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For a crack mental image: Consider young Yuuri having videos of his learning how to stop. Including running into walls a lot.

Yuuri comes back from the supermarket to find the worst thing he could possibly imagine. 

Victor and his family (and a few inn patrons) are all gathered around the tv in the dining room. At first he isn’t overly concerned because it isn’t entirely unusual for Victor to draw a crowd. 

But when he hears his mother’s giggle combined with Victor’s “Wow!” he knows something’s up. 

He puts the groceries in the kitchen and warily makes his way over to the small gathering. Before he can see what they’re watching, a laugh ripples through the group, Victor’s bark of laughter the loudest. 

“Oh, Yuuuuuri!” Victor calls with a wide smile when Yuuri puts a hand on his shoulder.  He turns to the right to face Yuuri, but in doing so gives him a view straight to the tv. 

And there, on the screen, is tiny, chubby Yuuri, tears in his eyes, but a determined look on his face, as he stands on the ice with wobbly legs. He recognizes the video straight away. It’s a home movie Minako took when Yuuri was first learning to skate. “No.” He whispers. 

He immediately tries to get in front of Victor, dearly hoping the damage hasn’t already been done. 

“Ah, Yuuri, you’re blushing,” Victor (un)helpfully points out. He slings an arm around Yuuri’s shoulder and pulls him in close, effectively blocking Yuuri’s attempt at distracting him.

The young Yuuri on screen goes barrelling across the ice and smacks into the boards with a ‘thud’. Yuuri buries his head in Victor’s chest in shame with a groan.

“Ah,” Victor sighs with smile, “I always thought you would have been cute when you were young. But you’re just adorable! I think I’ve fallen more in love.”

“Thank you, but please turn it off,” Yuuri mumbles into Victor’s chest, his face red-hot. 

Victor laughs, pressing a light kiss to the top of Yuuri’s head. He turns to Mama-Katsuki and says, “Thank you, but I’ll watch the rest later.”

She smiles at him, pressing a hand to her cheek. “Oh, that’s fine. I have many more tapes. You just have to ask.”

“I’m going to burn them before you can,” Yuuri tells him. There’s no way Victor’s ever going to see the video of him trying his first spins. 

The crowd groans in protest as Mama-Katsuki turns the tv off. 

“It’s nice to know someone so talented started off the same as everyone else.” One of the older men says. 

“Mmmn,” Victor shakes his head. “I think you started off pretty impressive,” he whispers. “You should have seen how bad I was when I first started. Bruises everywhere.”

“You have videos too?” Yuuri asks, looking up at him. He’s seen Victor at most stages of life, but never as a small child. 

“Maybe,” Victor shrugs, looking at the blank tv. “How about…” he glances down at Yuuri, and says with a wink, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”


I have to share this because watching this took 5 years off my lifespan and I need everyone else to appreciate it with me


Hi Tay! I’m new to posting things on tumblr (normally I just stalk ur account in a non creepy way I swear) so this is really new to me?? I he no idea what I’m doing but HEY i made an olliness aesthetic! I love ur kids with all my heart and have been watching them grow and develop and I can’t wait for their story!! so ya! hope you like it? Love you and ur art very much xx

Character belongs to @ellelehman

I usually don’t draw a lot of OCs, but holy Bo Peep this one was just too adorable to ignore. I just thought Honey’s design looked just like something you’d expect from the RWBY universe, and also she’s pink! Of course I’m gonna love her if she’s pink! <3

I had to take some guesses for what the back of her outfit looked like, and I being myself of course made her hair a mess, BUT I hope you like her all the same, my wife! Please enjoy a love-struck Honey! (´• ౩ •`)

Meet Misha - the Russian Bear

Misha (or Mishka) is the much beloved mascot created for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. Isn’t he cute? (he IS though) (don’t you just want to stuff him in your pocket and take him home?)

And just in case this isn’t common knowledge: Misha is a short form for the Russian male name Mikhail (Michael), and Mishka is a diminutive of Misha. This name, in any of its forms, is a common colloquialism in Russian for a bear, because it is similar to the standard name for bear медведь (meddled). 

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does christian go from playing an emotional, temperamental, psychotic, mean man who broke up with his boyfriend over a chess game to immediately playing a lunatic quirky character inspired by bugs bunny?

i mean obviously they are completely different characters and christian was probably slightly relieved to not be crying every night (that must be so emotionally taxing i cant even imagine???) but like holy S H I T he’s so diverse and does his talent know no bounds??  

– and yet he’s maybe the most humble human being and he loves and gives so readily and easily and he’s such a darling to all the kids he works with.  

and i know he’s not conventionally like a zac efron “type” or whatever but he’s so under-appreciated and im sorry i’ll shut up now but i just felt the need to gush about this man

So my comprehensive guide to the triage system is turning out a lot less shouty than I’d expected, because I forgot just how much I LOVE this shit and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to nerd out about it at length