i adore it with every single fiber of my being

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i know i shouldnt be so worried with what others think but im afraid that the CS fandom doesn't like killian anymore because of tonight and that makes me sad. is that how you feel? :(

Absolutely not. Number one, don’t let anyone else’s opinion of things you love change how you feel.

Number two, I still adore Killian Jones with every fiber of my being. Killian Jones is a perfect character. He is flawed, and human, and he makes mistakes. He has worked so hard too atone for the things he has done, worked SO HARD to become a man he thinks is worthy of Emma Swan. He is kind, and generous, and he cares So. Damn. Much. for the people in his life. Despite everything the writers throw at him, despite every angsty storyline, Killian comes out the other side of it more human, and more beautiful, every single time.

My frustration comes from the fact that he Never. Gets. A. Fucking. Break.

And this goes for Emma too. She will forgive him. She will still love him. She will still know with every piece of her heart and soul that he is the one for her. But the writing of this show made sure to drive home the point, in one of the happiest moments of her life (and a moment that should have been just as happy for Killian, but wasn’t because of the dark cloud hanging over his head) to drive home the point that these two work together because they understand that secrets and lies hurt them both. Secrets and lies are NOT a part of their relationship anymore.

And the show just gave them another fucking secret.

Now, it looks like it’s gonna be resolved in a hurry, most likely within the next episode, but it’s, at this point, completely unnecessary for the course of their journey. They’ve already defeated this hurdle. It’s time to move on.

I will always, always love Killian Jones, because he has pulled down Emma’s walls, and grown so much as a person - he’s defeated beasts and dark ones and gods and death, and he is the man that Emma loves without question.

Don’t let the reaction to the writing of this episode pull you down. This ‘ship is one I will go down with, Dido style, and despite my complaints, I will love them 'til the end of the world or time.