i admire him so much and if you don't know him this is a great way to start ok

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I'm kinda interested in what you think , newt would be like under the influence of alcohol. Like I don't see him being a person to really drink but just IF he would get drunk? Would you consider writing about that?

I do consider! And you know what, I did!
Warning: Little long…I ramble (oops)

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Newt was never much of the partying type. In all honesty, he was a bit intimidated by the ones who were. At Hogwarts, the other wizards went to the Yule ball or went on expeditions to Hogsmeade, while he would stay behind and spend time with his creatures.
He didn’t mind, of course. He always found himself more at home with creatures than humans, so a Friday night at home with Pickett was better than any night out at a pub.
But he knew he couldn’t stay that way forever, and he realized he had to step out of his comfort zone when you asked him to your favorite muggle pub in the city.
He had fancied you ever since your first day at the ministry, and he admired everything about you. He admired how gentle you were with his creatures and how naturally they seemed to act around you as well. He admired how you would actively speak out for the rights of magical beasts, and although they often went unheard to the public, he took every single speech of yours to heart.
But you never seemed to notice how hopelessly in love with you he was, and it broke him a little more every day.

That was until last night, when you finally asked him out, and Newt, being the hopeful little fellow he is, was sure this would be the night when everything took off between you two. Your first date.

Just…why did it have to be around alcohol?
He was never a fan of drinking, honestly, he never really saw the appeal.
However, he didn’t want to come off as a prude on your first date, so he thought, why not? It’s only one night.
He suddenly found himself at the steps of the “Mayflower”, a few minutes tardy thanks to the raging snowstorm. He knew you would be on the other side of that door, probably dressed so beautifully it would make him weak in the knees. He prepared himself and took a deep breath.
He then pushed open the wooden doors, and immediately found you at the bar, laughing and talking to another man. What little confidence he had left him as he realized, this was, in fact, not a date.
His heart sank a little bit, but he approached you anyway.
“(Y/N)” he tried to pull your attention from Nick, waving a little bit, and collecting his hands in his lap.
Your eyes flickered over to him, and they immediately lit up.
“Newt! Hey, you made it!” The enthusiasm in your voice made his heart skip a beat.
“O-of course I did” he chuckled. “I’m sorry, who is this?”

Your attention flashed back to the man you were talking to, then smiled.
“Oh, this is Nick! We use to go to school together. We were all in the same year at Hogwarts, yet never knew each other. Isn’t that fascinating?” she pointed to the frighteningly muscular man, who in Newt’s opinion, had a rather silly haircut and poor taste in fashion.
“Yes that’s very fascinating” he muttered, then took a seat next you, opposite of ‘Nick.’
“Oh, we already ordered,” He stated, and Newt breathed a sigh of relief.
“Oh, that’s very ok, I-”
“It’s alright, I’ll wave him back over here!”

“…don’t like to drink” Newt finished, so quietly no one could hear him.
He shifted in his seat uncomfortably, not even knowing how to order at a pub.

Maybe he should just go home, he thought, he needed to check on the Occamies.

He shoved a hand into his pocket, and was about to stand from his seat when he met your eyes, and suddenly, he forgot why he ever wanted to leave in the first place.
“Sounds great”
Four shots of some strange brown liquor later, Newt wasn’t feeling so good. The waiter kept bringing them out, and he kept drinking purely out of peer pressure. He didn’t feel anything at first, which is why he agreed to so many.
You and this ‘Nick’ guy were reminiscing over your past Gryffindor days, exchanging ‘hilarious’ stories about your classes and adventures, ones that he obviously couldn’t empathize with.
So he took two more shots.
Now he was starting to feel dizzy, and with that, rather not himself. Any anxiety or crippling fear of rejection he previously held onto suddenly vanished into thin air.

It felt good, he thought.
“And with that, I’ve got to run.” Nick said, glancing at the wall clock behind the bar. Newt felt himself looking up at the man, a smile creeping onto his lips.

“Yes, yes very nice of you to join us! I very much look forward to our next excursion together, just you, me, and the lovely (Y/N). Godspeed my good man!” Newt shoved his empty shot glass from his hand, and shook Nick’s rather roughly.
“Oh…alright” Nick was giving him a very peculiar expression, but turned his attention to you instead. Newt felt a pang in his chest, and his face twisted into a scowl.

“I truly look forward to seeing you again” he leaned down to kiss your hand, and lingered a bit too long for Newt’s liking.

Who is this woman, the Queen? Move along!

“Newt…good seeing you” he made sure to keep his distance from the drunken Brit, then exited the pub in a haste, leaving you and Newt alone at the bar.

Once Nick was out the doors, your expression hardened, and you looked at Newt in concern.

“Newt, how much did you drink?” your voice was low.

“I’m not so pip-poppity sure…but there was this-” he paused for a hiccup.

“Pardon me! Anywho, there were these tiny glasses with this strong, brown liquid in them! Did you know these small glasses could hold so much pleasantry?”

“Alright that’s enough of an answer for me. I’m bringing you home.” You take a couple bills from your wallet and place it on the counter under your coaster.

Newt, sensing the change in atmosphere, frowned deeply and pouted.

“B-but I don’t want to leave! We’ve been having such a lovely evening, I would hhhhate for it to come to an end over something so s-s-silly.” you laugh as Newt slurred out a string of wordy dialogue.

“Our night isn’t ending, we’re just taking it to the next location! I know that you’ll find your flat far more enjoyable than this sweaty little pub.” You smile as you place a hand on his shoulder. Newt was staring back at you, then pressed his cheek against your hand, nuzzling into it like a cat.

“Y-yes…I do like that idea”

You helped him out of his chair and stagger through the doors, into the freezing London night.

“Is there anyone around?” you ask pointlessly to the wasted man beside you.

You take out your wand, and apparate the two of you to his flat.

“Here we are” you breathe, and you remove your arm from under Newt’s shoulder.

Newt, suddenly feeling the lack of your presence, slumped on the couch and lied down.

“Will you stay with me?” he asked, voice full in sensitivity.

You looked back at him, surprised from the sudden call of affection.


“Will you stay here tonight? I’ll even make us some tea, we’ll have a lovely evening!” he began to stand, but immediately crashed back down onto the sofa.

“A-actually, can you make it? I’ll assist you by sending good thoughts and positive anecdotes!”

You chuckle at the wizard, practically blacked out on his sofa and spitting nonsense.

“Of course I’ll stay here. Wouldn’t want you getting into any trouble, would we?” you turn your back to him to inspect the cupboard, finding more exotic herbs rather than food for humans.

“You know, a wise man by the name of Gandhi once said-” you cut him off with your own question.

“That’s great Newt, but do you mind telling me why there’s more creature than human food in your cupboard?”

He lifted his head slightly, but plopped it right back down again, gazing at the ceiling.

“I don’t have many guests around, my creatures are the most important things to me…well besides you of course.” you freeze, completely forgetting about your search for the tea bags. You turn, a confused look on you face.

“You think I’m important to you?” Newt giggled in response, as if it was the silliest question he’d ever heard. He then sat up, and hugged a cushion under his chin.

“Of course you are. You are the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and prettiest girl I’ve ever known.” you felt your face flush a deep shade of red.

“You already said pretty”

“That’s because it’s extra true”

“You need to go to bed Newt” you press, closing the cupboards and going to help him again, but he put his arm out, refusing.

“Don’t deny it! You’re one of the brightest, and most talented witches anyone’s ever known, and anyone who has the fortune to work with you knows it. Especially me” you listened to him ramble on and on, obviously not recognizing the severity of his veracity.

But you couldn’t stop a smile from forming.

“You really feel that way?” His glossy eyes met yours, then smiled warmly.

“I really do” then he yawned, and turned his head away from the harsh ceiling light.

He almost immediately fell into slumber, and you watched him happily as his chest rose and fell with every breath.

You weren’t sure if he was speaking the truth, or if it was the alcohol, but you did know one thing.

Newt was going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow.

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Nalu “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” if you don't mind :3

Great choice >:D

For forgottenwhispersxo, ‘cause she’s drunk again. :D

Hot steam rose around Lucy, warming her wet skin where it was not submerged in water. Sweetly scented bubbles slipped through her hands as she tried to grab a hold of the foam around her.

She leaned back with a happy sigh, grabbing a towel to dry her hands. There was not much she loved more than taking a lenghty bath to shake off the day’s agitation.

And what better company was there than a glass of red wine and a good book?

Lucy was just about to reach over to grab her copy of ‘Bad Omens’ when her phone started vibrating. Her hand swayed and instead grabbed the little device, that had been resting right beside the book.

She leaned back against the stone of her bathtub to read the text. Levy, asking if she had time tomorrow. After answering, she decided to get a look at herself. It had been a few days too long since her last selfie session had passed.

With the front camera on, she admired her features, and the way her cheeks had become a rosy red from the heat. Positively cute.

Too cute to let it go to waste.

Lifting her left, bubble-covered hand up, she brought the glass of red wine to her lips and gave the phone her best bedroom look. The result was more than satisfying, and with a chuckle she decided that the woman who would most appreciate this work of art had to be her drinking buddy, Cana.

Bet you’d like a bite of this.

Oh, she’d show her. Maybe this, finally, would be enough to make the brunette lose her composure. Her thumb pressed enter, and she put the phone back down, exchanging it for the book.

It didn’t take long until another vibration ripped her from the story. Would she ever be able to finish it? Putting it down once again, she quickly snatched her phone up, excited for the response.

It was not what she had expected.


The face that grinned at her from the screen was most definitely not her friend. But what it was, definitely, was dashing.

She stared for a moment longer, her eyes resting on the thumbs up he motioned with his hand, until her senses kicked back in.

A million questions shot through her head.

“Oh please, don’t let this be the wrong number.” she murmureed to herself. This would be embarassing enough as it was.

Are you a friend of Cana’s?

This time, she didn’t put the phone back down. When her screen flashed up, she almost dropped it into the water.

Who? Nope! I think you got the wrong number, haha. But it was a nice pic! Happy thought so too! :p

What?! She bent forwards so fast that a big wave almost swashed over the edge of the tub.

You showed the picture to a friend?! 

What?? Oh, nono, Happy is my cat! :D

How should I have known that???

…true, I guess. Sorry haha. Anyways, I’m Natsu. Nice to meet ya!

Lucy stared at the screen in disbelief. Had he just introduced himself after she had accidentally sent him a selfie? And had they just started a conversation?? How did that happen? 

And, most importantly, what should she do now?

Her heart had begun pounding. She was enjoying this, and she knew it. It seemed so easy talking to him. For a moment, she pondered her possibilities. Her index finger moved over the screen, scrolling back up to the picture.

What caught her eye first, again, was his salmon hair that stood wild and untamed on his head. And indeed, behind him, on what probably was a bed, she caught sight of a furry tail. But his eyes - they were so captivating, sparkling as if they knew a secret. Which they did, she realized. Her embarassing selfie.

The decision had been made before she even realized it, had it not?

She found herself mesmerized by this stranger, and she needed to know more about him.

I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you too:)

Shivers travelled down her spine when she sent the message, and she wondered what would happen now. Was this the beginning of something… grand? Or, more likely, would he laugh at her and never write again? Oh dear.

She sunk deeper into the water, until it reached her chin, holding the phone up as if it were her saving grace.

“Please answer.” she pleaded. Then: “God, Lucy, get a grip on yourself.”

She shook her head, trying to rid herself of all the scenarios her mind was spinning. This would be okay. She had nothing to lose.

“You got this.”

Then her phone beeped, and she almost fainted.

So… tomorrow, at ‘The Fairy’s Tail’? 4pm ok?