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Hwarang: Hansung.

The only reason I started watching this drama was Kim Taehyung, but I admit that after the first two episodes it got me hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I forgot about Hansung because everytime he appeared on screen I started smiling like a fool and feeling so proud.

Before the drama started and the character pictures were posted, everybody was sure that Hansung looked like that character that will die. I just laughed it off, “they wouldn’t kill him on his first drama”, but now…

Now it became true and I can’t really blame anyone, yes they did me so dirty, making me cry till I’ll drown in my own tears and it was the first time I sincerely cared about a character, and seeing him go… I just, it felt so real, and he only wanted happines and peace, Hansung.

I’m happy that there are only two episodes left, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve watched it till the end, without my heart breaking while waiting for Hansung to appear.

I want to applaud Kim Taehyung for his acting and for being such a wonderful person, and… I can’t wait for his next drama. * but i swear to god if he dies in that too i’ll cut somebody*

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Hello! Okay, so I have something I've been wondering in regards to Season 2, and was wondering if you'd share your opinion? Somewhere on Tumblr, somebody posted a picture of Lance with what appears to be the start of a mullet, and it got me thinking- are we gonna see the paladins change the longer they're up in space? Like, next season, will we see their hair looking shaggier and other little differences? I think it'd be cool if we did. Little things to show how long they've been up there.

I’ve seen that post too! Tho I have to admit I didn’t notice it while I was watching, but I guess that’s what makes changes like these so good. You don’t notice little things building up but then you go back and watch the early material and you’re like whoa. I would love to see Team Voltron change little by little as they spend more and more time in space.


Requested: Hey could you write about Shawn being in love with a girl that plays the guitar and sings and posts covers online and they meet at his concert for the first time and she shows him her hometown?



Your buzzing phone signals that someone is trying to facetime you. Glancing at your screen to see who is calling, you see that it is Shawn, and just seeing his picture brings a smile to your face. You accept the call. “Hello?”

“Hey y/n, I saw your new cover!”

“You did?” You ask in surprise. “I just posted it like twenty minutes ago.”

“Yeah, I get notifications every time you post,” He admits, and you laugh.

“Well, I’m honored. Thank you.”

“Of course. Can you believe I’ll be there in Portland in just four days?” He says, a huge smile spreading across his face.

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Titled: Black & Rosé

Ah, nothing more fun than doing yet another picture of this sexy creeper.
I dunno why, I just find myself quite enjoying putting Black in a suit, you could say it ‘suits’ him well.
…Okay I promise I’m done with the bad puns. I’m too tired for that shit anyways.

I did two versions of this picture- This one is a bit more on the elegant side,
while the next one is more for Halloween and I’ll post it soon.

Will be posting this on my Deviantart as well, as I’m quite curious to know what people think.

PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

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I was tagged by: @this-is-agu

Nickname: Cami (or Impy)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5'3

Last Thing You Googled: Spongebob memes lol

Favourite music artist/band: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kimya Dawson, Regina Spektor, Violent Femmes, Sublime

Song stuck in my head: Lambs at the Slaughter by Defiance, Ohio

Last movie you watched: Ed Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Show, which is kind of embarrassing to admit because the last time I did a tag and got this question, BPS was also my answer. I promise I watch other movies besides EEnE lmao

What are you wearing right now: Ummm this is awkward I’m naked lolololol.

What do you post: I’m either posting fanart, shit-posting about EEnE, or using Tumblr as my personal diary and annoying the hell out of everyone… why am I like this

Why did you choose your URL: Impano has been my internet alias since I was 12, it just kind of stuck with me lmao

Do you have any other blogs: Nope, I can barely keep up with this one lolololol

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: Ummmm don’t date someone that you’re not attracted to, don’t date them if you’re just doing it because you feel bad… also, don’t date someone in your friend group unless you ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU ARE INTO THEM, because we completely stopped being friends after our break up

Religious Or Spiritual: Definitely NOT religious, not at all. Ummm, I’m very spiritual though. I also practice meditation a lot.

Favorite Color: Purple, teal, and pink

Average Hours Of Sleep: I’m not sure, but I know that I don’t get enough

Lucky Number: 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Favorite Character: Double Dee, hands down. Also, Timon and Pearl.

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: One comforter, and a sheet lol

Dream Job: Animator or storyboard artist. Anything to do with art and/or cartoons, tbh.

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So not only is the press not allowed to take pictures of Conchobar but now B isn’t allowed to post any on social media either? I’m still so goddamn mad that this entire thing happened but even I have to admit that in terms of explaining why you will never see that baby again in this starring role as Frelliot when this is over that I did not see this logical way of doing it coming.

I’m glad they’ve finally taken a step towards devaluing this trash brand that this family has tried to build for themselves since literally no one would ever care about any photos they take if it weren’t for that baby.

Typically I would say that spinning the story this way as to blame both D and B for the mess is another way in which society is making it look like all women are in competition with each other for men, but in this case I think it is accurate that they’ve displayed a disgusting game of who can exploit themselves more whilst using a famous man’s name over the past six months. They haven’t been in competition for Louis they’ve been in competition for who can walk away from this with the most exposure by stooping to the pettiest levels so I for one am glad that TMZ have called for B to cover up her new expensive face that everyone is sick of seeing and that D has been reduced to a crazed anti and Conchobar stan.

I’m looking on the positive here and the positive is that they have finally stopped using the words “stylist” and “actress” because even TMZ knows that we’re never going to see them again after this.

That Photo Of Me Online...

So, I’m putting it all on the table today. There is a photo of me online.

I didn’t put it there. I don’t generally post or even share photos of myself on the internet, but recently I allowed a friend to take a picture of me and shortly after, that picture ended up in the center of a rather unpleasant meme.

You probably already guessed which meme that is, so let me admit, yes that is me, Ari Bach, author of the Valhalla Trilogy and this blog, and that really is me without any Photoshop. BUT- I never condoned the meme now based on that photo and I absolutely never said or did what it quotes me as having said and done.

I believe that crocodiles are one of the coolest animals in the world and I would never, ever harm one as the meme suggests. Wild animals, in my experience, just want to be left alone and that’s what I do, I leave them alone. So the claims of the meme are completely false, even if the photo is real. Secondly, I want to clarify that the sword was fake, a plastic prop sword from a movie I worked on some years ago. And thirdly, I am fully aware that crocodiles don’t eat bike tires and I would never try to feed one to a crocodile. I never even touched the bike tire, it was just there in the background and was never used as the meme suggests, it was never coated in Vaseline, and it was never “given to an orphanage” after the picture was taken.

Also problematic is the obvious controversy surrounding the inappropriate viewpoints the meme suggests I hold. I want to make it very clear that although I was wearing “corpse paint” like the metal band mentioned, I do not share their views on Donald Trump and I will be voting for Bernie Sanders myself.

Finally, please let me say that I feel very wronged by the posting of and misuse of this photograph. That was meant to be a private and solemn moment between me, the crocodile, the photographer, the clown, the man in the zebra stockings and of course, Robert Downey Jr. It was wrong to post, it was wrong to meme counter to my real beliefs, and I will be pursuing legal action against the Yakuza for posting it as they did.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.