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I See the Light - NOUĂ


SUMMARY: When an opening for your favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, you take your chances and audition. To your surprise, you got the part. But there was always a catch. Your Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the womanizer of the entire Disney cast. Will you two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between you both?

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: oh goodness, i’m adding 5 more chapters because… because i am lol. this a filler but i feel like it’s slightly important?? idk.


The next day at work was harder than the day before. You couldn’t get the kiss out of your mind - the way he felt, tasted, and made your heart beat so fast that you were sure you almost had a heart attack. It was all so frustrating. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

And having to face him and be around him for hours throughout the day was even worse. He became even more attractive, if that was even possible. But every time it was your turn for a break you’d disappear from his sights.

But you couldn’t hide away for too long. Steve usually found you and would call Bucky over, having to put on a show for everyone to watch. Especially when Steve would call Natasha over. 

You decided that the further you strayed from Bucky, the better - or so you thought.

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am i foreshadowing? yes.

here’s a playlist i made for an upcoming piece. beware. both the playlist & the story are nsfw.









PARIS - THE 1975








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I just added Chapter 5. I hope you enjoy it. <3

Title: Fostering a Nightmare
Author: NinjaFairy86
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Tom Riddle
Rating: M
Summary: A ten-year-old foster child named Tom Riddle showed up on the Granger’s front doorstep with his social worker in the summer of 1990. Hermione spent the following years adjusting to life with her new foster brother; so, she never realized how often he kept an eye on her. “I’ve always watched you, Hermione; and you’ve always been mine.” [Magical AU]
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12663206/1/Fostering-a-Nightmare

This just came across my mind. The intense craving of making curry rice. But there’s one problem. That problem is I actually threw away all my cooking kits when I moved to new home. What should I do? It’s already this late too. If I were to try to gather them up and cook now, just what time will be it until I get to start eating…I’m hungry…BUT…! (Chapter 1: Buying cooking kit)

NOTE: It’s nearly 9PM when he tweeted this.

Pan, pot, chopping board, etc…I’ve gathered the whole kit. With triumphant smile on my face. But I just realized. Rather…I may…actually just pretended that I didn’t realize it…Crap…I’ve also thrown away my rice cooker…Well, if it comes to this, then let’s go to the extreme with it. (Chapter 2: To the Electrical Appliance Store! -In search for the rice cooker-)

I’ve gathered up every cooking kit I need for my curry rice…Fufufu…I’ve also bought all the ingredients…and also the rice. Never falter. I must first start from the rice. Such a clumsy one I am, as I nearly forgot about cooking rice. Now! Let the curry cooking begins! First, let’s cut up our veggies…Wait…? The peeler I thought I’ve bought is gone…? (Chapter 3: The Peeler is Gone)

== EXTRA: Enter the kappa ==

Wing: Oh!
You bought the cooking kit!!
Let me go cook at your place sometimes too. o(^_-)O
You can tell me what you want to eat. (LOL)

Egu: YAY! Would be good if it also suits the utensil kits you gave me! ♪

Wing: OKAAY!  (^ー^)ノ

“BEEEP” The sound of the rice cooker rings. I opened the lid and out came the steam. My rice is cooked. As I had never used this cooker before, I messed up its water ratio. But it still tastes good. The rest is just the curry. I’ve sliced up the ingredients, so all that’s left is to cook and boil them! Just you wait. AAAAH!!!? I forgot to buy the measuring cups!! (Chapter 4: Fear! Self-Measurement!)

I didn’t peel the skin. Because I’m too scared to use knives to peel off the skin. Oh well! I like veggies when they’re all mushy and soft after all. As I’m washing things up, I left the veggies to be boiled. –Done washing– Wait. Something about the pot doesn’t seem right. Eh!? They’re burnt!?!?!? Was strong IH really this strong!?!? (Chapter 5: Determination. Con’t.)

I added in large amount of water. The water is really brown. Even though I haven’t put in the curry powder yet. Yup, it’s fine. It’ll just taste a little burnt…I’m sure…Yup. Let’s believe in the potential of the curry powder. I stirred it through, and finally, the powder was added. Oh..OH? Yup, this feels great. The powder made the brownness become unclear. Hail the powder. (Chapter 6: Its taste)

And that man comes to my room. (Chapter 7: His name is)

I’ve come to his room.


Would someone mind telling me what exactly has gotten into this giraffe??? It’s not exactly uncommon for him to be eating curry rice this late at night (last tweet was actually midnight…), but…what the heck is with this…weird story-telling…??? -_-”

I'll be the Light in your Eyes

Hey loves, Here’s chap. 5 (-: Also, I may be adding gifs/pictures to this story (-: Love ya ;*

Chapter 5:

I grabbed Cameron’s arm and pulled him back so we wouldn’t hit Sam again. Matt came out and grabbed Sam. “You tell me feelings are there for me, then you’re here, kissing Cameron?!” Sam asked, nearly shouting. “I-” I was lost for words. “Unbelievable.” Sam shrugged Matthew’s hands off of his shoulders. Then disappeared.  “Sam!” I chased after him. He disappeared into the crowd. “Y/N… I’m so sorry.” Cameron said, following me. “It’s fine..” I said quietly.  Sam was gone. I felt guilty.  ~ A few days later ~ Days have passed and I haven’t been seeing Sam. I figured maybe he has been avoiding me, that is until Johnson and Gilinsky told me they haven’t seen him either, which was odd since they were always together. I started fearing the worst. Cameron and I have been getting closer, not just in a lovey dovey way, but as bestfriends, how it always was, even before the kiss. Johnson and I got closer too. I had a bad feeling, I was going to be stuck in a love triangle. Johnson made me feel special, But Cameron has been there for me. Then there’s Sammy. I fell for him, I’m not gonna lie.  “Hey, Cutie.” Taylor said, as I spaced out. I was sitting in the park, with my government book open. I was suppose to be ‘studying.’ But I couldn’t take Sam, Cam nor Johnson out of my head. “Hey, Tay. What brings you here?” I asked, shooting a smile at him. “Oh, nothing, just out and about. I was out for a drive and I found you here, so I decided to join.” He smiled. I smiled weakly. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Taylor asked, looking at me. I looked down at my book, and started crying. Taylor sat in silence.

“Why am I crying? I am so sick of crying.” I said, wiping tears that roll down my cheeks. Taylor remained silent. He seemed speechless. I could almost tell he wasn’t used to people crying infront of him. He then wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. “I’ve never once seen you cry, Y/N. You’re strong.” Taylor began. "What’s going on, Princess?“ He asked, quietly. I soon began to tell him my life story. Nothing in my life was perfect either. My father wasn’t the best father. He at times made me and my mother’s life a living hell. That was until Y/F/N came in to move with us, he stopped. Then it’s starting again, now that we’re basically empty in a big house. "You don’t deserve that.” Taylor began, he sounded like he was getting furious. He stood me up to bring me into a warm embrace.

Taylor was amazing. He made me feel, better. The way he hugged you, was unique and different.  Once he pulled away, He stared at me. “It’s gonna be okay. I promise.” Taylor whispered. “Thanks Taylor.” I smiled, and stopped crying. “I gotta get home.” I said, gathering my things. “Let me take you.” Taylor said, pulling out his keys. “I don’t want to be-” I got interrupted. “A bother, I know, Y/N. I’m offering, though.” Taylor smiled, grabbed my books and bag for me and lead me to his car. I followed closely behind. He seemed to have taken the long way home. He leaned in after he parked at my drive way, kissed my head and I got out of the car. I waved to him as he drove off.  I went straight to my room, not even paying attention to my mother nor father who were in the living room arguing. Luke was sitting on my bed. “You okay?” Luke asked. “Fine.” I replied.

“Are you okay?” I asked him. “Yeah.” He replied, quietly. Suddenly, Johnson and Gilinsky came up. “Y/N. We need to talk.” Gilinsky said. Y/F/N came up behind them shortly after. “About?” I asked, looking at them. “Sam.” Johnson said, softly. 

Sorry for the cliff hanger guys! (; Ily <3

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