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Bright Lights

Pairing: Fred x Reader

A/N: The request ends is basically a spoiler to how the Imagine will end, fair warning!

Request: Can you do an imagine where, after the reader finds out Fred dies, has her moment to deal with it she goes on this rampage with George and once everything is over they return to his body and he is alive? It’s all super fluffy.

Squicks: Fred dies… Or does he?! I got a little bit sad while writing this I will admit, I refuse to accept Fred’s death in my Imagines!

The deafening sounds of loud booms, screams and crashes are the only things you can hear in the castle. You were sprinting through the halls trying to find someone to team up with, since you didn’t want to be alone against Voldemort’s Death Eaters. What would be preferable would be being with Fred and George, your two closest friends, but they were nowhere to be found. You got separated when a giant pillar came crashing down, narrowly missing you and the twins. Since then you hadn’t seen them at all, and were beginning to get more and more fearful without them.

You ran around the huge castle that was slowly crumbling down around you, being sure to step in and help any student who was battling it out with a Death Eater.

“Sectumsempra!” you shouted as red sparks shot out of your wand, hitting the Augustus Rockwood, a Death Eater fighting a young Ravenclaw boy, and causing him to fall to the ground with a disturbing amount of blood appearing.

The boy thanked you repeatedly before you set off again in search of Fred and George — or anyone, really.

You ran around the corner, looking around frantically when a bright blue light grabbed your attention,

You look ahead to see Fred being thrown back across the room, when George begins to scream.

You can’t take your eyes away from Fred’s boy lying on the ground, motionless. It was as if all the deafening noises that were happening all around you were now all muffled and virtually silent. All of your attention, focus and worry was on Fred.

You felt helpless, standing there frozen; until another bright blue spark flashed.

Your head quickly snaps over to where George was now, also lying on the ground, however he was getting up, meaning he dodged the Expulso blast.

You were suddenly filled with anger and bloodlust, as you charged down the hallway, your wand held in front of you.

“Confringo!” you shout, as the orange flash beamed from your wand. There was a loud explosion, causing more rubble to fall from the ceiling, but more importantly, the Death Eater was no more.

“Y/n…” George said quietly, covered in cuts and dried blood.

You look at him, but without saying a word, the two of you immediately sprint towards where Fred was still lying.

“No…” you hear George’s voice crack, as he falls to his knees beside his brother, breaking down into a fit of tears.

Obviously, you were heartbroken. Fred was lying motionless and covered in blood, with no signs of life whatsoever. You couldn’t show how you were feeling, because this was George’s twin brother, you didn’t have the same connection as he did. Fred was your best friend… Maybe even more to you.

You placed a hand on George’s back as he sobbed loudly, while you remained silent letting the tears roll down your cheeks, the severity of the situation slowly becoming more real to you.

“Y/N, GEORGE, MOVE!” Mr. Weasley shouted as more sparks of brightly coloured light flashed all around you. Four or five Death Eaters had found you, and if it hadn’t been for Mr. Weasley, you’d be suffering the same fate as Fred.

You and George jump up immediately, brandishing your wands in front of you, shouting any curse that would come to mind, your vision blurred from the constant flow of tears streaming down your face.





The three of you successfully knocked out the Death Eaters in front of you, with no serious injuries to any of you.

“Y/N!” George shouted, and as you turned around, Bellatrix Lestrage was standing no more than ten meters away, a curse already flying towards you in a matter of brightly lit sparks.

“Protego!” Fred shouted, leaping in front of you just in time to block the curse.

Mrs. Weasley quickly cast the Avada Kedavra curse at Bellatrix before any more spells could come from her want, resulting in her falling straight to the ground, eyes wide and empty of life.

FRED!” you scream with a sense of overwhelming delight, as he falls onto you. George runs over too and engulfs his brother in an impossibly tight hug, before Mr. Weasley demands that everyone give him room, however Fred held onto your hand.

“Oh my god, you’re alright,” you say breathlessly as you sit on the ground with Fred, his face smiling slightly through the pain.

After about an hour of everyone crying with relief and assessing the damage done to Fred (nothing more serious than a broken leg and deep cuts), you and George were free to hug the hell out of him.

After Fred let the two of you fuss over him and continuously thank Merlin that he wasn’t dead, he finally spoke to you,

“Y/n…” Fred says with great difficulty, the shock of the blast still having winded him, “I don’t… want to lose.. you… again” he wheezes, taking hold of your hand again.

“We thought you were dead for the past half hour and the first thing you do is tell Y/n you fancy her, honestly I—“

“Shut up George!” you interrupt loudly swatting in his direction, “let him profess his undying love for me!”

Fred laughs, and then immediately regrets it when the pain shoots through his body, causing a series of groans and swear words.

“Look what you’ve done George…” you say quietly, giving George a teasing smile.

“Y/n I do… Love you…” Fred says quietly.

“You look down at him, your brow slightly furrowed, “you what?”

Fred tries to repeat himself, but he ends up coughing violently instead, followed by more swearing and coughing,

“Don’t make me repeat it,” he says almost inaudibly fast, “Just accept… it… and maybe.. kiss me… it’s up… to you…”

For the second time, you were practically frozen, not knowing how to react.

“This is exactly what you wanted, just kiss him for God’s sake we all know you want—“

“yES thank you George,” you say loudly with a smile of mock-annoyance,

“Fine, I’ll.. do it… Christ…” Fred says as he slowly lifts himself onto one shoulder, his other hand shakily rests on the back of your head as he pulls you down towards him, and kisses you.

“Oh, yep, I’m going to.. I’m going to go over here now,” George mumbles as he goes over to stand with his Mum and Dad.

You two finally pull away, a smile on both of your faces,

“I don’t want to lose you again either, Freddie,” you say, tears rolling down your face from what has been quite possibly the most intense amount of emotions anyone could ever have in the space of no more than two hours.

A/N: aw :) also, I’m really overwhelmed by the amount of notes some of my Imagines have gotten of late, my first ever Imagine from back in 2015 received OVER A THOUSAND NOTES?!?!?!? I am in utter shock honestly, thank you all so very much!

Shattered - Part 8

|Prologue| |Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 9| |Part 10|

Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2446

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: I finally got to write part 8! I’m so sorry for making all of you wait and hopefully this part is alright. I admit that it’s a little all over the place, but that’s because I’m trying to fit everything into 10 parts and I did have writer’s block halfway through writing this. A lot does happen in this part so I hope you enjoy it! Xx (thank you for you patience 😊) 

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When you walk out to the living room/dining room area, you are greeted with the deafening screams from none other than your husband.

“HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE? WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU SITTING AT MY DINNER TABLE? WHO LET YOU IN?” You didn’t have to get too close to Hanseok, but you can already tell that he has been drinking ample amounts of alcohol.

“Hanseok, calm down. He’s Taehyung. Remember I told you about him? He’s my friend. I just invited him over for dinner today.” You make your way towards the dinner table and answer Hanseok in hopes that he will calm down after hearing your answer.

“INVITING HIM FOR DINNER? WITH WHO’S PERMISSION? HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT YOU HAVE A HUSBAND Y/N?” One hand slams onto the table, while Hanseok brings the other, carrying a bottle of beer, to his mouth to take a sip.

“He’s my friend. Am I not entitled to invite my friends over to my house for dinner?”

“OH, SO NOW YOU’RE JUST INVITING RANDOM MEN OVER FOR DINNER? WHAT DO YOU DO AFTER Y/N? WHEN DID YOU BECOME SUCH A SLUT?” You recall that Hanseok has said many outrageous things towards you, but this is the first time that he has used such a vulgar term. You are enraged at this and you’re about to fire back, but then you hear a deep voice,

“Excuse me. Hanseok is it? Hello. I am Taehyung, Y/N’s childhood friend and boss at work. You should take your wife’s word and believe her that she invited me over for dinner. You are in no place for saying such things and making such assumptions about this situation. You should also not treat your wife with such disrespect. Do you have no shame? Coming home at this time, drunk like nobody’s business, and causing disturbance to not only your family, but your neighbours as well.” Taehyung steps in front of you to look Hanseok straight in the eye. Hanseok stumbles, but you’re not quite sure if that is courtesy to the alcohol intake or because of Taehyung’s words. It seems as if Hanseok gathers what’s left of his intoxicated state because he stands up, seemingly straighter and smirks at Taehyung.

“Ah, so the boy speaks. You’re the boss of Y/N? I’ve never heard of a situation where the boss is eating at the house of one of their workers. That’s a little suspicious don’t you think?” You can not believe what you are hearing. Hanseok may have a lot of alcohol in his system, but that gives him no right to be saying such things.

“What the hell are you —” You try to intercept his moment.

“— I’m not done yet Y/N.” He retorts are shoots you a deathly look.

“Don’t you think I don’t actually know what the two of your are doing. You,” Hanseok points at you dramatically, “don’t think I don’t know how you feel towards me. You’re never here to satisfy my needs. I work so hard everyday, but whenever I come home all you do is turn me away. Why Y/N? Why don’t you ever want to spend some time with me?” Anyone who was just eavesdropping into this conversation would think that Hanseok meant genuinely spending time together as a couple, but you know well enough what his filthy mind is thinking.

“Y/N, don’t you see all the things I’m doing?” He takes a step closer and you try your best to distance yourself from him, but your back hits the end of the dinner table. Hanseok smirks. “Y/N, I work everyday, my boss gives me such a hard time. All the work, the projects, and the people I have to deal with. When I come home, I expect that I can have a good time. With you.” He reaches for your face, but all you feel is disgust. You slap away his hand. “You’re my wife. We’re be with each other. I just want you to distract me from the burdens of my work, with your body. I want to feel you struggle underneath me, to watch you struggle to break free from my grasp, to watch you scream —”

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?” Taehyung’s voice rises to prevent anything else Hanseok was going to say.

“I’m just saying the fantasies of every husband.” Hanseok says as if it is the most obvious thing in the world. The sickening feeling in you grows bigger and you feel like you’re about to throw up at the next thing that Hanseok says.

“This is not how you treat your wife. Ever. The things you just said, you should never say them. have you no shame?” Taehyung grabs the Hanseok’s collar.

“What? You mean have sex. It’s not like we haven’t done it before. Mind you, Y/N is a whole different creature when in bed. Her moans, her touch when she’s struggling underneath you —” Before Hanseok has the chance to continue speaking, Taehyung punches him. Square in the jaw.

“You bastard! How dare you disrespect Y/N like that! She’s your wife! She’s not some creature. I know the two of you have had sex because that’s what a married couple does when they love each other, but the bigger picture for doing so is so you can create a family, Jaemin. Do you not care about him at all?”

Jaemin. You rush over to his room to check if he is alright.

“Jaemin? Are you okay?” You gingerly step into his room.

“Eomma? Why is there so much shouting? I’m getting scared.” Immediately you pull your son into a tight hug.

“It’s okay. Everything will be okay. You’re going to stay behind me and I’ll tell our neighbours to look after you while this is still going on okay?” Jaemin carefully nods his head and you give him the best smile you can muster at a moment like this.

You take his hand and carefully walk out of the room. The entrance is just before the living room area so Taehyung and Hanseok didn’t notice when the two of you walked out of the apartment. You explained the situation to your neighbours and they gladly accepted to help. You thank them ample amount of times and rush back to your apartment.

“It’s going to be alright Jaemin, okay?” You kiss him on the forehead.

Back at the apartment, things are a lot worse from where you last saw them.




“Taehyung stop! You’re going to kill him!” You rush over to pull Taehyung away from Hanseok. Hanseok regains his balance and smirks while wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth.

“Yeah, listen to the woman. You don’t want to kill me do you?” This causes Taehyung to lunge for Hanseok, but before he can do any more damage, you grab him by the waste, assuming a back hug position.

“Stop Taehyung, please. I know his words are provoking and trust me, I can barely breathe right now as well, but if you hurt him even more and if you get arrested, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Please.” Your voice is shaking and you can tell that Taehyung is trying to calm his heavy breathing. Taehyung turns towards you to speak.

“Y/N. We have have to do something about Hanseok. You can’t keep living with him. I don’t care if he’s drunk or not. This is abuse—” Suddenly, you hear a shattering sound. It didn’t register to you what happened at first, but Taehyung brings his hand to his head and when you see a crimson liquid that wasn’t there originally, you scream.

Panic takes over you and every body part starts to shake. Taehyung and Hanseok have returned back to fighting, but this time Taehyung is at a disadvantage because of the unforeseen injury. You struggle to gather your thoughts or your breath, but you manage to find your phone and call the police.

“H-hello, there’s this man in my a-apartment and h-he’s very drunk right now and attacking m-my f-friend — AGGHHH” You are robbed from the chance of finishing your explanation to the police because of a force grabbing your hair. If Hanseok pulled for a second longer, you could have sworn that all your hair would have fallen out.

“You’re calling the police on me Y/N? After all we’ve been through?” Hanseok gets down to ground level and caresses your face. You look around for Taehyung and you notice that he’s lying next to the kitchen floor; blood everywhere on his body.

“You did that to Taehyung? You’re a monster!” You try to retract from Hanseok’s touch with every muscle you have in your body, but his grip is too strong.

“A monster? No Y/N. I’m you husband remember? You love me.”

“No. I don’t love you. I haven’t loved you the moment I found out that you are cheating on me. I haven’t loved you the moment you decided not to put any care into what our relationship used to be. I don’t know who you are anymore.” Suddenly, a stinging sensation hits your face. You look at Hanseok abruptly with disbelief that he slapped you.

“You’re accusing me of cheating when you have another man in this house?” Another slap to the face. Tears are welling up in your eyes, but that can not stop you from protecting yourself.

“I’m not accusing. I know for a fact that you’re cheating on me. Going away on a business trip for weeks and arriving home the moment I call you just to have another woman answer the phone? Seeing very vulgar texts and pictures coming from your phone when it is late at night?The lingering smell of another woman’s perfume? Do I need to continue?” You hope that you are able to provoke Hanseok, but his only response is reaching for the broken beer bottle. He brings it up to your neck and from that moment, you are left in silence.

“I only did those things because of you. It’s your fault that I don’t feel happy in this relationship. It’s your fault that you’re not taking care of my needs. Such a beautiful body,” His eyes travel all over your body and his hands move from you shoulders down, “yet, put to waste while caring for that child. I could do so many things to you Y/N, but you never let me. You always shut me out. I just want to be able to show you what a man I am.” Hanseok touches you in places where you wish he never touched you and you try to escape, but the sharp edges of the bottle pushes deeper against your throat. You try kicking Hanseok, but he simply sits atop of you. You try to push him away, but hep pushes you to the floor.

“Hanseok stop! Please! HELP!” You shriek for your life as Hanseok’s hands start to pull down your jeans.

“PLEASE ANYBODY!” You kick and scream until your voice can’t handle it anymore. You truly believe that everything is about to end there. Tears are falling down your face and you shut your eyes, praying for all of this to be over. You prepare for the hurt that Hanseok is about to cause, but it never happens. The weight from his body is gone, but how?

You open you eyes and you see Taehyung pulling the Hanseok’s arm behind his back while his knee is pressed into Hanseok’s back.

“Don’t you dare ever touch Y/N or ever come near her you sick excuse for a human.”

Just then the door bursts open and you have never been happier to see the police. You are too numb to even get up to greet them and inform them of the situation. Instead, the moment Taehyung notices the presence of the police, he gets up and fills them in with any information that they need about what just happened.

“This man, Lee Hanseok came home drunk and he started verbally abusing Y/N…” Taehyung continues to explain the situation while you manage to sit up against the table leg. The police take their notes, check some ID cards and then handcuff Hanseok and escort him out of the building. You can’t believe that this is actually happening.

“Y/N…” Taehyung carefully walks over, “It’s okay now. He’s gone. You’re safe now.” He places both his hands on your shoulders.

“H-he tried to — He t-tried to — H-he touched m-me in s-so many places T-taehyung.” Tears burst out of your eyes and you bury your face in your knees. You’re ashamed to look at Taehyung, more or less talk to him right now. However, you feel something warm cover your body.

“That sick bastard deserves to die Y/N and I’m so sorry that you had to experience all that. Someone as kind hearted as you doesn’t deserve such treatment. I wish I could have saved you earlier… It’s my fault. If I did something earlier he wouldn’t have done that to you… I’m so sorry Y/N. You deserve so much better.” You look up and see that Taehyung draped his jacket over you and now he’s sitting very close to you.

“I-it’s not your fault Taehyung. If anything you did save me from H-ha—him. I just don’t know what happened to him. How did the man that I married end up like this. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Tears continue to fall and you’re reminded of the times when you were left lying wide awake, thinking about all the reasons why Hanseok would leave you. You’re reminded of the times when you would spend hours preparing a nice dinner for Hanseok, but in return you received the cold shoulder. No acknowledgement, nothing. You are reminded of all the times where you felt abandoned in the family, where everything was up to you. You are reminded of all these dark and cold times, but the only difference now is that there is some warmth giving you the reassurance you always needed.

“Y/N.” You look towards Taehyung and he is gazing at you intently.

“Come stay at my place.”  

Marauders Era Preference- Bugs

rivenmoiety said:
An enormous bug just flew into my room and came at me. I’m not too proud to admit I screamed a little. So could I request a preference of how different characters would react to a gigantic bug flying at you? (And one of them be Sirius ‘cause he’s my fave?) Thanks!

A/N: so sorry for the wait! I hope the bug isn’t still in your room lmao

James would play the protective boyfriend. He’d save you from the bug by whacking it with a fat book or a shoe or something. Afterwards he’d definitely playfully tease you about it though. “Watch out Y/N! The bug’s back for revenge!”
“Shut it, James. It’s just a leaf.” *rolls eyes and laughs*

Sirius would ever-so-heroically carry you out of the room or something. He’s kiss you and claim he was just “taking your mind of the bug”. He’d claim that he carried you from the room because he’s “saving you” but he’s still wary when the time comes to re-enter the room.

When you squealed, his head would’ve snapped up and he’d’ve been ready to fight & protect, but when he found out it was just a bug he’d laugh, trap it in a jar and let it go outside. After that he’d come and cuddle you and offer you some chocolate.

You’d both be out of that room like lightning. You’d both sprint down the corridor and come to a stop at the other end and laugh your heads off at your reactions. You two would just find something else to do that doesn’t involve that room in any way for a while.

Like Remus, Lily would trap it and let it go outside. But first, you two would have a good look at the bug and probably name it. You’d have a running joke about “Henry the Cicada” or something from that point onwards.


gods know about fading. they know about being forgotten over centuries. the idea of ceasing to exist altogether terrifies us. in fact - well, zeus would not like me sharing this information, and if you tell anyone, i will deny i ever said it - but the truth is we gods are a little in awe of you mortals. you spend your whole lives knowing you will die. no matter how many friends and relatives you have, your puny existences will quickly be forgotten. how do you cope with it? why are you not running around constantly screaming and pulling your hair out? your bravery, i must admit, is quite admirable.

books read in 2016;; the hidden oracle


For those of you wondering here’s my new digital sketchpad it’s a Microsoft surface and its so nice. The second picture is my old iPad mini which is what i was drawing on before. Can you believe it!?! All that art was made on a 7inch surface!

I must admit the size is a little intimidating atm. ( heh ;) I’m gross )

So here’s the thing about Gina:

About two years ago, I started seeing someone really nice and really cute. We hit it off immediately and fell into a relationship pretty quickly after meeting. It was great and sweet and fine for a little bit.

But then she started getting jealous of my friends, especially friends for whom I’d admitted having romantic feelings in the past. And she started trying to control my interactions with those friends, to catch me in a lie about how i felt about those friends now, or convince me that all of my interactions with those people were inherently sexual or insidious somehow.

She also frequently tried to test my care for her by insisting she didn’t mind if I spent time with her or which someone else, and then getting upset when I decided to see a friend or family member instead of spending every moment with her. She often made me feel like I’d “made the wrong choice” by asking her to compromise with me about exactly how much time we spent together. She demanded that I make very expensive trips out to see her every other week in order to prove how much i loved her.

So when I see Gina with Audrey, I don’t see a loving and mutually supportive partnership. I see someone who exhibits controlling and deceitful tendencies in order to control her partner. I see an insecure and scared girl whose instinct is to manipulate her partner into choosing her over her friends. I see someone who makes no attempts to understand her partner’s history and needs.

I’m not expecting Scream to become a serious study of controlling relationships. Lord knows the creative team behind this show isn’t really capable of being that incisive. But I will say that I felt my heart sink during the final scenes when Audrey apologized to Gina when she had nothing to be sorry for. It sank lower when I saw Bex reblog posts that unquestionably praised the dynamic between Audrey and Gina. And I know that I will only continue to feel alienated from this show and this fan community as Audrey/Gina gains traction.

I just hope the younger folks who watch this see what’s going on between these two and realize that maybe something isn’t right.


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Summary-You crack your tooth and refuse to go to the dentist, so you require help from your favourite Angel!

Warnings-Mild swearing, mention of blood

Word count-1704

“DEAN GET DOWN!” You screamed. With no hesitation the oldest hunter fell to the floor allowing you to swing your machete, taking out the vampire with one clear swing.

“Is that all?” Sam said running back into the room and helping Dean up.

“Yeah I think so.” You say with a sigh.

“Good job little sis.” Dean said smirking and wrapping his arm around you.

“I’m just too good for you two boys.” You say walking backwards looking at your brothers.

“Don’t flatter yourself (N/n).” Sam said rolling his eyes.

“I’m the best just admit it.” You say smiling proudly.

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Resident Evil 7 Esrb

Resident Evil 7’s Esrb rating gives us a good glimpse into the game. We now know the main character’s name is Ethan and he’s searching for his wife and the game is a first-person survival-horror game. This lines up with what we know from available info. Now after reading it I felt some relief. I’ll admit that I was a little worried about the new installment of the series. I played and liked the demo but it didn’t feel like a Resident Evil title to me, but for now I’m leaning toward the positive.

This part of the rating gives me hope “players explore the environment and use pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and chainsaws to kill mutant creatures. Combat is accompanied by realistic gunfire, screams of pain, and exaggerated blood-splatter effects”.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Tag game ♡

I was tagged by @unamused-kookaburra​ :) Thank you very much, friend!

Coke or Pepsi: Hmm, they basically taste the same in my opinion, but from habit I’m picking Coke, hehe

Disney or Dreamworks: Oh my goodness, this is NOT FAIR!!! I love them both so so so soooo much! Well then, as much as I struggle to admit it, I think I have more favorite movies by Dreamworks than by Disney, so… *whispers*… Dreamworks

Coffee or tea: … Can I pick Coke again?? Haha! I don’t like any of them, but I think coffee would suit my taste a little bit better

Books or movies: *screams* NOOOO!!! Oh Lord, I’ll go with books because they’re my life… as well as movies, tbh >_<

Windows or Mac: I’ve never actually worked on a Macbook, but I think I’d rather this kind of system, hehe

DC or Marvel: Probably DC?? IDK :S

Xbox or Playstation: Well, I’m not much of a gaming person.. I mean, I like playing Mahjong and Candy Crush in my spare time, but that’s it… I think I’d pick Playstation because I’m familiar with it, haha

Dragon Age or Mass Effect: *googles* Ahh, this Mass Effect stuff seems more appealing to me

Night owl or early riser: I’m much more productive in the mornings, although I don’t usually wake up too early… but yeah, early riser it is! Lol

Cards or chess: Cards… chess is just too tricky

Chocolate or vanilla: CHOCOLATE<3

Vans or Converse: Converse, I love those shoes *—*

Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar: *googles* Well, I definitely can’t answer this one, haha

Fluff or angst: Fluff :3 All the Bliv fluff, please! *wink wink*

Beach or forest: Not a fan of beaches, so forest

Dogs or cats: Dogs!!! All of them!!!

Clear Skies or rain: No doubt, clear skies!

Cooking or eating out: I don’t really like cooking, but I love eating the food I make, hehe… I’ll go with cooking then! xD

Spicy food or mild food: Mild food

Moon or stars: The stars are always so pretty!  

Whales or dolphins: Easy one, dolphins!! They’re the cutest :3

Favourite Star Wars character: *looks around nervously* Well, about that… *clears throat*… I have never actually watched any Star Wars movie, heheh… please, don’t hate me! I plan to, I really do, but they’re a bit long… maybe one day… very soon hopefully ;)

Star Trek or Star Wars: Star Wars sounds cooler, let’s see!

Favourite flower: I really like violets

Favorite color: Purple

TV or movies: TV! I’m addicted to many series, can’t live without it!

Apparently I need to add a question, so…

+ Bonus question - Science or math:

I’m such a nerd, I’m sorry, I just had to, LOL!! xD

Now I’m tagging @thekit-katniss, @missmendelsohn, @ifiwantmagicinmylife, @imnotoverlyobsessive, @heliocentral, @enulaz, @chiaroscuroz, @rocktheholygrail, @likelectricity, @oh-valencia, @snakeintheshire… I hope I’m not bothering you, haha! I talk a lot xD

dreamsofaazadi replied to your chat :

I am two seconds away from screaming about HOW MUCH I HATE HER. she is not even acting like a good friend much less a mother.. why trust random hunters instead two people who loves her ?? Two people who have dealt with things the bmol cannot even imagine?? JOINS YOU IN YOUR RAGING

I’m not hating Mary yet but I get your point. She’s pulling the “mom attitude” to two “strangers” (where she had admitted that she missed baby Sam & little boy Dean, not “the present Sam & Dean”). She reads John’s journal but still left her boys and went hunting alone. She knows what had happened to her boys but still not caring much. She tells her boys she’s working with BMOL but not accepting them being disappointed. If buying food & beer is all a mother can do, please let me adopt the boys.

Exactly one year ago today, I was anonymously sent a flower. From the moment I held it, I was going crazy thinking about who might have sent it. To be honest, I didn’t want to let myself get my hopes up by thinking it was the guy I had had a crush on since the eighth grade. Looking back, I probably interrogated my friends a little bit more than they deserved, knowing now they were innocent and knew nothing about who might’ve sent it (sorry, @anxioustheaternerd, but I’m really not sorry). They, however, had no hesitation in telling me it had to have been who I hoped. So I went on with life, flower incident (almost) forgotten. 

Five months later, exactly seven months ago today, the guy I had hoped sent the flower asked me to be his girlfriend. I admit I immediately ran to my friends, practically screaming. I said yes, of course, and things continued from there. 

Sometime along the way, the guy in question asked me if I had gotten a flower on Valentine’s Day. I said yes, my heart soaring with hope. He confirmed that, yes, he had sent the flower.

So this Valentine’s Day, I returned the favor and sent the sweetest guy in the world seven singing valentines. Why? Because he makes me smile every day, whether or not he even tries; because he has made the past seven months the happiest of my life; because he is the greatest, kindest, most loving guy any girl could dare to dream of; and because he inexplicably chose me out of all the girls in the world. 

In conclusion to this admittedly quite lengthy and soppy valentine, I include a quote from Dante’s Paradiso which I think sums up my feelings quite nicely. “All’alta fantasia qui mancò possa; ma già volgeva il mio desiro e il velle, sì come ruota ch’igualmente è mossa, l’amor che muove il sole e l'altre stelle.” I also wish to alert anyone who reads this post that there is a thief on the loose. What did he steal, you might ask? 

My heart, of course.

@fatboyeats21 Thank you so much for bringing me joy and happiness every day. I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.


˝Baaaah! ˝ Dean screamed , making silly faces at camera. ˝C’mon baby, smile sweetie. ˝ 

A small smile appeared on your face. ˝I miss you so much Dean. I wish I could be there with you. ˝ you admit, trying to keep a smile on your face.

˝I miss you too baby and I wish that you could be here with us. Just a few more days and I’ll be with you again. Now cheer up, I hate seeing you sad. ˝ 

Smile grew on your face as you looked at him, smiling at you.

˝I love you Dean. ˝


Good one Marlene. But tiny confusion with this clue, too.

“When CeCe came to Radley, I thought she was Ali. I don’t remember what we spoke about” - Mona in 4x01.

Marlene: “go back and re-watch seasons 3-5, we told you CeCe is A multiple times!”

Ok I’ll admit. Good one Marlene. I totally missed that clue from 401. That line literally screams to me that that was when Mona passed on the A game (she doesn’t remember what they spoke about, oh how convenient…)

Only thing I don’t get is how did Mona find out it was actually CeCe and not Ali like she thought? I thought Mona found out she was speaking to CeCe and not Ali in the 610 finale!? Because if Mona knew she was speaking to CeCe in Radley, couldn’t she connect the dots all the way back then?

All right, this show has broken me in.  I fucking survived Midousuji, NOTHING CAN PHASE ME NOW.











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