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Compliment ONE person on their character today

Why do we place so much value in a person’s physical appearance when it’s literally the ONE thing beyond their control? It’s genetics, people!!! It’s like saying: “CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CHROMOSOMES!!” Yes, sometimes it’s nice when someone notices your appearance, but these compliments are so surface level. Sometimes it’s lazy just to tell someone they’re ‘pretty’. Why not say something more meaningful?

If you’re gonna go out of your way to compliment someone, why not say something kind about their character?

FOR EXAMPLE: ‘Hey, you have an awesome work ethic!’ ‘It’s cool that you’re bilingual!’ ‘You write poetry? I love that!’ 'Wow, you made that dress? It’s divine!’ 'You give great advice!’ 'I like that you’re family oriented!’ 'I admire your devotion to your religion!’ 'I think it’s cool that you want to learn calligraphy!’ 'You’re so talented at coding!’ 'I wish I was as quick-witted as you!’ 'I love your positive attitude!’ 'I like how authentic and brutally honest you are!’ 'You do volunteer work? That’s so wonderful!’ 'You know so much about geography!’ 'You compose music? That’s so creative!’ or 'It’s so cool that you can sing the alphabet backwards!’

Physical beauty is NOT an achievement or accolade to be awarded. Beauty exists and is inherent in an individual’s character, you just need to learn to see and appreciate it.

Do me a favour, be observant today and compliment someone on their character. Something unique to them. I guarantee it’ll mean much more to them than 'You’re so pretty!’

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Life has been pretty terrible as of late again. I am living off 100 euros a month and only by careful planning can I make it work but I don’t have money for anything unless I have a coupon or something else that gives me a huge discount. I won’t get paid until August at the earliest so that’s really tough. I’d feel terrible asking for money though.

This blog means the world to me and being able to share it with this many people is fantastic!!!

I’m actually going to try and tag some people and write something nice about them. It is stressing me out as I want to thank a lot of people but I can’t thank over 600 people so aaaah here it goes:

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okay, so I started this little singledad!michael series where you are the kindergarten teacher. I know where I want to take this so hopefully the execution will go smoothly lol. I think I am going to have each part switch from your pov to michaels. idk if I’m loving this first part, but here goes nothing.

This was your least favorite aspect of your job. Having to tell a parent that their child was struggling was never fun and usually didn’t end well. You could recall many occasions where meetings had ended with a parent screaming at you then storming out of your classroom. You didn’t become a kindergarten teacher because you liked adults, you did it because you loved children. The idea that you were helping shape the minds of future generations made your heart swell with pride. So you dealt with the parents, but that didn’t stop you from hating parent teacher conferences.

“Ms. (Y/L/N)!” The voice of a little girl pulled you out of your thoughts. Shifting your eyes up from the lesson plan you had been working on you saw one of your little students standing in the doorway. You couldn’t help, but let a smile stretch across your face. Cadence was such a precious little girl, always so excited and kind to everyone she met. Your gaze shifted to the man next to her whose hand she was gripping on to. Making your way over to them you noted his appearance. He was tall, towering over his little girl, but the resemblance between the two was uncanny. Their fair complexion was almost exactly the same, although Cadence had an assortment of little freckles that danced across her nose and cheeks. They shared the same forest green eyes that both were sparkling at you as you approached. Cadence had beautiful red ringlets that flowed almost all the way down her back, while her dad was sporting a quite short hairdo dyed blue that seemed to be faded a bit. You were intrigued by the man’s appearance, from the pierced eyebrow to the band t shirt to the ripped black skinny jeans all the way down to his scuffed up combat boots. He was very attractive, beautiful even, but you tried to erase that thought from your brain. No gazing longingly at your student’s parents, that was a line you really didn’t want to cross. But he didn’t look anything like the usual parents that came into your classroom. Already, you admired him for that.

“Ms.(Y/L/N)! This is my Daddy!” Cadence said when you stopped in front of them. She was bouncing from one foot to the other in excitement, “Daddy! This is Ms.(Y/L/N)!” You smiled at the man in front of you, thinking he looked quite young to be a father.

“Michael,” He said outstretching his free hand. “It’s great to finally meet you, Ms.(Y/L/N). I’ve heard so much about you, I feel like I already know you.”

“Wow, that’s really great to hear, but please call me (Y/N),” You replied. It thrilled you that you made such an impact on your students days that they went home and shared it all with their families.

“Hey, Cadence,” You said bending down so you were face to face with the little girl, “I’m going to talk with your Daddy for a little bit. It’s gonna be boring adult stuff so why don’t you go over to the arts and crafts center and draw a picture for, okay?”

“Okay!” She said quickly skipping away with enthusiasm.

“You know where all the markers and papers are?” You questioned.

“Yes! Thank you, Ms.(Y/L/N),” She said not making any glances back at you and Michael, her sole focus was getting to those markers.

You turned back to Michael, “Here we can sit at my desk and talk.” You turned and led him to your desk, taking a seat on your side. You folded your hands and placed them neatly on top the papers that took refuge on your desk doing so to prevent yourself from clicking your pen nervously.

“Man, I feel like I’m twelve again and have just been brought into the principal’s office to be reprimanded,” Michael said with a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, no no! You’re not in any trouble, neither is Cadence. She is such a doll, truly. She’s so sweet to everyone and is always the first one to volunteer to help me. This meeting isn’t about her behavior. I haven’t had any issues with her,” You said hurriedly, hoping to cause some of his nerves.

“Oh, okay. Well, that’s good to hear,” He said and you could see him visibly relax.

“Yeah, I just needed to talk to you about her progress. As I am sure you’ve noticed loves anything where she can be artistic. She excels in drawing and shines whenever we are lucky enough to have music class. She is quite creative when it comes to making stories when we write, but what she is struggling with is reading. She is quite behind the level of reading she should be at,” You stated, bracing yourself for him to start yelling that you didn’t know what you were talking about or were incompetent at your job. You were shocked and relieved when he leaned forward and said.

“Okay. So what are we going to do to bring her to the level she needs to be at?”

“Well, she has been turning in her weekly homework packets which is fantastic. So you want to continue that. I’m not sure if you read with her before bed every night, but you may want to start doing that. Just whenever you get the chance encourage her to try and read. Whether it be a menu at a restaurant or road signs as your drive home,” You said.

“Alright. Should I hire a tutor? I don’t want her to move on next year and already be struggling,” He replied.

“Well, you could, but I don’t think she is at that point yet where she needs one,” You said.

“Okay, but I really want her to get all the help she needs. Wouldn’t a tutor be best for that? I know she’s only in kindergarten. You probably think I’m crazy for wanting to hire a tutor, but I was never good in school. I always struggled and I hated it. I don’t want her to go through what I did.”

“No, I don’t think you are crazy at all. You’re a concerned father who wants to do everything he can for his daughter. That’s admiring. It shows me how much you love her,” You said as you reached across your desk to grab a sticky note to write down some tutoring information down for him.

“I do, I really do love her,” He said glancing over to the other side of the classroom where Cadence was drawing vigorously, oblivious to everything but the pen and paper in her hands.

“I’m going to give you some information of friends and colleagues of mine who are great with kids and tutor-”

“Oh! Um, I kinda thought you could do it?” Michael asked cutting you off. Your head snapped up looking at him with wide eyes.

“I, uh,-”

“I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. I just..She is already so comfortable with you. She takes a bit to warm up to new people and I just don’t want to waste any time,” He was looking at you with pleading eyes and there was no way you could say no to this beautiful man who loved his daughter so much.

“Okay, we will have to set up times and days that are best for you and her, but I will do it,” You said with a smile.

“Thank you,” He said grabbing your hands and squeezing. A little jolt of electricity ran through your body at the contact.


You were heading out to the parking lot ten minutes later with a new number in your phone, a new schedule on your calendar, and a new piece of artwork up on your classrooms wall. You were so ready to get home, put your pajamas on, and curl up in your bed. There was one more day until the weekend and you couldn’t wait to just have a relaxing few days to yourself. You jumped in your car, put the keys into the ignition and were met with a sputtering noise till it quit.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” You tried to start your car three more times before you accepted that it wasn’t going to start. Your head fell down to rest against the top of your steering wheel. What the hell were you supposed to do now? No one was at the school because you’d stayed late for your meeting. There was no one you could call. You started to pound your head on the steering wheel, muttering the word shit between every thud of your forehead. A knock at your car window made you jump in fright.

“Holy shit!” You turned to see Michael standing with a sheepish smile on his face. You opened your door and got out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. We were about to leave and I just saw you over here looking like you needed some help,” He said.

“No, it’s fine. Yeah, my um car seems to not be starting,” You stated the obvious, motioning at your currently useless vehicle.

“Do you want a ride somewhere? We’re in no rush to get home. I really can’t let myself leave without knowing you got somewhere safe,” He said with a kind smile. Man oh man where had he been all your life. He was beautiful, cared about children, and was kind. You quickly shook those thoughts out of your head, he was one of your students parents for god’s sake!

“Also, Cadence will never forgive me if I leave her favorite teacher out here in what looks like is about to be a rainstorm,” with his comment you looked up to the sky, taking notice of the big storm clouds that had begun to form over your heads. Rain, of course there had to be rain. You looked back at him and nodded your head.

“Let me just grab my bag,” You reached back into your car, grabbing your purse and school bag then followed Michael to his four door car occupied by a smiling little Cadence.

“Ms.(Y/L/N)! Are you going to come to dinner with us!?” She said when you’d gotten yourself into his vehicle.

“We are only gonna take Ms.(Y/L/N) home, Cay,” Michael said turning the car on and beginning to drive out of the parking lot.

“But, but Daddy! It’s milkshake night! She has to join us for milkshake night!” She said in a desperate tone.

“She is right. It is milkshake night,” He said with a sly glance at you. “You aren’t in any hurry to get home are you? Is your boyfriend going to be concerned?”

“HA,” You let out a laugh at the mention of a boyfriend. That definitely was not a problem you had been dealing with. “No, no. No one waiting for me.” You thought to yourself, damn after your car breaking down you sure as hell deserved a milk shake.

“You know what, Cadence,” You said turning your head to look at the little girl boosted up in her car seat, “I would love to join you for milkshake night.”

“WOOO!!” Her little cheer elicited giggles to come from her Dad. Looking at this man with all his tough exterior giggling at something his little girl just did made your heart skip a beat. You were intrigued by him, even more curious to get to know him better in these upcoming months.


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How would the ikon members react to finding out you have a tattoo. It's on your side so they've never saw it before and you've never brought it up

Well in general they’d all be quite surprised.

He’d be really surprised, he would be so speechless, and would wounder why you never told him. He’d look at your tattoo, and would think it’s pretty cool. He’d say something in the lines of “Woah! Was that always there”. After a few days he’d still have his eyes on your tattoos, and would start to imagine what other things you might have that he doesn’t know about.

He’d be so shocked, he’d first think that it’s one of those temporary tattoos, and then would realize that it’s real ink. He’d think it’s really cool and it’d be a turn on for him. He said something in the lines of “Damn baby, when did you get ink?” He would give so much interest into your ink for some time, and then would get comfortable with the ink. 

He’d look at the tattoo and wonder how long it had been there. He would ask you when you’d get the tattoo and how long you had it. He would say something like “So.. It’s not temporary?” He wouldn’t really mind you having a tattoo, but it would make him wonder what other thing you might be keeping secret.

He’d keep a straight face at first whilst looking at your tattoo. He’d think about how long that tattoo had been there, then when you catch him checking out your tattoo, he’d go right ahead and ask you about our tattoo. He’d same something like “So how long was this a secret kept?” He would just keep a closer eye on you from now on.

He’d be shy about the hole situation. He wouldn’t really know what to say since he is quite awkward to situations like this. He would look at your tattoo from time to time and would wonder why you’d never told him. He’d say something like “Uh… I like your tattoo honey.” Then he’d try to go about his day.

He’d be surprised as well as the others. He’d would look closely at the tattoo and think it’s something that would make you unique. He’’d say something in the lines of “Wow babe, that tattoo looks great.” He would check out your tattoo every now and then. He’d also wonder what you might be keeping from him. 

He’d show so much admiration to the art piece on your body. He’d ask all sorts of questions. From how much it costs to how much did it hurt. He’d be so interested in the tattoo for awhile since he just saw it for the first time. He’d say something like “Can I touch it?” He wouldn’t be awkward about it.

Good girl go bad (Theo x reader x Stiles)

Inspired by the song: Good girls go bad by Cobra Starship

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________________________________ Your a shy girl and is also know as the good girl of the pack. You have been crushing on Theo and Stiles since you arrived at beacon hills. Even though Theo barely notices you. Stiles has been protective over you like a boyfriend, but you are not dating. ___________________________________ “Hey why don’t we go dancing" your best friend,Lydia suggested. “Yeah why not,” you replied. Both you and Lydia looked at Scott and Stiles. “Okay I’m in if (y/n)’s in” Stiles said looking at you, smiling at you. Making hide your blush. ___________________________________ After school you went over to Lydia’s house. To get ready for the guys to pick you up. “So what are you going to wear” your strawberry blonde friend asked you while looking at though her closet. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing” you replied to her. She sighed “Sweetie, jeans and a jacket isn’t gonna impress guys. Especially if you want to impress Stiles” “How did you, never mind. Okay what do you think I should wear” you say looking at her. She thought for a moment. And walked to her closet and picked out a short dress in you favorite color. “Lydia, I don’t know if I should wear that” “Come on, it’s gonna look great on you” she said placing the dress in your hands “ Just try it on” “Fine” you say walking towards the bathroom. You quickly try on the dres and show it to Lydia. “so” you say looking at Lydia. “You look great, you have to wear that tonight” “I don’t know I think it shows too much skin” Lydia gave you the really look. She sighed “well you can wear you jacket with it. If your thst worried ” “thanks” ___________________________________ The guys picked you guys up with the rest of the pack. “Wow you look great (y/n)” Stiles said admiring how you look in your dress. “Thanks” you say,trying not to blush. “Well let’s get going lovebirds” Scott yells making You blush even more. “Shut up” both you and Stiles yelled back at Scott. ___________________________________ Once at the club you and the pack have been dancing for over a hour non-stop. “Can we take a break, my feet are starting to hurt” you start complaining. “Yeah” everyone agreed and walked over to sit down. “I’m gonna go get drinks” you say walking away. As you stood there waiting for your drinks, you felt someone watching you. You turned around and saw Theo, who was standing behind you. “Oh my god” you say relieved and scared at the same time. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you (y/n). It’s just that you look beautiful.” “oh thanks” you say smiling nervously “can I get you get a drink” he said in a flirty perspective. “Oh no thanks I’m actually getting drinks for the pack so” “(y/n)” you heard Stiles yell from the crowd “So your here with your boyfriend” Theo said teasing you “He’s not my boyfriend.” “ Of course not, Well just so you know everyone thinks that you’re the good girl of the group.” “What everyone” you replied surprised “Well I’m just saying what I heard is that people think you shouldn’t be hanging out with them since they seem to always fight something” He said placing a hand on your shoulder “but you don’t have to be the good girl, you can be the girl you were afraid to be” “(y/n)” you heard Stiles yell closer than last time “Think about it.” Theo said, as he walked in to the crowd. “(Y/n), there you are do you need help with the drinks.” Stiles said politely “Yeah thank you.” ___________________________________ One hour later Theo finds you in te middle of the crowd. “Hey,so did you think about it.” he asked “yeah I did I don’t want to be the good girl of the pack. How do I do that.” you replied to him. Well if you want to change you image you can leave with me.“ Without thinking you say okay and started ro walking out of the club with Theo. ___________________________________ 30 minutes later. “Where’s (y/n)” Lydia said worried. “Really where did she go” Scott said worried. “Hold on I’m texting her right now” Lydia said typing on her phone. You replied quickly “Sorry I didn’t tell you. But I went home year, don’t worry I got a ride.” Lydia read your text out loud. “Okay ” she responded to the text. ___________________________________ Two days later Stiles found you in your car. “(Y/n)” he noticed your new look and attitude. “What is it Stiles” you said. “What happened to you, why are you smoking.” he said worried. “This is the new me Stiles” You spot Theo and start climbing out of your car. “If you excuse me I have to go” you said as you walked towards Theo, putting his arm around you as you two walked into school. Leaving Stiles upset and jealous. ___________________________________ “He did something to her. He manipulated my innocent (y/n)” Stiles said to Scott. Sitting across for him at lunch. “What"Scott said confused. Stiles tried not to blush. “Ou..our (y/n). “Scott you’re coming with me to talk to Theo. "Fine” Scott replied. As they both looked at you sitting at a different table than them. ___________________________________ Stiles told Theo to meet up that the field that night while Scott stayed hidden. “What do you want with her. Huh. Tell me” Stiles yelled at Theo “Oh I see your jealous that I have you innocent (y/n) wrapped around my finger” “What did you tell her” “I didn’t tell her anything this was all her” “She would never do anything unles she felt pressured” Stiles said giving him a hard cold stare. “Okay I’m using her to get Void Stiles, I know you hate the fact of her being with an other guy that’s not you, and even hate it more if she’s with me” Theo said giving a mischievous smirk. “You’re doing this to get to me to get what you want” Stiles said. Hearing the conversation Scott texted you to meet them at the field saying it’s an emergency. ___________________________________ You drove uo to the field and saw Stiles punching Theo to the ground. You quickly got out of the car. “Stiles what the hell are you doing” “Do you know what he’s doing he’s using you (y/n)” Stiles said “what is this true Theo” you said looking at Theo on the floor. “No he’s lying to you (y/n)” “Am I” Stiles said pulling out his phone with the entire conversation they had earlier. “You lied to me, you used me Theo, how could you do that.” you say upset,like you were going to punch him. “ Please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you” Theo said trying to get your sympathy. “Just leave Theo, and don’t even dare speak to me again” with those words said Theo left. “I’m sorry” you said hugging Stiles. “He told me that you didn’t need me and that I shouldn’t bother to try to be in a relationship with you.” you start tearing up “He’s wrong. I need you. I love you (y/n). Just the way you are” “good” you say breaking the hug “cause I really hate this look” you said laughing “ and I love you too Stiles”.you say giving him a short hug. “Good cause I been waiting for this for a long time” he said and placing his lips against yours______________________________ Sorry if it sucks. And for bad spelling I don’t own any teen wolf characters or the song. Feel free to request and sorry I’ve haven’t been posting_bye

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you said your brother was cool, that he was strong. you lied, sans. i never met a skeleton so pathetic and foolish! hah, wiped him out in one hit. he couldnt even stand up to me! what an idiot. but yknow, i guess youre an even bigger idiot, if you genuinely believed he was capable of anything great. (with love, chara :))

*wow, kid. 

*you really are trying aren’t you? I admire your determination, but…
*you OBVIOUSLY haven’t met my brother if you think he’s anything but cool. 

*not to mention he’s very much alive, then again i wouldn’t put it pasta you to lie to my face. 

*I recommend you stay far away from papyrus.. if you know what’s good for you that is. 

*you wouldn’t want to have a bad time would you?

Wow. On this day 3 years ago I met this angel for the first time. I love and admire this man for 6 years now and my feelings have not changed.
Thank you Johnny for all the great moments you have given me and all the other people through the years. For the time you took to talk to everyone and give everyone your autograph. For just listening to everyone and being there for us.
For your smile. For being you. For being special.

Thank you for everything. I love you so so much. ♡

Hi, guys! It’s Somni or aka taemeow here, and the year is almost over! Oh my God. I know the past 12 months haven’t been the best ones to everyone, but I’m proud of you guys. We got this far and it’s a great accomplishment. We got so many people in the fandom this year, and you all are the best. We also lost some of us. The ones we lost will always be remembered and I’m sure they are on a better place right now, watching over us. But no more sad talk, I decided to make this follow forever (my second ever, oh my god), to thank some of you for helping me going through the hard times. And all of my followers, I love you all so much and thank you for caring about me and believing in my weirdness. I’d like to wish you amazing holidays and a 2014 better than 2013 was. You all deserve the best.

So here it goes the blogs that have my eternal love. I may not talk to some of you often but I really admire your work so much and yeah.

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          [img] Holy crap I hit 600! Alright gonna spare the gushy words for the time being because holy hell this is long enough, but HOT DIGGITY THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH WOW I’M A POTATO HERE WE GO!! Gonna read more for length (which isn’t that bad but I don’t want this to be annoying lmao)

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There's a lot I'd like to say,fitting into three categories.1)If my blog-trawling has been creeping you out,I'm sorry,2)a whole lot of squeaking and flailing about Toby,since I spent the first week and a half of her namesake month reading all currently published books in the series,&3)an inane,1st grade-like desire to approach you with a drawing of a frog dragon&a wide-eyed "CAN WE BE FRIENDS?"As a theoretically responsible adult,I'll keep it to the first two,with what I hope is - (con't)

Giant Ask is giant!  Here is the rest of it:

“- acceptable elaborations upon the second.  Which are as follows: thank you thank you THANK YOU,ye gods and little fishies,this is the first time since my twelve year old self got a Mercedes Lackey book for Christmas that I’ve encountered queer characters without having to specifically HUNT THEM DOWN and thus get disappointing The Tragedy of Queerness stories. I haven’t cried more than twice since getting on T a few years back, and I was close to weeping in joy over Walther in RRC (con’t,sorry!)

“-because holy SHIT he’s TRANS and he’s been in a bunch of books ALREADY and the “never, and always” line is just so PERFECT and…fuck, that means so much to me.  And BI PEOPLE.  There are never bi people!  Except there ARE and two of them are probably my favourite characters in the series aside from Toby herself - Tybalt and the Luidaeg.  Especially the Luidaeg, except maybe especially Tybalt? A cat character written by a cat person, a Snarky Nonhuman Love Interest who is (con’t)

“- a genuinely caring and responsible person and whose relationship with the main character is explicitly shown to require negotiation because it’s a RELATIONSHIP and who’s heartbroken about outliving his fandom because interests and friendships are important and…fuck I love him so much.  Suffice to say my broke ass dearly anticipates the day Rat Chaser may become available in more affordable format. Thank you, so much, for these characters, this world, and your internet presence.“

That is…a lot of words.  Wow, the words.  I can’t promise that many words, but I can sure try!

First off, if we’re ever at the same convention, please feel 1000% free to come up with a picture of a frog dragon and say hello.  I can’t promise instant friendship, because I’m just as socially awkward and weird as everybody else I know, but I can promise to be happy to meet you and to admire your frog dragon at great length, because hello, frog dragon.

Moving right along!  Walther is one of my favorite book-babies.  I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but he’s just so puzzled all the time.  Like, “wait, what?  Why is there another crisis?  It’s supposed to be one crisis a century, Toby, dammit, cut this shit out.”  And then he’s all running and flailing and having a miserable time.  Ordinary people in terrible situations are one of my secret delights.  Walther also has a life, has shit to do, and is continually vexed when Toby’s shit insists on intruding.  He makes me so happy.

Bi people are important!  We exist in the real world, in what would seem to be staggering numbers if people really believed in us (way too many people don’t, which is like, wow, really?  What do you think we’re doing, a mass, multi-generational performance art piece?), and I’ve always figured that meant we should exist in fiction.  Tybalt and the Luidaeg both lean a little more toward women, which sometimes leads me to the charming image of Tybalt making a pass at the Luidaeg’s girlfriend during the gap between Dylan and Anne, and then I need to giggle.  A lot.

Tybalt is best.  To anyone who doesn’t know what “Rat-Catcher” is, it’s a Tybalt-focused short story published in A Fantasy Medley 2, a limited edition hardcover from Subterranean Press.  It’s almost sold out, and once it sells out completely, I’ll be able to reprint the story.  So if you have someone asking what you want for your winter holiday of choice, I highly recommend this book.

Thank you for writing!