i adore jane

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AAAA YOU LIKE THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES?? I love that series!! What were your favourite parts?

Oh man SJA is SO GOOD, I adore Sarah Jane and Clyde and Rani (and their families!) and pretty much everyone?? I have a real soft spot for Clyde and stories that centre a lot on him (“The Mark of the Berserker” and “The Curse of Clyde Langer” are two of my favourite episodes) but there are so many good stories and characters that I love in the show. I didn’t watch SJA until a few years after I’d watched/caught up with the new episodes of DW available at the time (while Matt was still the Doctor I believe) and seeing Ten turn up in “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith” and having them reunited again with Sarah Jane — and meeting companions of her own! — gave me such a nice, warm feeling.


Lily, do you have a Grace in your own life?
“A Grace? I always think I’m gonna say my partner Jane [Wagner] at first, but then I think back and she’s so much more like Frankie. I mean… I think in some ways she’s ALL things to me. So I think she’s Grace on one hand and in the other end I realise she’s relly Frankie - and I’m HER Grace. It’s a little mixed up.” - Lily Tomlin

Chubby cheeked baby, wearing her favorite jammies, courtesy of uncle Bya.


Yall im fuckin crYING my sister just bought me this from waterstones

Remember the Mr Men and Little Miss books??? Those were like my entire childhood and my sister’s too! And she saw these! And they had them for each doctor but she got me my favourite doctor oh my god