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destined2bebossy  asked:

I saw that you all were give your thoughts/ratings on squads. Thoughts on mine? ENFP, INTJ, INFP, & INFP (all females)

Hmm, we aren’t, but apparently tumblr mobile didn’t save that note to our blog appearance (just fixed it, thanks). Sorry for the confusion, and that sounds like a great squad!
- INFP Mod

How To: Semester Assignment Spreadsheet

What is a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet? you might ask. It is one single list that combines the due dates and important info from all of your classes. 

Ok, but why is that important? I think it is really helpful because it allows me to see which class should take top priority at anytime during the semester. I also like to put the total points available for each assignment so that I can keep up with my own grades. 

And here it is… How to Create a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet!

{It will save your life during midterms and finals, seriously.}

1. Gather the syllabi from all of your classes

Flip to the part with the due dates (you know, the only part of the syllabus that we actually read). I like to highlight the due dates just so I am 100% sure that I don’t miss any. No, seriously, I read, reread, re-reread it like 20 times to make absolutely sure I don’t skip over something.
That would be completely catastrophic.

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