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Your tags on your last post intrigued me. What's your analysis of yoonjin's relationship?

Going under a cut because I already know this is going to be a monster post……. of word vomit.

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Tony vs Tony

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Pairing: Thor x Reader x Tony, Steve
Word count: 2,519
Warnings: Jealousy, slight angst

Part 5 of Petty Insults

In the morning, your alarm stirred you awake. It was a foreign feeling since you were used to being woken up by one of your men.

But you got up and ready anyway, thinking it was best to go down and make breakfast. You packed a small container and make your way to one of the labs, peeking in to find Tony working on something. “I brought breakfast.” You said sweetly.

He glanced over and gave you a small smile. “Thanks.”

You walked over and placed the dish in front of him. You bit your lip and played with your fingers a bit. “Uh, where’s Thor? Did he go back home already?”

“I think so.” He shrugged. “I’ve been in here for awhile, so he could have come back. Not sure.” Tony admitted, not giving in that he’d been in there half the night.

Nodding, not sure what to say. “Well um. I’ll be in our room if you wanna come get some rest.” You didn’t want to stay mad, but you also didn’t want to just drop it. You kissed his cheek quickly and made your way out of the lab.

Tony licked his lips and glanced at the plate you had left him. He decided to eat and go meet you in your room. He could tell you were still upset, and didn’t want to make it worse.

You were folding some clothes into drawers when Tony came in and you could tell he was being hesitant. “Thor should be back tonight.” You informed him. “He just had a quick meeting.” You shrugged.

Tony nodded, slightly worried that he was alone with you while you were upset. Thor did tell him he was maddening at times. “I’m sorry.”

“For?” You stood, going to sit on the bed.

“Upsetting you.” He sighed, having a headache from lack of sleep.

You nodded, figuring that was as good as you were going to get of an apology. Closing the drawer, you moved to sit next to him on the bed and leaned your head on his shoulder. “Do you want this to be serious enough to tell people about, or is this more casual for you?” You asked quietly, scared of his response. If he wasn’t telling fangirls, while you were there, what did that say about you?

“Truthfully I didn’t see the big deal in this fight. Like I told Thor. You know we care about you and that you’re the only girl we’re seeing so why get upset?” He waved his hands as he talked, placing them on his lap when he was finished.

You nodded, definitely not getting the answer you were looking for, but maybe getting the one you needed. “Alright.”

He frowned. “Alright?”

“I’ll ask Thor the same thing tonight.” You looked away, indicating you were done with the conversation.

Tony groaned. “I have a headache, and I’m tired. Can we just relax?” He asked with a sigh.

You shrugged. “Whatever you want Tony.” You looked at the clock before laying down, options flickering through your mind as he laid besides you.

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First of you've the most wonderful Kalafina's site. I visit multiple times a day. Thanks for all the wonderful things you updated related to the three wonderful ladies. Now my question is about Keiko - why you do or many other fans think she is gay? Would love your long essay on this or anyone else thought on it. Since I also shared your love of Keiko and WaKei - anything involving them would be most welcome. One cannot get enough of Kalafina so don't stop the spam. Thanks for your hard work

I HAVE NO EXCUSES WHATSOEVER!!! I FEEL SO ASHAMED! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! THIS TOOK A MILLION YEARS! I originally wanted to finish some translations before getting to this ask and then real life crept up on me and kept me pretty busy. For whatever reason, this post got lost in my drafts and I only rediscovered it a couple of days ago. I AM SO VERY SORRY!!!

I have so many unfinished posts in my draft section, it’s crazy, it’s downright embarrassing, I really need to get my shit together. Anyways, let’s finally get to your ask!!!

Here we go =>
Thank you so much!!! This message made me incredibly happy! You have no idea!

VERY TRUE, there can never be enough Kalafina in this world ^_^ I honestly see it as my personal mission to spread the Kalafina love!! If I ever stop spamming you, I’ll either be dead or abducted by aliens.

Also, what an interesting question! While I (and a bunch of other fans) have addressed this topic a couple of times in the past (lookie here! I’ll link to it again later on), I’ve never actually dedicated an entire post to it so thank you so much for asking this! It gives me the opportunity to go all out on the subject and by now all of my followers should know that I have a penchant for writing long ass essays related to Kalafina XD

Before I start, I’d like to mention that our lovely fellow Kalafan @iakrus (who hasn’t been active on tumblr in a VERY long time unfortunately) has already covered this topic quite extensively (to a point where I don’t think my own post will do it justice >_<). She has obviously put a lot of effort into her research and she has found a ton of great sources that provide evidence for her arguments so be sure to check out her thoughts here and here. She has done an incredibly thorough job discussing the matter (addressing each and every important issue) so I might occasionally refer to her in my post (she also discusses the possibility of Yuki Kajiura being gay but that’s not the topic of this ask). All right, now that that is out of the way, let’s get started, shall we? ^_^

Why do I/other fans think Keiko is gay?

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Tagging game

ASDFGHJK Thank you so much @oftrickstersandmoose for tagging me and saying that about my blog!! That’s sooo sweet <333

I am going to do this thing, even though no one probably cares that much… Still, I will use this opportunity to tell everyone that reads this that THEY ARE AWESOME AND SIMPLY SOME ADORABLE CUTE LITTLE ANGELS ^-^

Nickname: Riri (no one actually calls me like that, but I found out it’s another abbreviation of my name so I love it =)) )
Gender: Fangirl (that’s it. That’s my gender. Forget about female, I am a fan-femme ❤︎)   
Star Sign: Libra ^^ (the most indecisive person ever, I admit it) 
Height: a bit more than 5ft 1′ I think? (I know, I know… I am literally a shrimp! But at least I get to stay in front of tall people and watch better everything XD)
Time: time…time is irreversible.. the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole… But, yeah, it’s about midnight here, if that’s the question =)  
Birthday: Oct 1st  ❤︎
Favourite Bands: *pulls out powerpoint project* Are you sure of this?? *brings pictures and merchandise* jk XD My favorite band EVER will forever be Fall out boy I love them SO much,my wonderful adorable obsession!! <333 I also love mcr (my babies asdfghjk), p!atd, bvb, Green Day, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Skid Row, The Offspring, The Beatles, Journey, Metallica, Gnr, Whitesnake, Foreigner, Boston,CCR, Van Halen, BOC, Asia, lynyrd skynyrd, alice cooper, Eagles… The list can go on till tomorrow :)) Also, a special mentioning would be Abba and Modern Talking <333 and, of course, my second favorite band (I shamelessly admit I have 90 songs of them on my phone device), QUEEN XD
Favourite Solo Artists: hard to choose, uggh… My favorite singer used to be Celine Dion, so… I also love Kylie Minogue, Michael Bolton, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, Barbra streisand, Amy Grant, Bob Dylan, Elvis, too many to think of right now… Could I add Richard too?? =)) (even though he always says he is NOT a musician, his voice is wonderful aaaahh *sighs*) 
Song Stuck in My Head: “All star” by Smash Mouth! It’s kind of making me feel more confident though, but it’s annoyingly catchy… Oh and yeah, how could I forget about “anyway you want it” by Journey, it got stuck in my mind for a whole week, I am so glad I got over it 
Last Movie I Watched: Forrest Gump =) (watched it today, I admit I have cried a lot to it, and now I have only southern accents stuck in my head heeelp)
Last Show I Watched: Big Bang Theory <33 (I adore sitcoms) I was trying to see if I can get to watch more Star Trek on tv, but instead I saw this :)
When did I create my blog?: umm…My main one, I think around October last year?? And this secondary little thing that made my life better, I think sometime in May :))
What do I post? Post or reblog?: Both? =)) I reblog brilliant posts and I write anything that comes into my mind about Gabe <3 Also, I just simply adore making photo edits, gifs and stuff like that with him, so…
Last Thing I Googled: it’s actually “sunburnt” because I got one during hiking yesterday, so I needed to know how to treat it better XD (I am so glad I didn’t have to do this game earlier, when my last thing was “how to burn people”, I assure you I am not a psychopath hehhe… Even though it was annoying that google was showing results for “good comebacks”, not actually burning people alive…)
Any other blogs?: Hells yeah. Not many though. My main one where I haven’t posted anything for six months, a side blog with nice book quotes and nature landscapes that finally turned into a fandom one (oops!!) and one with song lyrics where I make photo edits and post mostly fob and mcr lyrics because when I don’t find them on google I must make them by myself :D  But here I have most of my followers <33
Do you get asks?: Umm…Nope, never got one, only messages, but happily waiting for some =) 
The Story Behind My Username: *coughs*……it was, my darlings, the summer of 2017 when me meets the other inner me and I’m like “yo, I know about music” and the other me is like “yo, I know more about music!! ”, “that’s impossible! Do you wanna start a side blog? We’ll call it after your new favorite song ever that makes your heart sing and melt in the same time because of the most adorable mellow sweet feathered golden angel, that small tiny muffin who ruined your life” and I was like “yeah that’s cool” and that’s it XD Actually, I came up with the idea of this blog when I realized how obsessed I was with Gabe and at 2 AM I was creating gifs just to post them here, and the only logical username that came in my mind was this, I just love the heat of the moment!!! <33 *starts humming while eating a candy bar and sobbing in a corner*
Following: 155! ;D
Favourite Color: GREEN! Grass green, cyclam, turquoise, that coral red-orange wonderful thing, blue violet, sunflower bright yellow (guess why ;)))…
Average Hours of Sleep: probably eight hours. Sometimes 6, sometimes 11… Two weeks ago I slept only one hour, yesterday 12, so it depends XD
Lucky Number: 111 <3 Not lucky, but favorite one I guess :)) But usually all my lucky numbers contain “1” so… I also love 21, dunno why
Instruments: Fountain pen. JUST KIDDING! If it means musical instruments, I used to play piano and violin, but now I only know a bit to play the national anthem, that’s all… Currently I am into guitar, I have been trying for six months to learn how to play it from youtube tutorials, I can play couple of chords ;D
What I’m wearing right now: whoa easy there, tagging game! (just a joke again, sorry ^-^) It’s actually only a dress with green and pink floral print because summer nights when you don’t want to go to sleep, just to stare at the stars, hum songs and spend time on tumblr, that’s why :) I just find dresses easier to wear when the heat outside overwhelms you
How many blankets do I sleep with?: umm… Like now, during summer? Only a white sheet, it’s too hot (even though I sometimes want to go back to my warm blanket in case of monster night attacks). But on winter I can sleep with two wool blankets or even more… :) 
Dream Job: Cardiothoracic Surgeon or any kind of doctor in general :)) It’s been my dream since I was two, I just love anatomy…<3 (probably I shouldn’t add my temporary dreams too, like becoming an actress, a Broadway singer, a detective or a novel writer and artist, should I?^^) 
Dream Trip: aaah hard to say, but I think it would be a road trip in Arizona or any western desert part in general, while driving an old rusty convertible car (preferably an impala, of course), watching the ruby sun going down into the lakes painted on the azure sky and the stars sparkling brightly at night, feeling the freedom air and humming old rock songs (and singing “take it easy” when I get to Winslow, AZ :D)… Also, another dream trip would be in my favorite cities: NYC (to see Tiffany’s and Broadway :)), Paris (mainly the opera house and get to sing “bonjour Paris” like in Funny Face) and Rome (driving  a scouter or riding a vintage bike on the old streets, while picking ruby geraniums and singing Dean Martin songs aahh). Also, a trip to provence where I can dance through the lavender fields, the Alpes with warm small cottages or Greece would be wonderful (as long as I can admire the landscapes and the local culture with not so many people around… ^^)
Favourite Food: grilled chicken with french fries and any kind of dessert (chocolate especially)<33 Also a bunch of sour soups, pasta, fish, meat, pizza and hamburgers, jam with butter and honey, cereals with milk, bacon and eggs, meatballs, chicken soup with dumplings, boiled potatoes with butter and parsley, pancakes, and this list could go on and on…. (now I got hungry ugh…)
Nationality: Romanian :) (this should explain the “sour soup” thing) 
Favourite Song Right Now: umm…*trying to make up my mind while sweating nervously* Probably still the heat of the moment, or Tiffany Blews by fob… But right now, I mean really RIGHT NOW, I think it would be “don’t stop believing” it’s so uplifting and purely…gorgeous :)

Sorry for the long post, in real life I never speak up, yet, here, I am a chatter box oops >.<

Now, the ceremony of tagging people! *drums beating*… Aaaand the nominees are….LEONARDO DiCAPRIO!! (SOORY just a silly joke ^^) Now, for real, I am tagging :  @scarlettwinchester23  ( ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ) , @sabriel-fanboy-83, @akhuna01, @hunters-hiraeth, @tricksterxangel, @lisiblack, @chaotictrickster, @quaker-wtf-lass and any other cinnamon roll that wants to do this, but I know you won’t do it unless I tag you, so, here you are : @that-sweet-person-who-read-my-ramblings-and-wants-to-do-this-game-too  ❤︎  You have been officially tagged ;) 

I love you all so much!! <3

Alex & Eliza Book Review

Alex & Eliza Book Review by Melissa de la Cruz

So yes….I have joined the millions of masses who adore the play Hamilton and its awesome score. Am I late to the obsession? Yes, definitely very late, as I am with any big fad or popular item. I wasn’t a fan of My Chemical Romance until I hit my senior year of high school in 2012 if that gives you any ideas. Anyway, as an individual that is obsessed with Hamilton, has listened to no other music in the last month, and plans on seeing the play at The Pantages next week, of course I did what any normal fangirl would do: search for more. In this case, Alex & Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz. 

I have to admit, I was bit tepid about picking this book up, namely because I hadn’t read anything by Melissa de la Cruz since her Blue Blood’s series in 2009 and I couldn’t even finish those due to a serious condition of never-ending-series-to-make-more-money-and stretch-out-the-plot-line-until-it’s-as-thick-as-a-rubber-band-syndrome.

But alas, as a desperate fangirl and having been backed up by reaching the #10 spot on the Young Adult Hardcover Bestsellers list for The New York Times I decided to give it a try. Was it the fix I needed? Definitely not. Was it as bad as I expected? That’s a bit more complicated to answer, but I will endeavor to do my best in this review.

So, as you could probably guess, Alex & Eliza is a young adult fictional remake of the love story between Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler. Having one of the main characters be a prolific Founding Father, the creator of America’s bank, and one of the main authors of The Federalist Papers and the other be one of the eldest daughters of what was considered during the time to be the Dutch Colony’s pride and joy, a royal American princess so-to-speak, you have a lot of material to work with for a potential love story. 

All the historical elements including the Revolutionary War, the fight for independence, and the beginning of a new nation are very juicy plot points with unimaginable details and implications. Unfortunately, you don’t see much of any of this in Alex & Eliza.

Of course the war is mentioned, as are some historical figures like George Washington and Benedict Arnold, but for the most part they are vague secondary characters more reminiscent of shadows than actual people. The dialogue is fluid, but corny and the actual “love” story that takes place is a bit rinse-and-repeat. 

Girl hates boy upon first sight, but then falls for him after he shows her what a decent gentleman he is. Melissa de la Cruz even pulled out the very old, very worn out cliche of Eliza being assaulted by another man and Alexander coming in to the literal rescue. Her plot devices are as old as the actual characters themselves.

Was it an enjoyable read? I suppose so. But I believe my undeniable bias of being currently obsessed with Hamilton gave me the patience and fortitude to not only finish the book, but find it slightly enjoyable. To be candid, the only reason this book is not currently sitting in a dumpster (despite my love for Hamilton and the fact that I would never actually do that to a book) is because I believe it was not intended to entertain young adults in their twenties looking for a sophisticated read with complex history sub plots and meaningful characterization. After reading the acknowledgements at the end, it become very clear that Melissa de la Cruz intended this book to be for very young adults, as in the 11-13 range. 

I wholeheartedly believe I would have loved this book as a sixth grader. The dialogue transforms from being cheesy into being romantic and the innocent, simple plot line becomes something desired instead of something disparaged.

So over all, I would not recommend this book if you are looking for an intricate romantic entanglement between two fascinating characters or searching to fill your gaping need for Hamilton paraphernalia. Instead, if you are eleven-years-old or know any preteens, this book would definitely be good and lighthearted, mixed in with just enough history to get them more involved in their social studies class on top of watching Hetalia.

Recommendation: Read Alex & Eliza if you are currently going through puberty or if you would like to relive those simpler (up for debate) times. If you are older than eighteen, this book might just be a bit too juvenile for your liking as it was for mine, Hamilton obsession withstanding.

Score: 5/10

The Stupidity Needs To Stop Part 1 Ashley

I seriously did’t want this to be my first post in tumblr. Really I don’t, but god, the absolute fuckery I’ve been seeing was enough to cross the line and I just HAD to say something about all of this. So here it goes.

(Have to chop this down a bit into parts.)

Part 2 - Adam

Part 3 - Cryaotic


You know what really pisses me off about YouTuber fandoms?

How quick the fans within them turn on their ‘idol(s)’ for no REAL good reason. 

As YouTube fan myself, I find this baffling as I wander the social media pages of YouTubers or be told by my own sister who keeps a close eye on them that shit hits the fan for these guys on a hourly basis. Yeah, I know “its the internet, people enjoy being idiots while hiding behind a screen.” Its no excuse for attacking said 'famous’ YouTuber for just being real with you. Whether being upset at being stalked, having an opinion or merely telling people to just calm their tits about some stupid cyber drama. Crazy, stupid and obsessed Fans apparently flip their shit if they’re told by their idol to stop being drama queens or no longer have a chance in banging their star. 

“Cry told someone off because they INVESTIGATED his past and found his old house which isn’t totally creepy and dangerous!" Rage

 "Oh no, Cryaotic got a girlfriend and its not me!" Rage

"SkyDoesMinecraft hangs out with AshleymarieeGaming! And got a girlfriend that’s not Dawn!” Rage

“Adam expressed his opinion of disliking the ads in tmc. HATER!” Rage

“[YouTuber] is copying [other YouTuber]!” RAGE

 ^– Those up there are fucking stupid reasons to be so negative and acting like a complete dickwad to these YouTubers! Why are you guys so damn keen attacking these people for unjust reasons? I don’t understand it. Where the fuck did common sense go with you? What did it have a heart attack? Went out to lunch? Never told or do you have it but too damn lazy to fucking use it?

Now… I’m going to express what I think of how the fans’ behaviors are regarding the three YouTubers I mentioned here. Which is idiocy at its finest.


She is not ugly or stupid or some tramp looking to score with the guys of TC, Adam or anyone else. They are FRIENDS. Say it with me. FRIENDS. F-R-I-E-N-D-S, got it memorized? She just hangs out with them, goes to Events and Cons with them, records with them for fun. THAT. IS. IT. There is NO ulterior motive with her and the guys, so there’s no need for hatred on her. Unless, of course, you’re all being a bunch of little bitches hating on her because she’s closer to them in terms of friendship than YOU are. Which proves the fact you’re being drama queens over nothing and just being stupid.

But if Ashley happens to be dating one of the single guys in TC or some other YouTuber in the future, then hey, happy for them. Which translates to you whiners, 'Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the fuck over it.’ Its just how life is, sorry for not being sorry. Its their lives, not yours, can’t control it. Put on your big girl panties and just deal.

Ashley, stay strong girlfriend. I know its not easy, death threats are not to be taken lightly but it is from a bunch of fans (no, not fans, crazy fucktards) that will do anything to tear you down because YOU have something they don’t and it drives them insane. Do NOT let them take away your friendships with those you hang out with, your happiness and what you do because of mere jealously.