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Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a fluffy one shot with Kylo and a sick reader where he takes care of her and cuddles her :)

A/N: I got this done so quick bc I was in the biggest of moods to write fluff and like 90% of my requests are anything but so thank you, anon! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.3K+

The excitement of moving off of the Finalizer and onto Starkiller Base had become a faint memory. At first, you were more than thrilled to be surrounded by nature and not open space. Sure, seeing nothing but stars was quite pleasant, but you grew to feel a bit of cabin fever when all you ever saw was stars.

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cupcake7592  asked:

Sorry to bother you T.T Youngjae has so many types of styles. And I love them all and I need ideas for my outfits. So can you give me a spam of youngjae in his own style.

Hi dear, 

Phew, you give me such a hard time for this one since I had to back track all the way to 2014 but nothing sweeter than being able to look at my Youngjae’s photos since debut till now. Anyway I didn’t include many stage outfits since those outfits are most probably chosen by the coordi noona for him. I tried my best to include all styles but I had to limit them since they are so many. Anyway, I hope you can get ideas for your outfits ^^ 

p/s: these are also my favorite style of Youngjae especially him with snapback and sunglasses looking so hot and handsome..ouch…kekeke 

As we all know that our Youngjae loves wearing clothes that give him warmth and comfort so that why we see him wears hoodie most of the time 

Other than hoodie, Youngjae also loves wearing big long jacket especially during cold season

Other times, when Youngjae wanted to feel comfortable and feel laid back he would wear shirt with jeans or loose pants. As we know Youngjae is all about comfortable clothing especially during casual outing like to the airport or before the shows and during summer.

Though Youngjae preferred comfortable clothing, there are times where we see him dressing fancily and I think that depends on his mood like what type of outfits he wants to wear. So, it’s nice sometimes looking at Youngjae in a nice and sophisticated outfit. He often complete his look with snapback or fedora and sunglasses

Sometimes, we see Youngjae instead of hoodie on top he wears dress shirt and a T-shirt inside. 

Long coat is also one of Youngjae’s favorite which I think he looked nice in it^^

These are some other types of styles that Youngjae dress in. ^^ 

Youngjae in jean jacket with snapback and sunglasses. Looking very hot to me ^^ 

Youngjae with his favorite loose shirt and pants…

or in just very loose long sleeves shirt…which made him look adorable ^^

Definitely my favorite, when he wears short pants as his thigh and legs are to die for..he should show them more…kekeke

Out all of these, my favorite would be him with wearing comfortable clothes like shirt or hoodie with snapback and sunglasses. I just miss Youngjae with his sunglasses and snapback…and simply Youngjae in his comfy clothes 


Okay, so I don’t know much about schizophrenia, I just know the basics. And I really hope I’m not offending anyone with Schizophrenia, I’m not trying to be offensive in any way shape or form. I tried my best with this, and this was also an idea given to me by @my-name-is-poet-i-am-a-phillip so thanks! also I’m sorry this took so long too.

Word Count: 1112

“You’re such a freak. Do you really think that all your friends care about you? I mean come on. All day everyday, voices shout inside your head. That’s not normal.”

I clutch at my hair, rocking back and forth on my bed with my knees pulled to my chest. Ever since I got the squip, especially since I deactivated it, the voices have gotten worse. I know which voice is mine, and I think I know which voice belongs to the squip? Maybe I imagined the squip. No, he was definitely real. Rich had one, and he’s not a screw up like me, right?

I just wish I could go back to when the voices didn’t laugh at me. They were nice to me, usually.

Now the voices replace the bullies. They agree with the squip, telling me I’m a loser and unnatural. They tell me that when my new friends find out about them, they’ll leave me.

“No one wants to hang out with a freak.”

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Not A Dream

Pairing: Stanford!Sam x Stanford!Reader

Anonymous - Hi Dollface! Congratulations on reaching 300. Can I request Sam Winchester with 22 and 9? Thank you.
9) You did all of this for me? 22) I like your laugh.

Word Count: 893

Originally posted by jaredpadaleckis

‘Sammy, you home?’

You had walked through the door to your shared apartment; off campus, the one you shared with your crush but also your best friend, Sam Winchester. He was so sweet, smart, and ridiculously good looking, especially with those dimples of his, how could you not like him? He didn’t make it easy for you when he walked around in nothing but sweatpants, his chest bare, his feet slapping against the hardwood as he made his way to you, coming down the stairs, with a wide smile on his face as he saw you.

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Love, April - English homework


 A/N: I’m sorry that I haven’t posted much recently, I’m in the middle of my exams right now so there probably won’t be much in the upcoming weeks. But I thought I’d upload this as a short story thingy, it was someone I wrote for creative writing homework - hope you like (: x 

Dear Diary, 

 Today I visited the lab where dad works; it reminded me of a hospital. It’s grand, pristine walls and laminate floors that glisten like glass in the fluorescent lights. It reaped of disinfectant; the waft of bleach and soap invaded my nostrils as a sterile tsunami upon my entry into the laboratory, and it stank. Even Dad’s immaculate lab coat looked pallid like the work tops. From where I sat, on the antiseptic flood, the room seemed 20 feet fall. It was as though I were an ant in comparison to its massive scale. The ivory cabinets, cinereal countertops and the kaleidoscopic chemicals, which were aligned in rainbow formation in iron clamps, were all half a mile away, from where I sprawled along the floor, looking up in adoration. Even in spite of the obnoxious smell of antibacterial wipes, it was relatively mesmerising. Tomorrow, dad said I get to meet the pets. 

 Love, April x

 Dear Diary,

 First I had to paint them; so that they were Easter to differentiate, given they were nearly identical. Their emerald shells were inscribed with jade patterns all over, and had soon be coated in four separate nail polishes. First was the blue one; the lapis polish resembled the sea, and matched the topaz water I’d put in the tank. He was named Leonardo. Donatello was painted indigo, Michelangelo had amber, and finally, Raphael had ruby. Dad said I had to name them after famous Italian painters; Operation Renaissance. From beside the rectangular tank, where I wasted most of my time befriending the evidently mute turtles, I watched dad, and his colleagues, hunch over one of the pristine tables, examining a file of purple ooze. It looked like Vimto, fizzy and violent, but I couldn’t be sure as to what it really was, and I definitely couldn’t hear the hushed whispers of the scientists from my seat in the corner. Maybe Donatello had heard them; he looks like the smart one. 

Love, April x 

 Dear Diary,

Raphael dropped like a penny down a wishing well. I don’t recall seeing him scale the glass walls of his confined home, but somehow he had, and within seconds he had catapulted himself from the gap in the lid, straight down to the slate-coloured floor. No audible sound could be heard upon impact, but my sudden intake of breathe, as I watched the acceleration of his inch-long body, surely broke the looming silence. When I bent down to examine the scarlet-clad turtle, his emerald carapace flaked apart in my pale hands, leaving a jagged crack, from where a piece had fallen off, straight down the plastron. His viridian head emerged, unscathed, from the protection of his shell, followed by the rest of his unharmed limps; and I quickly replaced him back in the tank, so that he might boast about his adventures, and wounds, to his brothers, before dad caught on to something being amiss. If I had learnt anything I’m watching these pets, it was that Raphael was one thought turtle. 

 Love, April x 

 Dear Diary, 

 When the smoke alarm blared from somewhere in the ceiling, my father and his companions, began to scuttle about anxiously, in search of the problem. Dad had once said this building was the most secure science facility in New York City; and so to see something wrong, was extremely unsettling. With dad and his lab-coated colleagues out of the room, I ventured to the tank housing the turtles. They had grown in size, somewhat, on the recent month, but I could still safely hold all four of them in both of my hands. Smoke began to flood the room in shadowed figures, and so, without hesitation, I loaded Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo into my coat pockets, and ran out of the lab. Dad could not be seen at either end of the corridor, and had the silent, strangling hands of smoke not secured themselves around my throat, I would’ve searched further, stayed longer, looked harder for him. Instead, I just ran. I ran down the stairs, I ran all the way to the bottom, without fail. And once the daylight beacon of safety loomed within reach, I ran Evan faster. I didn’t see my dad again; the building was swallowed in enormous embers that set the place ablaze. They said I was the only survivor, but my pockets were full to the brim of four others who made it out alive. 

 Love, April x

Original Imagine: Imagine Parrish holding you from behind and kissing you gently on your neck. 

Author: Ophelia

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 667

Your college tests were close and it was a terrible and anxious sensation. Books, notebooks, a tablet, you cell phone and the computer were a confusing mess on the kitchen table because you didn’t know exactly what and how to study, so all you could do was trying the easiest first and then the harder.

The headache and tense shoulders didn’t bother you anymore; actually, they’re a part of you. A very painful one, for that matter. Again, it was past midnight when you heard the door opening.

“Honey? Let me guess, are you studying?” Jordan asked, even already knowing the answer.

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Red-stained Kisses

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Warnings: Alcohol, drinking, few swears

Word Count: 3507

Prompt: Could you please write a fic where u and dan are really close but you both have feelings for eachother Then one night after a bit of wine and talking he kisses you and things get really heated from there Again your writing is really good!!!


London was lit beautifully tonight, the orange street lamps glowed against the deep purple October sky, the soft wind was blowing the last remaining leaves on the twisting trees gently across the roads, and soft clouds of condensation swirled upwards as you breathed the crisp air.

This was one of your favourite walks, from the tube station to the front door of Dan and Phil’s flat. Now you knew the route off by heart it only took you 30 minutes from your own front door. You were wrapped up in your warmest coat, your scarf pulled around your cheeks and your toes toasty in your boots. Your hands were in your pockets, and although warm, were unmistakably and inexplicably clammy.

Dan had text you several hours before, asking you over for dinner. Something you regularly do with both the boys since you had moved to London yourself a few months ago. This evening though, Phil had gone to stay with some old school friends who were in the city, so for the first time it would be just you and Dan. You’d decided to pick up a bottle of red on the way, Dan’s favourite, as an accompaniment for whatever he had cooked up. Wine was never normally a part of the evenings because Phil preferred not to drink, but seeing as it was just you two tonight, it felt like a good idea. For some reason, you wanted to make the most of your alone time with him.

You walk up to the front door, and feel a burst of butterflies in your stomach. Dinner with Dan and Phil was always fun, relaxed. Why were you so nervous? You reach to press the buzzer and the door almost instantly clicks open. You take a breath and step through, twisting your scarf out from under your coat, before ruffling your hair around your shoulders. Just as you start up the stairs, you hear footsteps coming the other way.

“Hi, thank god you’re here.” You hear a soft voice say as you look up. Dan was stood at the top of the small flight of stairs, his black t-shirt covered in white flour, his sweatpants creased where he was holding on to the material, making it bunch around this thigh. He was holding a rolling pin in his other hand, and you noticed he had flour on his face and in his fringe, which tonight was pushed back on top of his head. You loved it when he wore his hair like this. It bought more attention to his cheekbones and dark brown eyes. A smile flashed on his lips as he saw you staring at him.

“Yeah um… I’m trying to make pastry… And I don’t know what I’m doing…”

“What makes you think I know how to make pastry?” You giggle, walking up the stairs towards him, setting down your bag and unbuttoning your coat.

“Well if you don’t know either then we’re fucked”, he laughs, letting go of his sweats and wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, rubbing away the flour. You notice where he’s been holding the material there was a tiny patch of something dark.

“Are you bleeding?!” You exclaim, closing the gap between you on the stairs and throwing your coat and bag to the floor. You use your hand to pull his away from his head and hold his fingers in yours. One of them was oozing bright blood from the knuckle.

“It’s not as bad as it looks, I just caught it with the knife.” He replies as he lets you use a tissue from your pocket to wipe the blood.

“Why were you using a knife to make pastry?” You say with a smile as you look up at him. He was maybe 10 inches away from your face, and you could feel his sweet breath hit your cold cheeks. He looks at you for a few seconds, ignoring your question, his pupils dilating slightly in his deep brown eyes. He then blinks and breaks his gaze by looking down at what you are wearing,

“Wow.. You look good.”

“Good?” You tease, raising your eyebrows. “You know how to flatter a girl!”

“I mean you look amazing. What happened to the usual jeans and baggy t shirt?” He asks, winking at you as you smile at him.

“Well, a girls gotta change it up sometimes.” You look down at yourself, proud if not a little embarassed at his compliment. You’d chosen your nicest black skinny jeans, and you’d paired it with a sheer pale pink sleeveless top, a silver pendant resting against your chest. Dan was right, this was never something you wear to their house, but again for some reason you just wanted to impress him tonight. You were glad it had worked.

“I wish I’d made more of an effort. Is …this a date outfit?” He asks gently.

“We need a plaster for this.” You say, brushing off the topic and letting go of his hand which you had probably been holding for longer than necessary.

“Yeah”, he replies, shaking his head slightly. “I don’t want to die of blood loss. You want me to carry your stuff?” He asks, motioning to your coat and bag.

“No I got it, you’re a disaster area” you giggle. You reach down to scoop up your things, and follow him up the stairs into the flat.

The smell hits you first, and it smells amazing. Rich spices fill your nose and your mouth waters as you look around the kitchen. He had made chicken, marinated in a dark sauce, smothered with a variety of herbs and spices. A pot of steaming potatoes sat next to the chicken and he had cooked green beans to accompany everything. It must have taken him ages.

“Wow Dan this is incredible!” You say, inhaling deeply.

“Thank you.” He grins at you, setting down the rolling pin and reaching into the cupboard for a plaster. “Just ignore the situation over there…”

You look to his right and see a mound of crumbling pastry and a load of flour all over the work top. Who knows how he’d made such a mess.

“What was it going to be?” You ask, smiling at the thought of Dan getting increasingly frustrated at his pastry fail. You set your bag and coat down on the side and slide off your boots.

“I’m not sure really, I was hoping I’d have a plan once I’d made it. I just wanted to make us a dessert.” He replies, almost shyly. He put the end of the plaster in his mouth and ripped at the paper.

“Well aren’t you adorable”, you smile genuinely at him. “Here let me do that.” You say, walking over to him, taking the plaster from his lips and pulling it from the packaging. “I bought a bottle of wine, that can be our dessert” you grin at him, as you wrap the plaster over his finger, as smooth it with your thumb. He smiles back at you.

“Perfect. Or how about we open it now?” He says cheekily.

“Good idea.” You reply, lifting his hand to your lips to lightly kiss the plaster before turning to your bag. You slide out the bottle and feel Dan next to you. He smelt like spice, fruity shower gel and his usual, boyish scent. Basically he smelt incredible and you felt your heart flutter at your proximity.

“Good choice.” He says. You turn and see him holding two wine glasses and he nods at the bottle. “Pour away sweetheart.”


Around an hour later, both of your plates were empty and so was the bottle. He had cooked the nicest food you’d had in a long time and you felt warm and cosy in the dim lounge light. Dan was sat opposite you, smiling as you pick up the wine bottle.

“Shit, have we finished it all? What about dessert?” You ask, tipping it upside down.

He smiles, pushing his plate away from him. “I have some more I think, if you want it?” He suggests to you. You respond by picking up your glass and grinning.

“Right away Miss Y/L/N,” he winks, picking up both your plates and heading to the kitchen. You watch him walk away and smile to yourself. He was being extra adorable tonight.

“Make yourself comfortable on the sofa I won’t be a sec.” He calls from the kitchen, as you hear him open the fridge door.

You stand and curl your arms up to your shoulders, stretching, smiling softly and tilting your head to the side. The evening was really only just beginning, and you had him all to yourself. Which for some reason, gave you crazy butterflies. You walk over to the couch and sit down in Dan’s usual spot, curling your feel up and resting your elbow on the back, your hand against your hair.

“Oi. That’s my seat.” You hear from behind you. Dan was stood by the table holding another bottle of wine and looking down at you with a hint of mischief in his eyes. He turns to pick up the glasses before handing you one and sitting down on your left, his body turned to face you. He pops the bottle and tips the dark red liquid into your glass.

“Woah, that’ll do, are you trying to get me drunk?” You giggle, but you don’t pull the glass away.

“Hey, this is good wine.” He smiles back, then filling his own glass near to the top. He sets the bottle down and takes a large sip, his eyes fixed on yours as you run your fingers through the hair at the top of your head. You mirror his sip and smile into your glass.

“So.. how was your day?” You ask, suddenly aware you’d been staring into eachothers eyes for a while. You take another sip and watch him as he shuffles on the sofa slightly, his thigh almost touching your knee.

“Okay, good I guess, apart from almost loosing a finger” he grins, lifting up his hand between you.

“Shush”, you laugh. “I kissed it better didn’t I?” You put your hand on top of his and lower them down, then take your hand away before he thinks anything of it. You blush a little and take another sip as his eyes wander to where your hand was seconds ago. You feel the back of his hand touching your knee ever so slightly, he was increasing the contact between you and a buzz went down your spine as you suddenly felt like you wanted more of his touch. What was up with you? Blame the wine… Or the gorgeous boy sat right next to you…

“And how was your day?” He asks, taking a large sip from his glass before reaching for the bottle. You noticed you had already both finished your glasses and your head was now feeling the good kind of fuzzy. Dan had a reddish tinge to his soft lips from the wine that made them look.. So kissable. You drag your eyes away from his mouth and to your glass, which he was already filling up again.

“Ummm,” you say, “I spent the whole morning sorting through my clothes and then the whole afternoon working on a blog post but… This evening has been the best part of my day by far.” You say bravely, but not bravely enough to follow with eye contact.

“Well, you’re worth the effort.” He replies. He puts his glass on the table. You look up to see his eyes wandering down your body, his hand that was touching your knee brushed your leg but you couldn’t tell if it was intentional.

You blush probably the same colour as the wine and take another large sip, not sure how to respond. The butterflies in your stomach now doing backflips. This was Dan, the guy you’d been friends with for almost a year now. The guy that taught you how to take good photographs, that had taught you how to bake (anything except pastry), that you called when you were feeling bored or sad or grumpy, that up until this moment, had been your nerdy youtuber friend that you hadnt really thought about romantically. You stopped to look at him, sat so close to you on this large sofa, his body turned to yours, his fingers against your leg. His fringe pushed back onto his head the way you loved it and his gorgeous lips parted and stained red. It suddenly hit you how much you really fucking fancied him. That actually, you’d had feelings for him for a long time. And everything he’d done tonight suggested the feelings were mutual. You had to be sure though.

“All this has been amazing. You’re too good to me”, you say softly, setting your glass down and pretending to stretch your spine, leaning forward into him before sighing and changing your position so you know faced him square on. Your eyes wander up his face to his hair.

“You’ve got flour in your fringe” you giggle, using your fingers to gently rub at the powder. A small amount falls to his cheek, so you use your thumb to wipe it away and you feel his dark sparkling eyes watching you. Then you feel his hand on your thigh. Unmistakable this time.

You had never acted this way with each other, you were both tipsy you could tell, but not drunk enough to not know what you were doing.

Your eyes connect his his again, your fingers still against his cheek. This time his eyes were really glittering, and your heart beat increased as you felt his hand pull at your leg, pulling you further towards him.

“I really like you Y/N.” He whispers, his lips parting as he looks at yours, which were probably as red and as longing as his. “And I… really need to kiss you.”

Your face was now inches from his and you could taste the wine on his sweet breath. The heat from his fingers on your thigh made you long for more of his skin on yours and his smell was intoxicating. Fuck.

“I really want you to.” You whisper back.

He slowly leans into you, an inch from your parted lips, and you inhale softly. His eyes flicker between yours, and then down to your lips. You feel his breath against your skin. Your head swims with his scent, and you lean to close the gap.

Suddenly your lips crush together and your body rolls into his, you hand holding his face. Fireworks explode within you. You were kissing Dan.

His arms snake around your waist and he lifts you up slightly, angling his head for a more intense kiss. Your breathing becomes heavy, he is more intoxicating than any amount of wine and as he pulls you up onto his lap, you feel his tongue brush along your lips, making you sigh into his mouth. The insides of your thighs are against his waist and his hands are on your hips, holding you firmly against him. You run your fingers through his hair as you feel his tongue against yours. The kisses growing sloppy but the feelings inside you growing intense.

You feel his warm hands slide up under your top, lifting it above your head and throwing it aside. His fingers were then against your back and he runs them over your spine. You press your chest into his and roll your hips forward. A small moan escapes his lips at the friction. You can feel he is hard beneath you and the alcohol is fuelling your own pleasure.

You bite down on his bottom lip and drag your teeth away from it as Dan sighs, his chest rising and falling heavily.

“Y/N..” He says breathlessly inbetween your kisses. “My room…”

You nod with your forehead pressed to his, excited at his suggestion. You had already gone further with Dan than you ever imagined and you were so ready for more.

In what feels like one swift movement, his hands hook under the back of your thighs and he stands up with you wrapped round his middle. You giggle at the strength you didn’t expect him to have.

He smiles at you as you hold his hair, a smile that swirled your stomach. Without even looking he carries you right out of the room, you duck into his shoulder when passing through the doors and give his neck a small kiss, and before you know it, you were in his room. He continues to walk over to his large bed, and softly sits you down, breaking your contact only to roughly pull his own shirt from his body. His sweats and boxers follow, and you seize the opportunity to pull off your skinnies and your underwear. You were now fully exposed to eachother, but you also felt so comfortable with him. He places his knees either side of you and one hand on the bed, with the other he hooks a finger under your chin, lifting your face to look at him and also applies a little bit of pressure using his thumb, so you slowly fall back onto his duvet. His face never further than a few centimeters from yours.

In this moment, hovering over you, his lips parted and his hair ruffled, you really noticed how fucking beautiful he was. The only light in the room was emitted from his amber lamp, giving his skin a soft warm glow and adding fire to his dark eyes. His lips were slightly swollen and tinged red, some of it spreading round his mouth, no doubt from the redness of your own lips. Your eyes flutter over his face and you knowingly bite your lip. It has the affect on him you wanted.

“Fuck Y/N, I’ve wanted you for so long” he hummed, nudging your nose with his.

“How long exactly?” You tease, kissing him gently, your hands placed lightly on his warm chest.

“Well…You remember the day we met?” He asks, lips brushing yours, his dimple dipping in his cheek as he smiles. You grin back at him and run your fingertips round under his arms and into his back, pulling him down on top of you. Your kisses become heated, his tongue colliding with yours, but it was time to move this on…

Arching your back, you grind your body against his. Your nipples brush his warm skin and he traces the natural curve of your body with his fingers. Pushing your hips up to his, you feel him against you and you roll your core against his hard length, causing you both to sigh out. Your heart beat was increasing and your head becoming blurred.

He breaks away from your kiss to look right into your eyes, getting the point of your grinding, and gives you a little nod before crushing your lips once more, and then you feel him push inside you, and you gasp out, your toes curling down by his sides. The feeling was like fireworks. In return he moans out and the noise alone sends pleasure tearing through you. After a few seconds he begins to move, building the power of each thrust until you see stars. He pants into the crook of your neck, swearing occasionally as a small shine of sweat begins to appear on his skin. You dig your fingernails into his shoulders as your head tilts backwards and you feel a pool of heat building intensely below. With each thrust, your moans become louder, he pushes himself deeper and you grip onto him harder until you feel him tense on top of you,

“Ahh, FUCK Y/N”, he cries out, reaching his climax. And with those words, your heart thumps in your chest as your own  orgasm explodes through you, your muscles quivering against him. He kisses you strongly to muffle your moans and his hand moves to your face as he genty pulls out.

You pant loudly against his lips and wrap your arms around his neck. Your body was overpowered by wine, by your climax and by dan. What had started off as a dinner invitation, turned into the best evening of your life.

“Stay the night with me?” He asks, brushing your cheek with his thumb and looking deep into your eyes before laying a soft kiss on your red lips.

“I’m not going anywhere.” You reply, welcoming his kiss with the parting of you lips.

As you lay there with him in your arms, drunk on eachothers lust, you realise that he was the one you want to be with every night of your life. And you were sure he wanted that too. Tonight was only the beginning, the first red bottle of many no doubt.

You just hoped Phil wouldn’t mind the future sex after dinner thing so much, because it was definitely happening again…



(ty for reading, im so sorry my smut writing is shit im working on it i promise.)

Castiel- The blue eyed Man Part 2

Title: The blue eyed Man Part 2

Pairings: Castiel x reader

Word count:1111

Request:Could you please do a part 2 for “Blue eyed man”??????? xxx

Request:I love your one-shots. I was wondering if you could make a cas x reader one-shot based of the song “Belong to the World” by The Weeknd. It would be amazing if you could.

Links:The blue eyed man

‘’I can’t believe you talked me into this’’You whispered, laughing silently at your foolishness. He turned his head, blue eyes filling to the brim of happiness and joy, the voids replacing their emptiness. 

His pale lips curved upwards, a crescent of a ghost of a smile that rarely made an appearance. ‘’I like you’’He hummed happily, head turning back to face the pure white ceiling. 

You chuckle, a raspy laugh that too always seem a shy ghost that remained hidden, finally falling past your dry lips. ‘’I like you too, Castiel’’You grinned, testing his names on your lips. 

He grinned bigger, the deep moons in the corner of his lips almost meeting his eyes that you adored. 

‘’I seem to be smiling a lot now’’He added, voice full of curiosity and persistence. He rested his large broad hands a top of his coat, the cream melting into his rough yet flawless skin. 

You turned your head, absorbing in your blue eyed man as you took in all the dents, dimples and freckles that kissed his skin. You spotted a freckle, tiny as can be but you still spotted it. 

‘’You know..’’You started as you rolled over, elbows cadging in his head as you hovered over him. He stared at you, unaware of how awkward someone else might be but to him it felt natural. 

You had to stop and think again, remember what you were trying to say since his blue orbs caught you off guard, again. Now you were close you could see just how amazing they really were. 

You could see how the dark, forbidden blue shade mixed elegantly with the lighter blue. Like a sea after a storm, you only imaged what would happen to those sweet, indecisive eyes would look like when he was angry. 

The sea being rattled into another terrifying storm, the blue losing it’s soft edge and glistening with a dark, vibrant blue that shook anyone to the rim. 

He stared at you, eyes slowly pulling you in, you felt your eyes getting further and further into his soul. You were losing yourself again. 

Snapping out of it you ignored your flushed cheeks and continued your sentence that you were pretty sure you started half an hour ago. 

‘’They say that freckles is where an Angel kissed you’’You stated, brows raising at the fact. His brows copied yours, eyes widening slightly. You traced the tiny freckle with your finger, breath hitting his cheek as he shuffled underneath you. 

‘’But I have not kissed another Angel. They are my sisters and my brothers’’Cas added innocently. You chuckled, the laugh loud and clear. He didn’t understand why you were laughing but he didn’t care, he liked the sound of it slipping past your lips and reaching his ears. 

‘’I cannot see any on you’’He mumbled as he looked over your face. You stopped tracing his freckle, eyes narrowing in thought as you licked your lips. This was your chance. 

‘’Well I haven’t been kissed by an Angel…’’You trailed off. ‘’Maybe I should’’You whispered, hoping the clueless blue eyed man would get your point. You watched as he stared deep into the depths of your not so exciting eyes. 

But being fair, even someone with two different coloured eyes could have better eyes than your blue eyed man. He made your eyes or anyone’s for that matter, look so dull next to his. 

‘’Well, I think you would suit freckles’’He stated with a soft whisper. You blushed, eyes widening as he flirted back with you. Before you could even process anything you felt his soft lips hesitantly touched yours. 

Your eyelids fluttered closed, hands cupping his face as his stubble rubbed against your hand. His hands grasped your hips, fitting perfectly in the dips that he craved to touch so much. 

It was too short, probably more longer than you thought but to you he could kiss you all day and it would still leave you craving more. His lips were actually everything you had imagined and more. 

They were rough but the kiss was soft. Everything about him left you in pieces, pieces he so happily put back together and unlike most people, didn’t get cut on the broken pieces. 

‘’Cas?’’You called again, his name now openly falling from your lips. He hummed, hand stroking soothing circles on your hip as you buried yourself in his side. 

‘’Why do you not smile often? Is it because Angels don’t really feel any emotion?’’You asked, you stopped, noticing his facial expression as you shot up. ‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way I-’’

‘’I know’’He soothed, tone reassuring you instantly. ‘’Angels do not feel much, but I guess… I’m alone’’He whispered, tilting his head to look at you and that’s when you saw how his eyes changed. 

But this time you didn’t care, you didn’t care that the blue had all changed to one faded yet intense colour, all you cared about was swapping his frown for a smile. 

‘’Not any more’’You whispered as you leaned forward and pecked the freckle that rested gingerly on his toned skin. He chuckled, laugh deep and rumbling from his chest. 

‘’I know’’He smiled, a genuine smile that made your heart ache. 

‘’You don’t have to be alone, neither of us do’’You whispered as you lifted your head and rested it on his chest. He leaned forward, placing a kiss on the crown on your head as he rubbed your back. 

You felt yourself drifting off but felt bad that Cas would be awake on his own. He seemed to notice, as if he read your mind. 

‘’It’s okay my love. Go to sleep’’He whispered, leaning down and catching your lips in his before you drifted away and into dream land. You smiled against his lips, the kiss lazy and slow since you were both to worn out to put any effort into it but it still felt amazing and still poured one anothers love out to each other. 

‘’I’ll dream sweet dreams of you my blue eyed man’’

I think Sherlock wraps up little John in his big coat. A lot. I think he buttons the top button around his naked little army doctor with nothing underneath and coos at how adorable he looks (as John scowls and then smiles, tickled by Sherlock’s attention, as always). I think Sherlock kisses his forehead and then lays John down carefully on top of the coat and fucks him slowly and in the afterglow if he so much as shivers he gets all nice and wrapped up warm again so that nothing can ever harm his army doctor.

Let’s Not Fall In Love | 10



chapter length and warnings: 11.1k. some fairly sexual content (sorry about the fade-to-black) and as usual, lots of swearing. I’m sorry this chapter’s a little weird, idk I just wanted to smooth out some of the bumps before it continues. so a lot of it is just people talking, and I’m sorry for that. but anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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He Gives You His Jacket

Zayn: His eyes raked down the sundress you had on and he smirked. Who was he to complain about seeing your amazing legs on display? The wind was cold and as lovely as you looked today, you were going to freeze your ass off. He sighed saying, “You’re going to be cold in that.” You shrugged, the thrill of riding on his bike over powering any chill the spring air held. “I’ll be okay,” you said eyeing up the bike. You hadn’t been on it before and Zayn finally said it was nice enough to take it out. He slid his helmet on and flipped down the black face shield, he looked dangerous in leather with his bike behind him and your heart beat just a little but faster than normal. He shucked his leather jacket, “Here, take my jacket,” the button up he had on underneath was rolled to his forearms, the black ink swirling out and down to his hands. “You sure?” You asked, sliding it on. “Yeah,” he said slowly, tongue darting out to lick his lips, “it looks way better on you.”

Liam: “Cold?” He asked, hands rubbing your bare arms up and down for friction. The weather called for it to be in the sixties and you hadn’t come prepared. You were too eager for spring and that had caused a lapse in judgement that it was, in fact, still March. You shivered once, trying to fight off the nip of the wind. “Yeah,” you finally admitted, eyes pulling away from all the cameras before you as you left the club. He immediately shrugged off his suit coat and draped it around your shoulders and drew you to his side, lips against your temple. You did look rather adorable like this, he thought. “Can’t have my baby girl being cold, now can I?” You grinned, ducking your head into his chest as he rained kisses down on the top of your head. “No,” you giggled, pulling his jacket closer, “but what about you? You’re going to freeze.” He was left just in his vest and dress shirt but he didn’t seem bothered. “I have my love to keep me warm,” he whispered, tilting your chin up for a quick kiss.

Harry: ”Come for a walk with me,” he pleaded, dragging you by the hand to the back door of his mum’s house. “Harry, it’s 11:30 at night,” you groaned, not wanting to exert any energy. Why couldn’t you just watch a movie like a normal couple? But this was his holiday and you reminded yourself you had promised to do whatever he wanted. “Please,” he pouted, that full lower lip you liked to nibble on in a pout. You couldn’t resist him when he did that and he knew it. “Fine,” you sighed, and he let out a whoop of laughter and tugged you outside into the darkness. “Harry, it’s freezing,” you chattered, teeth clacking together. “Here, take this,” he slid off that tan jacket he love so much, the one with the sheep lined collar and helped you put it on. “Hurry, we’ll miss it,” he tugged you down the hill and urged you to lie down. Just as you were about to protest he said, “look up,” he pointed, a small smile on his face. You tilted your chin back and gasped, Harry’s hand linked in yours as you watched the stars shoot across the sky. 

Niall: “Hey Ni,” you called from the living room, “yes my love?” He called back, pulling two beers out of the fridge. “Think I could borrow a sweatshirt?” You were freezing. Niall liked to keep the house pretty cool, because he liked wearing layers and he liked to cuddle and he new the colder his house was, the more likely it was that you would curl up into his lap like a kitten. “Yeah, here,” he tugged the one he was wearing off, his t-shirt beneath rising with it so you caught a glimpse of his stomach. “Take this,” you slid on his sweatshirt and hunkered down inside, wrapping the end of the sleeves over your hand and bringing them to your chin. “I’ve decided you look way too good in that sweatshirt and you absolutely have to keep it,” he plopped down next to you and grabbed you by the strings and drew you close, planting his lips on yours. “Really?” You asked against his mouth, lips brushing over his. “Never seen anything more beautiful,” he whispered, kissing you once more.

Louis: “Come on Donny!” He screamed, flying from his seat as the Rovers missed another goal yet again. He raked his fingers through his hair, a sign that he was truly agitated and dropped back down into his seat. “It was practically an open net,” he groaned to you, hand reaching for yours. He’d been so excited when you surprised him with tickets that he sprinted out of the house without second thought. “Holy shit, you’re freezing,” he said, hands rubbing over yours. “I’m a bit cold,” you laughed, pulling your long sleeve shirt down over your fingers. “Here, take my jacket,” he unzipped it and let you slide it on. He zipped it to the top and kissed your nose, draping his arm around the back of your seat. “Warm now?” He asked, a small smile on his face. You grinned, pressing your nose to the collar where it still clung his warmth and smelled like his cologne. “Never better,” you smiled. He pulled you close, the arm around your shoulder keeping you anchored to his side.

Lovebirds and Loveboats

Pairings: Luke Hemmings and Y/N

Rated: R

External image

They were going to the fair, driving down the road while music blasted from the speakers. The windows were down and it whipped her hair back against her face. He drove next to her, hand on her knee and one on the steering wheel.

“What do you want to do first when we get there?” She asked him, hoping he’d say roller coasters but knowing he got sick just thinking about them.

“How about a couple of booths?” He supplied weakly, already turning green at the prospect of his stomach turning around inside him as a cart on a single track flew at high speeds four stories above the ground.

“Yeah, that sounds like fun. You don’t have to go on the rides Luke, I won’t make you.”

“I don’t want you to go by yourself.”

“But just the thought makes you sick.” She laughed, which irked him. Maybe he’d go and lose his lunch on her.

“I’ll just get some random hot guy to go with me.” 

He sighed and glanced at her, “Really, are you that evil?”

She giggled, happy that even the thought of her with some stranger out of his sight made him protective. “Jealous?”

“No, just worried. You can’t really handle yourself alone and I don’t want you with some strange guy, I’d even rather it be your ex.”

“You aren’t jealous then, not even a little?” She said, shocked to say the least.

“Not really, I trust you Y/N.” He grinned, keeping his eyes on the road and gently squeezing her knee. “You’ve never given me a reason not to.”

“That’s true.” She sighed and they settled into comfortable silence until they arrived at the fair. She jumped out, excited at the chance to win some prizes to take home and probably end up giving to her nephew because Luke would probably get creeped out at the idea of a stuffed animal in their bedroom while they commenced their nightly activities. She didn’t want to go on a roller coaster much, due to her choice of clothing. The long summer dress wasn’t exactly good material to go on a roller coaster with.

“Y/N come on!” She looked up to see Luke smiling at her from three cars away. She walked towards him, grabbing his hand and holding it tightly. 
Her head only reached his mid waist but then again, Luke was a tall person and he lead them through the crowd over to the first few booths. He lead them over to the kissing booth, which stood a very pretty girl.

“How about I go first?” Y/N asked quickly and he smirked.

“Look who’s jealous now?” He teased.

Y/N rolled her eyes and placed a dollar in the hand of the guy who ran the booth. She took the girl’s face and put on a show, which the girl defiantly liked. She pulled back and walked over a couple feet to wait for Luke but the girl left, putting up a sign that she was on break.

“Shit, no back ups-Joe, get over here!” The guy who ran the booth yelled.

An pot-bellied, hairy janitor, who was sweeping up trash, came over and sat down in the booth, grinning at Luke who hadn’t noticed the girl had left because he was facing her and grinning with thumbs up. He turned to place the dollar in the guy’s hand but then he noticed the janitor.

“Never mind.” He said and raced over to Y/N, grabbed her hand and yanked her away as she laughed hysterically.

“Why didn’t you warn me Y/N?”

She shrugged, “funnier that way.”

“Sometimes I want to smack you.” He sighed heavily.

“You should wait till we get home.” She giggled and he rolled his eyes.

On the way home from leaving the fair early due to stormy clouds and dropping temperature, she couldn’t help eyeing him through the corner of her eye as she leaned against the giant stuffed panda Luke won for her.

Bless his long arms, she thought.

When they arrived home,the skies had opened up and the clouds started pouring. Luke knew he was smart for leaving early. When dark clouds form and all the burn-outs leave the fair to cluster inside someone’s basement, you know it’s going to rain. They would never risk their blunts, not in a million years.

He pulled up inside the garage but Y/N ran out before the garage door closed them inside, yelling about leaving her plants unprotected in the backyard. He shrugged, heading inside. She would be fine, as long as the lighting didn’t start.

He made his way into the kitchen, fixing himself Vegemite toast when Y/N entered from the back-porch, soaking wet and looking like she was about to growl about him dying in seven days.

“That bad?” He asked, pouting at her.

“Shut up.” She huffed. He couldn’t help but notice the way the fabric clung to her body and the now heavy material sagged, pulled, and hugged her, giving him full view of the swell of her breasts. He also couldn’t help his member getting excited about the fact that he couldn’t see any underwear lines when she turned around to head upstairs, because whatever she did or didn’t have on was good for him.

She washed the rain, sweat, and heat out of her mind, scrubbing shampoo through her hair. She heard the bathroom door jiggle and grinned to herself.

“Y/N, come out of there!” He whined.

“After I’m done taking a shower.” She called and took her sweet time shaving her unshaven legs, hidden by her maxi dress. She washed her body with a honey and vanilla scrub, Luke’s favorite on her. She dried off and dressed in her favorite pair of VS PJ shorts and a thin tank top. It seemed the rain had stopped and Luke was no where to be found. She went downstairs to find him but he still wasn’t there so she made herself a cup of tea then went outside to sit on the back porch, looking out into the backyard. She heard the front door opening but ignored it, taking a sip of her tea.

“How come your sitting out here in your PJs?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Come on, let’s get you inside.” He said, helping her up from the seat and leading her inside to the couch, placing her favorite movie in and wrapping them up in blankets.

“Where were you?”

“There’s ice cream in the freezer. I bought us some.” He said, getting up to make them two bowls and rejoining her.

Halfway through the movie she could feel his boner poking her back. His hands crept along her hips to her covered mound but she took his hands away, only for them to creep back along her skin so the second time she placed his hands palm’s down underneath her butt.

“Hands to yourself Luke.”

“Come on.” He said, easily pulling his hands from under her and wrapping his arms around her. He kissed up from the top of her spine to behind her ear, feeling her back relax against him and knowing she was putty in his hands.

“If you can get me in the bedroom in the next minute-” He sweeped her into his arms and bolted from the couch up to their room, dropping her on the bed and falling with her, tugging his shirt off already.

“You can have a chance.” She finished.

He paused, “A chance? Come on Y/N.” He kissed her neck and she giggled.

“I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t pass up sex.” She pulled him down to her and kissed him as his hands slipped up her shirt and squeezed her bare breast, feeling her arch up against him. She turned him over and grinded down on him, grinning when he groaned. He tugged her tank top off and motor-boated her breasts, smiling when she giggled. He grabbed her hips and pulled her under him, slipping off her shorts and smiling down at her, knowing everything he wanted and needed was lying underneath him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She giggled up at him, embarrassed at his adoring stare.

“I love you.” He told her, adoration coating his words and he meant them with all of his heart, more than she could grasp. He smiled at her and brought her lips to his, kissing her tenderly before kicking his jeans and boxers off. He lined himself up at her entrance but she paused with a hand on his chest.

“Luke, you don’t have a condom on. Kids?” They had both agreed, laying in bed the week before their wedding that they would wait for kids until they were both emotionally secure to have a child of their own.

“I want one. I want one with you.” He said, leaning down to kiss her wedding ring.

“Okay.” She whispered, kissing him gently as he slipped inside her, pausing to enjoy and savor the feel of her wrapped completely around him, as close as they could get and in perfect harmony. She tightened around him and he took that as a cue to move but he moved slow, dragging on her building pleasure and softly rubbing her clit. He groaned as her nails raked down his back, her soft pleas music to his ears.

This wasn’t sex, it was being one with the woman he loved. It was making love to her, showing her just how much he loved her in his actions because they spoke better than his words ever could. He brushed his own release to the back of his mind, focusing on slowly building hers until she exploded around him and he into her. Their release was sweet and well worth the wait, knowing he was perfectly in-tune with her. She caught her breath, breathing heavily as she looked up at an angel. She cupped his face and closed her eyes, already knowing she was going to be pregnant with his child, become a complete family with him, and raise a child together; she couldn’t wait to experience it all with him but for now, they were two lovebirds who reveled in their love, just waiting to share it with a child of their own.

Title: Christmas Kisses (Reader x 40s! Bucky Barnes)

Summary: The reader, best friend Steve, and Bucky all get together for another fun Christmas party, but this year; it’s different. Bucky and Y/N are finally dating! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Word Count: 1605

A/N: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It’s officially December, why not celebreate (a little late) with a fun and adorable Bucky imagine? I was originally going to post this during 12 days of Holiday Imagines, I just couldn’t wait! I hope you enjoy!

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