i adore his face for good reasons

50 Reasons Why Zac is Amazing
  1. Has a soothing voice which I can listen to for hours
  2. Is extremely talented in his singing.
  3. An amazing writer
  4. Has amazing AUs
  5. Has come so far in terms of isolating himself.
  6. Taught me it’s ok to be affectionate as hell to those I care about
  7. Has an adorable laugh
  8. Can’t handle compliments
  9. Squeaks when you call him a good boy
  10. Has a gorgeous face 
  11. One of the kindest people I’ve ever met.
  12. Wants to foster kitties
  13. Sends me cats when I’m sad
  14. Is an absolute nerd
  15. Very passionate about what he believes in
  16. Allows me to add him in ‘calm calls’ when he has a dip so I can help him heal and let him know he’s loved
  17. Has really soft hair
  18. Keeps telling me he’s gonna steal me away to protect me
  19. His smile
  20. When he’s happy like oh jeez i feel like i’ve reached heaven
  21. He can’t take too much positive emotion so he cries from that
  22. He’s absolutely adorable without his beanie. Like please it gives me strength
  23. Good headcanons
  24. Wants you to be safe
  25. Ohoyehoi
  26. Fuckin wrote 33 pages using nothing but salt
  27. He has 4 cats even tho he’s allergic
  28. Genuinely stays on a gluten-free diet when i, in fact, ignore the diet I need for my crohn’s
  29. Has a friendly aura 
  30. Very welcoming and loving
  31. Played hide and seek in a dumpster
  32. Has the best stories holy shit
  33. Will give you hugs if you ask
  34. Very tol
  35. A big ass teddy bear who is very loved
  36. Once he makes a good friends he’s always there for them
  37. Conversations with him are always a blast
  38. Can almost always make someone smile
  39. Has so many vocal tones
  40. And great inflections
  41. Fuckin dedicated 
  42. Sets his mind to whatever he wants to do and fucking does it
  43. Made it so when I do something harmful to myself I hear “be safe”
  44. His voice when he says “sleepy baby” gives me warm fuzzies
  45. Fucking accepting as hell
  46. Tries to see the best in people
  47. Is gonna come here during the purge because he wants plane tickets
  48. Worries about my health even tho I swear m fine
  49. Hid his birthday so he wouldn’t get gifts
  50. Just probably one of my first friends and I’m thankful for everyday I talk to him and all my wishes are for us to be friends forever

andriseup  asked:

idk if you like cats but the most exciting thing that's happened for me in the past three days was sitting down with my sister to build a three-level cat fort out of boxes, which all of our cats have been totally delighted by and have fought to posses? (hi, new follower here btw! pointed your direction by butteredonion :D )

homg that is PRECIOUS?! Lil kitty box fort that is amazing. What kind of cats do you have? (ALSO HELLO Miss Onions is delightful I am glad that she has good people following her) 

I have a cat! His name is Kai and he is a monster but he is a handsome boy: 

I also adore my parents cat who LOVES to cuddle in the morning and look how cute this weirdo is she’s half Munchkin so she has the TINIEST legs and the WEIRDEST face and she trill-purrs for no reason


Reasons to watch Healer: 

1. Come on, look at his face. No arguments needed here. Just look at Ji Chang Wook’s different reactions. He’s adorable! 

 2. The official soundtrack of this Tv Show is so good! It helps you get in the right mood for the scenes, and really good soundtracks bring the best out in a scene.

3. Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young have a really nice chemistry. And that’s where I’ll stop or else I could end up blurting out spoilers.

4.  This is not City Hunter. Yes, there are quite a few similarities, but I’m finding Healer to be much better executed overall.

5.  It’s marathon worthy. You won’t be able to stop with just one episode. You’ll want to know more and you’ll keep watching. I try hard to pace myself, but it’s hard not to as the story slowly reveals little bits of information that will keep you wondering just how all of these characters are connected.

i adore the narrative of barret’s story, the conflict his character faces in working for the greater good (saving the planet) while being driven by a personal cause (the life robbed from him by shinra, his daughter). the struggle to find balance in between, owning up to the consequences of following the extremes, and finally, realizing that making the latter a priority is okay; it’s a reason to fight, right?

Reason why Kung Fu Panda 3 is important right now...

Po’s back being an adorkable hero again…

Po having serious amount of daddy issues…

Po facing serious emotional moments…

Mr.Ping being all over-protective about over his babu Po

Shifu having good amount on screen timing again…

Return of the Jesus Oogway…

Tigress in a new outfit (aka; my beautiful waifu)…

The drop dead gorgeous animation… 

New Villain “Kai”…

Furious Five team power…

More adorable Pandas…

Po…Tigress…Shifu…Ping…Oogway…Furious Five…Li (aka; Po’s bio-papa)

Kung Fu Panda….