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A Solitary King… no longer?

Everyone knew that Furudate’s character development skills are unholy, but chapter 224 has honestly just slain me. Naturally, a lot of people expected Hinata to help Kageyama snap out of it again, but who would’ve thought it was going to happen in such a beautiful, stunning and meaningful way. He didn’t just help him get rid of the unwanted title — he actually made him accept it. Hinata showed him that it’s a part of Kageyama’s nature, one he shouldn’t just try to get rid of because others thought it was making him useless as a setter. Kageyama did leave it behind once, but it caught up to him in Miya’s words still, so this time Hinata took no chances: he managed to actually make Kageyama see his own value in a completely new light, and the fact that there was nothing wrong with disagreeing with his teammates as long as he kept his temper in check (and if he couldn’t, the rest of them would certainly point it out). 

Sure, Kageyama realized that he hasn’t been listening to his teammates after the harsh feedback from middle school, and he fixed it with Karasuno, but he also completely forgot that this communication should go both ways, and that it shouldn’t be just him adapting to the spikers. 

Hinata took something that’s been weighting Kageyama down for over a year, and he didn’t just throw it away for it to haunt Kageyama again later — he twisted this dark metaphor into something fresh and something good, something that would definitely help them all become stronger. And he did it with such sincere, and yet ridiculously simple words.

What makes Hinata such a good person isn’t just him seeing the good in people — it’s about making those people see it, and not even just see but also get accustomed to it and start using it to reach their goals. And while Kageyama is just one example, he sure is one of the toughest and brightest yet. 


Actor Fujimura Shunji, known by fans as “O-Hyoi-san”, passed away on Jan 25, 2017 due to heart failure at the age of 82.

He was both the model and the voice of Tanaka of Kuroshitsuji.

(this is him in the recording room for Kuroshitsuji, which happens to be the only anime he has ever worked on since the character is modeled after himself)

Toboso Yana expressed her condolences on Twitter.

Tanaka is a character I modeled after Fujimura Shunji-san, an old gentleman I have admired since childhood. Having Fujimura-san himself voice the character in the anime has been my utmost honor.

Without Fujimura-san, there would not be Black Butler today. Thank you very much. May he rest in peace.


This is much crackier than the previous episode’s iteration, but I love how the writers this season are having Sam explicitly draw on his own experiences to relate to and comfort others (12x05)

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


I realized that even though I’d included Ventress redesigns in two different historical AUs, I’d never actually drawn her properly? So here she is in all of her terrifying glory.

More Thrawn | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

IDK I just wanted to play around with colors and lighting and stuff.  :P

(more Thrawn fanart) | (more Star Wars fanart)


“I’m an enthusiast for people, and I don’t want them to become the enemy. I’ve seen that happen to colleagues who are disturbed the whole time, but there’s a certain degree of control you can have if you keep yourself to yourself. The kind of actors I admire move through different characters and genres. That’s the kind of actor I try to be. If you want that, you have to be circumspect about your private life.” – Andrew Scott


“Tarth. I’m biased, but she keeps it together.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to HBO on which character do you admire the most?

“I love the character of Jaime Lannister. He’s just so complex…” -Gwendoline Christie

“Gwen and I have a lot of fun together, I wish it could go on forever.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“And Nikolaj is a very special actor. He’s brilliant, hilarious and mercurial. And again, incredibly highly skilled. I felt nervous about acting opposite someone that was so highly skilled that I’d be working with so intensely, but he completely went for it from the beginning and was not afraid to go full-throttle on all of the scenes. And to really feed the relationship off-screen, too, by endlessly teasing me, haha. It’s really fun and hard work. He’s a brilliant actor. And I’ve had an absolute ball. I’ve had a real riot.“ -Gwendoline Christie

“If you meet Gwen, you’ll know that she is light.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something g r e a t will come of it.”


Youngjae is just too precious… He was so happy to walk around alone and exploring Toronto… He said hi to all the fans and this ahjumma fan is just too cute kkk I laughed hard when she said Yugyeom I love you
poor youngjae!!! but he took it so good naturedly… ❤️❤️ ahjumma said he’s special… indeed he’s so special!!! a ball of sunshine and he wasn’t afraid to talk to anyone with English 💕💕😢 precious baby, I admire his character so much

Hard Carry ep 9 Youngjae cut on VAPP

#got7 #youngjae #HARDCARRY

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Susie Carmichael from Rugrats~^^

I actually owe a lot to her because her singing and dreaming while she did it in “All Grown Up” was how I discovered my own singing talents and how much I loved doing it<3

She’s also just the best, cuz she was always kind and generous and protective and I really admired her for it which made her my favorite Rugrats character!!! :D

Why Garnet should break up

I like Garnet. She’s a admirable character, an awesome fighter and her sole song is the best one in the series. That said, for Steven Universe to unlock it’s true potential Ruby and Sapphire are going to need to split up, and do so for an extended period of time. A season at least.

Reason 1: Trouble in Paradise

First, let’s talk about Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship, because we need to get this out of the way: As a relationship, Garnet is unhealthy as fuck.

Ruby and Sapphire aren’t just close, they have been so close so long they no longer know how to exist as individuals. When they first got split up in Jailbreak, Ruby had a panic attack, and Sapphire was signing compulsively to comfort herself.

In Keystone Motel we saw another side of their instability. Ruby and Sapphire share a head most of the time, and yet aren’t actually capable of understanding each other. Ruby is highly emotional and short-sighted, while Sapphire is incapable of looking at the present and represses every negative feeling she has. Incidentally, this is likely why Garnet has three eyes, since the crew often uses many-eyed fusions to show that the components aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Hit The Diamond showed us a third side of this lovecraftianly fucked-up coin, with Ruby and Sapphire unable to stay apart long enough to do their job.

The point is, Ruby and Sapphire are such horribly stunted “individuals” that I just had to use quotation marks there. They can’t function apart and the crew continuing to depict them as a perfect couple isn’t just bad writing, it’s setting a bad example for their young viewers.

Reason 2: Character Development Ahoy!

Let’s be honest: a character with no way to move forward is just a plot device, and in a more mature series would be a prime target to kill off. As an individual, Garnet has no potential for growth as a character, but Ruby and Sapphire do, and they can’t do it fused together.

To clarify, I don’t want Ruby and Sapphire to split up permanently - I don’t think anyone does - but them developing hinges on the two of them making the entirely healthy decision to spend some time apart and put their relationship on hold. This may require them to split up until the finale or even the epilogue, but it will allow Ruby and Sapphire to become complex individuals the way the rest of the cast is, but they won’t be the only ones growing

Steven has grown a lot since the start of the series. He’s slimmed down, gotten better control of his powers, and is even starting to become emotionally mature. More than that, he’s become reliable, but the biggest step is still ahead of him.

I have no doubt that both the writers and Rose always intended Steven to become the leader of the Crystal Gems, but unless something happens to Garnet there is no convenient way for Steven to be thrust into that position.

Garnet splitting up allows Steven to take his next big step as a character, but it also gives him a safety net. Sapphire and Pearl are always there to guide him, and if he isn’t sure what to do, and Ruby and Sapphire can always fuse again to take the reins if need be.

Reason 3: Fusions

Okay, admit it. All of you want to see more fusions. With four crystal gems (ignoring Peridot and Lion), there are only 15 possible combinations and thus 11 fusions, only 3 of which we haven’t seen already. However, if we split Ruby and Sapphire up, the number of combinations becomes 31, adding 16 more potential fusions we haven’t met.

Can you honestly say you don’t want to see that? I’m already guessing that Sapphire and Pearl would form Moonstone, while Ruby and Pearl would be Sunstone respectively.

But yeah, bottom line: Garnet splitting up is best for the show

- 2 DAAAYYS OMG !!!(a little late :°D)

It’s Luna timeeeee <3
Her dress in Kingsglaive it’s adorable, so I draw her with that outfit :3
She is my second (or first? … DILEMMA) favorite character in FFXV!
She’s a very strong and feminine character, I admire her will and sense of duty <3 !  …

I suffered so much in the trailer “Omen” so please Noct, treat her well, ok ? :°D

Yuri On Ice Episode 8 recap
  • Theme song go!!!!!
  • Seems Yurio has a large of fanbase in-universe too. It’s nice to have real life imitate fiction. XD
  • Whooooo this episode is in Yurio’s perspective
  • That’s really cute. 
  • I love the old timey car Yuri’s grandpa drives. 
  • Good to see that Yurio at least had some positive experiences in Japan. You can’t escape the deliciousness of a Katsudon that enthrals men, my child. 
  • I really can’t put my finger on as to why? it but there goes my fucking ovaries 
  • Guess the press is going to gloss over the kiss scene, okay
  • Victor you piece of shit. Yes use the small child to distract the press 
  • Why are you so attractive Victor, I just can’t

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

  • Say what you want about Yurio but you got to admire his drive. While I admit he’s not my favorite character (that’s not to say I don’t love him), as my sister said you got to admire his ambition and confidence in his skill. As a character that’s what’s so appealing about him. 
  • Well hello Seung
  • Well hello Emil
  • Well hello Michele and Sala
  • I don’t know whether to think Michele’s relationship with his sister is cute or creepy
  • Lol that shade 
  • Yuri just quietly sneaking away 
  • This is one awkward elevator trip 
  •  Wait Yuri only has to rank 4th to get into the Grand Prix final??? Well then you got this Yuri. You are beautiful pork cutlet bowl that enthrals men. Plus you have some mad skill and stamina, you can do it. 
  • Knew Otabek was going to be in the Grand Prix but didn’t think he was already qualified. So is Chris apparently. Huh here I thought Phichit was already qualified to the Grand Prix. I am so confused. 
  • I love how Seung have like zero fucks to give. Also not a bad score. 
  • I feel like Emil is the character we know least about but still that program wasn’t too bad. 
  • Besides the fact that Michele is kissing his sister’s hand, I like to draw your attention to Emil cheering Italian bf from the sidelines 
  • I love Michele’s costume but I think we are going into the creepy territory in regards to his obsession with his sister. 
  • Never mind their relationship is absolutely adorable. At first I thought it was an overly protective brother and little sister relationship. However, it seems that Michele absolutely needs Sala as much as Sala needs Michele. Not sure how they’ll able to fit more character development for these two but I really want to see more of them. 
  • Where is Grandpa???? 
  • Fuck that’s cute
  • Please don’t be foreshadowing 
  • Not sure how to feel about the audience cheering for Victor rather than Yuri 
  • Well hello Eros Yuri, Victor did not expect that 
  • The idiot couple is too fucking cute
  • I know Yuri can do this performance but I still get so fucking worried that he may mess up
  • Is Yurio ok? And I like how Lilia is giving him a pep talk. 
  •  I love the women in this show. None of the women are two dimensional and it’s like they are actual characters who can serve a narrative purpose. 
  • Well Yuri nailed it and Victor is proud
  • Aww baby, hope nothing happened to his Grandpa. Not sure if I’ll be able handle that. 
  • Hahahaha Yurio stole Victor’s outfit. He’s like fuck you Victor, if you are not going to coach me then I’m going to steal your outfit and your music.  He certainly looks very nice in it. 
  •  Why are you both shocked??
  • Can you guys stop being cute for once in your life. I’m getting fucking cavities here. Still proud parents are super supportive of their son. 
  • No Yurio don’t freak out. Breathe in and out, in and out. You can do this buddy
  • Shit, Yuri broke his personal record by 3 points. Well done my son. 
  •  I’m done man. This is too much for me. Victor is kissing Yuri’s skate’s while Yuri is looking at him tenderly. Why are you guys such a perfect couple. Even the commenter couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as he said that. 
  • Aww they are cheering Yurio on. I like how Yuri said it in Russian and Victor said it in Japanese. Fuck you both and your dumb relationship goals
  • Well it certainly motivated Yurio, he doesn’t need an idiot couple cheering him on
  • Huh they acknowledged the fact that Victor choreographed Yurio’s short program. I guess in away he didn’t break his promise. I think
  • He’s not in the zone yet
  • Fuck he messed up his first jump. Please don’t let it get to you. 
  • I love Yurio man, he so mature for a kid his age. If it was anyone else this would have messed them up so bad. Nope our little kitten decided he’s going to keep going and try even harder and be the best. 
  • I hope this isn’t the last time we see agape. I want Yurio to really nail it. Hopefully in the Grand Prix final. 
  • Lol his fangirls are throwing cats on to the ice 
  • Whoever threw those cat ears you are now my hero
  • Well hello JJ. 
  • JJ is like the third person to do Eros as theme.
  • Didn’t expect him to be so full on. 
  • Well it’s not Yuri on Ice without a gratuitous ass shot 
  • The program is certainly is interesting. Is it me or does JJ kinda reminds you a bit of Jean Kirstein from Attack On Titan?
  • Why is everyone being compared to Victor? Is he like the yard stick now to measure how skilled a skater is? 
  • Well JJ is certainly an…interesting character. He sure as hell is skilled. It will be interesting to see his FS program. I think it’s given he’s going to go the Grand Prix final. 
  • Oh no
  • Please no
  • We all knew this was coming but it doesn’t make it anymore painful
  • Please let Makkachin live
  • Yuri’s having flashbacks of Vicchan. He doesn’t want Victor to go through the same thing 
  • Victor I would have thought you have stronger reaction to your dog potentially dying. Are you trying to stay strong for Yuri? What’s going on your head? We still don’t know much about him
  • Oh he doesn’t want to leave because of Yuri. He’s so conflicted. :( 
  • Is going to ask Yakov to look after Yuri? 
  • Yeah he did. Show’s how much Victor trusts Yakov 
  • Wait the episode is done??? You can’t end it like that. 

Final thoughts: 

  • I was wondering how what they’ll have to do in episode 8 to top episode 7 and in all honestly they couldn’t. Personally I think this is the weakest episode of YoI up until now. That’s not say this is a bad episode, it’s not even close. But the plot to me seems a bit disjointed compared to other episodes. 
  • Also I hoped that this episode will give us a more insight into Yurio. It did to an extent but not as much as I thought it would. Hopefully his character can be more expanded in the next episode. 
  • So I think it’s pretty much given that YoI universe is set up in a world where homophobia doesn’t exist. Don’t really have anything to say anything beyond that. 
  • I’m looking forward to the next episode. It’s going to be interesting to see them changing from  the competition in Russia to Victor in Japan. The writers definitely will have a tough job ahead of them to show everybody’s competitions, Yurio character development, Yuri and Yurio expanding their relationship, Yuri trying to skate without Victor by his side and on top of that having another main character dealing with a crisis in a completely different country. The writers of Yuri on Ice haven’t let me down yet and it will certainly be an interesting episode to watch. 
  • I really appreciate the Victuri moments that are sprinkled throughout this episode. It’s not as intense as last week’s but you genuinely see the relationship developing between Victor and Yuri. Their relationship seems to have changed since the last episode and in a very positive way. 
  • I like the fact that Yuri didn’t even hesitate to tell Victor that you should go back to Japan and he’ll be fine without him.  That takes love, trust and great amount of understanding. These two I swear are going be the absolute end for me. When I think they can’t get any cuter they continue to surprise me. 
  •  This episode demonstrated to me that we still know so little about Victor. I mean I understand since that this series is in perspective of Yuri and Yuri P to an extent so we don’t really get Victor’s POV. All of Victor’s internal monologue we got up until now has being in regards to Yuri. Hopefully since Victor’s going to be on his own now, we’ll get more insight on him as a character. Interestingly he’s not anywhere in the preview so I’m expecting some big things to happen next episode. How is he a main character and we still know no next to nothing about him? I hope this episode is setting up for a Victor backstory. We are  still very much in the dark about him as a character.  
  • As for who’s going to win the Rostelecom cup, I honestly don’t know. If I have to guess, I’ll say JJ will take gold. But I think there is no reason that Yuri or Yurio should miss the podium. Unless one of them have a break down again. After what’s set up in this episode I think that it’s going to be Yurio who’s going to be breaking down next episode.
  • Finally I predict the people who are going to go to Grand Prix from the Rostelecom Cup is Yuri, Yurio, JJ for sure. As for the final spot I think that will belong to Michele but that’s a guess on my part. Still hope some one score low enough that Phichit will get in. I haven’t had enough of my beautiful Thai Prince and his performance yet. 
Admirable Shoujo Girls

Shoujo…. shoujo…. I think I might be too old to really have an excuse for loving shoujo as much as I do. My excuse is that I have a “happily ever after*” high school romance, so I enjoy reading about stories that relate to my own. 

That being said, I’ve run across more than enough of annoying stereotypes when it comes to shoujo manga and I’m over it. BUT I’ve also encountered some rather awesome characters that disappoint me for not being real people. These are some characters that inspire me to shift through the overly excitable/cutesy and talented/tsundere cookie cutter character. 

Kerubayashi Teru of “Dengeki Daisy” 

“Go bald Kurosaki!” Man, just thinking about this little spunky nugget makes me want to read Dengeki Daisy all over again. Teru, orphaned by older brother to stomach cancer, Teru depends on daily emails from the mysterious Daisy to get through her loneliness and grief… not realizing that the Daisy she’s never met is actually her school’s janitor and hacker/cracker in hiding. Teru, while definitely a teenager, is such a crazy goofy old soul you can’t blame the older and far more troubled Daisy/Kurosaki for falling so head over heals for her. She’s super silly but extremely intuitive. She doesn’t follow any of the normal rules, and she’s manages to stick is out through some pretty gnarly situations without loosing one bit of herself to despair or doubt. She knows exactly who she is, what she stands for, and what (and who) she wants out of life. I would kill for an anime… or even a sequel manga series JUST for her antics. 

Yosano Suzume of “Hirunaka no Ryuusei” 

Seafood obsessed country bumpkin. Suzume falls in love with her sensei, a friend of her uncle’s and, initially unbeknownst to her, her high school homeroom teacher. While she’s quick to fall in love, she’s extremely aware of the moral dilemma falling in love with her teacher poses. That being said, Suzume doesn’t fall into the trappings of the usual shoujo student/teacher love affair. Suzume definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, even if it’s a little out of tune with everyone else… or in some cases, even herself. She’s a little slow at times, but she has so much honest enthusiasm that you just can’t help but root for her (regardless of her romantic interest). I wish I had that level of self-confidence. Even though she’s surrounded by a bunch of girly girls, she doesn’t fall into shallow trappings, and is quietly adored for it. She’s kind, friendly and just extremely loveable. There’s no anime, probably wont be… but… that’s okay. I think I’d only watch is for Suzume and the aquarium scenes. 

Shirayuki of “Akagami no Shirayukihime” 

Oh, the future king wants to marry her just because she has red hair? “No thanks, here’s my hair (chops it off, encloses it in an F-You letter) that you like so much… adios.” Shirayuki is smart, stupid brave, tough as nails and so optimistic you wonder if it’s something she brewed and bottled. After leaving her home and the prince’s unwelcome advances behind, she escapes to the neighbouring country only to get tangled up in yet another royal net. Zen though, is the exact opposite of what Shirayuki expects from royalty, and after some harrowing encounters, she decides to use her smarts and hard work to become a royal pharmacist and Zen’s ally. I love this manga because it is such an amazing example of what healthy relationships (romance and otherwise) should be… plus, costume design porn. There so much mutual respect and adoration amongst the characters that the romance, while still wonderful and poignant, doesn’t override the development of the main characters and the supporting cast. DID I MENTION THE ANIME IS COMING OUT IS JULY? 

Princess Yona of “Akatsuki no Yona” 

She may be weak, she may be tiny. But this girl’s got a fire that will practically make you shit your pants if she decides you look your way. She’s the reincarnated Dragon King and she’s got some mythical dragon warriors (plus a personal Thunder Beast, a handsome boy-in-waiting and a squirrel) to string you up if she so chooses. Except this despot princess has a genuine heart of gold and is essentially a kitten with some major claws. I love her because despite what she’s got to work with, who’s working for her and her beginnings, she aims to be stronger, smarter and faster for the sake of those important to her. I cannot wait to see where this girls going and what kind of shit goes down when she gets there. If only she wasn’t a dimwit when it comes to a certain dark dragon. 

If you haven’t read any of these mangas, I hope that this inspires you to try one or two. Everyone’s tastes are a little different and while shoujo definitely has its niche, I’m suggesting these ones because while they’re definitely shoujos, the’ve got some interesting edges that make them so sweetly different. I’m still pretty new to the world of manga myself, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear ‘em! 

Anyways, happy reading!