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Star Trek Advent Calendar - Day Two: Favorite Film

ok there are a lot of things about Star Trek Into Darkness that annoy me but for some reason it remains my favorite. probably because its super spirky. though the philosophical questions are a bit hard to find in between explosions, i like that corruption is part of the story’s theme, as is the characters’ fears about the militarization of Starfleet. Despite its issues, to me STID shows the importance of loyalty and love. 

plus Spock and Jim trying to talk about their feelings about each other to each other is both adorable and heart-wrenching. 

like every single minute their lives aren’t in mortal danger, they’re trying to explain how they feel and failing at getting where the other person is coming from until the end of the film when they vulcan kiss and suddenly EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE

This past week working retail, I have been-

-cussed out for saying I liked The Force Awakens (because Disney ruined everything by tossing the EU and I’m an effing idiot for buying into that, apparently )
-cornered by a guy for 15+ minutes who would not stop talking about his script writing and indie film making even while I was trying to help other customers
-cornered by a guy who was easily 50+ years old for about 8-10 minutes who kept chatting me up and telling me to ditch my boyfriend (before grabbing me physically around the shoulder and pulling me against him to whisper to me)
-chatted up by a guy who tried to use (admittedly adorable) pics of his niece to get my phone number from me
-inappropriately back/butt caressed by a customer

Along with a couple of dudes trying to ask a few coworkers my work schedule (coworkers are all cool and would never divulge that. )


dating Bucky would include
  • him being super-duper protective of you because “you’re the only light in his life”
  • him calling you either angel or doll
  • getting him acquainted with modern technology
  • “but why would a phone be called apple?”
  • him always telling stories about Steve and him in 40′s
  • comforting him after his nightmares
  • spending nights cuddled up talking about everything and anything
  • you constantly reminding him that he’s not a monster and you’re not afraid of him
  • kissing his metal arm even though he can hardly feel it
  • proving him that he’s worth it
  • falling asleep with his head on your chest
  • playing with his hair A LOT
  • “i adore you angel”
  • every make out session ends with a couple hickeys
  • pulling pranks on other avengers
  • constantly annoying Tony
  • Tony ordering Friday to film everything EVERYTHING you and Bucky do
  • being completely, madly and utterly in love with each other
So I need to talk about Skam...

So Tumblr just showed me Skam and I’ve been spending the day binge watching a TV show in a language I don’t even speak.
And I REALLY understand the hype. The relationships are so unique and real and adorable and believable! And everything is awesome.

But what I really need to say is: Have you seen that cinematography?!
So as a university student doing film courses, I have so much to appreaciate about this series. The cinematography is gorgeous! The mise en scene (the flair) of the whole thing is modern and real and actually looks like todays school life in Europe. This is so much more authentic then any american production and that makes me so happy.
And the transmedia storytelling, which is why this fandom is so big and so involved and has spread far over the borders of Norway even though we don’t even understand the language, is JUST AMAZING. That kind of storytelling is not easy to accomplish and they are doing an extraordinary job!

So yeah. I’m really fangirling here right now. Such a good series!

Okay so I kinda always knew this but it has just hit me...

During the iconic cuddle scene in episode 5, Isak tells Even that he can make a film out of his story if he likes and i’m just so emotional right now because this means that they have probably spent ages talking about Even’s passion for film making. 

Like how god damn adorable is that? can you imagine everything we missed? Is it Even’s dream to become a director, or a producer or a writer? Or, hell he’s also an artist, so is he into animation? What kind of movies does he want to make? What was THE movie that changed his life and made him fall madly in love with film? What exactly is it that he loves about film? Is it an escape from reality? The seduction of a world where everything happens the exact way it was written? No fear of the unexpected, you can guarantee on it unfolding in the way it was always intended to be.

What is his favourite movie? omg what kind of movies has he made so far? What does he feel when he creates something like that? the control and power of creating an entire world that was once just alive in your brain, but now it is real, it is here, for others to see. They are no longer running wild and recklessly in his mind. He has brought stories to life? is this why he loves film? is this his dream? 

Like i’m just sure he talked Isak’s ear off and it just kills me that we missed it. I might write a drabble of this sometime tomorrow if you guys are interested. Just an Evak dream talk kind of thing. I also promised a few of you a wedding drabble so…I should get to that. 

listen,, my social standing cannot take anymore tdm updates,,, it just Can't™. every time i see something new posted about this movie i almost eject into the sun or perform a one-woman-musical that consists of me screeching loudly about how PERFECT everything is and embarrass myself in front of the rest of the normal human population. do u know how much restraint,, it takes me,,,, to not scream at people, about the cast being all cute and adorable and the facT THAT THEYRE FILMING AND THERE’S A RELEASE DATE and.

honestly. i Do Not have chill anymore. i cannot do normal people things like ‘being calm.’ my recent tags are all varying numbers of exclamations points and that is IT. just exclamation points!! because of this movie!!! and these books!!

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Do you enjoy Sci fi at all?

While I haven’t indulged in as much sci-fi as I have horror, I consider it the most diverse and expansive genre with the most possibilities to it.  Science and technology has become the cornerstone of human existence, setting us apart from all other creatures on the planet.  Its studies encompass the prospect of literally everything beyond us (there’s this entire, vast universe aside from Earth that we know so little about).

Science fiction is the genre where absolutely anything can happen, and that makes it incredibly fresh and exciting.  There’s also a level of timelessness to it, as even older sci-fi explored ideas that humanity has yet to achieve.  Lastly, it’s the genre that’s most likely to make you think, and that’s a precious commodity these days.

I’ve adored more than a few horror films that were just as much science fiction, so it’s always more than welcome here (plus, sci-fi gave birth to retro-futurism, which I fucking LOVE).


Almost Famous (2000) - Cameron Crowe

5 bullets on this film:

  • It’s literally one of the cutest films I have seen. The plot is smooth and <3 but it’s also kinda dark and sad. I think Cameron Crowe did an amazing job and I’m in love with everything about this movie. If I died tomorrow I would watch this movie two times (I would also break into Dunkin’ Donuts and eat as much as I could)
  • I love the characters so much. They are very relatable and adorable, and the actors were amazing. Kate Hudson impressed me and this film made me like her. I mean, really, ALL the actors are great.
  • Some scenes are so well done and well thought, and the dialogues are unique and funny. The mood of the film is nice, there aren’t any scenes like ‘oh my god that’s so dark and messed up’, so if you want to watch a cute little movie, there you go.
  • Yes, I always say I love movie’s soundtracks, but this one is really good, with Led Zeppelin, Jimi  Hendrix  and Elton John. So, you know, it’s very nice.
  • Is it weird that I want to be a groupie now? I’m leaving to be a groupie, goodbye. 
Sharon Carter is NOT a Love Interest

Okay tumblr, it’s time to talk about Sharon Carter.

I wish this post could be all about how Sharon is badass and competent and how fantastic she is in Cap 3, but it’s not.

I wish I could talk about how she risked her job to get information on Bucky’s whereabouts for Team Cap, how she brought Steve and Sam to Bucky’s location in the Berlin facility, again risking her job to do the right thing, how she actually held her own against the Winter Soldier for a minute despite having zero super powers, how she was sweet and adorable and did her job well and kept a brave face despite having just lost her Aunt Peggy.

Sharon is an amazing woman and I’m sad we didn’t get more of her in this movie.  But this isn’t a post about that.

This is about the idea that because Sharon and Steve flirted, and because they kissed, this automatically negates everything else she did in the entire film and pigeonholes her as the Love Interest.  Fuck that.

Sharon Carter is not a love interest.

Sharon Carter is a competent woman, a former Agent of SHIELD, a good fighter, someone who risks her life and her career for what she believes is the right thing to do, someone who loved her Aunt Peggy and tried every day to live up to what Peggy would’ve wanted for her.

If Sharon hadn’t been in this movie, Steve and Sam and Bucky would’ve been going into the fight against Team Iron Man with no gear.

If Sharon hadn’t been in this movie, Steve and Sam would’ve been stuck in that conference room, unable to hear what was happening to Bucky when he was being triggered by Zemo, unable to get to him to take him down and keep people safe.

Hell, if Sharon hadn’t been in this movie, Steve and Sam wouldn’t have been able to find Bucky in Bucharest in the first place.

The kiss between Steve and Sharon was kind of awkwardly timed, absolutely.  But listen.  Steve’s been interested in her since they were neighbors two years ago, this is nothing new .  Yeah, he was mad that she lied to him about being with SHIELD, but then (and this is key) he forgave her for it.  When he sees her again at the funeral, it’s pretty clear he’s over the lies and is interested in the possibility of more.  But because Steve is terrible with ladies (so so terrible), he made a move at probably the wrong time (really Steve? mere days after Peggy’s funeral? I’m side-eyeing you hard, buddy).  He didn’t know if he’d ever see her again, and he didn’t want to let her slip away this time.

Personally, I would’ve liked to see some more interaction between the two of them, and I’m very disappointed that Sharon just dropped out of the film after that kiss, but these issues don’t mean that the very existence of the Steve/Sharon relationship negates the rest of her character.

The problem here is that the filmmakers are capitalizing on the fact that Steve/Sharon is well established in the comics and kind of shorthanding it for the MCU, rather than putting in the work they should be putting in.  From a writing perspective, they also seem to think that every Captain America movie needs to have a kiss in it, which is honestly just silly.  But just because some of the development of their relationship was done clumsily doesn’t reduce Sharon to that girl Steve wants to kiss.

Sharon is still the woman that helped Steve when he was a criminal and there was no way for her to justify her actions.  She did it because she believes in him and it was the right thing to do.

She’s still the woman who charged into the fight against the Winter Soldier even though he’s a super soldier and she’s a normal human without supercharged weapons.

She’s still the woman who told Brock Rumlow to fuck off when he tried to threaten a SHIELD tech into launching the Hellicarriers in Cap 2, because she believed in Steve and believed in his cause.

She’s still the woman who was assigned to watch over Captain America for SHIELD because Nick Fury trusted her.

Just because she likes Steve, just because he kissed her and she kissed back, doesn’t mean that all of these things just go away.

Sharon Carter is not a love interest.  Sharon Carter is a hero, and we’re lucky to have her.

Wanda Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron

So, I’ve been meaning to write about Wanda and how I felt about her role in Avengers: Age of Ultron for a long time. I’ve already seen it three times, so I think it’s a good time to finally put my thoughts here.

SPOILERS for the movie

Let me start by saying this – I loved Wanda in AoU. I adored her. The movie wasn’t perfect, it had its flaws, but in the end I genuinely liked it and I adored everything about Wanda’s role in it.

I loved her story. For me AoU felt a lot like a Scarlet Witch origin movie. She wasn’t sidelined, she got to have her own arc and it all happened in a film with 6 previously seen (thus arguably more important) avengers. Whedon and co. chose to make Wanda young – barely older than a teenager –and I support that choice, because it gave us the opportunity to witness some actual progress and character growth on the screen. She didn’t start as fully formed individual, she started out as a confused kid and the events of this movie forged her into becoming the thing she’ll be for the rest of her life. We saw how she started out, we saw how she evolved and in the end we saw her embracing her heroic calling. That’s what I call an origin movie.

I loved that the film chose to underline her Eastern Europe origin. I adored the accents! Wanda comes from a broken country – a country that has been used as a pawn by the powerful nations, she sees how poorly her people are forced to live and she sees how the rich countries profit from her people’s mystery. The story Pietro told about his little picture was heartbreaking. And so Wanda is angry. But she is also… leveled. Pietro was burning with anger, but Wanda’s anger was cold and hard and unbreakable. I loved how he was impatient and she was calm and calculating. People expected her to be emotionally unstable like River Tam, because the short CA:TWS post-credit scene implied something like that, but Wanda was always in control, extremely stable, driven and clear-headed.  And I loved it. Many people didn’t like the fact that in the beginning the twins were working for Baron Strucker. Well, it actually made perfect sense for me. They were barely more than kids, they found an enigmatic and influential man who offered to help them become something better, so they joined him – not just for themselves, but so they could have a chance of helping their own country. It’s misguided, yes, but it’s terribly understandable. Joining Strucker and joining Ultron felt incredibly in-character for me. Wanda and Pietro have always had this villain-y beginning. They started out by joining the wrong team for the right reasons and that’s an important part of them and I’m glad the movie respected that.

I loved how she was messing with everyone’s heads! And I generally loved her powers in the movie. Wanda’s powers have always been more or less defined by the writer who currently works on her and I never expected her vaguely defined hex spheres to appear in a movie, so I liked her how she had some cool-looking telekinesis, some energy balls and also some mind powers. It fits her, in my opinion.

Anyway, back to the story. I liked how she made an active choice to turn against Ultron, instead of being forced to do it. She saw his true nature, she felt guilty for joining him and she decided to fight him, hoping she could make it right. Note that all of those were her choices, not Pietro’s. Her brother was with her every step of the way, but she was leading him, not the other way around.

Talking about Pietro – yep, I even loved that twist at the end. Pietro’s death was emotional and heartbreaking and effective. Now, I like him as much as the next fan, but I know that in the comics there are tens or actually hundreds of great characters. Most of them never get to appear on screen, much less to have an important role and a dramatic death. I don’t think killing Pietro was a waste of potential. I don’t see him as unique and irreplaceable goldmine. He was a nice character and he had a nice role in the movie and he made the choice to sacrifice himself in order to save lives. His death serves Wanda’s character development, it made gave her the opportunity to express pain and grief over her fallen brother, it made her even more determined. That scene in the end when she cut off Ultron’s power-core was fantastic. Awww, and I liked how Wanda and Pietro were always physically touching each other! That was a nice… touch.

I loved how she interacted with the other Avengers. Love how Captain America never judged the twins for joining the bad guy – he understood them, he knew what it’s like to want to help your own county. And he was protective of them, kinda. I love how Hawkeye told her that she could step out of the door and be an avenger – he gave her a choice and she took it. It was a pleasure to see them fighting side by side. And I loved how Vision saved her in the end, mainly because I adore them as a couple, they are my precious babies and their romance is wonderful and complicated and I’d love to see it on the big screen one day.

And I also want to say how disappointed I am by the fandom that chose to hate on Whedon for every choice he made. I don’t know what it is with tumblr and Whedon, but it seems like tumblr really enjoys hating Whedon. Apparently he got her race wrong, he got her history wrong, he got her powers wrong, he made everything wrong. And people may make it sound like it’s about Wanda, about their love for her, but from what I can tell it’s really all about Whedon. Because I didn’t see such complains when X-men: DOFP turned Pietro into suburban American kid who jokes a lot and steals lots of candy. Bryan Singer completely erased everything Pietro was as a character, he kinda erased Wanda from existence and I never saw a single complained about how he was insensitive. (The only grudge tumbr had with him was when a poster of Pietro in a silly-looking costume appeared and everyone laughed at it but still ended up loving it in the movie.) But when Marvel chooses a bright-eyed actress for Wanda, that automatically makes Whedon a racist scum. Seriously, people.

That’s all for now. Can’t wait for Captain America: Civil War!

I adore Suzanne Collins for her bravery and her imagination, and everything that is the success of The Hunger Games, the genesis, it all comes from Suzanne. She wrote such a complex world and yet at the same time had so many scenes that deal with all the things we’re struggling with with our own time and zeitgeist. So I’m just a huge fan of Suzanne Collins and her writing, and I think Nina Jacobson and Francis Lawrence have both talked about this, but anything prequel, sequel, whatever would have to come from her and her penmanship. So the minute I know that Suzanne is writing something, then yes, my ears would prick up. Almost definitely.
—  Natalie Dormer on the possibility of The Hunger Games prequels. (x)

I spent literally 2 hours today researching and typing furiously about everything that’s so deeply wrong with 50 Shades of Grey for the sake of responding to one teenage boy saying “ehhh but it’s just a film how’s it going to do any harm” and by the end of it I felt so sick and flustered but if I change one person’s mind and help them understand why it’s so harmful then that’s a victory right? urgh I always knew 50SOG was awful but reading about it so much today has made me feel so sad and scared that so many people out there adore it oblivously and don’t see it as abusive at all 

99.1% of the decisions made when filming the movie adaption of Eragon were terrible decisions. The a couple of the only exceptions are:

  1. Casting Jeremy Irons
  2. Baby Saphira

…just that, baby Saphira. I keep a copy of the movie not for the purpose of enjoying the full length of the film, but to watch the beginning, watch all the cute baby Saphira parts, and then turn off the movie right after Saphira says “And you are my rider.” Whether or not I watch beyond that varies. But everything about Baby Saphira is perfection, I could go on and on about how much I adore Baby Saphira.

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ADORABLE PERFECTION. Why couldn’t they have just made a whole movie about a farmboy and his wittle blue dragon? Like, not even an Eragon Adaptation! Just a farmboy–better yet, farmgirl–and their precious smol dragon.

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Hii~ I was wondering what do you think are Junsu's cutest moments?

Sorry anon that this is so late, but this is such a hard question. How do I choose from a whole lifetime of cute? Everything he does is cute and adorable. For the most part, it wasn’t even intentional! I thought long and hard about this and perused through tons of YT videos. In the end, I find that he is the cutest when he is being his true self. Sometimes, we get to see this briefly when he “forgets” the camera is there, unaware that he’s being filmed, thinks the camera is not on him, or when he just doesn’t give a damn. XD I find these moments the cutest. Here are some of my favorites: 

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

I definitely missed whole bunch because I just can’t remember them or I can’t find the video. 


I love to look at people when they’re asleep. (I swear I’m not weird or anything) I just think they are so cute when they’re asleep because that’s when they’re the most vulnerable and innocent. Look how cute Junsu is here, so exhausted from a whole day of hiking and singing “Let It Go”~~ Look at his cute little fists. :D

Bonus #2:

Foreign language Junsu: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Thank you anon!