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Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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Ten Dos and Ten Don'ts of dating Min Yoongi

i think i’m funny, jungkook’s a brat; the usual. happy birthday to me lmao

a complete guide on what to do and not to do if you happen to be dating a man called min yoongi, brought to you by yoongi’s favorite brat, jeon jungkook.

word count: 1,306 | AO3

Disclaimer: Jeon Jungkook does not take responsibility for Yoongi’s actions, and therefore should not be held accountable for any negative reactions his boyfriend might have, as Yoongi’s levels of tolerance towards Jungkook – and towards Jungkook only – exceed all expectations.

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Hwarang: Hansung.

The only reason I started watching this drama was Kim Taehyung, but I admit that after the first two episodes it got me hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I forgot about Hansung because everytime he appeared on screen I started smiling like a fool and feeling so proud.

Before the drama started and the character pictures were posted, everybody was sure that Hansung looked like that character that will die. I just laughed it off, “they wouldn’t kill him on his first drama”, but now…

Now it became true and I can’t really blame anyone, yes they did me so dirty, making me cry till I’ll drown in my own tears and it was the first time I sincerely cared about a character, and seeing him go… I just, it felt so real, and he only wanted happines and peace, Hansung.

I’m happy that there are only two episodes left, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve watched it till the end, without my heart breaking while waiting for Hansung to appear.

I want to applaud Kim Taehyung for his acting and for being such a wonderful person, and… I can’t wait for his next drama. * but i swear to god if he dies in that too i’ll cut somebody*

anonymous asked:

So glad you had fun and enjoyed your weekend! One question, the looks Cait gives Sam are they as loving in person as they look in print? And do they give off a certain vibe when together? Like friends or lovers? Thank you for all your info!

they’re more so. The last couple weeks have been hard, I’ll be the first to admit that, but seeing them in person leaves absolutely no doubt in my mind that they’re together and quite probably married. The first thing that pops into my head when you mention her looks is Cait’s face when Sam mentioned how much money MPC had raised for Bloodwise. She was kind of nodding along initially and when he said the amount she LIT THE FUCK UP and gave him this adoring look. I had a straight view of her face more than I did of Sam’s so you know what, just for you anon, I’ll post my crappy pictures that I took so you can see even more. 

Infatuation (pt7)

Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

“Taehyung heard the sound of a whistle and looked around. The world was in motion all around him, but his mind was foggy. Suddenly he was on the ground, eyes going dark, and the image of you with Jimin flashed through his mind before he blacked out.”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader, Jimin x Reader
Word count: 2301

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Submission: You got me engaged

So funny story you had a discord from faiasakura about rarepair survival group on one of your posts. I found it and so did Leo, my fiance, now. He was shy at first not knowing what to put and then I started complaining about Slytherin treatment and we started talking. He drew me some pictures for one of my fanfics and he’s adorable when he gets flustered about getting complimented. You reblogged some of his stuff leonisdraws. Now we built a tight-knitted family out of the group chat.

So I’m a flirt and I’ll admit that till the day I die and making Leo flail after every flirting moment made me a bit more happy each time. Leo is ace and panromantic and I’m Masexual. I didn’t think anything would come from my flirting most the time it doesn’t. But Leo is taking a big step in his life making his parents understand him and he also wants to get out of the country he is in now and well seeing that and his struggle I proposed. I may have caught him off guard and overwhelmed him. But that tends to happen with us.

Now It’s not a come over here and marry me to get your green card kind of proposal. It’s hey I like you and in a couple years want to be with me forever kind of proposal we got two years to figure out what to do. I will be with him through his transition and each new step he takes. I know I want a lake wedding and he knows he doesn’t want flowers (he’s allergic and doesn’t want to sneeze over my face isn’t that adorable) But life is funny that way I did not see this coming but I would like to thank you and our stories for bringing us together. You better get ready for an invite to this crazy event but you played a part in our story by just being yourself and writing.

Thank you. <3 


Your very official very real source for the cast of the new chaos walking movie starring two adults!

Mistress Coyle will be played by the Wine Drinking Model from this image. So niche! 

Mayor Prentiss will be played by this guy! Aka Stanley from the Office! Good to see him diversifying his portfolio!

Manchee, in a shock decision, has been recast as Biggie Cheese

David Prentiss Jr Will Be Played by whichever 4chan artist made this stupid dumb ass unfunny pro-Ted Cruz meme. The idea is to reach out to the 3% minority that yell a lot on facebook posts. 

Aaron will be played by this freaking lefty’s (me) political alignment! I hope he succeeds in the role :)

Hammer, one of the Mayor’s generals, will be played by Bill Shorten australias opposition leader. It makes some sense depending on the day and how powerful the Labor Right faction is feeling that day! As his first major motion picture, Bill admits to a bit of nervousness. I say we all give Bill a big clap!

Thanks everyone for watching! will fill you in on more as the details come to me

He’s not worthy of having you ~ Hayes Grier Imagine (Requested)

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:hiiii. can u do a hayes imagine where y'all r best friends and like always together but u have a boyfriend and your boyfriend is mean to u (like not abusive but he makes u sad a lot bc it’s like he doesn’t care about u anymore) and hayes comforts u and y'all end up kissing??? thank uuuu


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“this movie was so dumb I’m picking the next one “ You laughed scrolling through netflix . “no it was not dumb Y/n you just didn’t understand it “ Hayes joked “oh your getting clever now Ima let that one slide “ You admitted . 

You received a text from your boyfriend Jonathon , he was your first serious relationship and he honestly just made you feel bad about yourself and your decisions. 

The text convo :

Jonathon : What the fuck Y/n ?

Y/n : what is is now ?

Jonathan : why did you post that picture 

Y/n : because I liked it .

Jonathon : Y/n your hair looks a mess your my girlfriend and I want you to look amazing in everything and that just isn’t doing it for you . 

Y/n : wow .


after that he never responded , You feel so heartbroken you immediately took down the photo feeling ashamed you even posted it . 

“you okay ?’ Hayes asked . 

“yeah… well kind of “ you admitted “what happened ?’ he asked “well I posted that picture and Jonathon said that I looked a mess and that I as his girlfriend should look good all the time “ You said looking down ashamed of the man you once loved . 

‘oh my gosh Y/n how many times do I have to stress to you he is not worth it okay pleas just call him and end it now there is nothing good about him all he does is hurt you and I as your best friend  cant stand to see you begin hurt “ Hayes admitted . 

“I know and I think your right “ you finally received that motivation you needed to end it and just cut it off . 

‘finally Y/n Jonathon is not worthy of having you to call his girlfriend I mean look at you , you are stunning smart funny “ Hayes said moving closer to you . 

You quickly sent Jonathan a text explaining you no longer need or want him so its just not worth your time anymore. 

you felt a rush of relief and freedom thru your body you smiled ear to ear and yelled ‘finally ‘ throwing your arms in the the air . 

Hayes was just looking at you smiling. Your phone began to buzz non stop but you paid no mind to it . 

You sat back into your seat on the couch and Hayes intimately put his hand on your leg . 

“y/n I have wanted to tell you this for the longest time but I never knew of the right time and right now this might not even be it but I can’t hold it in any longer, listen I think your are the most beautiful and precious soul on planet earth and i really mean that Y/n I genuinely do I know you are the most beautiful women and you are so smart and independent and I love all of that about you, I love that you can be you around me and not give a damn what I think “ he took a sigh but continued “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you Y/n as more than my best friend and I also want you to now I’m not rushing anything and if you don’t feel the same way I still want to maintain the friendship “. 

“I feel the same way about you Hayes’ you said and instantly didn’t know what was on your mind “kiss me “ you said quickly Hayes moved back shocked “do it” you said quickly . He smiled looking deep into your eyes as he placed his right hand on the side of your face moving in to give you instantly the best kiss of your life . 

‘Hayes I love and care for you so much and I wanted you to kiss me so you can tell that is real But I’m not in any rush to start something new “ You said simply . 

“yeah i know and I understand that thank you “ He said smiling as he laid back on the couch pretending as if you were actually going to let him pick the movie .


I hope you enjoyed !

...EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW... PART 2: with Majesty.

Muse: So, welcome back, Majesty, it’s Part 2 of this interview, and once again, here we are on the red carpet with our wine.

Majesty: Lol, thank you, I’m excited to be back.

Muse: So, after the last meeting with you, you sort of told me that you had some tea to spill…I want all the dirt.

Majesty: Well, you’re going to have to settle for sand - because this is NOT about dragging anybody’s name through the mud.

Muse: oh i see. well get me together then, girl. Lol

Majesty: I will. ;)

Muse: So as you said before, you want to tell your story about the  harassment you’ve gone through in this industry. But before we get to that, I have to ask….usually when companies feud….they don’t allow their members to work with the other company, right?

Majesty: Right

Muse: But I’ve never seen Lowlife Entertainment, or you personally, post about a blacklist.

Majesty: As I said in our last interview…Lowlife doesn’t do drama. And making public posts about an issue we had with another company just isn’t something we want to be known for. So that’s not how we handle issues. We take care of everything in house and in private. Things like that should happen behind the scenes.

Muse: So, would you guys ever publically diss a company in the future?

Majesty: Listen, by the time this interview is over, I’m sure that people will say I’m doing just that, but this interview is only about getting the truth out. I’m not bashing anyone. I am just going to state what has already happened and what I would like to see happen in the near future.

Muse: Ok so let me ask you this, I had heard that one of the companies that Lowlife Entertainment has privately blacklisted is Imperial XXXstacy, fomerly known as Black Ice. Is that true?

Majesty: Absolutely not. In fact, one of their members has committed to starring in one of my upcoming projects in a very prominent role, so we’re good.

Muse: Oh really? I had heard that you and one of their female stars were feuding.

Majesty: I know who you’re talking about and I’ll just say this….It takes two to feud and I never had an issue with her. So, no, there was no feud there that I took part in.

Muse: Good to know, so there’s no tension between Lowlife Entertainment and Imperial XXXstacy?

Majesty: No. So many Imperial members are friends of mine, and as a company, they have been so welcoming to Lowlife’s newest members.

Muse: Well that’s settled, now we can move on to the company that has been blacklisted from multiple other companies in the industry. Diamond Enterprise. Which now has new leadership. Have you been made aware of the new changes in the administration there?

Majesty: Mhm.

Muse: Just so that the readers can know, I will post pictures of the recent posts announcing these changes which are coming directly from the company page on tumblr:

Muse: So I have to ask. So many companies have already blacklisted Diamond Enterprise for the negligence and inability of the former CEO to stop her members from harassing others. Where does Lowlife Entertainment stand?

Majesty: Listen, several members of the company harassed me, disrespected me and tried to ruin my reputation. And the rest of them stood by - and continue to stand by - to support those who did. So, the company is dead to me. Jessica allegedly stepping down does not change anything.

Muse: Strong words, hun, and I’m sure that everyone who knows what happened will agree with you but for my readers who don’t know, will you open up about what happened? I think that the industry needs to hear your story.

Majesty: My relationship with Diamond…started with a message from Joseei -

Muse: is that his imvu name?

Majesty: Yes.

Muse: ok, go on

Majesty: Things actually started off pretty nicely between the two of us. He messaged me back when my tumblr name was majestyvu and he was very complimentary. I said thank you and told him that I was so surprised that he had reached out to me, because I’d heard that he’d been in the industry for a long time.

Muse: So you were starstruck?

Majesty: I was flattered. I had literally just joined the industry - hadn’t even been in for a full month and I had started to make videos that were getting a decent amount of attention.

Muse: That’s a bit modest. According to others in the business, you sort of blew up immediately. But go on.

Majesty: Well when he messaged me I was flattered. But then the conversation went wrong.

Muse: Wrong? How so. *leans forward*

Majesty: The guy told me to add him on imvu and I politely told him that I only added friends but that I’d like to get to know him.

Muse: Ok?

Majesty: Well, apparently that offended him. He blew up at me in anger and told me I was arrogant, full of myself, that I needed to “get off my high horse”.

Muse: Oh wow.  Just because you didn’t do what he wanted?

Majesty: Yes, and that’s the thing with Joseei. If a woman does not do what he wants, he flips out…Anyway, in that whole conversation I killed him with kindness and he ended up apologizing after I stopped speaking to him for weeks after that.

Muse: Wow…and this was your FIRST conversation with him?

Majesty: Yes it was…

Muse: …

Majesty: Exactly.

Muse: Now. I have to ask this…if this guy showed you that he might be  emotionally…unbalanced…in his very first communication with you, why did you later do a scene with the guy?

Majesty: Why? For a couple of reasons.

#1 : I believe in second chances.

#2 : He had apologized and I had said that I had accepted that apology…

He basically was making me feel like if I didn’t work with him…it meant that I had never forgiven him for disrespecting me and he pressured me to prove that I was over it. It’s all about emotional manipulation. And it got worse. All of the other women who he has harassed in this industry can probably understand why I would give him a second chance. He can be extremely manipulative.

Muse: So you do this scene basically as a favor to him. I saw the scene. You put a lot of work into the video… and the story you put with it made him look VERY good. Like…you didn’t have to go all out.

Majesty: But I did.

Muse: Did you two actually have sex during the scene?

Majesty: No. And I’m glad you asked because he wanted to. He wanted to “rp/roleplay” aka “fuck” me outside of “work” as well. He’ll deny that, I’m sure, but the beautiful thing is that I can actually back up everything i say.

Muse:  I don’t understand how the guy goes off on you and then all of a sudden wants to hook up with you…but anyway…So, the scene was released. Like all of your scenes, it was a hit. When did things go wrong again?

Majesty: After we did our scene, he was very happy with it and very eager to work together again. My popularity continued to rise, I was promoted to President of Lowlife Ent, and things were going well. Meanwhile, his company, Dragon Productions joined Diamond Enterprise as a subsidiary company.

Muse: Still sounds good to me.

Majesty: The day came when he wanted me to pose for a picture with some new girl in his company…and I was like sure, ofc. Like I was doing it as a favor to him. And honestly, I was putting myself on the line because I didn’t know anything about this girl.  but I’m a loyal friend and at the time me and Joseei were on good terms. So in an effort to support him, I didn’t even hesitate when he asked me to do him this favor. Now…certain people in my circle were warning me that he was trying to use me to boost his employee’s reputation.

Muse: Wait. So people were telling you he was an opportunist?

Majesty: Yes. But I didn’t want to believe in gossip, so carried on and did the photoshoot anyway. The girl’s imvu name is NIKKIEFaiAlone. Anyway, I go there, take the pic with the girll, who btw never says anything to me the whole time-

Muse: Wait wait wait….so this new girl in the industry is taking pictures with you and she doesn’t even thank you or anything for your time?

Majesty: No…and tbh it felt disrespectful like…I didn’t know who she was or what kind of reputation she had but I took the pic anyway to support Joseei and left. So then he posted it on tumblr on the Dragon Productions page. I immediately commented on the photo and complimented it, saying it was beautiful. But I did not reblog.

Muse: Ok?

Majesty: well, Joseei messaged me on tumblr saying he wanted me to reblog the picture. He had also taken some pics of me beforehand that he had pressured me to add to my tumblr and I did. I took down those older posts and was going to re-upload them later, but out of nowhere he went off on me in my DMs in tumblr saying I wasn’t supportive… and that offended me because I was like….

Muse: LOL what??? but you said you had commented on the photo you took with Nikki right? that’s a sign of support. Hell - you did the photoshoot as a favor to him.

Majesty: Right! like I didn’t even know the girl…i didn’t even hesitate when he asked me to do him that favor. And it’s funny because after the fact he had admitted to using me to bring popularity to him and his company…smh… But back to his claim of me not being supportive - just because I didn’t reblog the picture…Here is proof that I was supportive. example A:

Muse: So, for everyone reading this, I do want to make it clear that I have direct permission from you to post these pics you’ve sent me to include in this interview. Now with that being said, I have to say that I see nothing but support from you.

Majesty: thank you. and as most people will agree, if I wasn’t a supportive friend, I never would have done the photoshoot in the first place. But he went on on his pyschotic rants. Like my DMs were filled with all kinds of insults and then he accused me of talking about him behind his back. he made it sound like I was gossiping about him and spreading lies about him.

Muse: lies?

Majesty: Ok. so here’s the thing. Prior to him asking me to take a picture with the Nikki girl from his company, he had been inviting me to the imvu Shop to take pictures of me - which I didn’t ask for - that he said were for my public room. Like he wanted me to display them.

Muse: He wanted to advertise in your public room?

Majesty: Basically yes. I don’t really do that…but I agreed to it. and during the photoshoots he kept trying to get us in a pose where he was going to stand behind me…and he also wanted me to be naked. Now this wasn’t the first time a guy in this industry had tried to do that to me…to make me take a pic that would look like he and I had been fucking. And I was uncomfortable with it.

Muse: What were you uncomfortable with exactly?

Majesty: Well, first of all he kept saying that this picture he was taking was for display in my public room….now if I’m going to put a picture of myself in my public room, I don’t wanna be in a position like some random groupie getting fucked. Like…I had to keep asking him to just stand beside me or choose a more friendly pose…because I wasn’t comfortable with being portrayed as one of his groupies. I had to ask him 4 or 5 times before he finally stopped. So when I got back to the lowlife office, the CEO of the company asked me how the photoshoot went, and all I said was that Joseei had been overly flirtatious and that it had made me uncomfortable at times, but other than that, it was a good experience.

Muse: Ok, and then what happened?

Majesty: Well, I didn’t know this but the CEO then confronted Joseei about it because, little did I know, the CEO of Lowlife was aware of Joseei’s history of harassing women - he had even done it to my friend Ky who is a lowlife member.

Muse: So it sounds like the CEO of Lowlife thought Joseei had been harassing you and went to confront him about it.

Majesty: Right. It wasn’t that big of a deal but he confronted Joseei and Joseei - get this - actually apologized to the CEO and even said he would apologize to me. See? He never goes off on men, just women. Anyway..he did apologize to me randomly the day before he asked me to do the photoshoot with Nikkie…and because I didn’t know that the CEO had confronted him, I didn’t know what he was apologizing for…so I was like…ok? and that was the last i thought of it. Well he tried to disrespect me the next day after he got mad at me for not reblogging Nikkie’s pic and for deleting the posts off my tumblr of his picture he had taken of me the day before.

Muse: It’s your blog, you can delete what you want.

Majesty: Right. And like I tried to tell him, I was going to reupload it anyway, but he didn’t listen. He was going off on me and sent me several messages calling me all kinds of names. And at the end of his rant he told me to “fuck off”. so i blocked him.

Muse: You did what he told you to do so that should’ve been the end of it.

Majesty: Right. Now, this was the first time I blocked him. on tumblr and on imvu. And even after I did, he still kept harassing me. He later admitted to telling the Nikki girl to harass me. And she did. And here’s the proof:

Muse: Wait, wait…lol this is too much…so the guy goes off on you for not reblogging a picture and then tells you to fuck off…and when you do…he sends one of his company members to message you?

Majesty: Yes. He told me to fuck off. And I did…because I don’t like drama…and then he was still trying to reach me. So what I would ask your readers to do right now is stop and think….this is a man who not only disrespects women in this industry but uses his friends to do so as well…and remember that at the time Dragon Productions was claiming Diamond Enterprise as their parent company which means all of this was going on underneath the CEO’s nose.

Muse: Did Nikkie continue to harass you?

Majesty: I blocked her as soon as she called me out of my name.

Muse: But I understand that this type of thing continued?

Majesty: Yes. So, as Nikki was messaging me, I had gone to talk to Jessica aka @moaneyyx which is her name on tumblr. Now I messaged her a total of 3 times, I believe, about this harassment. When I first told her that I was being harassed by Nikki who was trying to get me speak to Joseei I got this response:

Majesty: Now, I still sent her the entire conversation I had with Joseei because he had threatened me saying that he had already sent Jessica screenshots of our convo…But I wondered if he had sent her everything. So I messaged her telling her that I wanted to be sure she saw the whole chat, because what he sent her may have been edited to leave out some of the things he had said. So when she saw my screenshots, this was the response from her:

Majesty: As you can see, she admitted I was not at fault.  During this time, I’m still getting messages from Nikki. This is after I had asked her not to message me again, she kept trying to get me to speak to Joseei. So told Jessica, why are your people still messaging me when you said you would stop it? Handle your people. I want to be clear. I never asked Jessica to fire Joseei. All I said was “you need to handle your people.” and I left it at that.

Muse: Did she handle it?

Majesty: No.

Even though she said she would:

Muse: Ok. Pause. Just for clarification, the “him” that Jessica refers to in that first sentence is Joseei, correct?

Majesty: Right.

Muse: And just so that my readers know, Brandon is the CEO of Lowlife. So tell me what happened after she sent you this message?

Majesty: Well. Nikki kept messaging. Even though I had politely asked her to stop. I was like, “Jess, it’s still going on, handle your people. If I get another message I am going to be forced to blacklist Diamond, meaning that Lowlife Entertainment will no longer collaborate with you guys again.”

Muse: Did she handle it then?

Majesty: No.

Even though, again, she said she would.

Muse: So then what happened?

Majesty: So when that last message from Nikki came to my inbox when she was cursing me out, I was like, that’s it. I messaged Jess letting her know that because she had failed to handle it, Lowlife Entertaint was going to be forced to step away from having anything to do with Diamond. Brandon was aware that I was being harassed and truth be told, the Lowlife fam wanted me to blacklist Diamond after the initial rant from Joseei, but I waited. Even when Nikki was messaging me, I gave Jessica 2 chances to step in and stop it, but she did not. Jessica sent me this the following day:

Muse: So she “asked” for the harassment to stop? It doesn’t seem like she was forceful about it.

Majesty: Idk. All I know was that I asked her twice to handle her people and she failed to do so. I accepted her apology, but told her that what was done, was done. Lowlife Entertainment and Diamond Enterprise’s relationship was over. Period. I was hoping that she would learn from that lesson and be more careful in the future. But sadly, plenty of other women have come out since then complaining about the same harassment. Now after she sent me that message, there was no communication for about two weeks. Until she sent me this out of the blue:

Muse: Wow. So even though Lowlife had moved on they were still talking about you.

Majesty: I guess. Like two weeks had passed. And on imvu so much can happen in 2 weeks that it feels like 2 years LOL so tbh I really was over it. But I did keep the messages just in case Joseei tried to lie on me. And it turned out that I was smart because here he was, weeks later, still having my name on his mouth. So I kindly sent her the same screenshots I had already sent her two weeks before.

Muse: He sounds like he was obsessed with you. or trying to get back in Diamond.

Majesty: Idk. Idc. Lol. And let’s be clear, I didn’t show you all of Nikki’s messages, because she sent so many that I had deleted a lot of them. One of them I remember was something along the lines of “thanks for messing with his depression, all he wants to do is talk to you and you won’t even see him.” Like the girl literally was trying to guilt-trip me into seeing this guy who had just told me to fuck off and called me every name in the book. So when I did what he asked me to do all of a sudden, he’s depressed because …. I did what he told me to do? Like it was psycho.

Muse: Yeah it sounds like it. So Joseei was still blocked at this time?

Majesty: Yes he was. But I guess when Jessica showed him that I had still had proof of everything that had happened, he got mad because his lies were busted. So then he started to tell his friends that he was depressed and that I was the reason why and that he was going to kill himself. Like the guy was obsessed with trying to get me to unblock him.

Muse: O_O gurrlll….wow….how did Lowlife feel about it? Did your company back you up?

Majesty: Well, when this first started happening. Like when Joseei had went off on me about not  reblogging a damn picture on tumblr lol, the CEO of Lowlife, Brandon, had offered to handle Joseei after Brandon saw what he had been sending me. But, because I don’t like drama, I told him that I could handle it, because I thought that telling Jessica would fix it and we could all move on. However, when Joseei started to harass me again, Lowlife had sort of broken up, so I was dealing with this round of craziness alone.

Muse: I remember that. You really were by yourself. So when did the second round of harassment start?

Majesty: The 2nd round of harassment started with Joseei making an alt account to reach out to me. I blocked it and he made another. I blocked it. and he made another one. so this kept happening until he got tired because I wasn’t responding to any of it. Then he changed tactics and decided to get a friend of his to start harassing me. And this is a message from that person whose imvu name at the time was J00Ks now they changed their avi name to KiZZ. :

Muse: Are you serious? He was that desperate for you to unblock him after he was the one that told you to “fuck off”?

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

Majesty: Ikr

Muse: So did you respond to that?

Majesty: Yeah, I started my response off with “first of all, don’t inbox me cursing because that’s rude. Second of all….(inserts long story about what had happened between me and Joseei). I do have screenshots of my response to this girl, but it’s basically just me telling her everything that had transpired between her friend and myself. At the end of it, I simply told her that I was going to block her and to leave me alone. I was so tired of everything by that point and it had just gone to a whole other level when he started telling people he was going to commit suicide because of me…which BTW…he was obviously lying about because he’s still wreaking havoc in the industry.

Muse: I mean, I just can’t understand this….this guy went off on you because you didn’t do what he wanted and after two weeks of not speaking to him or to his company or to his parent company…he’s still going around telling people lies about you to try to get you to talk to him.

Majesty: I didn’t understand it either. Join the club.

Muse: So did J00ks or KiZZ or whoever keep messaging you even after you explained what happened?

Majesty: Girl, yes! Like it was crazy. So I had blocked her main account which was J00ks. the girl made a whole other account to keep messaging me….

Muse: Do you have proof of the second account?

Majesty: Ofc

Muse: zzzz she made 3 alts? omg i can’t!!!! Smh

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Majesty: like it was creepy. I even told her that me and Joseei hadn’t even spoken in weeks after HE had told ME to fuck off. Like I was over the drama. He was the one trying to keep it up. But like everyone who tries to defend Joseei’s actions, she ignored the facts and kept talking bullshit. She started cursing me out for “not caring about his depression” and told me he was cutting himself and sending her pictures and saying that it was because I wouldn’t talk to him…so this was my response.

Muse: So I assume you kept blocking her alt accounts and she just kept making more every time.

Majesty: Correct. And then I lost my temper. And by then I was like…crying and upset because of course, at this point I’m wondering if Joseei really is hurting himself and when the girl threatened me with lawyers I lost my cool and sent this:

Muse: smh…so what happened after you sent this? I’m assuming you were talking to her 4th alt account?

Majesty: Yes. Well she apologized and calmed down and just asked me nicely to meet with him because she was worried. The girl said that Joseei had sent her pictures of him sitting on a damn window ledge talking about jumping. So I unblocked him and told him to meet me. I was like “you say you want to talk. so talk”

Muse: Omg. So what does he do when he comes to talk to you? Did you invite him?

Majesty: Yeah i invited him and just sat there while he talked. he accused me of talking to Jess and trying to get him fired. I corrected him, because I had never told her to fire anybody. He instead blamed his firing on me.

Muse: But if he had never harassed you and sent Nikki to harass you, he would’ve never gotten fired.

Majesty: Exactly. But he literally sat there for 20 minutes not taking any ownership of anything. So after a long talk he apologized and I accepted his apology. Then he said he wanted to be friends and I was like…..whatever. Sure. We’re good. Like I was just tired af of the drama and wanted it to end. So he asked me if we could work together again and I was like…after all this crap? um…i need some time. Like….my head wasn’t even there. So we left the chat on a decent note. But naturally, that truce didn’t last for long because -

NOTE from Muse: I’m going to cut it off right here and post the rest of this interview in Part 3, the final part of this 3-part interview. There’s still so much to talk about. We still haven’t gotten to the part where Majesty quit the industry, why she decided to come back, when she and Lowlife came back together, and how they rebuilt their company and rose back to the top after everything that happened. So stay tuned, readers, and like, reblog, and comment if you’d like. Also: if you would like to be scheduled for an interview hmu via message :)

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i had a dream that ernst looks at hanschen and goes "gentlemen prefer blonds" because someone was asking him about some girl with a different hair color and he looks over at hanschen and thats basically how he admits he likes hanschen and now i need a fic desperately

Okay so I did it and I'm sorry if it sucks.


I sat down at our lunch table. I grabbed my lunch and took a big bite of my sandwich. No one had sat down and I was alone. I pulled out my phone and browsed through Instagram. Hanschen had posted another picture of his cat (lait). One time when he was drunk he tried to tell me that he was a cat and something about milk and that’s why his cat’s name is the french word for milk, but I was too busy staring at his lips. I was lost in my thoughts when Moritz sat next to me and slammed down his backpack. “How are you, Ernst.” His hair is a freaking a mess so I know Melchior had band early this morning. “I’m good.You?”

“I’m tired, sad and stressed.” I give him a sympathetic look and he blushes.

“It’ll be okay. Melchior is tutoring you, right?”

“Yeah, but he’s really bad at teaching math for some reason, he’s great with English and biology but he really sucks at math.”

“I’m sure I could get Hanschen to tutor you.”

“You know what? Sure. I’m desperate” I smile at him and give him half of my sandwich.

A couple minutes later almost everyone is here. I sat next to Hanschen as he babbled about why the new Beauty and The Beast sucks. When Melchior sat down he frowned and fixed Moritz’s hair and Moritz blushed as Melchior ran his hands through his hair. “Okay, so Anna thinks that Mariana Whelan has the prettiest most beautiful hair.”

“Wendla! I didn’t say those exact words. But it’s just so dark and smooth and shiny, like what kind of shampoo does she use? Otto? What do you think?”

“Obviously her hair is pretty.” I can’t explain why I said what I said next but I did.

“Gentleman prefer blondes.” I turned towards Hanschen and he blushed. Why did I do that? What was I thinking? What’s wrong with me?

“Are you a gentleman?” Melchior said with a smirk on lips

“Umm, ” Wendla and Ilse are both about to crack up.

“Ernst you do realize only one of us is blonde and it ain’t me.”

“Yeah uhh well umm……goodbye.” I grabbed my stuff and ran outside the cafeteria.

“Ernst wait.”I turn around and face him.

“He, why’d you run?” He tilts his head a little to the right and I hate him for being so attractive.

“Well, you see I didn’t really want to say all of this in front of everyone.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see ever since we first met in seventh-grade I’ve always had this small crush on you.” His mouth falls open and I don’t have the sense to stop so I just keep going.

“At first I just thought that you were just pretty not that like I actually wanted to you know like be your boyfriend. But then I kept getting the urge to kiss you and ruffle your hair and take you on dates and make you laugh. So I have a crush on you and I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but now you know and–mmm” I don’t get to finish because all of a sudden Hanschen’s lips are on mine.

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You should put Tux on a diet. He looks like he can't fit through small spaces anymore.

Here’s a video of Tux from the end of February:

And here’s the video I recently posted of Tux from May:

He looks much fatter in the second video, right?

Except he’s NOT fatter.  Not even a little bit.  I weigh him every week, and his weight hasn’t changed since then.  In fact, today he weighs less than he did the day he was admitted to the ferret shelter last fall.

The difference between Tux now and Tux in any pictures or videos I posted before mid-March is that now he has a super long, super soft, super healthy coat of fur from the super high quality raw (mostly whole prey) diet I changed him to after bringing him home from the shelter.  His previous coats were much shorter and coarser.  (In that first video, his new coat was only halfway grown in.)  He IS a big boy, but he’s always been that way, and neither the shelter vet nor my vet ever suggested to change his diet for the sake of weight loss.

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Since you seem to be one of the only sensible or calm about this whole situation, I thought I might try to ask you. I see people making the claim that horror stories posted to a blog are taking advantage/exploiting of mentally ill people. Maybe I don't think about myself seriously mentally ill enough (I have been officially diagnosed w/clinical depression w/ episodes of psychosis). To a person who doesn't understand it anything can be creepy. But maybe I'm the one in the wrong here I dunno.

to be honest this was the thing that confused me as well. I admit I didn’t see a lot of the stories as necessarily offensive, but there were definitely a few things that stood out to me and over time did start to grate on me.

the main thing, I think, was the posts that weren’t fictional stories, in this specific case. as well as fictional stories, sixpenceee would post real-life accounts of mental illness, drawings done by mentally ill people, and actual pictures of people who were clearly mentally disturbed (and on some occasions, physically disabled). she would tag these #creepy, and talk about how the ~human mind~ was the most terrible thing of all. this really does increase anxiety about mentally ill people, and perpetrates the myth that all mentally ill people are violent and scary. yes, some mentally ill people are violent… but so are a lot of people without mental illness.

things like that definitely exploit mentally ill people because it’s taking their actual, real life stories and/or creations and putting it in the same category as horror. it dehumanises them, reduces their experiences and suffering to cheap scare and entertainment tricks, and encourages myths about what mental illness is, how it manifests, how dangerous it is, etc. and it’s not just one or two posts: it’s very, very often, though as far as I can tell it’s not as often now after people started pointing it out.

which brings me to the other issue, of fictional stories. now, personally, I think ending a horror story with “but it was all the scary mental illness!!” or “he did these horrific crimes because……. he was mentally ill!!” is a cheap trick, bad writing, etc. I’ve been reading/watching horror long enough to spot the trope at fifty paces and it’s boring, cheap, and yes, offensive. a lot of these stories reduce serious and complex disorders to one “marketable”, scary symptom, and they often get it so unbelievably wrong (for example, a story revolving around a schizophrenic person’s multiple personalities, when that’s… not what schizophrenia is at all). in the same way as above, these stories encourage myths about mental illness and alienate people who are mentally ill, because they’re put in the same category as monsters, ghosts, demons, etc. in a horror story it’s a very us vs them mentality – people try to survive the monster stalking them, they try to survive the horrific haunting, etc. so what does that say when the “them” is just… a regular person who happens to suffer from a mental illness? it encourages a very ostracising atmosphere. the mentally ill person is othered, dehumanised… it’s not nice.

don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that media makes all our decisions for us. I’m fully aware that it’s possible to differentiate fiction from reality: I’ve seen enough discourse in fandom to know both sides of the argument inside out. but when it comes to something that is incessantly shoved down your throat all the time, it’s likely that it could start to influence how you think. especially if, like you said, you don’t know much about mental illnesses and they already seem a bit “scary”. what you don’t need is a bunch of horror stories telling you that mentally ill people are going to snap, grab a freaky mask, and start murdering their neighbours at any moment. you need education, and that is not what these stories do – and nor is it what the “factual” posts do. it is just cheap entertainment, and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Politics [Bucky Barnes AU] (Part 3)

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Part 1 Part 2

Series Title: Politics (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader, mentions of Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: mild swearing/cursing
Word Count: 1,440
Requested: No
Short Description of the story: Your father is running to be the state senator of New York City. James Barnes, your childhood nemesis, is an egotistical playboy who is the son of your father’s opponent. The both of you plan to make your fathers’ campaigns living hell together.
Short Description of the chapter: You and Bucky plot your fathers’ defeats.

Disclaimer: not my gif, I have never seen “Political Animals”, which I know Sebastian Stan appears in as an important character, so this isn’t based on Political Animals

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name
[Y/F/N] = your father’s name

Bucky grabbed your arm and dragged you away from the crowd of people, further and further away from your father. People were swarming him after his small speech, along with the reveal of his new campaign ad. You scowled at the idea of the advertisement being played all over New York City – especially on the ornate screens of Times Square. “Where are you dragging me to?” you snapped, feeling crabby and impatient after seeing what you had seen that evening. 

“Norway.” He replied sarcastically, and your eyes narrowed at the back of his head. “Relax,” Bucky drawled in his Brooklyn accent. “I’m just taking you to somewhere a little quieter so we can talk strategy.” He mused, catching your interest.

Strategy? What was Bucky planning?

He pulled you to a small corridor, away from the gala. It was dimly lit but definitely quieter than the noise of people congratulating your father. “How did you find this?” you asked, pulling your arm away from Bucky’s grasp to look at the memorabilia on the wall. Politicians, celebrities and more were framed on the walls of the hallway.

“I may or may not make out with girls here when my father’s galas occur in this particular venue,” Bucky said with a shrug.

You turned around and crossed your arm over your chest. “What do you want?” you inquired.

Bucky smirked. “It’s come to my attention that none of us wants our fathers to become state Senator,” Bucky observed, running a hand through his unruly hair. 

“It’s come to my attention, too.” You admitted. “And I’m afraid that one of us is going to be disappointed.” You added. “That’s just the way it is, Barnes.” 

“But what if that’s not the case?” Bucky tried. “What if, according to the voters of the state of New York, our fathers are both unfit to be the senator.” There was a look of pure mischief on his face, and this both intrigued, and worried you immensely.

“Barnes,” you began, uncrossing your arms. “What are you thinking?”

Bucky’s smile never faltered. “I think that we should find a way to bring so much scandal and negativity to our names that nobody would even consider voting for either of our parents.” He confessed to you. “Think about it. Both of our parents are rich assholes – neither of them should be running for state senator! Imagine all the good that other people apart from our fathers could do by running.” Bucky was trying to convince you, that you knew, but somehow, his words made so much sense.

You bit your lower lip. “So, what would we be doing?” you had no idea why you were agreeing. Maybe it was the fact that your father had chosen to totally ignore your existence when describing your family, or maybe it was because he didn’t care about you; never had unless it was about your appearance. But you assumed that the main reason you agreed to go along with Bucky’s plan was because New York really could do with a better senator than him and George Barnes. 

You started to worry when you saw Bucky’s face after you agreed. You had never seen him grin so much in your entire life.

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So not only is the press not allowed to take pictures of Conchobar but now B isn’t allowed to post any on social media either? I’m still so goddamn mad that this entire thing happened but even I have to admit that in terms of explaining why you will never see that baby again in this starring role as Frelliot when this is over that I did not see this logical way of doing it coming.

I’m glad they’ve finally taken a step towards devaluing this trash brand that this family has tried to build for themselves since literally no one would ever care about any photos they take if it weren’t for that baby.

Typically I would say that spinning the story this way as to blame both D and B for the mess is another way in which society is making it look like all women are in competition with each other for men, but in this case I think it is accurate that they’ve displayed a disgusting game of who can exploit themselves more whilst using a famous man’s name over the past six months. They haven’t been in competition for Louis they’ve been in competition for who can walk away from this with the most exposure by stooping to the pettiest levels so I for one am glad that TMZ have called for B to cover up her new expensive face that everyone is sick of seeing and that D has been reduced to a crazed anti and Conchobar stan.

I’m looking on the positive here and the positive is that they have finally stopped using the words “stylist” and “actress” because even TMZ knows that we’re never going to see them again after this.

OK, so here is the thing. Back when I was in prime renfest mode, I thought it was a thing that ultra nerds did and I refused because I didn’t want to admit that I was an ultra nerd. But then EVERYBODY started revealing that they were ultra nerds. Now the problem is that like, my weekends are mostly shot, and I don’t really think about Ren Fest until people start posting pictures on Instagram, and I’m like “Welp, missed that again.” Also like, you gotta get dressed, and you gotta go to the county, and like… talk to some guy in a fucking tunic? Who is calling me “Good Sir” and shit? I don’t know anything about them besides the turkey legs and the mead, and mead is gross as shit. 

Long Time- No See

Based on Prompt from @alpha-of-four : “I JUST SAW THAT YOU ARE IN NEED OF A REQUEST I have this thingy but you can play around with it because YOU DESERVE TO HAVE SOME FUN 💕 So, here’s the what if … What if Reader had been a nurse/doctor in the Navy and at one point helped Owen, and they maybe had something but didn’t realize until it was too late? THEN Owen left for Isla Nublar and years later she was offered a medical position there. It’s been years, and they kinda moved on but then again they didn’t. HAVE FUN “

A/n: Sorry it’s so short, I wanted to finish it and post it during class. Hope this is what you were looking for (also sorry if anything is wrong, I did no research about army doctors/nurses or even theme park ones for that matter.) Also tagging the lovely @sis-tafics for being awesome and being my friend! I hope you like my writing style >< yours is so amazing 

When you accepted the job at Jurassic world, you foolishly assumed it would be like out in the field: more dangerous illnesses, injuries, and complications. You pictured dino bites and chaos. However, since you started two weeks ago, the worst you’ve seen is a child’s sprained ankle, and even then, you only admitted the child and calmed him down while the doctor took care of the rest.

You leaned against the wall in the waiting room, waiting for someone-anyone-to come in and make things interesting.

Just as that thought crossed your mind, the bell at the door jingled and a man walked in. Your eyes immediately went to the bleeding gash on his arm and you wrinkled your nose at the smell, but silently rejoiced at actually having something interesting.

“I’m fine,” He said, and you froze when you heard his voice. “Just need a couple stitches.”

He looked up from his arm and met your eyes and you were instantly transported back in time, standing beside the bed of a  young navy-man who was admitted on your first day-your fist patient. He had smiled and smirked and had you laughing by the end of the day, him comforting you on your first day rather than you comforting him. You spent three days spending as much time as you could at his bedside listening to his stories and his past and you loved every minute of it.

However, when you finally got the nerve to do something about your budding feelings for him, you got into work to find his bed empty. Your boss said he had been checked out that morning. No note, no number or address, nothing left behind. You tried your best to forget this man who did weird things to your heartbeat and made you feel as amazing as he did, but you never could.

“Grady.” You said, instinctively.

As the recognition hit his eyes, he smiled warmly and nodded, “ Y/L/N.”

“I can’t belie- what are you doing he- wait you’re bleeding.” You shook your head and realized you shouldn’t make him stand there with a wound and talk about why he didn’t give you his number. “Come with me.” You said authoritatively and lead him to the back room. You were silent as the doctor stitched him up but couldn’t force yourself to leave the room, lest he leave again.

He glanced at you and smiled many times, but he never said anything other than answering the doctor’s questions. He worked with the raptors. He got too close to the fence. The “Beta” took a snap at him. You listened intently as you could tell he was using his storytelling voice, if only for your sake, that he used many years ago.

When he was all patched up, you lead him back out to the waiting room.

“Y/n,” He began, almost seeming at a loss for words, which was the one thing Owen never was. “I thought I’d never see you again.” His smile warmed your heart, but you wondered at his words. Did he mean he thought he’d never have to face you which is why he didn’t say anything to you. Your mind swirled around many possible reasons as to why he wouldn’t be excited to see you when his words broke you out of your revier.

“I mean, you never wrote me, but I was so sure that you-”

“Wait, what?” You asked, mouth dropping open. How the hell could you write him without any information?

“When I checked out, I thought you would write me but-” You cut him off again, a bad habit, but you were so confused.

“How was I supposed to write you? You disappeared without even saying goodbye.”

He looked at you dumbstruck for a second and slowly opened his mouth. “I gave the nurse the letter, she said she would give it to you.” You thought back to the women you worked with at the time and thought of Angela, the redhead who worked the cots next to yours and always looked at you with jealousy when Owen talked all day with you.

“Red-head?” You asked, holding your hand up, “About this tall?” He nodded and you laughed at the absurdity of it. He did leave you a letter, but that jealous bitch must have throw it away. You couldn’t even be mad in the moment as you were so relieved that he didn’t just ditch you… at least not on purpose.

“Well, It never got to me. She didn’t exactly like me.” You said, shrugging. He smiled down at you, hope in his eyes and stepped forward and closed the distance between the two of you suddenly.

“Well, should I tell you what it said?” He asked as he looked down into your eyes. Your heart beat unreasonable fast at the proximity and you swallowed hard before nodding, a small smile on your lips. He placed a hand on your cheek and spoke.

“I said that I loved seeing your smile every day, and hearing your laugh. I truly believe you’re the reason I got better so quick.” You tried not to smile too widely, but failed miserably. “I said how much I liked you and how beautiful you were. I asked you to write me and call me.” He brushed a strand of hair out of your eyes.  “And I told you how bad I had wanted to kiss you before you left the night before. If I had known I wouldn’t see you the next day, I would have done it then and there, and I regretted it. I wanted you to know that I was pretty sure I had fallen in love with you already.”

Traitor tears had come to your eyes and you begged them not to fall, but when they did, he brushed them away. “And in case you’re wondering, my feelings haven’t changed.”

He leaned down close, his face just inches from yours. He paused, giving you the chance to reject him, to push him away. Instead, you grabbed the collar of his white shirt and pulled him down the rest of the way, his lips meeting yours suddenly and moving together perfectly. His hand went to your waist and you threw your arms around his neck, relishing in this long overdue kiss. When he finally broke it off, you were both breathing heavily, staring into each other’s eyes.

“Finally.” You said, in a hushed whisper, and he laughed.

“So,” he said, his voice low and rough, with a happy smile across his face, “I suppose you feel the same?”

You laughed and nodded, laying your head against his chest. Who knew three years ago that you would end up seeing him again, let alone that he would declare his love for you.

This job, you think to yourself, Maybe it’s not so boring after all.