are allowing us to see more of their lives and it’s adorable ok. shameless flirting left and right i don’t think i’ve ever third wheeled this hard . they’re so much more touchy on camera and have included many things and aspects in their videos that most likely would’ve been cut a few years ago and it’s so endearing that they’d trust us and just continue doing what their doing and having no shame in showing the public how much love and adoration and respect they have for each other. most internet friendships don’t last very long but look at dnp over here defying the odds. very soon it’ll be 10 YEARS of dan and phil together and creating content with each other. you’re gonna come here and tell me that it’ll be 10 years of them being together almost all the time and they’re not in love? i hear all this talk about how they’re best friends so it should be okay blah blah i understand HOWEVER how many best guy friends do you see acting as loving as dan and phil?

tl;dr / dnp are in love and it’s making me emotional


So…. today back in 1995 a baby was born. 

A little wittle baby that would soon turn into the one and only Joshua.

Who is Joshua?

Joshua, born Hong Jisoo, is one of the vocalists of 17.

But what makes Hong Jisoo, Hong Jisoo.

Well, firstly, Joshua is extremely cute.


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I mean look at him! He is so precious! His face is small, his smile is sweet he has got a cute button nose and his eye smile makes all boys and girls all over the world melt

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Can you maybe pleeeaase do a sit down/talky video with Valerie??? Or would that just be too much adorableness for one vid?

Awww I would love to!! My goal would be to do one with her, Talyn, Terrence, (I would hope against hope Leo, but no promises) and so many of my other friends. I just, in all honesty, aside from Leo, have known and still know Joan for the longest time, so it was a video that had to happen!