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When Bae speaks ft. Rest of EXO v/s Park Baekhyun.

Edit: (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself from adding this cause just look at their hilarious faces omg I tried really hard not to okay)

Do Kyungsoo : UFO spotted

Kai : Are they feeding my dog on time? Is he sleeping well? Does he miss me like I do?

Suho : I’m done raising them so whateves

Chen : It’s called The Mannequin Challenge bitches

Minseok : WOAH THE SKY IS…….. BLUE?

Baekhyun : I’m listening honey. I love you.

Sehun : Just…….. why…….. Life?

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Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I was wondering. Will the character page continue to add more characters as the story progresses or will it only have the main three (Chara, Frisk and Asriel) while updating their likes/dislikes and stuff?

We will continue to add more characters, but unreliably and very slowly. We always wait until the character has been properly and fully introduced before adding them. Also, pixel art is hard.

@Squirreltastic and I were talking and we found out there’s no formal term for a group of scarecrows. That’s when we had to take matters into our own hands and come up with a term ourselves

Some suggestions where:

  • A conspiracy of Scarecrows
  • A scream of Scarecrows
  • A spook of Scarecrows
  • A fright of Scarecrows
  • A decoy of Scarecrows

and then it got silly…

  • “My family” (pthhh…)
  • A scareCREW
  • A hroo of Scarecrows (or a hraa)
  • Whatever you want they wont reply
Meeting the Families- Brendon Urie

Request- I just read your most recent Josh fic and it was amazing!!! I was wondering if you could do a Tyler x readre where he takes her to meet his parents? <3.

A/N: me and this person changed it up a bit so yes it’s now about Brendon Urie. Thanks for working with me as I kind of changed your request <3. Also I added pictures because who don’t need to see some adorable baby Brendon Urie am I right? Anyways enjoy!

“Okay yeah, next weekend will work.” you were on the phone with your parents as Brendon walked into the room and sat next to you. “I gotta go, we’ll see you next weekend. Love you too bye.” when you said we’ll Brendon’s gaze went straight to you.

“We’ll?” he questioned once you hung up.

“Sorry, but yeah, both of us.” you said feeling slightly guilty. Brendon had yet to meet your family and he wasn’t looking forward to it. Either were you. You were the youngest of the family and to say they were protective over you would be an understatement. Not to mention they didn’t approve of Brendon, they thought he was a bad person and that he didn’t know what he was doing with his life. They didn’t care to listen to you when you told them about how he was a successful musician. They tended to be very judgmental and you were the complete opposite of your family.

“Well since I have to go, you have to meet my parents then.” he said. You hadn’t met his parents just yet because you were just too scared to, afraid of them hating you.

“Really?” you said.

“Yup. Now tell me things to be prepared for your family.” he said excitedly. He’s been wanting to meet them for a while, but you always told him no, knowing how rude they could be. You were scared they would scare him off.

“Well my mom and dad will only go by Mr. Y/L/N and Mrs. Y/L/N for now.” you said. “My aunts and uncles will try to get to marry me right away. Oh and stay away from my aunt Linda, she’s a crazy cat lady who will make you a sweater in an hour without you wanting it.”

“How will I know which one she is?” he asked.

“Oh, you will. Okay I have my 2 older brothers who will ask you all the questions about why you think you can date me, and they’re going to try and scare you off.”

“Do you have any people who won’t be giving me a questionnaire when I walk in the door?” he joked.

“Yeah, my grandmother but that’s because she sleeps through the whole party.” you said. “Also be careful, my brothers and dad are probably going to monitor you like crazy.” you continued.

“I wasn’t nervous at first, but now I sort of am.” he admitted.

“Don’t be, because even if they don’t like you I still will.” you said placing a light kiss on his cheek. “Now what do I need to know about your family?”

“Well we’re pretty normal. My mom and dad already love you and my siblings aren’t going to care.” he said and you felt a little better hearing that.

For the next week you prepared Brendon with things to say and not to say around your family. Some of them being no swearing, no mention of drugs or alcohol, and basically just go along with anything they talk about.

“Does this look good?” he asked as he tried on his 3rd outfit that day.

“Yes, it looks fine. Don’t be nervous, you’ll do fine.” you said calming him down. He had been freaking out for the past hour or so about what to wear, how to do his hair, and what to say to your family.

“Okay, okay. You’re right, I need to calm the fuck down.” he said taking a deep breath.

You giggled lightly at how adorable it was seeing him freaking out over this. When really you were hiding your freak out. You knew they were going to make judgements as soon as they saw his tattoos and heard more about his career.

Once you arrived at your parents house that afternoon you turned to Brendon and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“You got this, just be careful. I’ll be right there to help you with answers.

He shook his head and you lead him to the door.

“Your favorite child is here.” you announced as you walked into the house.

“You so weren’t the favorite.” your brother Andrew said to you as he met you with a hug.

“So this must be Brendon?” he said looking Brendon up and down.

“Yes, this is Brendon and back off Andrew before you scare him.” you said pushing past him with Brendon in hand.

“Hey there Y/N how’s it going?” your dad asked from the couch where all your uncles, other brother John, and asleep grandma sat.

“Good, this is Brendon everyone, Brendon that’s my Grandma, uncle Pete, uncle Dan, my Brother John, and my dad.” you said pointing out each.

John sat up in his seat and glared at Brendon.

“Hello Brendon. So, you’re Y/N’s boyfriend?” your father asked.

“Yes I am sir, it’s great to finally meet you.” he said shaking your dad’s hand.

“Well Brendon you’re coming into a interesting family.” your uncle Pete joked.

“We’re going to go say hi to the rest of the family now.” you said pulling him along to the kitchen where your mom, and 2 aunts sat chatting.

“I thought I heard you come in.” you mother said hugging you.

“Yeah got here just a few minutes ago. Anyways, Brendon this is my mom, aunt Linda and aunt Kathryn. This is Brendon everyone.” you said taking in the stare your mother had on Brendon.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Y/L/N.” he said shaking her hand.

“So Brendon what do you do for a living?” your aunt Kathryn asked him helping with the awkward silence. After listening to him talk for a little bit you saw him relax slightly.

“I’ll be right back okay?” you said and he shook his head while listening to you aunt Linda’s conversation about her newest cat.

You went down the hall to the bathroom, but were stopped before you could get there.

“Y/N, just the person I wanted to talk to.” said your uncle Pete said to you. He and your aunt Kathryn were never judgmental and were open to everyone. “So your brothers and dad are planning on getting Brendon away from you for a while to question him, but your aunt and I got you covered. Did you prep him for the things they’re going to ask him about?” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s really nervous and I should probably get back to him before aunt Linda starts naming all her cats.” you said and your uncle laughed.

“Good luck, he seems like a good person.” he said and you continued onto the bathroom.

You went back into the kitchen a few minutes later to see Brendon missing.

“Where’s Brendon?” you asked your mother.

“I think your brothers went outside with him. Let them talk-” she said but you walk away before hearing the rest.

You went out to the back porch to see to see your dad and both your brothers talking to Brendon. He looked calm and you thought you would let him talk for himself for a minute before going outside. You could heard the entire conversation.

“So what are you looking to do with Y/N? I mean you don’t have a stable joke, are you using her for her money?” you father questioned.

“No, no sir. I would never. I actually do have a stable job, my band is very successful and we are actually going on tour in 3 months. I’m in love with your daughter and I’m just looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her. We’ve been together for almost 3 years and I would never do anything to hurt Y/N, she’s my everything.” Brendon said.

“Why did you wait this long to meet us?” John asked.

“I actually wanted to meet you guys a while back, but Y/N was discouraging it. I’m sorry we waited so long.”

“Oh so you’re blaming this on my sister?”

“No, I- sh-” you saw he was getting nervous so you went outside and interrupted the conversation.

“What’s going on out here?” you asked.

“Just asking him some questions. You can go back inside Y/N we have a few more questions to ask him.” you father spoke.

“No, I’m gonna stay right here. So what kind of questions?” You asked grabbing Brendon’s hand and he calmed down.

“Well just, never mind. Brendon I’m still not done with you. I’m not sure you’re for Y/N. I’ll give you a chance, but only because Y/N seems happy.” you father said before walking away.

“Yeah just know if you hurt her, your will be hurt 10 times worse.” Andrew warned.

“Andrew shut up and leave him alone.” you said and watched them all walk back inside.

“Breathe Brendon, you did fine.” you said kissing him on the cheek. “I heard that you said you were in love with me, are you really?”

“Y/N you know that. I will love you for the rest of my life, I will love you even if your family hates me, and I hope you will love me the same.”

“I do Brendon. Never doubt my love for you. Now let’s get back inside and finish this damn party. I’m sick of my family already.” you said leading Brendon back inside.

You sat in the living room talking to your uncle Pete and aunt Kathryn.

“I’ve heard of some of your songs before. I’m a music teacher and a few kids in my class are huge fans. You’re very talented.” your aunt told Brendon.

“Thank you, I like to think I have talent. That’s really cool that you heard of me before.”

“Brendon do you think you’ll ever tie the knot with my niece anytime soon?” your uncle Dan came in interrupting the conversation.

“Uncle Dan stop.” you said.

“It’s a real question. You’ve been together for what 3 years when will I get some great nieces and nephew. I’m getting old and we both know your brother’s can’t keep a girl for the life of them.” he said.

“Dan stop pressuring the poor kids. They’re young and living their lives.” you uncle Pete said standing up for you.

Finally the food was ready and that meant the party was closer to ending.

You and Brendon sat close to the end where your dad sat. when Brendon rolled up his sleeve his Frank Sinatra tattoo showed.

“Who is that Brendon?” you dad asked.

“Oh this is Frank Sinatra. I’ve been very inspired by him.” Brendon explained and your dad listened. You saw your dad taking a liking to Brendon more and more as they struck up conversation.

Soon both your brothers were in the conversation and you were relieved that they were talking not just questioning.

After you all at you helped you mom clean up the mess.

“So your father and brothers like Brendon. He seems like a good man, I’m glad you found a good one.” you mother commented and you stopped your actions.

“Wait so like you all like him?”

“Yes darling. He’s very sweet. Don’t get me wrong he still isn’t 100% in your father’s book, but nobody will ever be for his little girl. I trust him and I hope to see more of him.” you hugged her before she could finish her statement.

“Thank you mom.” you said.

You finished cleaning the kitchen up and went out to see Brendon laughing while talking to your brothers.

“Bren, I think it’s time we go, you have to be in the studio all day tomorrow.” you reminded him.

“Right, well it was nice meeting you guys.” he said standing from the chair and shaking the hand of your brother’s one last time. “And Mr. Y/L/N it was a pleasure getting to talk to you.” you said goodbye to the rest of the family, Brendon leaving a good impression on all of them.

“Y/N can I have a minute with Brendon alone?” your father asked.

“I’ll meet you in the car.” Brendon told you taking in ho hesitant you seemed, but he felt confident.

You headed out to the car and waited.

When Brendon came back out you saw he had a big smile on his face.

“What did he say?” you asked nervous of what your father might have said to Brendon.

“He said he approves of me.” Brendon said still with a huge grin on his face as he drove.

“That’s the only thing? You look really happy?”

“That’s all you have to worry about love.” he said and kissed your hand. “Now next weekend you meet my family. Are you ready?”

“Sure as long as they are as normal as you said.”

“Trust me they are very normal compared to your family.”

The next weekend

“Hi there you must be Y/N. we’ve heard so much about you.” his mother greeted you with a hug.

“All good things I hope.” you smiled.

“He made you sound like an angel.” his father told you.

“That’s because she is.” Brendon said kissing you. “She makes me the happiest I could ever be.”

You felt so comfortable the entire time. His siblings were all so nice and his parents loved you.

You were currently around the table with his mom and one of his sisters looking some old family pictures.

“This was when he was about 2. His sister Kayla took scissors to his hair.” his mother said pointing to the picture.

“Aww he’s so adorable.” you said.

“Oh god don’t show her pictures.” Brendon said sitting next to you.

“Why they’re so cute. You looked like a dork.” you said.

“I look like a 35 year old women in this one mom. You did you dress me like that.” he said at another picture.

“Brendon shut up. You look like an adorable little kid who did whatever his parents told him to do.” you said poking him in the side so he would stop ridiculing his younger self.

“Just don’t show her my high school pictures. Those are the worst.” he said then leaving the room.

His mom showed you those next and he really did look like a total dork, but you love him.

After many hours of conversation and laughter you and Brendon were about to leave. You finish your goodbye and they all welcomed you back anytime.

“So did you like them?”Brendon asked as you got into the car.

“Yes. I love your family they were all so nice. I’m sorry you had to deal with mine.” you apologized.

“You can’t help that your family is terrifying and that I was anxious the entire time.” he said then you sat in some comfortable silence as you drove back home.

“So did my mom end up showing you all the high school pictures?” he asked.

“Yup.” you laughed.

“I’m so sorry. I went through some awkward stages.”

“You were such a dork yet so cute. Maybe one time I’ll show you mine.” you said.

“You were probably hot in high school.”

“Nope. I wore a hoodie and sweatpants everyday and had pimples everywhere. Growing up with older brothers made me a bit of a tomboy. I finally got to senior year and ditched the sweats for dresses. I’ll never go back to that. Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure I burned all evidence of those 3 years.” you said and Brendon laughed.

“I could always tweet out the school you went to and the year you graduated. I bet someone will find a yearbook with your picture.” Brendon tease.

“Don’t, I mean it Brendon. Those pictures could be the break point in this relationship.” you warned and he laughed.

“Nothing will break us. I love you way too much for a picture to change that.” he said kissing your hand as he drove.


Note: This is for the 1k raffle I did forever ago and yeah! This is @loopietoopie ’s prize! Enjoy!

Warnings: None!

Summary: Daveed comes home from a trip and comes back with a surprise…

Word count: About 600
It all started when you were sat on the couch on your phone. Not really searching anything, just, exploring. Daveed was sitting at his desk, writing down lyrics for… some project. You were scrolling through your Facebook and you came across an ad.

“Small female pug for sale! Needs a home!”

You gasped as you looked through the few pictures they had of the little puppy. It seemed to be the runt of the group, which only made you want it more.

Daveed was writing down lyrics. Words flying across the page as he jammed out to one of his favorite albums. He looked at the page, tore it out, and threw away the paper. Nothing good was coming to his mind. He was trying to get something, even a sentence, that he liked. As he slid off his headphones and rested his head on the table in defeat. He heard a gasp and very quick footsteps coming to his small office/recording studio.

He sat up as he immediately felt your presence in the room.

“What is it honey?”

You shoved your phone into Daveed’s hands and gave him a second to look through the post.

“…So you want this puppy.”

“Yes! She’s so cute! Like I want to stab my eyes out she’s RIDICULOUSLY cute!”

Daveed laughed a bit, “Honey you know we don’t have the room for a dog. And I’m always gone all the time…”

You sighed, “But… Then she’ll keep me company.”

“Hm… We’ll see I guess. You should probably head to bed soon baby.”

“Yeah… I assume you’ll stay up writing then… Goodnight babe.” You lean down a bit to press and soft kiss to his lips. He smiles, “Goodnight babe.”

Little did you know he has a plan up his sleeve.

It was the next morning and you woke up to find the bed empty. No warm, strong arms wrapped around you. You got out of bed and looked into Daveed’s office. Nothing. Kitchen. Nothing. Bathroom. Nothing. You checked basically everywhere and Daveed was just… gone.

This is when worry started to settle in. You called him a couple times and sent a few texts to get no reply. Eventually you have up and decided that maybe he went on a walk and his phone had died… or something like that.

An hour passed and you were of course, very worried. You tried to do things to preoccupy yourself but the lack of Daveed in your apartment didn’t feel right. You were sitting on a chair reading a book when the door opened to reveal Daveed. Holding a small pug.

“No way…” You said as you sat down your book and rushed over to take the small puppy.

“When did you- is this why you were gone all day?!”

He laughed, “Surprise!” Neither him or you could stop your smiling. He took off his coat and you sat the puppy down, allowing her to walk around a bit.

“You are a man of many surprises, Diggs.” You smiles and kissed him, putting your arms around his neck. You pulled away and went over to the puppy. Kneeling down to pet her gently and scratching behind her ear.

“So what do you wanna name her?” Daveed said as he kneeled down next to you.

“How about… Tony Award Nominated Daveed Diggs?”

He laughed and kissed your cheek, “What about… Petunia!”

“I like it… Petunia L/N Diggs.” You smiled and held up the puppy, kissing it’s tiny nose.


Autumn: He took the last piece of the cake I was saving! Hid it in his fridge in his room! And he took the frosting from the middle!

Jasper: I didn’t know it was your cake. I needed to test a new experiment with my coffee this morning.

Autumn: What?

Jasper: I added the frosting to my coffee. The texture was strange but the idea behind it I think could be worked out if Edward will help me with the chemistry of it.

Edward: Cake flavored cream for coffee?

Jasper: Exactly. The taste itself is delicious but with the thickness of the frosting it takes away from the coffee’s smoothness.

Autumn: You are such a freak.

Velvet: Be nice to your brother. Jasper please ask next time you take from the family fridge. This is why we renovated your room to have a fridge and counter space remember?

Jasper: Sorry. I really didn’t know it was yours.

Autumn: Whatever.

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Was the advertisment project for sanggyun a success?

Yes!! Im so sorry for the late reply but it was ~
They even made another for a separate ad in his home town!! The ads should be up i believe june 2nd(?) something like that but they’re going up! :D
I’ll post what they look like in a bit ~
Thank you all who contributed ^^

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Hi Steph! 2 Questions: (1) Can you explain what your "Buy Me a Coffee" button is about and (2) do you take fan art requests/commissions?

Hi Nonny!! Sorry, this got lost in the huge pile of asks I got yesterday (asks like this I usually reply to immediately, and I’m sorry). I hope you still see this in the interim!

1) “Buy me a Coffee” is Ko.fi, which is like a virtual “tip jar”. Content creators like myself can ask for small 3-dollar incremental “tips” to help support their work. I don’t want people to feel like the HAVE to give me money to absorb my content, so I don’t promote it often. I don’t get paid at all to write my meta or advice like a newspaper columnist; Tumblr creators don’t make money from ad revenue at all (that and I hate ads, so I keep them off on my blog). I have a full time job at the moment that pays me well, so I don’t feel the need to promote the Ko.fi… I got it when I was unemployed and terrified I was going to be homeless, and some kind people helped me buy food for a bit, which I am forever grateful for. 

Essentially, if you enjoy my writing or my content, the option is there for you to "tip” me.

2) I actually DO take commissions, but I’m still working on the updated pricing! Wow, honestly this makes my heart sing so much that without prompting someone asked me this! I just… wasn’t really motivated because it seemed like no one really liked my art at all, so I just… kind of put it on the back burner because meta writing ended up working out for me and luckily I also enjoy doing that.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE drawing, but I am discouraged about my art because I don’t get a lot of feedback on it and very few of the more well known bloggers support me by reblogging my art, so it’s hard for me to get seen on a larger scale in that respect. I do have a price list on my main blog here, so until I get those updated for the fandom, those are the prices. They are negotiable to a reasonable extent (as in, I’m not going to do a pic that will take me literal weeks for 10$). As for requests, I take art suggestions on my Sherlock art blog here, but because I’m a lazy mofo who feels sad about my art, I tend to take forever on them. Perhaps I need to do one of those “face prompt” things to get back into the swing of art again.

Thank you very much for asking, it means the world to me <3

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How are you able to adopt spirits? I have a hard time doing things so I feel that I would fail miserably. Any help or suggestions would be great. Srry to bother! Have a nice day/evening

Boy howdy I really love this question. Sorry if my answer is long.

Okay so I’m adding this little bit in there, I just realized after writing all of this that I can read your question in two ways: adopting a spirit or putting up spirits for adoption. For the record, this information can apply to both of those things, so whichever one you’re referring to ^^;

Okay so first and foremost is protection. You have to protect yourself, your spirit family (if you have one), the spirits that you are putting up for adoption, and those who are adopting the spirits. Here are some things that I do, but obviously everyone is different:

  • I meet spirits in a very secure, heavily warded room in the astral. I always bring 1-2 of my spirit companions to back me up if something nasty gets through (hasn’t happened yet). In order for the spirits to even get into the room, they are stripped of disguises and cannot enter if they are of malicious intent, as I deem it to be. 
  • I conduct a short interview with the spirit, asking how they heard about me, why they’re looking at companionship, etc. I get a general feel for their energy. I send them off if I don’t like them, if I’m unsure I meet them in that room again later, or if I’m comfortable with them I move them to another secure location where they stay through the vetting process.
  • Then, for a minimum of a month, I vet the spirit. There are health screenings and healing sessions, there are several interviews with them as well as spirits they know (sort of like references I guess), I see how they interact with other spirits, those sort of things.
  • If they pass through this, then I agree to put them up for adoption/adopt them. I do not make any promises to a spirit about adoption or finding them a home, I tell them I’ll do the best I can if they pass through my vetting process.

Like I said, everyone does things a little differently, and I’ve never seen anyone share how they do their adoption/vetting process but I want to be really transparent, plus it can be helpful. Some little tips and things:

  • Set up rules with those you’re looking at adopting. If you can’t talk to them every day, tell them when (daily, weekly, etc.) and how (meditation, pendulum, astral) you’ll communicate. You might have to work with some spirits on this, but in my experience, I haven’t had a problem setting the boundaries.
  • Have some sort of back-up plan in place if you can. I, for example, have 4 of my companions that help me with the adoptions, the vetting process, and all of that jazz. But one of them in particular is basically my partner-in-crime and if I can’t talk to a spirit for whatever reason, I go “hey can you contact this spirit for me and explain this” and she does, so that if I’m like…if I’m out or exhausted or depressed, they won’t think I’m flaking on them.
  • More is better. You keep that spirit in the vetting process for as long as you want. I have a spirit right now going on two months and I will have him and another for a very long time because I have to make sure they’re safe for someone to adopt.
  • Please for the love of nachos if you do things in the astral, do not bring that spirit to your astral home under any circumstances. Just don’t do it. I have three (well okay four) separate locations in the astral where spirits stay, and they don’t learn the location of my astral home, they can’t teleport there, etc.
  • Always err on the side of caution. You can never be too safe.

Last thing - there is a chance you will have some nasty spirits and happenings. I have had my fair share, one of which was a very large encounter and it scared the crap out of me, and my companions were so riddled with fear that we stopped looking at adding to our spirit family.

TLDR: Protection, a good vetting process, secure location(s) for the spirit(s) in question, protection again, also do not give up hope if you have trouble with contact or have a bad experience. You can do this.

Girls having fun~