i adore and admire you

It is three at night. I have something to say. You are so valuable. You shine out. You are a magic star. You are a body of blood made beautiful. How I admire, sit back and adore you. How thirsty I am for that. How you feed me.
—  Anne Sexton, from a letter to Lois Ames dated 11 January 1969
Inquiry for Berena fans

What was it like, when Berena was just beginning ? Since tomorrow is tuesgay, I know you folks will be waiting non-patiently for THAT episode coming on air, suffering through the commercials (I’ll be crying waiting for the youtube upload)… What was it like, for example…when S18E31 aired ? The episode AFTER Bernie’s outing. When Serena suggests arm-wrestle and then there is their eyes and all… Berena has been wished for, for a while. How did you lived through the build up, the first kiss, the second kiss, and then the dreadful Kiev-period, the immense fear of Robbie coming back, Bernie’s return. How.the.fuck.did.you.managed.because.I’m.still.not.over.it. And I’ve watched all episodes (youtube) in ONE evening. How the fuck did you manage the wait??! I’m serious, please reply :)

I admire you. All of you. I truly adore you, each one of you, precious Berena fans.

If we were a couple

I would send you sweet texts every morning.
I would show you my favorite movies, series, books and comics.
I would take you on adorable dates where we make new sweet memories together.
I would play with your hair and buy you cute gifts.
I would write you poems that are only for your ears
I would make you puny art.
If we would live together I would come home with random bouquets or take out food from the weirdest restaurants.
Our apartment will be filled with fairy lights and porcelain grandma figurines because they’re adorable.
I will just randomly stare at you and admire your existence.
You’re flawed but that makes you even more lovable.
They make you you.
I love you.
Even though I probably don’t know you yet

With love

I hate that there are people looking at themselves in the mirror and not putting on the shirt they want because they have arm fat, I hate that there are people who aren’t putting on the skirt they love because they have cellulite, I hate that there are people who are making themselves starve so that they can fit into something they did when they were 10, I hate that people aren’t going outside so they can avoid people staring at their body, whether you are skinny, stick thin, chubby or fat YOU ARE STILL FUCKING PERFECT, YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL, YOU DON’T DESERVE TO FEEL ANY LESS THAN ANYONE ELSE! I FUCKING LOVE YOU, THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ADORE AND ADMIRE THE THINGS YOU HATE ABOUT YOURSELF. I LOVE YOU 

It is three at night. I have something to say. You are so valuable. You shine out. You are a magic star. You are a body of blood made beautiful. How I admire, sit back and adore you. How thirsty I am for that. How you feed me.
—  Anne Sexton, a letter to Lois Ames (January 11th, 1969)
Anne Sexton Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "All we need is someone to let us in."
  • Taurus: "I don’t care, I love you anyhow. It is too late to turn you out of my heart. Part of you lives here."
  • Gemini: "I am crazy as hell, but I know it. And knowing it is a kind of sanity…"
  • Cancer: "I met you and unavoidably you were special. So now I love you."
  • Leo: "You are so valuable. You shine out. You are a magic star. You are a body of blood made beautiful. How I admire, sit back and adore you. How thirsty I am for that. How you feed me."
  • Virgo: "Your silence has been with me and I have let it have its say."
  • Libra: "There are a few great souls in my life. They are not many. They are few. You are one."
  • Scorpio: "…Madness is not hysteria. It can be very quiet…"
  • Sagittarius: "I am tired of being brave."
  • Capricorn: "You make me feel like home. You make me feel that the world is not strange."
  • Aquarius: "I wanted to be nothing. I wanted to be impossible."
  • Pisces: "The tongue... is like a sharp knife; it kills without drawing blood."

anonymous asked:

I just scrolled through your entire haikyuu tag and i just wanted to say that I love all your characters. I especially love your Ushijima though. He's my favorite character and the way you draw him is PERFECT :)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much???? I’m glad you like how I draw your fave, that’s such a great compliment to get tbh!!!! *O*

Anon said: You draw the funniest tooth-rotting-sweet comics and they never fail to make my day, pls keep that in mind. I adore and admire you for that

Holy shit, thank you! Sometimes I feel like I reach ridiculous levels of silliness and self-indulgence so knowing there’s people that appreciate that actually means a lot, to me!! 

Anon said:  I hope you have a great day!

Anon said:  Love you! Have a good day!

THANK YOU!!!!!!! The day just ended here so I’ll keep these for tomorrow, but I hope wherever you are you’re having a wonderful day!!!! <3

Anon said:  Do you think Denki can charge people’s phones just by sitting on the charger.

WELP since it seems like he can charge himself through a plugged in charger I don’t see why the opposite wouldn’t work too! I might have drawn him charging phones like that now and again, actually haha

Anon said:  I love those magical bokuroo’s!! I miss them so much in the manga *cries*

SIGH I miss them so much too, anon *sobs* I was hoping Kuroo would be there when Karasuno went to check out the Fukurodani game but alas… at least I know Bo went to watch his bf play~

Anon said:  Have you ever watched fairy tail? You know I like the idea of the crossover ship kirishima x Erza , I think they have a lot in common and will look so good together

Ahhhh sorry but I’m not into FT… I used to follow the manga a super long time ago, but it’s just not my thing o<-<

you were the boy in class
with bright eyes the
color of the sky
and a beautiful broad smile

and I was the girl
with glossy, brooding eyes
the color of seaweed
and a forced smile that
wasn’t the least bit convincing

the teacher had to
continually tell you
to please be quiet
but I had to be begged
to even make a sound

you were happy and laughing
and I was deep in thought
and hiding my wrists
which I painted red
with a razor at night

we sat in class
at the end of the day
you were ready to go home and chill
but I was waiting to go home
and cry alone in my room

you were always making jokes
with your excess of friends
while I was sinking into my chair
feeling more and more alone
every single day

just a couple of fifteen year olds in english class
we were opposites
we couldn’t have possibly
been more different

I admired your happiness
and adored you from afar
it sounds creepy but
english class became my favorite
because I got to watch you

I sat in the back of the class
and noticed you every day
you probably never noticed me
you were so far away
but I wished to be happy and
innocent and in love with life
just like you

but I knew you could never
notice a sad, quiet, worthless girl
who sat alone in the back
and wished to be dead

we were opposites
with absolutely nothing in common
and way too dreadfully different
for our paths to ever cross
you were the sun, bright and shining
bringing light to everyone
and I was the moon
standing alone in the darkness
sometimes only partially there

we interacted one day
for an activity in class
and I adored you
but I looked down at my feet
while speaking to you
because I am awfully insecure
but you looked straight at me
your penetrating eyes pierced mine so deeply
I was tongue tied and tripping
over my every word

our paths crossed
and it was like a thousand roars of thunder
and a billion bolts of lightning
all at the same time
and the caterpillars which always
made me sick to my stomach
erupted into butterflies
and I felt like I was floating

that was the beginning
of something beautiful
yet tragically treacherous
and I never expected it
to turn out the way it did

we finally collided head on
crashed into each other
like the waves crash into the shore

you were my first
first love
first kiss
first to know all there is
to know about me and my dark world

you were my sun
everything revolved around you
you were the center of my galaxy
and you brought light
to my dark days

but I took your light
and all I could give you
in return
was darkness
and I am sorry for that

it turned out we are
a lot more alike than I thought
we aren’t opposites
and I still remember you saying to me
“we’re more similar
than you think”
and I remember being terrified
because if you’re anything like me
I knew I would grow to hate you
because I hate myself

but I didn’t hate you
not even for one second
I loved you with all I am
and I think that’s because
you taught me how to love myself
but I taught you how to hate me

and opposites may attract
but once we realized
we are not opposites
I think that’s when we began to repel

and you said we are done
and I tried to act
like it didn’t hurt
but it felt like a billion knives
in my chest and
a thousand shots to the heart
and I couldn’t breathe
and my ribs collapsed on themselves
and my knees quaked
and my heart ached
and my seaweed eyes filled to the brim
with all the water of the ocean

and your ever bright eyes looked triumphant
as you took the butterflies
from my stomach
and you began floating
in the sky that was breathtakingly blue
just like your eyes
because you got to take back
all the light that I had taken from you
and you shoved my darkness
back at me
without giving an explanation
without letting me speak
you shoved it in my mouth
shoved it down my throat
and created a lump there
which will remain forever

-k.t. (Jun. 9, 2015, 7:43p.m.)

—  the story of the sun and the moon

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lucithetrashbagfromhell  asked:

I really liked the whole "what do the others think about this one person" thing you did with Allen. - Do you think you could do another one of those, but this time it is Luciano who is temperately kicked out of the room?


TL;DR is in bold

Relations: 2P!Italy / Luciano Vargas

2P!America: These two do not get along well, seeing as Luciano is the leader of the Axis and Allen is the leader of the Allies. They see each other as rivals and are very competitive around each other. Whenever they pass each other in world conferences/ school hallways (depending on the AU), it’s not uncommon for them to let out snarky comments to each other. Their personalities clash, their egos are too big, and they both want to be the one giving orders. However, they’ll work together/ try to get along only if it’s absolutely necessary.

2P!China: They’re acquaintances at most. If needed to converse, they’ll be okay, but Luciano might think Zao’s a little too sloppy and distracted. Zao would be slightly attracted to Luciano’s mysterious and composed aura and wouldn’t be shy of acknowledging it. “You’re so cool Luciano, I don’t get why Allen doesn’t like you.” Overall, he thinks Luciano is cute (and maybe, kind of beautiful), and Luciano is indifferent towards him, but that would be subject to change if they were forced to come in contact more often.

2P!England: He thinks Luciano is “charming… in an Allen-type of way.” He gets that Luciano can be angered easily and is not one to be messed with. So, Oliver sees the similarities to his best friend, Allen. Therefore, he understands that Luciano isn’t as mean as he seems, and that there’s definitely some good hidden in the bad. He can see right through Luciano and immediately detect when he’s lying or figure out how he’s secretly feeling. Luciano finds this a little creepy, but has deemed Oliver as ‘harmless’, so they’re respectful around each other.

2P!France: “Yeah yeah; sure whatever, kid.” is a good way to describe Francois’s half of the relationship. He thinks Luciano’s something like a spoiled brat or just a child in general. He usually brushes him off and doesn’t give him the authority he expects, but that doesn’t mean he can’t acknowledge that Luciano is smart and capable despite always wanting to boss people around or be the center of attention. He respects him but doesn’t say or do much to show it.

2P!Russia: At times, he believes Luciano to be intelligent and level-headed, but then he sees the other sides of his personality and his opinion of him makes a complete one-eighty. For him, it’s tiresome to deal with Luciano’s constantly changing moods. He often tries to keep Allen and Luciano from fighting, usually by holding back Allen. However, he doesn’t blame Luciano for their arguments– he places the blame squarely on Allen because he thinks Luciano is too prideful to start confrontations.

2P!Germany: Their relationship is not complicated, but it is strange and maybe even a little baffling. To say the least, Lutz sees Luciano as his most trustworthy friend, even if they don’t have fun together the way most friends do. Lutz can rarely make Luciano laugh, although he often tries to. He doesn’t mind doing favors for him as long as it doesn’t get too excessive. He usually goes with or agrees with whatever Luciano says and – because they have the longest-standing truce-turned-friendship together – it’s almost like Lutz’s natural instinct to follow Luciano around. However, Luciano often takes him for granted/ treats him rudely, but their relationship is powerful enough to withstand the problems.

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We’re going to talk about it.

Because if I’m going to cry over fictional characters, I’m taking all you assholes down with me.


We have Chat Noir’s Immediate reaction onto seeing Ladybug literally Yo-yo-Hawkmoth’s evil butterfly telegram to little pieces.

Then she throws this in.

And while I know that He and the rest of the police officers are just SPECKS over on that bridge? He can’t help but feel like she is speaking directly to him.

Because he was the one who pointed out that she’s not alone.

She just looked him in the eyes seconds previous to this and said, “Okay Chat, I’ll buy what you’re selling. I’ll kick ass with you.”


She fucking one ups him.

I mean, obvs he would never think about it that way,

but let’s be real. This is some seriously flashy awesomeness that she is setting free. She didn’t waste any time with him. Didn’t dilly dally about it. There isn’t a single touch of dithering. 




He stand still.

He just stares.

Around him the world is celebrating.

But all he can do is stare.

And when he finally can word.

When he can finally get words to move from his brain space to his mouth space, all he can say is that he is in love.

That stare.

That blink of realization.

That amazed, almost in spite of himself announcement… Adrien/Chat Noir is forever in love. In this moment, his heart? It’s lost to her.

This moment is life changing and soul morphing.

tel-abelas-mofo replied to your post: I’M DRUNK AND NOT WRITING WHEEEEE

O.O DO you need a prompt?! I WILL PROMPT U

I have prompts I’m just drunk and feeling far too silly to write which is kind of a bad thing because Im supposed to finish this chapter but I HAVENT and poor Sutherland is still waiting for the Inquisitor to rescue him…. but anyway YOURE SWEET AND FREAKING ADORABLE and can I just confess that I admire you to bits and I adore the way you write Solas and you’re amazing