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Your tags on your last post intrigued me. What's your analysis of yoonjin's relationship?

Going under a cut because I already know this is going to be a monster post……. of word vomit.

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The Stupidity Needs To Stop Part 1 Ashley

I seriously did’t want this to be my first post in tumblr. Really I don’t, but god, the absolute fuckery I’ve been seeing was enough to cross the line and I just HAD to say something about all of this. So here it goes.

(Have to chop this down a bit into parts.)

Part 2 - Adam

Part 3 - Cryaotic


You know what really pisses me off about YouTuber fandoms?

How quick the fans within them turn on their ‘idol(s)’ for no REAL good reason. 

As YouTube fan myself, I find this baffling as I wander the social media pages of YouTubers or be told by my own sister who keeps a close eye on them that shit hits the fan for these guys on a hourly basis. Yeah, I know “its the internet, people enjoy being idiots while hiding behind a screen.” Its no excuse for attacking said 'famous’ YouTuber for just being real with you. Whether being upset at being stalked, having an opinion or merely telling people to just calm their tits about some stupid cyber drama. Crazy, stupid and obsessed Fans apparently flip their shit if they’re told by their idol to stop being drama queens or no longer have a chance in banging their star. 

“Cry told someone off because they INVESTIGATED his past and found his old house which isn’t totally creepy and dangerous!" Rage

 "Oh no, Cryaotic got a girlfriend and its not me!" Rage

"SkyDoesMinecraft hangs out with AshleymarieeGaming! And got a girlfriend that’s not Dawn!” Rage

“Adam expressed his opinion of disliking the ads in tmc. HATER!” Rage

“[YouTuber] is copying [other YouTuber]!” RAGE

 ^– Those up there are fucking stupid reasons to be so negative and acting like a complete dickwad to these YouTubers! Why are you guys so damn keen attacking these people for unjust reasons? I don’t understand it. Where the fuck did common sense go with you? What did it have a heart attack? Went out to lunch? Never told or do you have it but too damn lazy to fucking use it?

Now… I’m going to express what I think of how the fans’ behaviors are regarding the three YouTubers I mentioned here. Which is idiocy at its finest.


She is not ugly or stupid or some tramp looking to score with the guys of TC, Adam or anyone else. They are FRIENDS. Say it with me. FRIENDS. F-R-I-E-N-D-S, got it memorized? She just hangs out with them, goes to Events and Cons with them, records with them for fun. THAT. IS. IT. There is NO ulterior motive with her and the guys, so there’s no need for hatred on her. Unless, of course, you’re all being a bunch of little bitches hating on her because she’s closer to them in terms of friendship than YOU are. Which proves the fact you’re being drama queens over nothing and just being stupid.

But if Ashley happens to be dating one of the single guys in TC or some other YouTuber in the future, then hey, happy for them. Which translates to you whiners, 'Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the fuck over it.’ Its just how life is, sorry for not being sorry. Its their lives, not yours, can’t control it. Put on your big girl panties and just deal.

Ashley, stay strong girlfriend. I know its not easy, death threats are not to be taken lightly but it is from a bunch of fans (no, not fans, crazy fucktards) that will do anything to tear you down because YOU have something they don’t and it drives them insane. Do NOT let them take away your friendships with those you hang out with, your happiness and what you do because of mere jealously.