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Imagine the members of Seventeen gifting Woozi with a birthday card which they’ve all signed and written really sweet and thoughtful messages for the birthday boy.

BONUS: Upon reading the messages that the members wrote for him, Woozi got really shy and his face started to turn a little pink.

@aroma-rhineford-cosplay submitted: Reading the Toon Henry series like…
But seriously, can someone give him a suit of armor or something?? What’s the melt/splat count at now; 5?? This poor man needs to REST.
(I’m really loving the story so far tho!!)

((OH GOSH THIS IS GREAT :’D don’t yell oh my gosh. @the-elusive-blue-skittle​ people really love your fic, my dude. and this isn’t the first time someone’s pointed out what a hard time he’s having, either - i see it all over the tags and replies :’D poor little guy. someone does need to protect him. thank you for the (very relatable) art, dear! its adorable! :D <3))


some An Ancient Magus’ Bride AU doodles from my twitter

No concrete idea or anything, just Riko = Elias; You = Chise; Chika = Silky; Kanan = Rutz

you’re crashing on the floor with me (but i can’t sleep)

w-byers said: 27 with the It ship of ur choosing (for the writing prompt) ur welcome

(love u bitch, thank u for this)

warning; swearing, mentions of sex and explicit acts, and some slight internalized homophobia. 4.2k words. 

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richie tozier x eddie kaspbrak + “things you said on the phone at 4am”

X: “you’re fucked, tozier.”

Eddie mumbles it the first time Richie calls him. They’re thirteen, unsure of what’s just happened with the whole fucking clown thing, but ed’s hand still stings from where they cut his hand, his cast still has the word LOVER etched into it, and his mother is still edging somewhere between smothering him and not talking to him at all.

Eddie doesn’t remember how he got the phone back into his room, but its 4am and its better to not ask questions.

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(part of) the french revolution happened while jupiter was in scorpio with uranus, neptune, and pluto involved in a trine with one another in the earth signs… talk about lasting, significant, history-making change