i adore emily

Well, I finished A Moment in the Sun, and I think it’s my favourite of PL’s historical AUs. Mulder and Scully are a little more recognizable than in Paracelsus and Hiraeth, although PL’s Mulder is still a much more gentle man than how I tend to interpret Mulder in my head. 

The incorporation of the mythology was so, so compelling, and I adored William and Emily, and despite my reservations I didn’t feel as though New York was being shoved down my throat as the ~BeSt CiTy eVeR~, which was a relief, lol. And the whole thing was very dreamy and romantic.


My name is Salim. Or was Salim.

Omid Abtahi as Salim, Emily Browning as Laura Moon, American Gods – A Murder of Gods (S01E06)


“Emily is my…. I adore her and always will.”

“Yeah, if I was on a desert island, that’d be wonderful. We’d have a whale of a time.”

He’s still so protective and in love with her.


Favorite friendships (Arrow cast) ➸ Stephen & Emily

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no one ever told me chloe bourgeois is actually gwen stacy